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[EVENT] : Beautiesquad First Anniversary Gathering | #BSkeJogja

Hello Gorgeous! Greetings from Jogja, well from Jakarta to be exact, but with memories from Yogyakarta! Well I'm so excited to share about the first gathering of Beautiesquad, the long wait is over! After waiting for one and half year finally we get to meet each other (even though some of us already meet in Jakarta).

Beautiesquad is a beauty blogger community built on November 2016, and we celebrate our first anniv on November 2017. After long discussion and votings, we decided to hold a gathering in Yogyakarta on March 2018. Me myself, took executive train on Friday night due to work-hour and I don't think I can catch the latest flight. Long story short, we arrived on Saturday morning and had fun! Read this till the end to feel the joy and excitement together with me.

First we visited Pondok Sare, as the place we stay for the night. Actually I didn't stay there because I'm taking my mom so we decided to sleep at another place. But we stayed at Pondok sare in the morning (before check in at my place) and prepare lots of things with my beauty blogger squad! We started the day with breakfast and then move on to another fun activity : WORKSHOP!

Workshop is always be my favorite activity because I can always learn a lot from the pro (or at least the speaker). I had even more fun because I became the MC/host for the first workshop : Skincare101 with Avoskin Beauty. For you who haven't know the brand, it's a local brand from Yogyakarta (a lot of beauty enthusiast thought it iss an international brand) and what shocked me was they have great both in packaging and quality. In this first workshop we talked a lot about skincare, skin condition, the right skincare steps and so on. Here's the hack : skincare is a long journey, but you have to keep doing what you have to do to protect your skin. Never skip toner, since it will stimulate your skin to absorb better of the next skincare steps after toner. (I admit, me myself almost always skip toner to make the preparation time faster. I'm a morning sick person ;p) Fatimah Nada and Fira, as the Public Relation from PT Avo taught us a lot about skincare. Even some of us have consult about our skin condition. The exciting part is they're giving us the PHTE 30ml travel size which haven't been launch (only Beautiesquad members and Suhay Salim who already had this!!!! So excited because I'm a big fan of Suhay) and we get to know that the formula is comfortable on skin, dry fast and don't stick. Essence is an important part in skincare routine tho so we shouldn't skip this one. For you who are curious about the location of our first workshop, it took place at Indiecology.

Move on to next workshop, well I can say this is where I became super excited, we went to Sogan Batik to have a batik workshop! I got to try making my own batik (I've tried this before actually, my grandpa is an owner of batik factory and me myself now having business in batik clothing too) but this still excites me a lot! Don't know why but creating my own batik is really emotional to me #lebay but true, it feels like I'm putting all my heart and effort to create it. We also have some sort of "company tour" at Sogan Batik where I can see all the process about how to make batik from a scratch. From designing, drawing with "malam", until coloring process and then being sewed to a dress. We closed the batik workshop with family shot, then continue our journey of the day. We flew back to the homestay to rest and get ready for the gala dinner.

I was picked up by mommy (yes I know it seems like a childhood memories but this happens to me all the time even until I'm all grown up. No laugh!) We dropped some of my friends and then move to the place I'm gonna be staying with mom, then I got ready. It feels tiring since the weather was very hot and all we did was outdoor activities. But I have to get ready as fast as possible (since I have to prepare to be hosting the event with kak Alifah) so yeah, I took a bath really fast and got my makeup on. To be honest, I'm more a skincare person so all I did was only put on sunscreen, cover my under eye with concealer and then set it all with loose powder. Of course never skip eyebrow and lipsticks, with a bit touch of liquid blush to look natural. We went straight to Secret Garden where we held our gala dinner, mommy dropped me then she went somewhere to go shopping #girlslife. I was the first one arrived than my other friends, but that's good, right? We set things up with manager of Secret Garden, I was quite surprised with the table decoration since it's super pretty and neat! Sort of speechless seeing this good service where I didn't even expected. 

The gala dinner started with opening from the MC and continue with greetings from representative of Secret Garden and Mbak Utte as representative of Womantalk. I'm glad that we had a lot of supporters and vendors who are willing to collaborate with us even though we are really new as a community. We even had some mini games of "no mirror lipstick challenge" and guess what? All the Beautiesquad girls did that only in 30 seconds! Unbelievable, they're the real beauty bloggers! The rest of the night we enjoyed live music (and of course delicious food) and took photos, also enjoyed chit chat with others. Of course all the photos and documentation was taken by kak Ari Putra and Kak Jenny as his partner.

