Monday, February 18, 2019

JTALKS: When She Found Another Man

If you're someone from a normal happy family, then you might never know this.
You might never understand us, brokenhome kids.
You might even not realize that there's some families that are broken.
Well, it's not your fault. It's just our unfavorable destiny.

However, life must go on. That's what I've been thinking these past years.

I've been facing this condition for years, since I was a kid. Since my first step at school, knowing I'm gonna be living with one of my parents, and it must be my mom.

There are hard days, there are days I wanna forget this life and start a new one, there are happy days where I get to meet daddy and have fun just like nothing happened.

That's how I felt these years.

Well, there are something left.

I know someday this gonna happen. There are possibilities... That I want to ignore.
Living with my mom is already good (even though sometime's hard)
Something that I've ever imagined... maybe, just maybe..

She'll need someone beside her. To share her life, to hear her stories.

Someone who can understand her.
Someone who can make her smile again, and forget the wounds.

Someday when life gets easier, maybe that day will come.

She'll meet someone that she wants to live with.

Well, I can't be selfish.
I should understand her.


I'll let her try it once again, when she meet the perfect man.

Someone who loves her with her past and her future.

Someone who loves her family also.

Someone who loves her inside out.

As long as you're happy, just follow your heart. 


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