Sunday, December 9, 2018

Local Lipgloss Mizzu Divine Gloss and Bullet Lipstick

2:32 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to my blog! This post gonna be a dedicated post to local lip junkies, in which I'm gonna share about Mizzu. I believe all beauty enthusiast have ever heard Mizzu, a well-known local brand that has been very hype lately. Thanks to both Mizzu and Clozette for sending me these products. However, the review down here gonna be honest review, based on my experience trying the product.

First, we're gonna talk about Mizzu Divine Gloss.
The packaging looks similar to other valipcious products (Mizzu's liquid lipstick). The difference is on the tube color, which is usually black but this time it's in white. We can also see the product information like color, size, and claims ; moisturizing, light texture, last all day on the packaging. The size of the bottle is 11cm x 1.6 cm, just like the normal liquid lipstick. With 4,5 grams of liquid inside the bottle.
Cost IDR 79.000/product

- Lightweight
- Pigmented
- Lip conditioning
- Smooth
- Not sticky
- Plumping

They have five choices of colors we can take, with four base color. They're pink, mauve, brown, and red. Just like the standard color of lipgloss. The swatches are like attached here. The shades are pretty similar, if you see the swatches. I believe they can still improve the color, making the shade range wider. Just like the 02, nude is a staple color in a lipgloss collection. What I really love about it iss they're very pigmented and covers my original lip color, which is perfect for a lip gloss. Unfortunately I'm not agree on long-lasting claim, since it still has lipgloss texture so it get wiped easily. Actually this looks more like satin lip cream to me,but they clearly stated that this product is a lip gloss.

The applicator looks like a normal-massal liquid lip applicator, which makes it easy to apply the product onto lips and reach out the narrow areas. About the texture, it has a liquid gel texture, which I really love. The shades are more onto medium deep, even though they're pigmented they're still wearable. Can be used as top coat on lipstick, just like butter gloss. Or even use them alone as a natural lip gloss.

Discreet - deep pink
authentic - brown
delight - nude pink
gratitude - red
savvy - mauve

Move on to the bullet lipstick, there's nothing much I'll talk about this since the star is the lip gloss.
All I can say is they're also pigmented, not-so easy to apply (not too dragging but not the easiest too). The finish is more onto satin than dead matte, which is better for everyone. The staying power is just like another normal lipstick, not as good as liquid lipstick. If we use it to eat or drink it'll wiped out, and not transferproof. Unfortunately again and again they're on color range shortage.
Cost IDR 59.000/product

That's all for today's liptalk, see you around babes!

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

PAC, Indonesian Version of MAC

11:49 PM
Hello gorgeous! How's you been? Welcome back to this blog, for those of you who are new here then nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting this page. Today, I'm gonna be sharing about Indonesian professional makeup brand. It's called PAC, stands for Professional Artist Cosmetic. Simply saying, this is kind of MAC, but local version made by Indonesian. You can consider this brand as luxurious, premium, or high end. She has a sister brand but PAC's the highest amongst others. Even though it's a local made, this one's claimed to be international cosmetic which is usually used for stage makeup. If you love runway, most of them used PAC for the model's makeup. Worry no more, this local brand has halal certification. 

First, I'm gonna share about the makeup base:

For the make up base, I've got two products here. They're the PAC liquid foundation and PAC loose powder. Both in shade no.03. About the foundation, this product works really well on covering imperfection like spots on my skin. Lightweight texture for a foundation, but not as light as alphabet cream. Contains anti oxidant, moisturizer, sunscreen agent, and chamomile oil which is well-known as a good idea on skin. They have all four shades, 01, 02, 03, and 04. I love how good the foundation works on my skin, a bit oxidized but that's fine. The only thing I don't like is the shade, I guess picked the wrong shade on 03. It has a pink hint while I have warm undertone. 

As for the loose powder. it works on smoothens the skin and makes me look flawless, absorbed excess of oil on my skin. The particles are really smooth, and blends well too. Just like the liquid foundation, this baby also has four shades: 01, 02, 03, 04. Since this is a loose powder, it didn't have too much different on coloring my skin. The puff is smooth, I love applying this product using the puff for more color intensity, or use powder brush when I want natural finish. 

Move on to eye makeup, we've got bunch of stuff here!

