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[JTALKS] : How to write a Good Beauty Article

8:05 AM
Hello gorgeous! It's pretty intense nowadays, I'm gonna share an important information today. All of you who loves to read my posts, must be curious (or maybe some of you also want to write?) on how to create a good beauty article. As for me, a newbie in beauty blogging, still exploring and learning here and there, trying to improve my skill and creating as fun as I can on everything I write here. It's not an easy journey, but I'm doing my best to pursue my passion and dreams. So here I am, about to share the secret to a good (and approved) beauty article.

Actually this is the thing I got through #Ngopcan Beautiesquad, having fun with the community and of course the speaker kak @imgriss. She's super humble and kind, shared a lot of information to us. Wanna know more? Let's read this whole article tho!

The most likely thing to happen is "stuck on ideas", right? Sometimes we feel like we've got no idea in mind about next topic to write. It happens, to me, to you, and to senior or professional writer. If you know @beautyjournal, an online platform by Sociolla, they write 10 articles per day. Can you imagine how creative they should be, to create that much?The most important point on finding ideas is, find out about what's in trend. We can explore youtube, instagram, or even twitter. These sources are great, as lots of people using these social medias. Another source where we can generate creative ideas is from our circles, find out what they're talking about. Classmates, office mattes, or even family. This can bring us fresh ideas to start writing. For example, at the office my friends are talking about their favorite local lipcream. Then it makes me wondering, should I write about 5 recommended local lip cream?

There's also another great tools to generate ideas, it's google trends. But if you use this tools, it won't be specific (since it's free), but at least we can get ideas about what's on trend these days. We can set the location and period as well, so it will be a lot of help to us. Every single writer have their own way, so you can choose which way you like the most. But the best way is, to write it whenever we get ideas. It can be on gadget, notebook, or everywhere else. This ideas will help us for sure when we're stuck on ideas. 

Each type of articles needs different treatments, and as a writer you should try to cover important aspects of each articles you're writing. 
- Review , we can talk about packaging, claim, ingredients, how to use, opinion, price, and where to buy. For example, we want to highlight about the packaging. This looks simple but maybe some people have no idea about that because they never tried the product. As simple as buying a setting spray, when we spray it onto our face sometimes it blows too hard. This needs to be delivered to readers.
- product recommendation, we need to highlight (as simple as possible) about what's the good sides of the product, what makes differences from other product, make the reason as detail and as reasonable as you can. 
- tips, try to create a practical tips which can help readers. If the tips is not applicable (too hard to do) it will lower the engagement. For example : you can use xxx or yyy if you don't have it)
- interview, this is important, seriously. Who knows when you get to join a launching event, you can also interview the brand manager or people behind the scene for the article. Before doing such an interview, we have to prepare big theme, which angle we'd like, and explore the questions. Make the questions as unique as possible.
- tutorial, or every type of article needs to be completed with good pictures. This helps readers to be interested in reading your writings. 
The point is, your article should help the readers to : 
- learn something
- do something
- feel something

Aspects / Articles structure :
1. Intro : be creative, highlight about fear/desire/problem
2. Content : explanations, make it systematic
3. Closure : conclusion, feedback request or something that makes readers want to leave comments (call to action). Be objective and leave judgmental. 

info about standard words count on beauty articles :
- short news - min. 300 words
- tutorial, tips, beauty news - min. 500 to 700 words
- review and interview - min. 800-1200 words

So how's your article? Ready to write a good beauty article and share the goodness to others? Happy writing, I'm waiting for your newest articles!
Special thanks to kak @imgriss from Beauty Journal for this sharing, and also @beautiesquad for making this sharing possible through online platform! Can't wait to see you girls again in the very near future! 

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

[REVIEW] : Candy Color Local Indonesian Lipcream

6:35 AM
Hello gorgeous, how was your day? Hope the day as pink as your lipstick! Well now, I'm gonna share another product review #series , the most favorite part on my blog. As you girls already know, there's a lot of Indonesian brand producing lip cream. As for this one, Candy Color is a local brand lipcream from Bandung, Indonesia, which was launched on October 2017. 

Candy Color has four pink-based neutral colors, which is safe for all skintones. The colors are: Gummy Bear (soft pink), Peanut (beige pink), Marshmallow (bright warm pink), Hello (brown pink). 

