Saturday, June 23, 2018

22nd 22 | Reflection

2:05 PM
Hello gorgeous! Well, this one's a special post. Yesterday on June 22nd, was my 22nd year celebrating 22nd June. Feels so excited, since this year is such a great year, once in a lifetime being 22 just like Taylor Swift said on her song.
Here are some recaps on my special day.
[birthday dinner with my family]


[birthday surprise by uni friends]

[birthday surprise by girl best friend since junior high school]

[birthday surprise by office mattes]

Well, maybe these people looks like only a few, compared to those you have. Maybe these seems much more than your inner circle, I don't know. But to me, they are people who meant a lot in my life, went through ups and downs in my life, always be there for me no matter what. All of them are gems to me, special, gift from God. My family, friends, office mattes. I'm blessed to be born in this country, Indonesia. I'm also blessed to be part of them, amongst these great people.

In this new age, all I wish is to be better each and every day. Become more mature and able to reach my life goals. Long ways to go, you can say. But hard work starts today for such a great future! 

Aiming for a better life, I dedicated my life and my time to do more volunteerism work. Of course, will share more of it on my blog. Well, maybe not all of you interested in that topic but I hope at least it can inspire you a bit. 

As I'm still celebrating this birthday, anyone can make a wish for me in the comment section! Leave me some love and wishes, because I love to be loved and of course me love you, my readers!

Lastly, I just wanna say thanks for everyone who has contributed in my life, and read my posts since earlier. Hope we can meet again in my next post!

Have a great day, and God bless us all! :) 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sharing Foto Tidak Pernah Semudah Ini!

12:14 PM
Hello gorgeous, momen lebaran dan liburan masih terasa, pasti foto-foto banyak banget ya? Kirim satu-satu via personal chat kok rasanya lama, dan tentunya membuang kuota. Akupun merasakannya, kalau foto keluarga atau foto dengan teman-teman saat liburan ada banyak banget, tapi bingung mau sharenya gimana. Nah, kali ini aku mau cerita pengalaman pakai aplikasi sharing foto yang super gampang!

Yup, aku nih orangnya ga terlalu jago sama gadget dan IT, jadi selalu cari cara paling gampang yang tersedia. Pastinya yang familiar ya sharing foto via sosial media, tapi resolusi foto akan turun. Mana sekali kirim dibatasi jumlah fotonya, dan harus satu-satu dikirimnya. Nah, untungnya ada aplikasi berbagi foto android yang mudah dan instant, Fotato instant share, dimana kita bisa berbagi dengan orang yang jaraknya lagi dekat dengan kita! Bahkan kalau mau invite yang sedang nggak didekat kita juga bisa.

Caranya :
1. Cukup install FOTATO (khusus handphone Android), kemudian buat akun baru. Bisa dengan google ataupun facebook.
2. Klik tombol share yang ada di kanan atas.
3. Pilih mau share foto dengan siapa, disini kamu bisa pilih share ke satu orang tertentu, atau bikin grup untuk share ke beberapa orang disaat yang bersamaan.
4. Pencet tombol kamera, dan bisa mulai jepret-jepret deh!

Zhen bang yah, sekarang berbagi foto benar-benar semudah itu! Nggak perlu bluetooth satu-satu, ngga perlu habis kuota karna kirim foto sana sini. Bahkan serunya lagi, di aplikasi berbagi foto android fotato ini kita bisa saling berbalas komentar lho! Dan tenang aja, soal kerahasiaan, karena yang bisa lihat hanya orang yang kita pilih untuk dibagikan foto saja. Mau buka di PC atau Smart TV? Bisa banget, tinggal dishare via QR code, kayak teknologi kekinian gitu lho.

Nah, kalau kamu mau share ke orang yang sedang berada didekatmu, cukup matikan invisible mode, kemudian pilih "Near Me". Kamu bisa pilih mau berbagi pada orang di radius berapa, mulai dari 50m, 100m, 500m, hingga 1km pun bisa dijangkau. Jadi bisa berbagi hingga radius yang jauh sekalipun. Kalau kamu nggak mau diganggu, bisa juga aktivasi fitur "offline" supaya nggak ada yang kirimin kamu foto.