Well, where should I start for the eyemakeup review? We've got single eyeshadow, pencil eyeshadow, mascara. Let's just start with eyeliner white. Shaping and enlarged narrow eyes like mine. This is a good choice for someone with hooded eyes. Good thing about this product is very soft, so our eyes won't hurt while using it even on waterline. 
Move on to its single eyeshadow, this District X series contains antioxidant and sunscreen agent, easy to apply even for beginner. Intense color on the finish look, yet soft and blendable. They have 10 shades available to accompany you, of course with bright and intense color! We can even use this as both eyeliner and under eye shadow. 
PAC eyeshadow pencil Glamour Black (gold and black), helps us in creating dramatic and expresive makeup look. We can use this as both eyeshadow base and eyeliner. What's best about this product is they're waterproof, smudgeproof, and long lasting. I just don't like the fact that it's too soft so it can get torn apart easily. Anyway, they have 8 colors available. For you who have sensitive eyes, you might love this. 
PAC mascara, this one's did a pretty good job on lengthening my eyelashes. Actually I'm more onto false eyelash than mascara. Yet, I tried the product because I'm curious about it. I tried to use the mascara for a few layers, but it has the same finish. It has more concern on lengthening than volumizing, in which way I needed both. People with short and soft eyelashes like me, well you'd better use false lashes than mascara. 

Move on to the last part, lip color! 

Well, this lip cream is a good catch, I can say. PAC has this satin lip cream, which is gonna be loved by everyone. It feels very light on my lips, doesn't even feel like I'm wearing anything. It surely has high coverage (bold color), although seems like the nude one has far less coverage. Long lasting for sure, waterproof, smooth formula and no cracking. Contains UV protection, moisturizer complex, anti-iritant which makes it safe for sensitive skin, vitamin E as antioxidant, film former which makes it long lasting. If you have sensitive or dry lips, you might want to use some lip balm before applying this product, just an act of prevention. They have seven choice of color that you can choose your own. 

That's all for today's review, I wanna thank Beautiesquad and PAC for sending me these products and making this happen. See you on my next post!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

After Office Chillax at FookYew

9:34 PM
Hello gorgeous! Well, today I'm gonna be sharing about my personal life. Life's not always full of rainbows, right? So is mine. Sometimes I feel tired, gloomy, and sick. Yesterday I felt like super tired of being around with people. I don't know why but nowadays, as I get older, it feels like we've got no friends. Being alone would be the best - rather than expecting something and be disappointed. Anyways, I've got too much negative people around me lately. Some of them I never thought to be the evil one- but shit happens. So here I am, need to detox myself and my mind to be clear and positive again. 

Deep inside, I always know that not all people are bad. Usually I always think everyone's a good man basically. Back then, when I still have someone look out for me. Not anymore. The person has left my life. I'm all alone to walk in my journey, that's why I have to always be aware of everything and everyone around. 

One of my way to get rid of those negativity is me time. Sitting alone, enjoying the scenery or maybe some good food. A good friend of mine, who always one call away. I always share everything happens in my life, find a solution or simply let the emotion goes away. What I did yesterday was spending the night at Fook Yew, a dimsum night because I've been craving for dimsum for the whole day. 

Here's some menu I ordered at Fook Yew:
Cheong Fun Chicken Cha Siew
This one's a good choice for a cheong fun lover. Me myself, love this dish so much. I'd choose the shrimp over chicken cha siew, which taste more fresh in my mouth. Anyway, since this is a chicken cha siew, it has a great flavor. Mixture of sweet and salty with the cheong fun layer, perfecto!

Always accompany my day with chinese tea. Usually I get myself chrysanthemum but today I'd love to drink guan yin tea. This is a premium chinese oolong tea. It's good for health and lifestyle, a good choice to heal myself!

Beef Guo Tie
This baby is one of my must-have dimsum dish whenever I visit this restaurant. The thick skin of the guo tie, grilled, and moist beef inside, such a perfect match! Not to mention the refreshing sauce that has a taste like Thai-style. 

Fook Yew Special Ha Kau
This one's the best dish of the day. Hakau is always a good choice when we're having dimsum. This one, enriched with shrimp and some herbs, makes it perfect taste! The shrimp is still juicy, with herbs inside that melts in my mouth. The skin is a bit thinner than the usual ha kau, but still I love it. Best with chili oil!

Last but not least, xiao long bao
Actually this one's kind of trial-and-error dish. I always love this dim sum when I ate at paradise dynasty, which is their specialty. That's why I try this here, curious about how will it taste. Not expecting so much, finally get my hands laid on this babies. First, I'm kind of shock with the skin color. I've tried other xiao long baos in colorful skin but this one's too bright - don't know what kind of colorant they used in this food. But after I eat this, the more I get disappointed. The liquid inside doesn't taste that good, and its only a very small amount. What I always expect from xiao long bao is a delicious liquid inside. Hmm, won't get this menu on my next visit, I'd prefer to try other. 
Spent around IDR 150.000 for all of these, which is I think very normal to have it at a mall.