Packaging. The packaging is simple (and pretty!) with those white and pink color from the lipcream. I fell in love right away when I see the packaging (pardon me) wkwk.. As seeing the rainfall, it reminds me of Kylie lip cream. But I find Candy Color more attractive and cute as well. This makes me see the lip color clearly. 
As for the box, it also has a unique design (I'm wondering who's the genius behind these awesome designs), combining white-pink-green into one, and some additional accents like kiss mark on the side. I find it super cute!

Anyway, this lip cream is a bit oxidizing. So if you wanna choose the color, keep in mind that the color that shows on your lips will be a bit darker (through the time) than in the container bottle. 

As for the formula, this lip cream is produced by PT. Cedefindo which already famous for producing a lot of famous lip cream like mad for lipstick, ESQA, Val, etc. The texture itself is a bit slushy compared to others, but feels so smooth on my lips. This makes easier to apply the liquid on lips, and of course light feels afterwards (when it's already set). No need to hesitate and ask about their pigmentation, the one that I tried, well I can say that it is super pigmented. There''s no sign of being patchy and clot. 

The applicator is thin and super flexible (and long) thus makes easier application onto my lips. This helps me a lot reaching the lips corner, and also create frame (no more need of lip liner!) I love this kind of applicator tho. :D Another great feature I love from Candy Color is once it's already dry and set on lips, it becomes transfer proof. You'll want to take 2-3 minutes of waiting till it's 100% transfer proof. Of course, the halal certification's already in their pocket!

Other claims : UV Filter, Antioxidant, Vitamin E, Vegan, Cruelty Free. (we can also see and crosscheck this through the ingredients details).

The color I'm using is peanut, the beige-pink. This one's my favorite amongst them all. This suits medium skin, and also suitable for daily occasion. You can wear this color not only to office, but also to school, attend classes, hangout with your friends, and also family gathering. Every single shade from this Candy Color actually suits a lot of occasion. (I'm now thinking of buying the full collection, what do you think I should do?)

This local lip cream lasts for at least a day for me (morning when I start work till evening when I get home). Hours of usage and of course I drank a lot of water (and also use lip balm before using lip cream - I always do this). If you wear this for a whole day (longer than I wear this) then you might wanna wipe it off in the middle of the day and reapply it onto your lips. Then you'll be all good :) I love using this lip cream to wedding, work, and everytime I don't wanna do touch up on my lips. (anaknya mageran).
Price : IDR 89.000 / pc
IDR 299.000 / 4 pc (full collection)
You can buy them and get the info here :

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

[UNBOXING] : Chinese New Year Package + celebration

10:03 PM
Hello gorgeous! Still in the holiday vibes, let me say Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who celebrate it. As for me, it was super fun and exciting to celebrate the day! Family gathering is one of y favorite part, where I can even meet those who live abroad (and of course we only meet once a year, or more if there's someone getting married lol). Yeah, this is how my family live. We live in different province and countries, but still do our best to maintain the connection.

Sometimes I feel like missing them and want to meet up, thanks to the genius who built internet and all sort of technological stuff, we can now at least do a virtual meet up. Not only my real family related by blood, all my best friends and kind people around me, are also considered as my family. One of them, papi @Joonbond is my family too, together with @bloggermafia. They kindly sent me a surprise CNY box (seriously, they didn't even say anything and voila the box popped out in my house! Well, it came through delivery man ok.) But yeah, let's see what's inside the box!

Super cute with the snoopy hong bao, let's open the box!

As 2018 is the year of dog, here I got the golden dog! In love with this one, now I put this on my table so whenever I open package or charge my phone I can see this one, barking and loyally waiting for me!

Well, these two are one of my favorite snacks! Made from fruit, I guess they're healthy and delicious as well. Have you tried any of this snacks? Write on the comment section to let me know your answers!

Who doesn't know this snack? Sun-maid raisins is one of the best taste I've ever tried, I can say. This one is not only my favorite, but also the whole family love this. We always have some boxes of this at home, knowing everyone love to eat this sunmaid raisins and of course super excited getting this as present!

CNY will never be complete without hong bao, right? So here it comes, two red hong bao (you can never imagine what's inside this envelope, don't even ask me about this haha it's my very first time seeing something like that inside a hong bao, super creative! pssst, secret.) 

Still in red vibes, here you can see the red pouch. OK this catch my eyes and heart at the same time. I'm in love with this pouch, and it's exclusively made for blogger mafia members. How did I know? When I opened the pouch, I can find a blogger mafia tag inside. WHOAAAA this is awesome. I'm super addicted to limited edition stuff, you know. And super happy at the same time, seeing the fact I'm one of the "chosen one"!

