Monday, January 15, 2018

[REVIEW] : Wardah Anti Hair Fall Halal Shampoo

12:00 AM
Hello gorgeous, sorry for being super busy and rarely update my blog these days. Been busy with office work (yup, I barely get home around 8 or 9 every day) till the point I feel like I can't move my own body. Super tiring and exhausting of course, but we have to keep the positive vibes and good spirit to write here, right?

Back to the title, today I'm going to share about a halal shampoo that has just been released few weeks ago. You girls must have known this famous halal brand, Wardah. At first they're famous for their make up collection, from complexion to decorating stuff. Right after their success on make up, they expanded their wings to skincare line. White series and aloe vera, has been their famous products from skincare line. Then now, they're launching their first shampoo series. Actually they have four variants of shampoo. The one I try, is hair fall series. The others are anti dandruff, nutri shine, and daily fresh.
This must be a relieve to Moslems, since this is the first halal shampoo I've ever known in my whole life. We're gonna talk a bit about the other variants and of course I'll share my review after trying wardah anti hair fall shampoo.
1. Anti Dandruff
Having dandruff on our hair is really irritating (trust me, I've been there) and of course this often happen to us, who lives in Indonesia. Since it's a tropical country, the weather here makes our scalp often sweat and produce a lot of oil. Especially you who wears hijab, it covers your head for a whole day. Wardah shampoo here will deduct your dandruff, completed with tea tree oil , peppermint extract, and double zinc active helps decrease dandruff and give fresh sensation on your sculp.

2. Nutri Shine
Here's the answer to those of you who have problems with damaged and dull hair. Being exposed to sun light every day does not only damage your skin but will also affect your hair. Of course, this drive to damaged and dull hair. Using curling iron or hair straightener often will also damage your hair. Nutri shine shampoo from Wardah will surely bring back shine onto your hair through combining argan oil and grapeseed extract.

3. Daily Fresh
Working for a whole day under the sun, surely tiring and very hot! This variant will make our scalp and hair feels super fresh through aloe vera and seaweed extract.

3. Hairfall treatment
Having hair fall makes me afraid, of course. Especially when I get too much hair fall. It was like, when I was combing my hair I'll get a handful of hair :( I'm afraid that I'll get premature baldness. Really girls, how ugly will that be? *no offense* but I hate even short hair on me, how can I love bald? I've tried a lot of shampoo through my life, and I rarely get good ones. When I get a good shampoo, it must be the expensive ones. I'm the type who have to shampoo every single day, unless I'll feel like my hair is super oily and will feel super uncomfortable. I admit, that's actually a bad habit (too often shampooing will damage your hair) but there's no alternative. Until I found this Wardah Anti Hairfall Shampoo, this can last for 2 days on my hair. It makes me a lot of safer than before. And of course, can reduce my hair fall.
What I love the most from this product is also the good smell. It makes my hair smell super good. (So who's gonna kiss me on the head? lol sweet girl mode on ;p)

Overall, I feel like this shampoo has a good quality. No comment on the packaging, since it looks super simple and calming through their green color. They also have a conditioner to complete your hair care, but I'm the type who skips hair conditioning when taking a bath. Well, if you love hair conditioner then you might wanna try them.

Price IDR 24.900
Get them at minimarket / supermarket / online stores
Rate : 4/5
Repurchase : Maybe
More of them you can find them here : website | instagram

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

[SWATCHES & REVIEW] : IDR 30.000-priced Indonesian Local Matte Lipcream

1:21 AM
Hello gorgeous, back here again with JennTan! Well, how's your new year? I wanna greet you guys with happy new year, hope there will be more blessings and happiness for us this year. Of course, a lot of fun playing with makeup, skincare, and fashion waiting for us!
My first post in 2018 will be reviewing an Indonesian local matte lip cream by QL Cosmetic. Before, I already write a review about their eyebrow cream, if you vane't read them you can read it here. They definitely have a good quality on affordable price for the eyebrow cream. So how about this time, will the same thing happen? Do they have a good quality on a IDR 30.000-priced lip cream? Read this article for more fun!

QL Cosmetic have eight shades of their matte lip cream, and here I have all eight with me! Super fun, and super excited since the color-base itself are different. Here are the shades :
Pink Based Color
21 Peach Angel - pink with a hint of peach
This color (and the shade name) confused me a bit. They named this as peach angel, but hey where's the peach color? All I get here is pink, no peach. 

