Friday, November 17, 2017

[FASHION] : IMFW - Being The World's Fashion Trendsetter

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Hello Gorgeous, welcome back to my blog! 

It's been a while since my latest fashion post, because I've been doing more to beauty stuff rather than fashion. Few weeks ago, I have some freetime on weekend (which is not usual, my weekends supposed to be filled up with schedules and meetings and events and family gatherings and some more busy things). Since I have some free time, I decided to have a break and enjoy something I really love, but haven't done in a while. Yup, fashion. I've been leaving modelling world for few years, yet still can't move on from it. I love being a model, walking on catwalk and being the star. I also love watching runways and enjoy the sight of beautiful models wearing beautiful outfits. 
So I decided to ask some of my friends to go out with me, spend our Saturday night together at Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC) Senayan to watch a fashion show. 

At the moment, there was Indonesia Modest Fashion Week held at JCC. Well, this is my very first time hearing the name, so let's get to know them. 

The event was actually held from the idea by Indonesia Modest Fashion Designer (IMFD) and also supported by Tourism Ministry and of course, the venue. This event has purpose to create the path for Indonesian designer to promote their designs to the world. Jeny Tjahyawati, Project Director of Indonesia Modest Fashion Week 2017 said on the interview, it takes a unique and universal style to get to the top of the world, in fashion industry. This show's taken 60 designers from all around the world, including Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Australia and Middle east. 
The Travel Ministry said, this was part of them. Fashion is part of creative industry, which includes culinary and souvernirs in it. The rapid growth in fashion industry nowadays, is a unique interest especially in modest fashion. 

Here are some photos from the designers I watch their show : 

[Ittang Yunasz]
 He concentrate in Batik and patterns, colored in black and brown theme. All of the collection seems in one tone and super beautiful. What I love is, the way he combined the pattern and the non-pattern fabric, so they look like a finished puzzle in one look!

Up next, Jenny Tjahyawati. Head of this project (IMFW) and as well one of proud Indonesian designer who had her show worldwide. This collection shown, was just taken abroad for fashion show in Europe. SUPERB!

Last but not least, this collection was my favorite above them all. Malik Moestaram, he has gorgeous gown. I always love with gowns in natural color like this. Plus, he had some additional ornaments and stuff, but they all look pretty and not too much. With some headbands, they all look perfect and even shining in the dark room (special for his collection they darken the room , maybe to get the vibes?) IDK but I love this so much!

Well, to close the day and the post I took some photos with the designers. I feel very proud of them for creating those beautiful outfit and looking forward to another collection! Make us proud more and more, yeah!

That's all for my posts, and I'll see you girls on next posts!

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

[EVENT] : Girls, Let's Rock The World

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to Jennitanuwijaya.
Today I'm going to share a super exciting yet fun event, with Mizzu Cosmetics and Beauty Journal. The event was super fun and had a lot of activity, so stay tunned and read this till the end!

The event was held in Como Park, Kemang, South Jakarta. It was super easy finding the place, yet the place itself was very cozy and fun. Less light for afternoon activity, we all dressed in black and white and ready to rock the world with Mizzu! We started with registration as always, and mingle for freetime photo session. 

Then right after that, we continue to upstairs for the short film preview named Complete. It was super unique and cozy, because they didn't prepare any chair but they prepared the bean bag. This is my very first time attending event this fun! Mbak Mira, as usual, say her greetings to all sociolla bloggers who attended the event, together with our beloved host. For you girls who haven't know, mbak Mira is the head of Beauty Journal. Another information here, Mizzu is going to be sharing their first web series. The main story is about office life that also related with beauty influencer. They had love story as well as some meanings inside this. Don't worry, everyone can watch this since this isn't a commercial, they concentrate in the film and storyline, so Mizzu product will only shown at the end of each episodes. 

They also invited Billy Simpson as the singer and song writer for the OST of short film, and some main artist that played the role inside it. Well.... The man actor (Rangga Azof) was super handsome tho , also we had ex- Abnon Jakarta winner (Erinda Azzqy) as the female lead character. They shared some experience in shooting process with the crew, it only took few days, wow super fast, right? But the thing is, they work from morning till morning, so can you imagine how hard they worked on this short film? So we can have expectation for the result. Not only having fun with the storyline and shooting process, they also had some experience with Mizzu products. 