After having all these babies, I felt full. Not to mention being very happy of enjoying these good food in a good ambience too. Why I choose Fook Yew, they have a great decoration inside their restaurant, chinese kind of style. This makes me feel comfortable and feels like home. 
Soon after that, I come home and enjoy my good sleep. Problem might be haven't solved, but at least I've got my energy and positive vibes back, ready to fight this life!

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bye Dullness | Radiant Skin with Gentle Face Scrub

10:43 PM
Hello gorgeous! After coming back home from holiday, I thought I kinda need some reset on my skin. Acne are coming back, dull skin, and everything since I walked day and night on holiday (yup, overseas life: healthy from walking such a great distance every single day). Maybe you think living abroad gives you fresh air-free-from pollution kinda life, but well we still get dirt even we can't see, right? That's why I usually take some mask or scrub with me wherever I go. This time, I wanna share my experience trying the well-known St. Ives Scrub, in new face of packaging.

It has normal 150ml size, which is not-so travel friendly but enough to be stocked at home. I can even do exfoliating like 3-4 times a week so this product size is good for someone like me who loves to do it everywhere, including at home. The color - well this is the kind of color every girl would love. Especially a pink-freak like me lol. Seriously, who can resist this cute color of packaging? Not even mention the packaging has a doff-texture tube. The flip-flop tube helps squeezing the product really well and keep it safe when I don't use the product. Good start, I guess!

Texture and Scent
The texture is very gentle I can say, even has lots of cream with gentle scrub. This buddy feels so smooth, yet the scrub cleanse the skin well. This makes me think that this scrub suits all skin type, including the sensitive ones. About the scent, I really love its scent. It makes me think about the word "fresh", get still sweet and relaxing.

-Bye-bye dullness
-polishes away dryness and reveals irresistibly radiant skin
-exfoliation factor: moderate

Key Ingredients
Pink lemon fruit extract
These lemons are unmistakable. Their distinctive green and yellow stripes protect a juicy pink inside. Like most of us, pink lemons benefit from a good dose of the sun. This pink lemon in the scrub, comes from the sunshine state - California.

How to Use
Dispense scrub onto fingertips and massage onto damp skin. Spread in small circular motions to wake your skin's natural circulation. When you're done, rinse and glow!
For best result, use 3-4 times a week. Use less if you've got sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts
Well, here's what I thought from this product. This one's suitable for a home-peeling-lover, since it has a big size (or if you wanna take it with you when you're traveling, bring it in your luggage). I saw the small size at drugstores in Singapore, but don't know if they're still available in this new face or not. If yes, then it might be a good deal to catch on!
Anyway, I really love how fresh the scent is, as well as the texture. The creamy texture makes me think it won't cleanse my face deeply, but after trying this product it proved that I was wrong! After using this St Ives Radiant Skin face scrub, and I touched my skin, it feels super soft and moist. Plus, it glows in no time. Amazing! Zhen bang, I'd rather say.
So, if you ask me to buy it or not, then I'd say definitely its a yes!
[after usage - clean and bright and glowing]

Price: 76.900
Size: 150ml
Variant: Radiant Skin Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange
Repurchase/Recommend: YES
Rate: 4.5/5 (would be better if they have travel size)

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Two Faced Heaven and Hell Makeup Inspiration + Tutorial

2:20 PM
Hello gorgeous, happy Sunday! I'm about to share a makeup inspiration, where I actually got inspired by another friend of mine. This time, I'm doing a makeup collaboration with Beautiesquad using PAC Cosmetics product. Well, at first I was kinda blank when asked to create a two faced makeup. I think it's hard to decide, since combining daily makeup and face painting will be great but my skin's too sensitive to use face paint. That's when my friend, Nadyasmeen shared a two faced makeup. Actually she's inspired by some pinterest makeup account, and so she recreate the makeup. This one's heaven and angel side.

In my opinion, everyone surely has two sides. If you're too kind then it means you're an angel. And if you're too mean, then it means you're an evil. Agree with me? That's why I create this makeup look, to remind everyone about having these two sides so please don't judge other people. Judgement really tires me out, and so you are. One thing to be kept, living with both heaven and hell side is normal, just make sure heaven's side has more impact in our life. Be kind is always good.

Move on to the makeup, I'm using all makeup products by PAC. Indonesian local brand, just in a more professional version. I'm not gonna share about the makeup review since I'll be creating another blogpost about that, so let's start with the tutorial!

