Sunday, June 26, 2016

[ootd] : pomodi event - white denim themed

Hi readers! 
Jadi beberapa hari lalu, tanggal 23 june 2016 (a day after my birthday lol) i was invited by pomona & gaudi to attend the first event of muses by pomona at legato lounge sunter.
Jadi di event ini ada 20 muses by pomona (and i'm one of them) dan 10 lucky girls yang diinvite oleh gaudi via instagram competition.
Acaranya fun banget loh! 

And here's my ootd (featuring my sissy, @prajnaamita) 

[i'm so sorry that i only have the overall look, lagi buru-buru ga sempet foto details huhu sayang sekali]

but here's what i'm wearing:
-transparent croptee [bought that pas lagi di singapore, but lupa merk apa]
-white cape blazer by f21
-skinny jeans dark blue by f21
red heels by payless
-red gucci bag 

Ulasan tentang event Pomodi (pomona x gaudi) di post berikutnya yaa ❤️❤️

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