On the second day we went sightseeing around Yogyakarta, visited Vredeburg Fort, and then ended up having lunch at Madam Tan. My favorite spot was Vredeburg Fort because I love history and museums #susahmoveon it's oldschool but true. Visiting museums and stuff made me feels calm. After visited Vredeburg Fort we continue the journey to Malioboro street since it's famous for shopping. Accidentally when we were there, there was a parade by Akademi Kepolisian Indonesia (AKPOL) of senior year, since they're graduating this year, they're having a parade. It's some kind of tradition and annual activity for those of four dimmensions academy (AD, AL, AU, AKPOL) to do the parade. I know this a little bit since some of my friends are from taruna nusantara, AKMIL, and AKPOL. Well, one of my ex was also from AKMIL. #curcol It was really cool to see them doing parade like this, and of course, best of luck for your graduation and career, pals!

To me, it was super fun and exciting experience to have a gathering in Jogja and take part of  Beautiesquad 1st Gathering, BSkeJogja especially when I can give my best to them, and also special thanks to our :
-Vendors : Secret Garden | Indiecology | Edelweiss Party Planner | Pondok Sare | Ari Putra Production
-Brands : Laurent | Avoskin | Sogan Batik | Kohvee Story | Purbasari | Rubiena | Poppy Dharsono Cosmetics | Artisan Lashes | Tammia | Biore | Kay Collection - Vitacreme | Emina Cosmetics Jogja | Shylas Factory | The Body Heart | The Hartz Lashes | Mizzu Cosmetics | My Beauty Diary
-Media Partner : Female Daily Network | Blogger Perempuan | Womantalk | Eblush |. Dream | Feedme | Styl.ID

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

[REVIEW] : Conspiracy in My Eyes

12:00 AM
Hello gorgeous, new month, new love, new posts for sure! Moving on from local lippies products, now I wanna talk about local eyeshadow. Can you guess it already? YES. It's Mizzu! Well, the right thing to say is Nivea X Mizzu Palette special Minyo33 Edition, which only available at Watsons Indonesia. The eyeshadow palette titled "conspiracy", and the color inside was specially chosen by Minyo. I believe, you already know who Minyo is. She's an Indonesian vlogger and beauty influencer. Actually in this Nivea x Mizzu kit, they had a lot of collection, like Tasya Farasya, Rachel Goddard, and others. As I'm seeing in front of me this Minyo 33 kit (and they're having a 50% discount on this!) that's the main reason I bought this. Actually the main thing I wanted in this box was the eye makeup remover, but then they're having 50% disc from IDR 125.000 to IDR 62.500 and I can get all three where the eye remover itself costs IDR 63.500 #chinesegirl lol I'm full of calculation in every single thing happened in my life. #justkidding

OK, move on to the special edition kit, here's that I got : Normal to oily skin micellar water (nivea), eye makeup remover (nivea), conspiracy eyeshadow palette - 6 colors (mizzu). When I put the calculation of this kit.. Well this is a must have item! So yeah I went straight to the cashier and pay for the product. Then asked the cashier if I can open the box first to check if it's still good inside. The product still looks good, but I don't know why the box seems "oily" like something spoiled on it. I asked the cashier then she said I can change to another kit but seems like all the kit there having the same problem. My assumption is, it's because the packaging was made of paper and they put some oil paper on top of the eyeshadow is what makes the box looks oily. But then I already wanted to buy so yeah no one can stop me from shopping. I am sooooo happy to bring this back home, yeah!

Here's the eyeshadow. Super cute with those blue-pinkish color accent!

And then I put some hand-swatches (I do this rightaway tonight, after arrived home and before taking bath lol)

Then one idea suddenly popped out onto my mind! I've been loving "hello-eyes" lately, so I'm thinking about creating hello-eyes with all the colors here. Then ended up doable of creating eye makeup using all these colors! Super proud of myself haha ;p Pardon me it's only eyemakeup because my face is uncontrollable and for sure will look better if it's only the eyes ;p I'm going out without makeup anyway only eyebrows and lipsticks. So yeah. Here's my eye-makeup using conspiracy palette!

I can say, all the colors are wearable. It depends on the way you do your makeup. Not only for eye, actually, they're wearable for a full-face makeup. Should I try a one palette makeup for whole face? Let me know through the comment section!