1. Makeup base

Every makeup look needs a base, right? There are some choices on makeup base. We can use simply sunblock and top it off with powder, tone up cream, alphabet cream, or simply foundation. This time I'm using PAC foundation in shade no. 03. I don't think this one's the right shade for me as it's a bit pinkish (my guess this one's more onto cool undertone side than warm side). But that's fine, let's just go with it. I put some foundation onto my face, just to even out the skin tone. Then top it off with PAC loose powder, still in shade no. 03.

2. Blush on
I use PAC satin lip cream as my blush on, in shade silk cherry. This is a good choice, I can say, The color is bright, yet still blendable. Just use tiny amount of it, blend them all out, then you'll get a perfect-cute-shy blush on!

3. Eye makeup

OK, lemme be honest. This one's pretty detailed yet the most fun part!
Hell Side
I use the same lipcream as the eye base, blend it out with my fingers. Then I took PAC District X single eyeshadow shade V vor Violet and put it onto my eyelid using Sigma eye brush. Blend it all again, till no hash line. Wanting a deeper eye makeup look, I took some of PAC District X single eyeshadow shade ladies night to create a definition on my eyelids. Make it intense, yet blend it out to leave no hash line. Easy peasy right?
Time for the devil horn, I took some flat brush. Dip it onto my lip cream again, then create a horn. Make sure you're detailed enough to make this, since it'll be hard for you to conceal the imperfection. Anyway, practice makes perfect so it's fine if you're not perfect enough.
Heaven Side
As for this side, I'll take something simple and easy. I use PAC eyeshadow pencil duo, with gold and black side. I use the gold side and glide it all over my eyelid, blend it out. After that I also add above my eyebrows. Then add some foundation (round shape), and then top it off with PAC white eyeliner pencil. Also add some detail using the same white pencil under my eyebrows, just to define it.

As an additional eye makeup, I use the black eye shadow pencil as my eyeliner, of course just a simple usual eyeliner without wings, I'm afraid I'll fly HAHAHA. Lol jk.
Finish it with my eye lashes, not gonna wear one since I lose the glue but will use PAC mascara to help me look like having eyelashes. Never expect anything from mascara (except some dabomb mascara I've tried that doesn't even fall off and ruin my makeup, which is literally one in a million product.) But this masacara shook me! Sorry spoiler alert but anyway this mascara makes me looks like more human, with eyelashes of course.

Continue with one last touch : lips!
4. Lips

I use two satin lipcream by PAC here, combining two shades. Silk cherry on devil side, and misty chocolate which is nude color on angel side.

So here's my final look, what do you think? Let me know through the comment section if you love this look and want to see more posts like this!

Here's another friend of mine, Rifa, having a creative look, so you can come and visit her post.

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post babe!

[Acne Series]: Cure Acne with Tea Tree Oil & Product Recommendation

12:23 PM
Hello gorgeous, it’s been a while since I share about acne series. That’s because my skin condition got better, but not lately. Been few weeks since I got acne prone skin back again, I guess that’s because lack of good quality rest and too much stress. I always bothered by stress, and haven’t found the right cure yet. If you have suggestion about stress management, please kindly tell me. Of course, first aid to the acne: tea tree oil! This one’s my favorite spot treatment so far. That’s why I’m gonna share a simple hack for you, with some products recommendation. 

Before going into detail about the hack and product recommendation, let us know more about tea tree. Also called as melaleuca oil, this buddy is an almost colorless oil that derived from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia plant. It has antifungal and antimicrobial agent, and that’s why can be used to treat our skin problems, especially acne.
1. Tea tree oil is an excellent home remedy for athlete’s foot. Any infection causing inflammation can be soothes, simply apply the oil to the infected areas.
2. Tea tree oil has been proved having antiseptic properties and can be used in skin disorder treatments. Applying this oil onto minor burns can even soothes them. This helps in reducing the likelihood of having infection.
3. Applying 1-2 drops onto infected areas can reduce corns and warts. But if you have sensitive skin, it’ll be better to use diluted type oil. My recommendation is olive oil since you can easily find them at drugstores and minimarket, or coconut oil if you have.
4. Instant relief to itching or pain caused by insect bites.
5. Adding 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to water while bathing will get you away from skin allergies. This oil can kill bacteria and fungus, that causes the allergy. 

As for acne prone skin (and combination skin) like mine, this tea tree oil can be a natural alternative for curing acne. There are journals about tea tree oil is as effective as benzoyl peroxide in curing acne. The reasons are:
1. Tea tree oil consists of antibacterial and antimicrobial agent that are effective in eliminating bacteria that causes acne breakouts.
2. Tea tree oil can be absorbed deep into the skin and unblock the sebaceous glands, which means this is unclogging the pores. Of course, through disinfecting them we can reduce and even cure acne.
3. Tea tree oil can work as a solvent while removing dust and grease, also protecting the skin from oxidative stress.