Last but not least, another snack made from plum. Hmm, delicious! Perfect to eat with my cousins tho;p

That's all from the surprise package sent by BloggerMafia. Now, let me introduce you to my family.

Not complete, but this is half of the family from Mommy's side. For you who don't know, I live with my mom and brother, my grandma from mom and also mommy's little sister. So yeah, I'm close with everyone in this picture. Looking forward to another Chinese New Year Celebration with them!

Here's my mom and brother dressed in red. She looks pretty with her new hairstyle tho, we all got hair cut before Chinese New Year (it's some kind of tradition) and of course smile happily! 

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong xi Ni men!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

[JTALKS] : KBBV First Anniversary and New Year Resolution!

Hello gorgeous, welcome back here! Welcoming new year, I'm gonna share another new year post #Chinesemodeon haha what I get from student exchange is, "never forget your root". Not going to talk about Chinese new year post, but I'm gonna talk about our first anniversary with KBBV (@atomcarbonblogger) and of course my new year wishes!

Well, if you haven't heard about KBBV or atomcarbonblogger, it is a beauty blogger and vlogger from Indonesia. It's been a year since the very first day of this community, time surely flies so fast. I still remember how our old days (not that old tho) hihi but yeah, come to think of those days, feels like we're growing rapidly. Really, me myself feels the learning process from each members in this community. Regardless of how old and how long we've been in this industry, well, I believe we can still learn from everyone and anytime, agree? 

This community and the committee themselves also very kind, and passionate about beauty. They shared a lot of things using their heart, each and everyday. There's always be a new stuff to learn everyday. They prepared a lot of surprises to us members, not only educate but also treat us! A lot of innovation comes from them , to my life. When I'm confused with all those stuff of instagram algorithm, they prepared IG pod so that all we content creator can support each another. Of course, without forgetting our main duty as bloggers, they create a section to also support each other in our blogposts. It's not that easy to be a good content creator and blogger. But believe me, all these years, the main point I get from every single person who taught me, is , work honestly with all your heart. This works on me, so this should also work on you too!

It was all great job done last year, above average and my expectation as a member and newbie in beauty blogging. You guys let me learn and grow through so much opportunities. So I'm wishing all the best to this community, thanks for letting me learn a lot of new things for the past year and hopefully we can grow together this year and for the next years! (p.s : also thanks for the new camera from latest blog competition ;p)

Welcoming new year, there must be a resolution, right? So here I am to share my 2018 resolution :D
As you already know, I've been joining the special scholarship program held by a public bank which takes 2.5 years to graduate from the program, and have to continue with our thesis. So this year I'm doing my thesis, and hopefully (it's a must) I can graduate at the end of the year! AMEN. A wise man once told me, a best gift you can give to your parents is graduate, and then enjoy your life. Get yourself a spouse, and give your parents grandchild. Live happily ever after. I do believe in what he says, so please pray for me to make it happen!

2. Have my husband-soon-to-be
Well, everyone around me has been asking around to me about this. Where's your boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend? And all sort of other question. Here's the secret I want to share. I believe, a relationship is between two people. It's not something to tell the world about (at least in my opinion), you can just enjoy the relationship. Actually, I have someone close to me. But again, blessings from mom and family plays an important role in my life. As long as they haven't give their blessings.. Well I still have to reconsider about it. So yeah, please pray for my jodoh! Whoever it will be, hopefully we'll face a smooth road.

3. Share more on my blog
This is not easy, I know. While maintaining my office work, balancing with personal life and blogging.. But I'll definitely try my best to write a good article and post it so you can read my work. and please do support me. Leave on comment about how you'd like my posts this year!

4. Give more
It's not always about some specific stuff. What I want here is, to give all I have to others in need. From educating people to give materials, something useful for their lives. I have received a lot of love and blessings last year, and I want others to feel how good it is to get blessings and love! I believe you'd like it too, so don't forget to pass what you have to others in need. People not always ask for help, but if you can help. them, why not?

So that's all about my 2018 resolutions, I guess. Thanks for reading, and please do show some love and support to me. I'll always support you too! I love it when we can support one another. 

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

[MAKEUP TUTORIAL] : Chinese New Year 2018

6:56 AM
Hello gorgeous, what's up! It's been so long since my last post, sorry about that, because I'm trying to finish my thesis on time. So here I am, sending loves and greetings to you, since it's about chinese new year already! 