Well, I gave it another try and look what I get! I get this pink lip by one swipe of the lip cream, but then I tried different method (Put some color onto my lips and then do some pat pat onto it) and voila! I really get the peach colored lips! Super in love and yet having fun cracking this puzzle of "peach angel" :p

22 Pink Me - darker tone of pink without touch of peach

Nude Based Color
24 Nudy Classic - nude with hint of red

25 Nude Brown - nude with hint of brown

Red Based Color
26 Flaming Rose - red with touch of orange
[here's me with my friend yulis, featuring le face that I made when someone ask to take one of my makeup *protective* hahaha]

27 Exotic Red - light red without touch of orange

Purple / Berry Based Color
28 Apple Berry - purple with hint of red

29 Sugar Plum - purple with hint of pink

The Packaging

It looks sturdy, it feels like real glass when I knocked the bottle. I can even feel the thickness of the bottle (which means very good-the bottle won't break that easily). The one that makes me think of, is the ingredients that attached to the plastic wrapping the bottle (which will be dispatched right after we opened the bottle, right? Well that was just my concern, I love everything written well and can be seen everytime I want to see them. While talking about the packaging, let's talk about the applicator. I love the applicator, how smooth it feels on my lips, the flexibility, and also the length. It's not too short but not too long, such a perfect applicator! Easy peasy to create a smooth perfect lip.

Isododecane, Neopentyl glycol diheptanoate, Hydrogenated polyisobutene, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Ricinus communis seed oil, Aluminium starch, Octenylsuccinate, Silica, Glyceryl behenate / Eicosadioate, Silica dimethyl silylate, Hydrogenated polycyclopentadiene, Jojoba esters, Helianthus annuus seed wax, Tocopheryl acetate, Mica, Titanium dioxide, Polyethylane, Phenoxyethanol, Copernicia cerifera wax, Methylparaben, Parfum, Propylparaben, Acacia decurrens flower wax, Polyglycerin-3, Tocopherol, Tin oxide.

Texture and Pigmentation

Once I swatch the QL Matte Lip Cream onto my hands, I can feel how watery it is. I love watery texture for lip cream, it means it's not a dead-matte lip cream. It will run smoothly onto our lips, and of course create a good color. No need to worry about cracking and stuff, this local lip cream, will not make your lips looks cracking. Even though it feels watery, they also have high level pigmentation. All those above swatches on my lips, I'm only using one swipe to get those great pigmentation. They're crazily pigmented, even after eating some oily food (like chinese food, sambal matah, etc) they still stain onto my lips! Will create a beautiful natural look on our lips, right? No worry about hassle of lip cream after eating. 

After all, I can say that I really love this local lip cream. It's totally worth to buy, all eight shades. You & I (Cieeeee One direction lol) can wear this wherever we want, whenever we want. The nudes are best for daily use, as for the bold ones for special occasions. And here's what I love, I became the "superstar of the day" at my office while using the apple berry shade to work (sorry can't share picture because I'm wearing uniform) but my office-mattes and even my boss asked where did I get that beautiful color, since she never once see this kind of color. And even better, it only cost less than IDR 40.000! Zhen bang! 
FYI, this product's not only wearable for lips! I even have some "experiment" with this local lip cream, and guess what I found? I can also use this lip cream by QL cosmetic for eyeshadow base (it is powdery and that's why they'll look good as eyeshadow and base) and also for blush on! My love, now I can have some free space in my bag while traveling. One thing for my whole face. Also, I love to create ombre lips using these colors. Should I make a full face makeup tutorial using QL cosmetic?

Product : QL Lip Cream Matte
Size : 4 gr
Price : IDR 36.000 - IDR 40.000
Shades : 8
Rate : 5/5
Repurchase/ recommend : YES

Online Purchase at: @qlcosmetic_online
| Website: | Phone: 082122752230 |
| Facebook: QL Cosmetic | Instagram: @qlcosmetic |

| Twitter: @ql_cosmetic |

"There's no such things as having too many lip cream" 
- anonymous -

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

[REVIEW + SWATCHES] : Old and New Formula of Mad For Lipstick

6:58 AM
Hello gorgeous girls, welcome back with me again! 
As I've promised in the previous previous previous post, OK what I'm saying as : as I've said in the past post about Mad For Lipstick, here's to fulfill it. I'm about to create the review about the old and new formula differences. (well, since we're near to new year then it'll be great to talk about old and new, right?) Without further do, let's go straight to the product review!