Anyway, I wanna share my review about this palette.
-affordable (because it's on discount)
-many choice of color
-easy to blend
-wearable colors
-comes with a mirror inside the palette

-the box looks oily

Rate : 4.5/5 (I wish the packaging looks perfect without any oil or ripped paper)
Recommend : yes
Repurchase : yes (if there's another 50% discount haha)

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

[REVIEW] : POSY Beauty Indonesian Local Lip Cream Greed

8:01 AM
Hello gorgeous, back again with JennTan! In this post, I wanna share (again and again) about indonesian local lip cream review. Sorry for super minim of post, I'm feeling like super busy and had little time to do my activities (effect of peak time at office) but still, wanna share the good news with you girls! Of course being super busy with work means my boss trust me with that much load of work, but still I'm missing the good old days when I can easily have time to share and talk with you through my blog. Trying my best, to back in track and have a lot of time with you! 

Short story about this brand, Posy Beauty was built by two Indonesian women, named Dinandra Bernadi and Amanda Neola. The good matte lipstick indonesia had their website launch at 11 September 2017, as for the first collection of Pos Beauty lipstick matte vegan titled "Sins of Desire" they had 5 colors. 2 Colors of Bold and the other 3 are Nudes. 

It has outer part packaging, a thin box with touch of Galaxy. As for the container bottle itself, the bottle is flat (which is super unique unlike those mainstream packagings). The galaxy design is their signature, I guess since their web and logo and social media are also painted in galaxy. I'm impressed with this, they had a deep thought about the look. This makes the local matte lipcream looks elegant and of course travel friendly. You can simply tuck it onto your clutch or even pocket. 

They claimed themselves as they're lipstick halal, vegan, cruelty free, contains vitamin E, and pigmented. This lipcream creates a soft matte finish, stays up to 24 hours on lips, kiss proof, and won't dry lips. 
Ingredients :

Isododecane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Cyclomethicone, OctyldodecylStearoylStearate, Titanium Dioxide, CoperniciaCeriferaCera, Nylon-12, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Phytosteryl/OctydodecylLauroyl Glutamate, PropyleneCarbonate, Phenoxyethanol, SilicaDimethylSilylate, Flavour, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, TocopherylAcetate, BHT, Bisabolol.

May Contain: CI15850:1, CI45410:2, CI77491, CI77492, CI77499

The texture itself, is creamy yet not clot. What I mean here is, the product that sticks to the applicator is not too much. The amount is just enough to put onto our lips. When we need more coverage, simply swipe it twice onto our lips, and voila! Perfect full coverage lips. The claim was right, they're light and thin on lips, as well this makes economical usage. 

Staying power
This local matte lipcream stays perfectly up to 6 hours of usage, no patchy and transferproof. As i was eating, the color started to disappear. Especially for something oily like chinese food, or fried food they can even rid out the lip cream. The important part is, when the color disappear slowly, it turns to something powdery. To resolve this kind of problem, you may shake the container bottle well, so this kind of powdery stuff won't be happening again. 

Pros :
- unique packaging
- great color
- cruelty free and vegan
- no patchy
- transferproof

Cons  : 
- a bit pricey for local lip cream
- turns powdery after few hours of usage

Size : 5.8 ml
Rate : 4.5/5
Recommend : YES
Repurchase : Maybe

Get them at : | @posybeauty_id | Posy Beauty Channel | Posy Beauty Indonesia
Shop online at :
Sociolla, shoppee,,tokopedia, line shopping,, feedr, Sale Stock, Lazada.
Shop offline at :
Hijup store at pejaten, South Jakarta
Line @posybeauty

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Friday, February 23, 2018

[JTALKS] : How to write a Good Beauty Article

8:05 AM
Hello gorgeous! It's pretty intense nowadays, I'm gonna share an important information today. All of you who loves to read my posts, must be curious (or maybe some of you also want to write?) on how to create a good beauty article. As for me, a newbie in beauty blogging, still exploring and learning here and there, trying to improve my skill and creating as fun as I can on everything I write here. It's not an easy journey, but I'm doing my best to pursue my passion and dreams. So here I am, about to share the secret to a good (and approved) beauty article.

Actually this is the thing I got through #Ngopcan Beautiesquad, having fun with the community and of course the speaker kak @imgriss. She's super humble and kind, shared a lot of information to us. Wanna know more? Let's read this whole article tho!