They said during shooting of course they use make up, to look perfect on screen. They even mentioned some favorite products, from make up base untill decorative make up for natural look on the screen. 

After finished the q n a session and watched the preview of their short film, then we were invited to another activity. We were challenged to create our own lipstick, per group (they grouped us in the beginning of the event for the whole day activities). This one's conducted by Kak Barbie, representative from Mizzu lab. They challenged us to create our own liquid lipstick, but the shade must be as close as possible with the one he made. He showed us the example how to create it and some tips, but still we need to make our own of creation to meet the one that he wants. 

Each groups send their own nominee , to represent their group. As for mine, the representation was Mary, the one who stands on the right. The winner of this challenge was Gisel, since her group's shade was the closest one. 

Next, we had our freetime and enjoyed some refreshments from Nomz Kitchen, the one owned by Chef Arnold (I'm a big fan of him, since he's super handsome lol) they prepared some canapes and they're all delicious! Also with infused water, coffee, and tea to complete the snacks. 

After we're done with the fuel a.k.a canapes, we continue with another challenge. This one's the last challenge, it was make up challenge. Each group was given Mizzu make up, and we need to decorate our friend's eyes within one minute only! OMG this was hilarious yet fun. We were given their eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyelashes. We need to make as good as possible our friend's looks, in order to win. As for my group, we just stick to the same theme : purple tone shadow. We can decorate as we wanted to, but the main thing that we should have is purple eyeshadow. With this concept, our group was chosen as the winner of the challenge ! We were super happy and proud hihi. 

So that was all of the event recap I think, will upload the goodies and product review on another post. Thanks to Beauty Journal by Sociolla and Mizzu Cosmetics for having me in this event, of course I'll see you all on another fun event! 

You girls can buy all the mizzu products at sociolla and of course you'll get IDR 50.000 off by using my code : SBNLAFLF (min purchase of IDR 250.000).

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[REVIEW] : Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum

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Hello gorgeous, welcome back :D

Have you girls read my previous post about the first launching of Votre Peau with Beauty Journal? If you haven't you may read it here ; then here's the thing I've promised before : UNBOXING the goodie bag I got from the event and product review!

For you girls who haven't know, Votre Peau is a locally produced skincare with ingredients imported abroad. The company produce the skincare here in Indonesia, hoping it will fit well with tropics skin just like us. How's the result? Read this till the end , girls!

So here's the goodie bag they gave me for attending the launching event at Galleries Lafayette Jakarta. Filled with cute paintings and brand name, the goodie bag itself has a lot inside it! Let's open the goodie bag :D

Here's the stuff inside the goodie bag. OK. I'm so happy getting all these cute stuff! 
There's a notebook (of course with the same kind of paintings on the cover just like the goodie bag's), sociolla voucher, product knowledge, head band to keep my hair clean while doing something with my face (LOL), and of course the holy grail vitamin c serum from Votre Peau. 

First thing first, let's discuss about the packaging. To me, the packaging itself is very interesting. the box is designed really well and of course with the signature painting from Votre Peau. Even at first sight I thought it was a high end imported products. Well, it turned out that Votre Peau is a local brand and I was shocked :o 
The c-serum packed in a pump bottle made from glass, with dark color to slow the oxidation process of the vitamin c and control the quality of the serum inside it. There's a small hole on the top of pump so you can control how much products you want to use. Unfortunately, they has no cover for the pump. It makes possibility of contamination by the air or dirt. 

Claim : 
Create & increase production of collagen
Brightening effect
Camouflage wrinkles, dark circles, eyebags
Prevent acne scar and tightening pores

Ingredients :
Water, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Salicylic Acid, Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Benzolate, Tetra Sodium EDTA, Chlorphenesin, Fragrance

Here's the texture. As you girls can see, the texture is similar to face oil, in a more fluid texture. This liquid has no color (clear) and easily absorbed into my skin. With a natural citrus fragrance, it makes me feel refreshed and relax when using Votre Peau vitamin c serum. I use this twice a day, early in the morning and at night before go to bed. For the result, my skin looks more healthy and elastic, but no effect on my eyebags (well I know it can't be helped, I've tried many products on my eyebags) and my acne scar disappearing slowly.