Pengalamanku pakai aplikasi berbagi foto android yang mudah dan instant ini sangat menyenangkan! Navigasi didalam aplikasinya mudah, dan hasil foto tetap jernih (ini sih penting banget karena kalau mau share ke sosial media pasti maunya foto yang jernih kan?). Selain itu, fitur berbagi pada jarak dekat dan grup tentunya sangat memudahkan. Kalau dulu berbagi foto membutuhkan waktu yang sangat lama (karna harus satu persatu, kalau foto berlima ya sampai empat kali kirim foto), kebayang nggak berapa waktu yang bisa diirit? BANYAK. Waktunya jadi bisa buat edit foto dan bikin caption instagram HEHE. Maklum, demi feeds dan postingan yang berfaedah biasanya lebih lama waktu edit dan bikin caption dibanding waktu fotonya. Ada yang senasib denganku? Hihi ;p

Serunya lagi, di aplikasi ini bisa ngehide foto. Jadi kalau ada foto muka jelek nan alay kamseupay ala gadis tiktok yang ngga ingin dilihat orang, bisa banget dihide disini! Haha foto alay sepuasnya deh kalau gitu! (Iya, aku emang suka foto alay, jadi seneng banget pas nemuin fitur kayak gini).

Kalau kalian tanya aku rekomendasi atau nggak aplikasinya, ya jelas rekomendasi atuhlah! Anak yang ga jago teknologi kayak aku aja bisa dengan mudahnya pakai aplikasi ini, jadi pasti semua orang bisa juga pakai aplikasi Fotato dengan mudah. Bahkan mamaku aja yang sudah 55 tahun bisa dengan fasih pakai aplikasi ini (paham kan kalau ibu-ibu pakai smartphone bolak-balik nanya gimana cara pakainya? Nah ini dia bisa fasih gitu aku amazed haha).

Kalau kamu mau tahu lebih banyak terkait aplikasinya, kamu bisa kunjungi  atau download di PlayStore untuk explore lebih seru lagi.

Selamat jepret-jepret, selamat bereksplorasi!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Bye-Bye Eyebags and Wrinkles!

11:08 AM
Hello gorgeous, back with product review, today I'm gonna share a brand new launched product by Dermalogica. A lil bit of company overview, it's a foreign brand who came to Indonesia two years ago. Founded by a beautician that's curious about market product development. There are lots of products available, but nothing match the skin condition. Now they're well-known worldwide as a brand which focus on education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. Their skin consultant are well-educated about skin condition, and what we need the best for our skin. Now, they launched another breakthrough for eye lifting product : Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye lift. 
Well as you already know, my under eye are ugly... Yup, a lil bit wrinkle in the age of 22, and having dark eye bags, not the one you'll be favoriting tho. Went back and forth considering to buy one of the eye treatment, finally landed my hands on this Dermalogica product. There are some reasons why I've been considering to use this kind of product for a while : I thought those eye products are for elders like my mom (pardon my stupidity), and second, it's pretty expensive #perksofnewworkforce haha. But yeah, let's jump to the review, shall we?
Since here I'm trying the small size one, so let's just talk a lil bit about the applicator. FYI, this product has a metal applicator that seems perfect for you to apply the product and do the eye massage at the same time. After seeing the beautician doing the demo at skinbarparty.... Well this one's seems super relaxing especially when you do the eye massage at night after such a long tiring day. Feels like heaven. This moment brings "mmm ahhh" sounds, you should give it a try. ;p

When it comes to the eye cream formula itself, well it did shut my mouth off. No comment - the cream is as good as it is! It worked not in such an instant, but it did work. To be exact, I'll say that this one has a visible result. As you can see above, here's the difference of using the eye cream massage and the bare one. It did have difference, right?! OMG time to say ZHENBANG!

Antoher hack, use this not only for massage. You can also use this as eye mask (or more like sleeping mask), use a generous amount onto your under eye, let it sit for a while or till morning, or another option you can do simple massage to let the cream absorbed. Easy peasy to do, yet you'll see miracle in the morning. Pretty eyes (and under eye of course), let's say goodbye to stress, eye bags and wrinkles! 
It will leave a permanent effect if you use it as routine every night. Get these products at :
Remember to use SBNLAFLF as the discount code, to get IDR 50.000 off (min purchase of IDR 250.000)

If you want to experience the skin care routine, you can simply go to Dermalogica's skin bar that's located everywhere (the one I visited is at Sogo Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta). There'll be Skin Consultant from Dermalogica who will help you to analyze your skin condition and get the right skin care routine for you.

Thanks for reading, and see you on my next post!

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Bye-Bye Acne | Supplement for Acne Fighter

6:24 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jenntan beauty blog! Wishing you were healthy and happy, babe! Well, lots of you asked about my current skin condition, which is a lot better and healthier than before. As you already know, I’ve been having acne prone skin for few months (or even more than that, I don’t really remember when was my first time facing this. I’ve write lots of skincare products that I used through my treatment, the journey to healthier skin. Well, not only using the right skincare, what goes into your body is also matter. I tried not to eat or drink something that will trigger more acne, as well as taking supplements. 