The most likely thing to happen is "stuck on ideas", right? Sometimes we feel like we've got no idea in mind about next topic to write. It happens, to me, to you, and to senior or professional writer. If you know @beautyjournal, an online platform by Sociolla, they write 10 articles per day. Can you imagine how creative they should be, to create that much?The most important point on finding ideas is, find out about what's in trend. We can explore youtube, instagram, or even twitter. These sources are great, as lots of people using these social medias. Another source where we can generate creative ideas is from our circles, find out what they're talking about. Classmates, office mattes, or even family. This can bring us fresh ideas to start writing. For example, at the office my friends are talking about their favorite local lipcream. Then it makes me wondering, should I write about 5 recommended local lip cream?

There's also another great tools to generate ideas, it's google trends. But if you use this tools, it won't be specific (since it's free), but at least we can get ideas about what's on trend these days. We can set the location and period as well, so it will be a lot of help to us. Every single writer have their own way, so you can choose which way you like the most. But the best way is, to write it whenever we get ideas. It can be on gadget, notebook, or everywhere else. This ideas will help us for sure when we're stuck on ideas. 

Each type of articles needs different treatments, and as a writer you should try to cover important aspects of each articles you're writing. 
- Review , we can talk about packaging, claim, ingredients, how to use, opinion, price, and where to buy. For example, we want to highlight about the packaging. This looks simple but maybe some people have no idea about that because they never tried the product. As simple as buying a setting spray, when we spray it onto our face sometimes it blows too hard. This needs to be delivered to readers.
- product recommendation, we need to highlight (as simple as possible) about what's the good sides of the product, what makes differences from other product, make the reason as detail and as reasonable as you can. 
- tips, try to create a practical tips which can help readers. If the tips is not applicable (too hard to do) it will lower the engagement. For example : you can use xxx or yyy if you don't have it)
- interview, this is important, seriously. Who knows when you get to join a launching event, you can also interview the brand manager or people behind the scene for the article. Before doing such an interview, we have to prepare big theme, which angle we'd like, and explore the questions. Make the questions as unique as possible.
- tutorial, or every type of article needs to be completed with good pictures. This helps readers to be interested in reading your writings. 
The point is, your article should help the readers to : 
- learn something
- do something
- feel something

Aspects / Articles structure :
1. Intro : be creative, highlight about fear/desire/problem
2. Content : explanations, make it systematic
3. Closure : conclusion, feedback request or something that makes readers want to leave comments (call to action). Be objective and leave judgmental. 

info about standard words count on beauty articles :
- short news - min. 300 words
- tutorial, tips, beauty news - min. 500 to 700 words
- review and interview - min. 800-1200 words

So how's your article? Ready to write a good beauty article and share the goodness to others? Happy writing, I'm waiting for your newest articles!
Special thanks to kak @imgriss from Beauty Journal for this sharing, and also @beautiesquad for making this sharing possible through online platform! Can't wait to see you girls again in the very near future! 

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

[REVIEW] : Candy Color Local Indonesian Lipcream

6:35 AM
Hello gorgeous, how was your day? Hope the day as pink as your lipstick! Well now, I'm gonna share another product review #series , the most favorite part on my blog. As you girls already know, there's a lot of Indonesian brand producing lip cream. As for this one, Candy Color is a local brand lipcream from Bandung, Indonesia, which was launched on October 2017. 

Candy Color has four pink-based neutral colors, which is safe for all skintones. The colors are: Gummy Bear (soft pink), Peanut (beige pink), Marshmallow (bright warm pink), Hello (brown pink). 

Packaging. The packaging is simple (and pretty!) with those white and pink color from the lipcream. I fell in love right away when I see the packaging (pardon me) wkwk.. As seeing the rainfall, it reminds me of Kylie lip cream. But I find Candy Color more attractive and cute as well. This makes me see the lip color clearly. 
As for the box, it also has a unique design (I'm wondering who's the genius behind these awesome designs), combining white-pink-green into one, and some additional accents like kiss mark on the side. I find it super cute!

Anyway, this lip cream is a bit oxidizing. So if you wanna choose the color, keep in mind that the color that shows on your lips will be a bit darker (through the time) than in the container bottle. 

As for the formula, this lip cream is produced by PT. Cedefindo which already famous for producing a lot of famous lip cream like mad for lipstick, ESQA, Val, etc. The texture itself is a bit slushy compared to others, but feels so smooth on my lips. This makes easier to apply the liquid on lips, and of course light feels afterwards (when it's already set). No need to hesitate and ask about their pigmentation, the one that I tried, well I can say that it is super pigmented. There''s no sign of being patchy and clot. 