So here's what I've got, two bold shades of the old ones and two nude shades of the new-formula. Curious enough about those four? Well, hold on. These two are super good in color choices I can say. I love all of them, the bold ones are also good. Usually I don't like the extreme colors because it makes me look older (I already look too old with all those fatties all over my body, please save me from being old too fast haha). So yeah, let's talk about the packaging first.

[box of the outside packaging]
As we can see, they make a huge difference in box. The old one are matte looking boxes with dark side. I mean, look at them, black all over the box (except for the sides they're putting the same color of the lip cream inside, with writings of the brand name) while the new one comes in a brighter color. It use a metallic silver box, with super unique way to put the shades on top (they make a tape of the color and kind of ripped a little bit of the tape). This is the first time I see this kind of packaging (ripping something). Also on the new packaging, instead of using the color and brand name to put on, they put the shade name only (since we can already see the color on top of the box).

Move on to the inner part, well actually we can say they look pretty same for the inside packaging. The lip cream tubes are exactly look the same and of course, in the same size as well. It's already their characteristic I guess, using this type of lip cream tube, to bring the image of Mad For Lipstick. 

Secondly, we'll talk about the shades and swatches. Here's the swatches of all four of them, on my hands and also on my (not so sexy) lips.

[swatches on hand - two up there are the old formulas and the rest are new formulas]

[swatch Mad For Lipstick Femme Fatale]

[swatch Mad For Lipstick Introvert]

[swatch Mad For Lipstick Allure]

[swatch Mad For Lipstick Charm]

As you can see above, all of them have a good pigmentation (but the bold ones are more pigmented than the nudes, I don't know why, can be because of the new formula or because the color itself). For the bold ones, I only need one swipe to get full coverage on my lips. But for the nudes, I took two swipes just to make sure all my lips are covered with the lip cream. If you ask me which color is my favorite.. Can I just pick all of them? Well, if I really have to choose only one then my fav is Charm. The pink based color, is super wearable for every day look. To the office, school, or even special occasions. 

As for the texture, well... In my opinion, the new ones are super moist rather than the old ones. I can feel the old ones (bold) are way way thicker and heavy on my lips. The new formulated lip cream, is lighter and moist on my lips. This is such an inspiring local product, you know. They always fix themselves into a better one, and this comes out on their products. But every people can have different opinion. My friend, Jude, told me that she feels like the old ones are better since the new ones are more cracking. It doesn't happen on my lips tho (I use this onto a corps party and it stay still until the end! But then again, maybe different lips have different reaction). It stay still if you drink (not transfer) and eat lightly. Even when we eat something heavy, it will only transfer a little. It stays for a whole day (on me). Zhen bang! 

Well, that's all I can say about the mad for lipstick lip cream formulas. Here's the recap:
+ good variant of colors
+ can be used in any skin color
+ kissproof & waterproof
+ light
+ not sticky
+ unique lip container

- coverage differences
- details only available in the boxes

Rate : 4.5/5 (I want more shades available, and of course same pigmentation over shades)
Price : IDR 135.000
Lip protection : Yes
Repurchase : Maybe

Thanks for reading! Here's the gift for you
Get them at Sociolla and get IDR 50.000 off using my code SBNLAFLF at checkout!
You might also find them at Sephora.

Stalk them at : instagram | website

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Monday, December 25, 2017

[OBMT + REVIEW] : Canmake BB Foundation, Trio Eyeshadow, Lip and Cheek Gel

6:40 AM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back with me again! 
How's your Christmas celebration, hope they're all going just fine and really well, of course lots of blessings and happiness for you and your family! To celebrate this big day, we usually have a family gathering, lunch or even dinner with the loved ones, right? Me too, I'm having quality time during Christmas lunch with my family (even though not all of us celebrate Christmas, some of my family are Buddhist) but we all celebrate the precious time and togetherness. Right after having lunch, we continue with watching movie and of course had a lot of fun thanks to Ernest Prakasa who made the movie named "Susah Sinyal".