Size : 30ml
Price : IDR 220.000
Rate : 4/5

You can purchase Votre Peau Products at , use my code SBNLAFLF to get IDR 50.000 off, with minimum purchase of IDR 250.000

That's all for my honest review, and I'll see you girls on my next posts! 

"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes."
-Antoine de saint-Exupéry-

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Monday, November 6, 2017

[REVIEW] : Get Light Skin in 5 Minutes & The Use of Body Lotion

Hello gorgeous, welcome here! 
After sooooo much talk about events, now we're back to product review *yippie! You girls all know body lotion or body cream, right? Do you use them well?

Applying body lotion is the one of few inexpensive way to pamper ourselves, each and every day. Body lotion seals moisture into our skin, to prevent it from drying. Body lotion can soften rough areas and dehydrated skin, which will transform it from looking unattractive to being soft and pretty. Here are some benefits of using body lotion :

1. Rehydrate dry skin
People who works and live in bad climate (or harsh maybe) often apply body lotion in daily basis, right after taking bath. Skin that is dried from temperature can be hard to treat with regular cosmetics. Some people who have sensitive skin, no matter which type of climate their areas are, their skin can be dry and irritated, even when nothing happened. What they need to do is, take a good quality body lotion and apply it right after shower or bath, so it will help to seal moisture deep into the skin and keep their skin hydrated well. 

2. Replenish extra dry skin or rough spots
Even if you have normal, or oily skin, you might also have some dry areas on your body, like around knees. You also need to apply body lotion after shower, or before bedtime. In daily basis, you can use body lotion on rough skin to make it smooth and silky just like the other areas on your body. 

3. Feel and smell good 
People love the feel of creamy lotion on their tired skin. We can enjoy the relaxing sensation of lotion while applying them onto our feet, legs, and arms. Especially the ones that has good scent that suites any of our personality and needs.

4. Help yourself relax
Even if your skin is in a good shape and looks like no need of moisturizers, you need to try a body massage with scented lotion on the hands. You can even get lotions that heats up during application to add sensory warmth to the parts of your body to which is applied. 

So, you have now understand why we need to use body lotion, right? Not only to these advantages of using body lotion, here's Felice Secret's solution. This local brand of body lotion from Indonesia, majored in whitening lotion. It can nourish your skin and of course moisturize it, but also make you look bright and beautiful. Well, people said that having a light-tonned skin is not a must, since everybody looks beautiful in their own way. But darling, be honest with yourselves, you want to have it. aren't you? Especially when it can be your daily-looking skin, no need to use any of instagram filters, photo editor, and any other applications. 

I feel you, darling. Having light toned skin  is always what I want. Well, people with dark tone are also beautiful, but as for me, I prefer the light tone one. But it's not that easy to get light skin, especially when I go wherever using go-jek everyday, which made me exposed by sun light and stuff. I've tried a whitening lotion before, but it doesn't look good when I tried to apply it all over my skin, because it's uneven. 

I lower my expectation when trying this one. But then after I tried.... I was wrong! It blends super well and super easy on my skin, and it's even, so it looks like my own natural skin. Anyway, it also has some SPF inside it, so felice secret whitening body lotion can help protect our skin from sun light. Not only those, felice secret also have a very relaxing and good scent, like apple or some fruits. I really love this scent (if you girls know me, I'm such a big fan of any type of good scent) so you can start your day with a smile after using this product!

As for the packaging, I think they made it really well. With bright colors and brand name also accompanied with some information about the products, its really good. We can take it for traveling and daily use at home. But, for me who love to travel to other countries (which we have limited amount of liquid we can take) I'd love it if felice secret make some small sizes like travel size or something. It will be more comfortable to me taking them whenever I go (because I love to look bright on every single photo of me... on social media). But overall, I super love this product. The price is also very affordable.