The applicator is thin and super flexible (and long) thus makes easier application onto my lips. This helps me a lot reaching the lips corner, and also create frame (no more need of lip liner!) I love this kind of applicator tho. :D Another great feature I love from Candy Color is once it's already dry and set on lips, it becomes transfer proof. You'll want to take 2-3 minutes of waiting till it's 100% transfer proof. Of course, the halal certification's already in their pocket!

Other claims : UV Filter, Antioxidant, Vitamin E, Vegan, Cruelty Free. (we can also see and crosscheck this through the ingredients details).

The color I'm using is peanut, the beige-pink. This one's my favorite amongst them all. This suits medium skin, and also suitable for daily occasion. You can wear this color not only to office, but also to school, attend classes, hangout with your friends, and also family gathering. Every single shade from this Candy Color actually suits a lot of occasion. (I'm now thinking of buying the full collection, what do you think I should do?)

This local lip cream lasts for at least a day for me (morning when I start work till evening when I get home). Hours of usage and of course I drank a lot of water (and also use lip balm before using lip cream - I always do this). If you wear this for a whole day (longer than I wear this) then you might wanna wipe it off in the middle of the day and reapply it onto your lips. Then you'll be all good :) I love using this lip cream to wedding, work, and everytime I don't wanna do touch up on my lips. (anaknya mageran).
Price : IDR 89.000 / pc
IDR 299.000 / 4 pc (full collection)
You can buy them and get the info here :

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

[UNBOXING] : Chinese New Year Package + celebration

10:03 PM
Hello gorgeous! Still in the holiday vibes, let me say Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who celebrate it. As for me, it was super fun and exciting to celebrate the day! Family gathering is one of y favorite part, where I can even meet those who live abroad (and of course we only meet once a year, or more if there's someone getting married lol). Yeah, this is how my family live. We live in different province and countries, but still do our best to maintain the connection.

Sometimes I feel like missing them and want to meet up, thanks to the genius who built internet and all sort of technological stuff, we can now at least do a virtual meet up. Not only my real family related by blood, all my best friends and kind people around me, are also considered as my family. One of them, papi @Joonbond is my family too, together with @bloggermafia. They kindly sent me a surprise CNY box (seriously, they didn't even say anything and voila the box popped out in my house! Well, it came through delivery man ok.) But yeah, let's see what's inside the box!

Super cute with the snoopy hong bao, let's open the box!

As 2018 is the year of dog, here I got the golden dog! In love with this one, now I put this on my table so whenever I open package or charge my phone I can see this one, barking and loyally waiting for me!

Well, these two are one of my favorite snacks! Made from fruit, I guess they're healthy and delicious as well. Have you tried any of this snacks? Write on the comment section to let me know your answers!

Who doesn't know this snack? Sun-maid raisins is one of the best taste I've ever tried, I can say. This one is not only my favorite, but also the whole family love this. We always have some boxes of this at home, knowing everyone love to eat this sunmaid raisins and of course super excited getting this as present!

CNY will never be complete without hong bao, right? So here it comes, two red hong bao (you can never imagine what's inside this envelope, don't even ask me about this haha it's my very first time seeing something like that inside a hong bao, super creative! pssst, secret.) 

Still in red vibes, here you can see the red pouch. OK this catch my eyes and heart at the same time. I'm in love with this pouch, and it's exclusively made for blogger mafia members. How did I know? When I opened the pouch, I can find a blogger mafia tag inside. WHOAAAA this is awesome. I'm super addicted to limited edition stuff, you know. And super happy at the same time, seeing the fact I'm one of the "chosen one"!

Last but not least, another snack made from plum. Hmm, delicious! Perfect to eat with my cousins tho;p

That's all from the surprise package sent by BloggerMafia. Now, let me introduce you to my family.

Not complete, but this is half of the family from Mommy's side. For you who don't know, I live with my mom and brother, my grandma from mom and also mommy's little sister. So yeah, I'm close with everyone in this picture. Looking forward to another Chinese New Year Celebration with them!

Here's my mom and brother dressed in red. She looks pretty with her new hairstyle tho, we all got hair cut before Chinese New Year (it's some kind of tradition) and of course smile happily! 

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong xi Ni men!

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