Well, time surely flies super fast. Feels like I just had my first blogpost not too long ago, and next week we're having Chinese New Year Celebration! Chinese new year or also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is an important Chinese festival at the turn of traditional Chinese calendar. It usually runs from evening preceding the first day to the lantern festival on the 15th day of first month. 

Many of you must have celebrated this tradition for years, and yet, don't know the story behind this (it's okay girls, I've been through it too) so here I am to tell you about the mythology. According to legends, the beginning of this Spring festival was a mythical beast called Nian. Nian would eat villagers, especially children. One year, the villagers went hide from the beast. Then an old man came before the villagers went into hide, and told the villagers that he will stay the night and get revenge on Nian. They all thought the man was insane. But then in the morning, they all went back to their home and yet nothing was destroyed. The villagers thought the man was a deity. Then after that, they understood that Nian was afraid of red color and loud noises. So when new year about to come, all the villagers would wear red clothes, hang red lanterns, and red spring scrolls on windows and doors. From then on, Nian never came again. 

Based on the story, what comes first to my mind was : red. Make a look with mostly red color. But then, isn't it will be too simple and ordinary? Everyone wears red on Chinese New Year Celebration anyway, and me too. Why don't we create something different? Then again, I decided to do something outside the box. I decided to create an oranged- based look. Are you girls curious about this one? Read till the end, how I created this pretty and adorable look! PS: you can also wear this make up look to CNY party and meet your colleagues ;p

[base : max factor facefinity 3in1 foundation]
As for this occasion, usually on Chinese New Year we held open house and family gathering, which takes a whole day. So damn true, a whole day from wake up till I sleep still doing the "silaturahmi" stuff. Meeting my family from Indonesia and other country, kiong hee, and even do video call with those who can't come to Indonesia. This will be super tiring and of course less time on doing re-make up or even touch up. So I'd like to choose something light (so it won't harm my skin) and of course something that has skincare will be a great choice! I applied only one thin layer of this foundation and so let's move on to the next step. Anyway , I'm using the bright color (forgot the shade name but this one's the brightest)

[Eyebrow powder : Focallure]
After that, I create a natural eyebrows using eyebrow cake. I want to create something more natural but still last for a whole day. This brow powder is a good choice (or you can use any other brand that you have). On my eyebrows, is only the dark brown color. I added some touch of the black ones on the outer edges and brush on the inner side, so it'll create some kind of 3D illusion #Imnotblackmagic haha.

[Face Powder : Make Over]
To set all my face , I use this make over powder. Actually it's a contouring powder set which consists of two color : brown and light shade. But the light one totally suits my skin color so I just use it as my daily face powder. Anyway, it's needed to set our face with powder so when we do eyemakeup (for example) the fall outs (if there's any) can be swiped easily. 

[Eye Makeup : Morphe 35u eyeshadow + japanese brand eye liner tattoo]
As for eye makeup, I choose orange-based colors. Something less shimmery will be great to put on the outer side like crease and outer corner, something lighter and sparkling will be good to put on the eyelids, and lastly something white or super light suits the best for inner corner. All these colors are from Morphe 35u palette. I do light blending so the color blends really well. After that, I add simple detail using my black eyeliner pen so my eyes will look bigger and more beautiful. Eyeliner wing suits this look the most! Simple and little wing to fly, girls! ;p

[Eyelash : Artisan Pro]
Having no eyelash makes me feels like bald, really. Well, I mean, I have eyelash except for its too tiny and soft. That's why I always use fake eyelashes and some mascara sometimes, to make my eyes look wider and prettier. This part is important, since you can look different with or without eyelashes, and also with different type of eyelashes. On occasions like Lunar New Year, I love to wear something as simple as possible, but it makes me look special. So here's artisan pro eyelashes to complete my eye makeup.

[Lipstick : Maybelline the Powder Mattes]
Of course lipplays a big role on our make up look. I choose to look a bit different, and been loving this real two-toned lips. I love playing with different colors of lipsticks, and this is my fave. Mixing different color base on my lips. Orange and nude makes a good collaboration, right?

[Liquid blush on : A Concept]
One last touch, is my current favorite liquid blush on! This one was created by Aconcept, a brand from Korea and i really love this one. This is "marry me" shade, and it looks super pretty on my cheeks. This gives me natural blush just like when I'm looking at Dilan LOL or my crush. If you want something more intense, you can just add some layers to make the color pop out more.