SPF 30++
100 ml | IDR 120.000
You can buy them here : Instagram felice secret or through whatsapp 0821.1257.3818

That's all for my honest review, thanks for reading and see you on my next posts!

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[LIFESTYLE] : Hot Sale Pegipegi 11+11

5:51 AM
Hello gorgeous, how's your day? Hope your day as good as mine ;) because we're getting closer to December !
It's already near, end of year holiday. Have you girls planned where you want to go, or simply what you want to do on holidays? Well, I bet some of you haven't do anything yet about your holiday. Traveling has been new kind of needs to us, millenials. Not only for refreshing and have fun, also to have some exciting experience, take some photos, and of course upload them on social media (well don't worry, we're on the same path). As the growth in technology and need of traveling,  we can even book and plan everything through online services like website and application. 

Pegipegi is an online travel agent company in Indonesia, that helps us book hotels, flight tickets, train tickets for traveling and was established on May 7th 2012 by the Minister of Kemenpar (Travel and Economy Ministry) , Marie Elka Pangestu. 

With support from Recruit Holdings, a Japanese company with experience of handling made Pegipegi become an easy, fast, and high quality online booking travel agent. Today, Pegipegi is connected to more than 7,000 hotels in Indonesia with best price guarantee and last minute booking, more than 20,000 flight routes everyday, domestic and international ; and also more than 1,600 routes of train tickets. Pegipegi also offer some superiority like customers can make order via website (computer and smartphone) and also through application (android and ios); and various payment method, like credit card, bank transfer, ATM transfer, Internet banking, also direct cash payment at Indomaret. Customers can even contact their customer service through call, e-mail, line, and whatsapp ; affiliate partner ; and some travel tips for traveling reference. 

Pegipegi will have this special promo, 11+11 sale  special for you who's been Pegipegi member, you girls can enjoy a special discount of 22% for hotel booking (no minimum order, maximum discount of IDR 600.000) and enjoy discount up to IDR 220.000 for flight tickets. This special discount is valid for transactions via PC, mobile web, and Pegipegi application. But the biggest special discount 22% is only available for bookings through Pegipegi Apps. The promotion period is valid from November 9 till November 11, from 00.00 am until 11.59 pm. Grab your phone now, download the apps and prepare for year-end holiday! 

So have you thought about year-end holiday? Let's book it together with me, watch this! First step we need to take to plan a holiday, is of course booking a plane ticket. Of course, we need to use this special promo, a discount for hotels and flights for our holiday. Fortunately, the application of Pegipegi can be downloaded both for Android (google play store) devices and Apple devices - apple store (the link here will direct you to download the app). Since I'm an Apple user, so I downloaded the application from app store on my iphone. 

Simply choose the details of your holiday ; such as dates, destination, number of passengers. Then click the "find flights" button to view all available flights on the date you choose. You can compare each airlines and time of flight, as well as facilitation you'll get during the flight. Sometimes for the budget flights we won't get baggage or meals during flights, but if you don't mind with that , then go ahead! For me, well sometimes going for a few days is enough with cabin baggage, so I often book the budget flight (so the rest of my budget can be allocated for hotels). 

For hotels booking, just the same, we can simply open the apps, choose hotel bookings, fill in the dates and destination you want then you'll get choices of hotels. Remember to use this 22% special promo by using this special promo for hotels in Bali!

After choosing which flight you want to take, then you fill the passenger details. Make sure you fill them right, since they will verify the data and of course for urgent matters it will be easier to contact you. After filling the form, you'll have to pay the bills and then voila, you get your ticket! Amazing.

Okay, now I'll share my experience of using this application. Well, it was super easy using this application. Even for me, (people say I'm "gaptek") I find it super easy and helpful. I can even find my budget flight easily since we can choose which way to filter and sort the flight. As for hotels, they have a wide range of choices from the budget one till the expensive ones. Well, of course for year-end holiday I'll pick any of my choice, with special promo 22% using the apps. 

Twitter @pegi_pegi 
Instagram @pegi_pegi
Facebook Pegipegi

So girls, goodluck on planning your holiday! That's all for today, see you on next posts!
This post is sponsored by Pegipegi in collaboration with Beautynesia.

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