OK enough with recaping my Christmas day, let's get back to the track. Gathering with our loved ones might be at home, restaurant, malls, or everywhere. Of course we can look whatever we want to, but still our look have to be neat and pretty, right? Not too much because it will look awkward but not too least since it's a big day! So here's the makeup I use for Christmas celebration, and there's some review and mini tutorial here. Read this post till the end to find how easy to make this simple natural look!

There are three products that I use for this look using Canmake, they're BB Foundation, Trio Eyeshadow and of course Lip and Cheek gel.

First let's talk about eye makeup. What I have here is the trio eyeshadow from Canmake, with color : Red, brown, and light pink. At first when I tried to do some swatch then it looks like they're pretty pigmented. But then after some blending the color kinda reduced and left more of glitters than the pigment. That's why I tried to put some concealer on my eyelids, blend them in, then put those eyeshadows. Voila, you get those pigmented colors! This is the key, I guess. The color will pop out once you use some eyeshadow base or in this case, I'm using concealer. 

Here's what I got after some blending. The colors looks super soft (which suits natural makeup look) and of course, since my eyes are narrow it looks like this one. Yes, I'm chinese and that's why my eyes are narrow. It always look this natural and I'm loving natural look as well! It's the best look we can wear since we can wear it wherever we want, every single day, right?

[happy kid pose]
Then here's what I got after using the lip and cheek gel (in pink) on my face. I put those pink gel onto my cheeks before setting it with powder, and it looks just like my natural blush, sweet! As I'm applying those pink gel onto my lips, they look like natural pink as well. After that, I set my under eye with Canmake BB Foundation (powder) using the puff I get from the packaging, after that I just use powder brush to apply the bb foundation powder all over my face, slightly. 

Here's the result, so what do you think? Here's the Natural Glam Japan Makeup Look by Canmake. 

Move on to the review, here's what I wanna talk about :

[Canmake BB Foundation Powder]
Well let's start from the packaging. For all these products from Canmake, I can say that they made me fall in love at the moment I see them. The packaging are all too cute to be rejected. The color, designs as well are super cute! As for this one, I thought it was a BB Cushion but then I realized it was a foundation powder. Move on to the product, this one's the best I can recommend out of the others. This one, does a medium coverage (you'll get to cover the acne and stuff) especially when you apply it with the sponge inside the packaging. But then, even though this is a foundation powder you'll need some bbcream or foundation as a base. Or else, this foundation without those stuff will only do a good job for a few hours on oily skin. With the foundation, it doesn't have any symptoms of patchy and stuff, it did a good job throughout the day when I use this. 

[Canmake lip and cheek gel]
The packaging is the best! Comes in pink cover, this one's packaging is my favorit. It even have a mirror inside it, super compact right? Since it's a gel, it makes a more natural effect onto my skin. It looks like my natural blush if you see this by eye, but on camera it will look less pigmented than it really is. I love how natural it is onto my skin. But if you want something more intense, you might wanna try the red one.

[Canmake Trio Eyeshadow]
This one, well the packaging is as cute as the others. But it doesn't have any mirror or brush inside it, so when applying onto my eyes I only use my finger. It does a good job if you use some base before. Also, it's super easy to blend in (you'll get more glitter than pigmentation if you blend in hashly) but if you want some intense eyeshadow you might don't want to blend too much. This red one, also can be used to top your blush to look even more fresh :)

Overall. I might rate them 4/5 
Packaging is good, need to improve their pigmentation
They're also pricey, all these three costs around IDR 500.000 (I don't know if you buy it overseas will be cheaper or not)
Repurchase : Maybe the foundation powder

Get their info here :

Thanks for reading, i'll see you girls on next posts!

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

[REVIEW] : QL Cosmetic Eyebrow Cream

8:32 AM
Hello gorgeous, back with JennTan again here!
Today, I’m gonna share about eyebrow product (yup, after a very long time stuck with the same product it’s finally time to move on and try another brand and products!) Feeling so excited about this new product, so let’s get to it!
I always love local product for eyebrows. I don’t know why but it feels like they meet what I want for my eyebrow. From the variants of colors (i usually use the dark brown color, I rarely use black because it will make my eyebrow looks too bold and even similar to Sinchan’s) till the product’s texture. During all these years, what satisfy me the most are eyebrow pencils. Sometimes I also use eyebrow powders but I don’t like the smudge they create afterwards.