Here's my final look, what do you think about this? 

According to collaboration with Beautiesquad, here's one of my friend's look for Chinese New Year, Tami Oktari.

There are others too! I had lots of fun doing this collaboration make up with them!

Hope you like this tutorial, and Happy Chinese New Year! See you on next posts :)

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Monday, January 15, 2018

[REVIEW] : Wardah Anti Hair Fall Halal Shampoo

12:00 AM
Hello gorgeous, sorry for being super busy and rarely update my blog these days. Been busy with office work (yup, I barely get home around 8 or 9 every day) till the point I feel like I can't move my own body. Super tiring and exhausting of course, but we have to keep the positive vibes and good spirit to write here, right?

Back to the title, today I'm going to share about a halal shampoo that has just been released few weeks ago. You girls must have known this famous halal brand, Wardah. At first they're famous for their make up collection, from complexion to decorating stuff. Right after their success on make up, they expanded their wings to skincare line. White series and aloe vera, has been their famous products from skincare line. Then now, they're launching their first shampoo series. Actually they have four variants of shampoo. The one I try, is hair fall series. The others are anti dandruff, nutri shine, and daily fresh.
This must be a relieve to Moslems, since this is the first halal shampoo I've ever known in my whole life. We're gonna talk a bit about the other variants and of course I'll share my review after trying wardah anti hair fall shampoo.
1. Anti Dandruff
Having dandruff on our hair is really irritating (trust me, I've been there) and of course this often happen to us, who lives in Indonesia. Since it's a tropical country, the weather here makes our scalp often sweat and produce a lot of oil. Especially you who wears hijab, it covers your head for a whole day. Wardah shampoo here will deduct your dandruff, completed with tea tree oil , peppermint extract, and double zinc active helps decrease dandruff and give fresh sensation on your sculp.

2. Nutri Shine
Here's the answer to those of you who have problems with damaged and dull hair. Being exposed to sun light every day does not only damage your skin but will also affect your hair. Of course, this drive to damaged and dull hair. Using curling iron or hair straightener often will also damage your hair. Nutri shine shampoo from Wardah will surely bring back shine onto your hair through combining argan oil and grapeseed extract.

3. Daily Fresh
Working for a whole day under the sun, surely tiring and very hot! This variant will make our scalp and hair feels super fresh through aloe vera and seaweed extract.

3. Hairfall treatment
Having hair fall makes me afraid, of course. Especially when I get too much hair fall. It was like, when I was combing my hair I'll get a handful of hair :( I'm afraid that I'll get premature baldness. Really girls, how ugly will that be? *no offense* but I hate even short hair on me, how can I love bald? I've tried a lot of shampoo through my life, and I rarely get good ones. When I get a good shampoo, it must be the expensive ones. I'm the type who have to shampoo every single day, unless I'll feel like my hair is super oily and will feel super uncomfortable. I admit, that's actually a bad habit (too often shampooing will damage your hair) but there's no alternative. Until I found this Wardah Anti Hairfall Shampoo, this can last for 2 days on my hair. It makes me a lot of safer than before. And of course, can reduce my hair fall.
What I love the most from this product is also the good smell. It makes my hair smell super good. (So who's gonna kiss me on the head? lol sweet girl mode on ;p)

Overall, I feel like this shampoo has a good quality. No comment on the packaging, since it looks super simple and calming through their green color. They also have a conditioner to complete your hair care, but I'm the type who skips hair conditioning when taking a bath. Well, if you love hair conditioner then you might wanna try them.

Price IDR 24.900
Get them at minimarket / supermarket / online stores
Rate : 4/5
Repurchase : Maybe
More of them you can find them here : website | instagram

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

[SWATCHES & REVIEW] : IDR 30.000-priced Indonesian Local Matte Lipcream

1:21 AM
Hello gorgeous, back here again with JennTan! Well, how's your new year? I wanna greet you guys with happy new year, hope there will be more blessings and happiness for us this year. Of course, a lot of fun playing with makeup, skincare, and fashion waiting for us!
My first post in 2018 will be reviewing an Indonesian local matte lip cream by QL Cosmetic. Before, I already write a review about their eyebrow cream, if you vane't read them you can read it here. They definitely have a good quality on affordable price for the eyebrow cream. So how about this time, will the same thing happen? Do they have a good quality on a IDR 30.000-priced lip cream? Read this article for more fun!

