Monday, November 6, 2017

[LIFESTYLE] : Hot Sale Pegipegi 11+11

Hello gorgeous, how's your day? Hope your day as good as mine ;) because we're getting closer to December !
It's already near, end of year holiday. Have you girls planned where you want to go, or simply what you want to do on holidays? Well, I bet some of you haven't do anything yet about your holiday. Traveling has been new kind of needs to us, millenials. Not only for refreshing and have fun, also to have some exciting experience, take some photos, and of course upload them on social media (well don't worry, we're on the same path). As the growth in technology and need of traveling,  we can even book and plan everything through online services like website and application. 

Pegipegi is an online travel agent company in Indonesia, that helps us book hotels, flight tickets, train tickets for traveling and was established on May 7th 2012 by the Minister of Kemenpar (Travel and Economy Ministry) , Marie Elka Pangestu. 

With support from Recruit Holdings, a Japanese company with experience of handling made Pegipegi become an easy, fast, and high quality online booking travel agent. Today, Pegipegi is connected to more than 7,000 hotels in Indonesia with best price guarantee and last minute booking, more than 20,000 flight routes everyday, domestic and international ; and also more than 1,600 routes of train tickets. Pegipegi also offer some superiority like customers can make order via website (computer and smartphone) and also through application (android and ios); and various payment method, like credit card, bank transfer, ATM transfer, Internet banking, also direct cash payment at Indomaret. Customers can even contact their customer service through call, e-mail, line, and whatsapp ; affiliate partner ; and some travel tips for traveling reference. 

Pegipegi will have this special promo, 11+11 sale  special for you who's been Pegipegi member, you girls can enjoy a special discount of 22% for hotel booking (no minimum order, maximum discount of IDR 600.000) and enjoy discount up to IDR 220.000 for flight tickets. This special discount is valid for transactions via PC, mobile web, and Pegipegi application. But the biggest special discount 22% is only available for bookings through Pegipegi Apps. The promotion period is valid from November 9 till November 11, from 00.00 am until 11.59 pm. Grab your phone now, download the apps and prepare for year-end holiday! 

So have you thought about year-end holiday? Let's book it together with me, watch this! First step we need to take to plan a holiday, is of course booking a plane ticket. Of course, we need to use this special promo, a discount for hotels and flights for our holiday. Fortunately, the application of Pegipegi can be downloaded both for Android (google play store) devices and Apple devices - apple store (the link here will direct you to download the app). Since I'm an Apple user, so I downloaded the application from app store on my iphone. 

Simply choose the details of your holiday ; such as dates, destination, number of passengers. Then click the "find flights" button to view all available flights on the date you choose. You can compare each airlines and time of flight, as well as facilitation you'll get during the flight. Sometimes for the budget flights we won't get baggage or meals during flights, but if you don't mind with that , then go ahead! For me, well sometimes going for a few days is enough with cabin baggage, so I often book the budget flight (so the rest of my budget can be allocated for hotels). 

For hotels booking, just the same, we can simply open the apps, choose hotel bookings, fill in the dates and destination you want then you'll get choices of hotels. Remember to use this 22% special promo by using this special promo for hotels in Bali!

After choosing which flight you want to take, then you fill the passenger details. Make sure you fill them right, since they will verify the data and of course for urgent matters it will be easier to contact you. After filling the form, you'll have to pay the bills and then voila, you get your ticket! Amazing.

Okay, now I'll share my experience of using this application. Well, it was super easy using this application. Even for me, (people say I'm "gaptek") I find it super easy and helpful. I can even find my budget flight easily since we can choose which way to filter and sort the flight. As for hotels, they have a wide range of choices from the budget one till the expensive ones. Well, of course for year-end holiday I'll pick any of my choice, with special promo 22% using the apps. 

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So girls, goodluck on planning your holiday! That's all for today, see you on next posts!
This post is sponsored by Pegipegi in collaboration with Beautynesia.

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  1. Asik ya.. Jadi ga sabar ngincer promo 11+11 sale nya Pegipegi ! :D

  2. Hooh enak kalo udah ada rencana liburan, tinggal nunggu tgl 11 buat pesan tiket murahnya..hehe

    1. yeay, bisa liburan bareng sekeluarga dengan budget terjangkau!

  3. Lumayan kalau bisa dapet tiket murah ke Medan. Pantengin ahh

  4. Arghh kelewatann.. Promo 11.11nya.. Hiks.. Gk apalah.. Msh byk promo lainnya.. 😊

  5. Harbolnas gak cuma online shop.. Pegi pegi pun turut memeriahkan. Hwee senangnyaa :D

    1. iyaa seru banget, krn pegipegi jg salah satu online platform shop kan :D

  6. Ahaha, aku tipe org yg gaptek booking online bgini. Tpi kayaknya gampang yak. Hehe..


    1. senasib kak, akupun rada gaptek wkwk tp navigasi app nya gampang :D