Here’s the new thing that I’m gonna try, eyebrow cream. And even more exciting, it’s a local product! I bet all of you girls have already known QL cosmetics, right? It’s a local product of cosmetic brand, which already proved has a very good quality with affordable price.
Now they create an eyebrow product to satisfy us, girls. They know really well that we always wear eyebrow product every single day, as if they’re part of our body. Have you ever feel naked if you don’t use any eyebrow pencil or stuff? well, you won’t ever feel it again because this product is very simple yet very cool!

First thing first, we’ll talk about the packaging. It comes with a box with some details like product brand, ingredients, etc. I don’t know if there’s any other shade of this product (i think there’s just 1 shade, hoping they will create another range of shades soon) but mine’s dark brown, perfect! Move on to the product itself, as you girls can see they’re dual ended stuff. This one’s always make a good impression, since its very simple and easy to bring anywhere anytime, perfect for busy girls like me *lol*. But yeah, I sometimes travel here and there, and even have until 5 or more schedules a day on weekend. Can you wonder how hectic it is, and how much time do I have to do my makeup early in the morning or even do some touch up? This kind of product really save place in my make up pouch, and make it super simple to create a perfect eyebrow lines! In other perspective it also saves our money that we don’t need to buy additional brush (pardon my financial background hihi). 

Once I dip the brush into the eyebrow cream, I can feel how moist the cream is (feels like margarine, which I love the most) and it shows how easy to blend it. Unlike other kind of eyebrow pomade, this one feels way way more creamy and watery than the others (which make me like it). You can get the perfect intensity and even gradient color just like how you always want to. Even though they’re moist and easy to blend, you don’t need to hesitate about the pigmentation. They’re crazily pigmented (in a good way) and after you put on your eyebrows there won’t be too much smudge, which is very good since it will cut a lot of time if you skip on taking care of those smudge thing. I don’t even use any concealer since it’s already on fleek only by using QL Cosmetic Eyebrow Cream. Zhen bang!

Diisostearyl Malate, Mica, Talc, Octyldodecanol, Microcrystalline Wax, Magnesium Stearate, Caprylyl Methicone, Ozokerite, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polyethylene, Kaolin, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methicone, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, May Contain: CI 77499, CI 77491, CI 77492.


Overall Review
From my experience using this product, I can say that this is a very good one. In term of how useful it is and how good the result. To me, the packaging still can be improved by (maybe) trying a new style to make it look more elegant. As for beginner, I'd rather say you'd better learn how to make a good eyebrow first. It's tricky to use this product. You will need to practice more and more to get the right amount and intensity of the product. From how much you need to take to how bold you will make your eyebrow looks. But, when you get all the tricks on your hands, then voila! You'll forget another product and will love this one. At least , that's what happened to me. What make me even fall in love more and more with this product, it's super affordable while doing a very good job. It might look like there's only a lil bit of cream in it, but it can last long since you'll only need a very little amount of the product to create a perfect eyebrow. Also, since this one's an eyebrow cream that can be set in no time, I won't need any kind of eyebrow-mascara or brow gel anymore to set this one. It can last up to 12 hours (on mine at least, you can try yourself if you're curious tho) even though I'm getting my face washed with water and stuff. No need to touch up for the whole day! Now, this is my everyday product (I'm wearing it to office, malls, every single time I went out from home lol). 

Product : QL Cosmetic Eyebrow Cream
Size : 1.5ml
Rate : 4.5/5 (I'm waiting for them to create an innovation in their packaging)
Repurchase / recommend : YES

If you want to try this product, you. may get this at their online store :
instagram | website

"Every perfect day starts with perfect eyebrows, so have a good one!"

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Stay Fresh All Day with Natur-E Face Mist

8:20 AM
Hello gorgeous! Well, after a long and tiring day, I'm gonna refresh my mind with something good! Writing another exciting event here, as well as reviewing a great product is such a mood booster and perfect activity to wrap up the day like this!