QL Cosmetic have eight shades of their matte lip cream, and here I have all eight with me! Super fun, and super excited since the color-base itself are different. Here are the shades :
Pink Based Color
21 Peach Angel - pink with a hint of peach
This color (and the shade name) confused me a bit. They named this as peach angel, but hey where's the peach color? All I get here is pink, no peach. 

Well, I gave it another try and look what I get! I get this pink lip by one swipe of the lip cream, but then I tried different method (Put some color onto my lips and then do some pat pat onto it) and voila! I really get the peach colored lips! Super in love and yet having fun cracking this puzzle of "peach angel" :p

22 Pink Me - darker tone of pink without touch of peach

Nude Based Color
24 Nudy Classic - nude with hint of red

25 Nude Brown - nude with hint of brown

Red Based Color
26 Flaming Rose - red with touch of orange
[here's me with my friend yulis, featuring le face that I made when someone ask to take one of my makeup *protective* hahaha]

27 Exotic Red - light red without touch of orange

Purple / Berry Based Color
28 Apple Berry - purple with hint of red

29 Sugar Plum - purple with hint of pink

The Packaging

It looks sturdy, it feels like real glass when I knocked the bottle. I can even feel the thickness of the bottle (which means very good-the bottle won't break that easily). The one that makes me think of, is the ingredients that attached to the plastic wrapping the bottle (which will be dispatched right after we opened the bottle, right? Well that was just my concern, I love everything written well and can be seen everytime I want to see them. While talking about the packaging, let's talk about the applicator. I love the applicator, how smooth it feels on my lips, the flexibility, and also the length. It's not too short but not too long, such a perfect applicator! Easy peasy to create a smooth perfect lip.

Isododecane, Neopentyl glycol diheptanoate, Hydrogenated polyisobutene, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Ricinus communis seed oil, Aluminium starch, Octenylsuccinate, Silica, Glyceryl behenate / Eicosadioate, Silica dimethyl silylate, Hydrogenated polycyclopentadiene, Jojoba esters, Helianthus annuus seed wax, Tocopheryl acetate, Mica, Titanium dioxide, Polyethylane, Phenoxyethanol, Copernicia cerifera wax, Methylparaben, Parfum, Propylparaben, Acacia decurrens flower wax, Polyglycerin-3, Tocopherol, Tin oxide.

Texture and Pigmentation

Once I swatch the QL Matte Lip Cream onto my hands, I can feel how watery it is. I love watery texture for lip cream, it means it's not a dead-matte lip cream. It will run smoothly onto our lips, and of course create a good color. No need to worry about cracking and stuff, this local lip cream, will not make your lips looks cracking. Even though it feels watery, they also have high level pigmentation. All those above swatches on my lips, I'm only using one swipe to get those great pigmentation. They're crazily pigmented, even after eating some oily food (like chinese food, sambal matah, etc) they still stain onto my lips! Will create a beautiful natural look on our lips, right? No worry about hassle of lip cream after eating. 

After all, I can say that I really love this local lip cream. It's totally worth to buy, all eight shades. You & I (Cieeeee One direction lol) can wear this wherever we want, whenever we want. The nudes are best for daily use, as for the bold ones for special occasions. And here's what I love, I became the "superstar of the day" at my office while using the apple berry shade to work (sorry can't share picture because I'm wearing uniform) but my office-mattes and even my boss asked where did I get that beautiful color, since she never once see this kind of color. And even better, it only cost less than IDR 40.000! Zhen bang! 
FYI, this product's not only wearable for lips! I even have some "experiment" with this local lip cream, and guess what I found? I can also use this lip cream by QL cosmetic for eyeshadow base (it is powdery and that's why they'll look good as eyeshadow and base) and also for blush on! My love, now I can have some free space in my bag while traveling. One thing for my whole face. Also, I love to create ombre lips using these colors. Should I make a full face makeup tutorial using QL cosmetic?

Product : QL Lip Cream Matte
Size : 4 gr
Price : IDR 36.000 - IDR 40.000
Shades : 8
Rate : 5/5
Repurchase/ recommend : YES

Online Purchase at: @qlcosmetic_online
| Website: | Phone: 082122752230 |
| Facebook: QL Cosmetic | Instagram: @qlcosmetic |

| Twitter: @ql_cosmetic |

"There's no such things as having too many lip cream" 
- anonymous -

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