Manufactured and marketed by PT Kalbe Farma, Tbk (Indonesia), this Health & Happiness has lots of supplement and variant, other than skincare. About two months ago, you can see how bad my skin condition was, acne, blackheads, whiteheads are all over my face. Tried to drink vitamin only, didn’t do anything to fix my acne. Then I think I need something more intense and complete, which can be represented by supplement. The supplement surely consists of lots of good stuff, other than the vitamin itself. 
Ingredients : 
Astaxanthin, OPC (from grape seed) and horsetail, works as antioxidant. 
Vitamin C and Vitamin E to take a good care of your skin.
*FYI, you’ll need to be careful of Vitamin E if you’re having acne problem, but Vitamin E is surely good for your skin. So you may also give this supplement a chance to try, but if there’s a problem then you might want to stop consuming it. 

Claim of this skin health supplement :
Suitable for acne prone skin and helps fight acne. Restore elasticity and collagen structure on broken dermis because of free radicals. 
  • fasten acne scar recovery process
  • Counteracting free radicals
  • Prevent inflammation
  • Keep skin moist
  • Nourish the skin
Just like every other supplement and vitamins, nothing goes in one click. This took some time to adapt onto my face and skin, and to fix the acne problem. You have to know, that I was so happy when finally got my acne-free face after a long journey! It surely needs me to be patient to follow the process. Not easy at all, I can say. The “detox period” where I got more acne coming out, it made me doubted this product, but I gave another chance to this supplement prove its efficacy. If you’re having the same problem with me, I believe you’ll know how you feel if you have acne problem. When taking photos, seeing your friends, going to party, it’ll make you feel even worse since everybody around you ask the same question. It happens to me also, whenever I meet people they asked “ Jen what happened to your skin, you have lots of acne!” It made me sad and even down once, and so, I wanted to have a healthy face where no one can talk to me like that anymore. 

After having “detox period” for around 1-2 weeks, finally my skin surely getting better. The acne started to disappear one by one and it only leave some acne scar where my memory can only remember how bad it was. You have to know, that the journey also completed with the right skin care to take care of acne prone. 

Then after around one month (I took the pill every day, once a day after having a meal), my skin looks better than before. This adds another milestone on how I overcome acne prone. 


 About the product 
Packaging - the packaging looks simple just like other supplement, but the good stuff is they give different color for each variant, so it’ll be easier to distinguish between them. 
The pills are in edible size, which means its easy for you to drink it. You’ll only need a glass of water to drink right after you take the pill - super easy! And I love how they decided to pick pink as the pill color - makes me feel happy and excited to take the supplement every single day since I love pink! 

Product include 30 pills of supplement | Price : IDR 240.000.

To find out more about H2 Health and Happiness, go follow and check their social media:

Thank you for coming by and read this post, I hope you can overcome the same problem as I overcome my acne problem. It took a while and a lot of effort to achieve my current condition, but it is surely worth to do. Have a great day, gorgeous!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kuy Berbagi | Volunteer Story

9:09 AM
Hi gorgeous! After being busy with all the work, finally it's holiday! (or half holiday already haha) are you ready to face the eid al fitri celebration? Since I'm not the one who celebrate it, we're not gonna talk about that. I'm just gonna talk about sharing and volunteering, as that's the thing on my mind right now. Yep, that spontaneous post that I always love.

If you're my instagram family, then you must've already noticed that I went to a hospital around two weeks ago, to give out some "ta'jil" as the patient's family breakfasting menu. Not that big nor expensive, all I thought was just I want to share happiness with people who are in need. I know how terrible it feels to wait for our family who are sick at the hospital, especially when the hospital is not well facilitated. All I can think of was RSUD, which was held by regional government. Finally asked some of my friends (through group broadcast,  shared it to every single group I have) and ask them wether they want to join the movement. Got nine people in total, saying they all want to do good deeds together.

Not an easy journey doing this stuff, since it takes time and energy and of course, a lil bit of money. I'm not asking them to give everything mentioned, but if only they come and join it'll be great for us. More hands means more happiness. Well, maybe not everyone can do this kind of commitment, one by one left the group until the final day where only four of us really did the movement. I'm kinda sad, since I already expected that the nine people there will work together.. Well let's just forget the sadness and simply move on.