Just got home after watching a good movie, "Wonder", with my office mattes, now we're gonna talk about the latest event that I attended on last Saturday. If you girls have already followed my instagram (you should follow me if you haven't) you must've known I attended the event with Natur-e at Veranda Hotel, South Jakarta. The event was started with lunch (yes I love eating lol). By the way, before continue to the event I just wanna say that I'm in love with Veranda and Wyl's Kitchen. There's a pool there!! Resto/cafes with pools are always my fav and best place ever hihi. OK then without further do, let's move on to the fun part!

As the MC greet all bloggers and have some chit chat, and media reporters as well, she also welcome our guest speakers. They're Nadine and Hana, both have a lot of activities (indoor and even outdoor) and yet still have good healthy skin. Me myself, also curious how they keep up with those kind of pollution in Jakarta. Nadine is an actress and also work for saving OrangUtan from extinction, which make her exposed to sunlight and even go to the woods. As for Hana, she is a softball athlete and actress, you girls can already imagine how many hours she will be exposed to sun light and open air everyday, right?

So here's the solution to have a good healthy skin like them. There was an unboxing bag session with both of them, and one common thing they have is : skin care and skin supplement. Both of them use Natur-e as a daily and must product to have good skin. Not only vitamins, they also use Natur E Body lotion and their newest launched product, Face Mist. Here's the review and details of Natur-E Face Mist.

We don't realize, that premature aging is a big threat to women here in Indonesia, especially girls like me who lives in Big City or Capital City, like Jakarta. A lot of pollution, radiation (UVA&UVB), smoke, alcohol, pesticide, and unhealthy foods are main factors that can ruin our skin and fasten aging process, which thing called photo-polluaging. Skin damage that was caused by photo-polluaging are dull skin, irritation, premature aging, and dehydration of our skin. Not only threaten by photo-polluaging, Indonesian women are also facing a lot of daily activities that makes them want to look beautiful all day, blocked by time to take a good care of their skin. That's why we need to have a product, that can refresh our skin in no time and of course, can be used anytime.

For bloggers like me, or maybe artist or busy person, we really appreciate those kind of product that can be used as fast as possible, but can refresh us. After feeling refresh, we usually work more productively than before. This face mist by Natur-E, is a facial spray that can refresh,moisten and protect our face from photo-polluaging.

Well, to me, the packaging look super simple (like most of spray bottle we can find at the stores) yet make an impression of refreshing and easy to use. With brand name on the side and manufacturer also product info, make us know how high to expect the product performance. They also complete the look of the product with Peach flower, to show what's the main ingredient in it.

Main ingredients

  • Peach flower extract ; as the anti photo-polluaging that gives us sensation of refresh and protect our skin from exposure to sunlight and pollution
  • Vitamin E, as the antioxidant that can maintain the moisture level on our skin and prevent free radical
  • Aloe Vera, to moisten our dry skin

First impression
At the event, I tried the product right away *too curious to be true*. I tried to spray them onto my face (after going outside for taking photos). It feels super refreshing onto my face since they spray a lot of water (and some other ingredients). The scent is also relaxing (which made me fall in love). Unfortunately, I have to keep the bottle away on a good distance to have it even on my face. If not, then my face will be very wet lol ;p Right after using the Natur-E Face Mist Spray, I feel like refreshed already! Super easy to touch up your make up (and feel) without even ruining one spot of our make up! There are some things I'm curious (or afraid I guess) is it okay for acne skin, and also is it good for my skin because they put some alcohol. They said it's gonna be totally fine for acne skin and alcohol make the product easier to use. We can spray this 4-5 times a day to have a good result.
Well, this is kind of touch up skin care (to make our face look fresh and not dull) without even changing any spot on our make up. I'm gonna try it to be my base (prep) before using any kind of make up products. Are you girls curious enough?

As the pioneer in complete series of skin care, Natur-E have commitments to take care of healthy and beauty skin of Indonesian women. That's why Natur - E always innovate on their product, including this newest product. This product also complete the Natur-E 300 series which is a skin care product from outside and inside for women aged 25-35 years old. Consist of Natur-E 300 soft capsule, 4 variants of body lotion for outside protection, and also face mist that can protect our skin from outside. The complete series will make the maximum nutrition to be absorbed onto the skin, keep them healthy and beautiful naturally, and of course halal!
[winner of refresh photo challenge]

That's all for my review, I'll see you girls on next posts!

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