These four people, made me shed my tears. Seriously, this one's not a well-organized nor bring any organization name.. But we made it! Just some individual people working together to reach the same goal : share to others. Although one of us can't make it to come at the day because of work schedule, still she helped us with donation of ta'jil, which turned out everyone loves it! (Thankyou kak frist <3 you're the best)

Hafiz, Laili, and me, we all came to the hospital together, around five (near the breakfasting time). After we got the permission from security (we came one week before and got the permission for this day), we gave out the ta'jil rightaway. All we gave was kurma drink, mineral water, and some fries. Just a simple meal for breafasting. But somehow.... People there really appreciate what we did. Seeing those big smile, really, all the hard work really paid off. Their smile made us feel happy, and I even want to do this again and again.

Yes, making other people happy and grateful is the thing that made me addicted of doing social activities. This is fun, yet enjoyable. This brings us more friends, and creates a better world.

If you ask me, I'm not a moslem yet I participate in giving out breakfasting dish, why is that? I'd say, our God is one, it's just human who divided into boxes of religion. Every religion teach us to do good deeds, help each other, be happy. As simple as that.

Hopefully this post can move your heart, while reading this, to help others in need.

Have a good day, everyone! Spead some love.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Eid Al Fitri 2018 Makeup Inspiration

7:49 PM
Hello Gorgeous, how's your fasting month? Well, finally the eid al fitri day is around the corner! Yup, this week we're facing the celebration. What do you usually do on eid al fitri holiday? Traveling the country (or around the world, take me please! ;p), halal bihalal to your family and colleagues, or just enjoying the holiday at home? Whatever you do on the day, I'm sure you're enjoying the celebration! 

On eid al fitri day, we're all meeting our family from all around the world. Everybody come to eldest house for "silaturahim" or "halal bihalal", meet the family, and of course enjoying tasty meals together. So what's behind the tradition of "halal bihalal"? It seems like only Indonesians have this tradition, since its purpose is to find harmony by forgiving each other. Maybe, some other countries also do this kind of celebration, just in a different way or named it differently. The tradition was found years ago in Indonesia, to end conflict. 

Well, whatever reason behind the tradition, let's just enjoy the day, shall we? 

Looking pretty in such a great day is a must, right? Most of the women wear some beautiful outfit (even often they buy something new to wear, to look pretty). Buying new stuff is not wrong at all, if you have money. But for me, it'll be great if we can use the money to just help people around us, like doing charity for example. It'll be more useful, well this is only my opinion. I know you can think differently, so take it easy. 
[TBSBEAUTYBAE 2nd Beauty Box]

Here's a makeup inspo for you who wants to look pretty, on such a great day. This one's very simple and easy to do, so everyone can do this even for you who rarely do full makeup. Hopefully this can be your inspiration for the day!

What I used :
The Body Shop Brow Sculpt 3 in 1 Contouring Brow Pen
The Body Shop Mini Brush Kit
The Body Shop Down to Earth Eye Palette
The Body Shop Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner (in Brown)
The Body Shop Lash Hero Fibre Extension Mascara (London Jet)
The Body Shop Contour Palette
The Body Shop All in One Cheek Colour (03 - Flushed)
The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid and Shine Lip Liquid (Cherry Gum 04)

The Body Shop Make up Setting Spray
[inside TBS beauty box]

I wanna do a mini review behind the makeup :
Why choosing The Body Shop to accompany me during a special day? Well, this brand has stolen my heart for sure. I always love their product since they're against animal testing and cruelty free. Can you ever imagine, to look pretty with makeup, the product that you're using comes from hundreds or even thousands sacrifice of animals life? Well, as a pet owner, I'm totally against that. I have a dog and turtle at home (don't ask about the turtle, I love turtles since junior high, we can have a good chit chat with turtles, you know. It's my secret between me and my turtle bf who always accompany me 24/7.) Also, the product that's 100% vegan, yes I adore vegan products. My grandmother is also a vegan, so I appreciate if there's a vegan brand. Feels like we're doing good deeds for the earth, for a better place, said Michael Jackson.

As you can see above, all of their products mostly a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 , which is very useful (I love practical stuff, helps me reduce time and storage lol, living with Kaizen in my life). My favorite is brow sculpt and the palette, we can explore lots of makeup style using it. Simple and easy makeup like this, yet we can still create bold makeup. The lash hero, well it's really a hero to me! It helps me getting a real lash without extend or falsies.

Watch more about the makeup tutorial on my youtube channel :

Happy holiday, and enjoy every moment, babes!

Find out more about the product at :

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bye-bye Acne Scar : Rubiena Beauty Brightening Series

12:00 PM
Hello gorgeous! How’s your skin doing? After fighting with acnes, my skin has been suffering with “acne scar”, it isn’t a big deal, but hey, everyone notice it every time they see my face. This makes me want to fix the problem, looking for something that can brighten up my skin, fight the dullness that I get from sunbath every single morning on my way to office. Here’s one stereotype we need to fix before you continue reading my post. Beauty is not always about skin tone, it’s all about healthy, bright and glowing skin. 

At the end, I decided to try Rubiena Beauty products, as they’ve been known as a good skincare brand for skin brightening. It’s another local brand, well I’ve been loving lots of local product lately. I tried the full range for maximum result, from cleanser (cleansing lotion, face wash), softener (toner), moisturizer (day cream and night cream), till the serum. Have you been curious if it do any good onto my skin? You’ll get the answer below! 

“Trusted Daily Skincare”, is what they said on the tagline. 
It surely match my experience. Having a philosophy of bright and healthy skin is the basic of woman’s beauty that must be treated early on, and can’t be done in such an instant process. It takes time, patient, and effort. 

We all know, our current skin condition (or at least mine) isn’t that good, since we’re exposed to lots of things in our environment. Sun, pollution, air conditioner, and lifestyle. As a motorbike rider (well, the driver is the one who drive, I’m just sitting at the back lol) but yeah, I’m getting exposed to sun light and pollution. Having air conditioner (and using it) all day long, at office and at home, also not a good stuff for my skin. No need to ask about lifestyle, I stay up all night due to finishing my work (well actually I’m kinda enjoying this one but turns out it’s a bad habit to do, somehow my brain works well at night). plus, just like what I mentioned before, I need to fight these acne scars.

Product Claim :
  • Alcohol Free
  • BPOM Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • No Artificial Colors
  • GMP Consistent Quality

What they use for whitening agent ? 
  • Bearberry leaves that contains Arbutin, which reduce production of melanine and dark spot. 
  • Green tea, it disguise spots, keep the skin hydrated and contains antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals. 
  • Licorice, it disguise spots and contains antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals.
  • Aloe Vera, to prevent inflammation, hydrate, protect skin from free radicals and regenerate cells. 
  • Vitamin C, to solve dark spot problem. 

From those ingredients mentioned above, I came to conclusion that all of them leads to take care of dark spots, hydrating, and antioxidant. These main features are what we need to have a healthy bright skin. 

Skin care steps:
  1. Cleansing 
In this first step, I always use both cleansing lotion and facial wash. Even in the morning and evening. Sleeping doesn’t makes your skin all clean, you know. Make sure all the makeup and dirt on your face has flew away, and leaves you only a clean skin. 
2. Softener
This step makes our skin soft and moist, and also prepare the skin to accept the next skin care step. This is a must, since it’ll make a maximum absorption of the next product. 
3. Moisturizer 
This range have both day moisturizer gel which also have spf 15 to protect your skin, and also night moisturizing gel to help our skin cells regenerate. 
4. Serum
This last step is actually a bit confusing to me, as they refer to use the serum at the end (i usually use serum or essence right after toner) but since that’s what they suggest, let’s just do it. 
All these products works on epidermis part of our skin, so it’s gonna be just fine for everyone. Even for pregnant mom, since they’re alcohol free and harsh chemical free.  
[before using Rubiena Beauty]
[my face before using Rubiena, lots of acne scars]

What I feel about these product?
Well I’ve been using the brightening skin care range from rubiena for around three weeks, and I can see the difference. We can say it’s pretty significant for only three weeks. You can see the comparison between the first time I use the product and the moment after three weeks of usage. The acne scars started to fade (which is I didn’t expected. Usually it takes more time to clean the acne scars and imperfection on my face.
I love how good the cleanser is, cleanse my face from all makeup and dust, also the toner calms my skin. As for the moisturizer, they did a good job on hydrating and moisturizing the skin. What I need to pay attention is the day moisturizing gel, since it only have 15 spf, I need to use another sunblock product to protect my skin from direct sun light. The serum , I can say this is the most perfect product. After using all the range, I can feel my skin being way way softer and subtle, I love the after effect. 
[happy face after using rubiena, acne scars starts to fade]

well, since till the moment I write this article I still use the skincare, I can say nothing about addiction of this product. I get it, when lots of you ask if Rubiena Beauty is a doctor product just like others. What I can say is, they’re just a normal skincare and not doctors. Investing onto your skin is a must, but finding the right product is more important. This one, is #JenntanApproved as daily skincare !  
[after using Rubiena Beauty]

Thanks for reading, hopefully this post can help you who have the same problem with me, or just wanna have a healthy bright glowing skin. You can buy the product at : | | Seller List