So basically, tea tree oil is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, cuts through grease and dust, and the best part is natural! We can simply use it right away onto the acne as spot treatment, or read this trick that’s very effective! 

What you need:
  • ½ cup water
  • 3-4 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • cotton pad

1. Add the tea tree oil into the water, mix them well.
2. Soak your cotton pad and apply it onto your acne prone area, or simply all over your face if you want.
3. Leave it for around 15-20 minutes or until the cotton pads dries out. Then, use the essential oil directly onto the acne. Continue with applying moisturizer. 
This routine can be done once to twice a day. 

What products you can use?
1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Photo by TBS Website
This buddy has been my favorite since forever, always works well on my skin. They have two options for this product; 10ml priced IDR 119.000 or 20ml sized IDR 209.000. Both you can get at their official store at Shopee Mall.

2. Naruko Tea Tree Oil

Pic by Naruko
This one also catch my attention. I’ve been in love with their whole range or tea tree, that has taken care of my acne prone skin well. This product is actually pretty similar with The Body Shop’s. Both in green bottle and has only one size; 10ml priced IDR 180.000/bottle. You can get this at their official store at Shopee Mall.

3. Sensatia Tea Tree Oil

Hands up to local product lovers! This brand comes from Bali, Indonesia. If you’re looking for something affordable and local made, then this will be the right choice for you. I love their charcoal mask and face wash that dries out my acne, and here’s the additional treatment. You can get the 10ml of tea tree by Sensatia only for IDR 125.000 at their official store at Shopee Mall.

That’s all for today’s sharing. Thank you so much for taking time to read this post, hopefully this article can be useful for you, and so you can reshare it too. Kindly tell me what’s good and what’s to improve, or maybe an idea for next post.  See you on my next post!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lip On Lip Velvet Mateness – Moisturizing Matte Local Lipstick by Rohto

1:00 PM
Hello gorgeous! If you’re one of my Instagram family, you must’ve already known that I attended Lip on Lip Playdate event with Female daily two weeks ago. If you didn’t know, then you should be one of my Instagram family and turn on notification to see my latest activity. It was super fun, since I got to meet new blogger and vlogger friends whom I’ve never met before. We also learned about the product itself, all matte lipstick by LipOnLip.
Wait, have you ever heard about Lip on Lip? Maybe you’ve seen the product at drugstores in Indonesia. Yes, it’s a local cosmetic brand by Rohto Company. You’ll feel familiar with the sister brands like Lip Ice, Skin Aqua (I use this one every single day and even repurchased for lots of time hihi), Hada Labo (who doesn’t even know this brand?), and Acnes (those with acne problem like me will know this really well). The concept is actually matte lipstick but moisturizing and nourishing. As Rohto is a medicine company, they wanted to innovate on matte lipstick, something that can be worn by everyone. Even those with dry lips. Of course it’s not an easy job to create the formula of the product. They even said, it’s easier to create new drug than creating a moisturizing matte lipstick. But the good news is, this product is safe for pregnant mom and breast feeding mom.
Anyway, I was quite shook when I found lots of influencer like Angelica, Paula, and others. It turned out that we can play together, seriously lipstick brings every girl together! ;p Anyway at the event, there’s guests on talkshow session: Ms. Arlien from Rohto and Ochel from Female Daily. We talked about matte lipstick and the market trend. Anyway, here’s a special tips by Ochel as a make up artist on choosing the right lipstick shade:
Look at their skin tone, nude color with pinkish undertone suits light skin. While nude color with brown undertone suits yellow undertone skin, so they won’t look pale. This product suits on Indonesian skin, even those who has tanned skin. They will even look sexy! , Ochel said.
Move on to the product review, Let’s see what the product claims:
-       Glides smoothly
-       Pigmented in one swipe
-       Can be mixed and matched all colors
-       Affordable
-       Lightweight feeling
-       Moisturizing

The packaging is sturdy, with outer box to show the product details. They show the brand name, shade, ingredients, size, how to use, storage information, barcode. As for the real product packaging it looks pretty simple, white glossy tube with brand name on the packaging. Ms. Arlien from Rohto said, they wanted to keep it simple and travel friendly. Even it suits clutch to accompany you to concert.  Just like other lipsticks, if you want to use it simply turn the tube around and you’ll get the product.

Shades and Texture
LiponLip has five shades:
-       Pinkish (pink)
-       Peony (pink fuschia)
-       Reddish (red)
-       Rosie (mauve)
-       Nude (brown nude)
As for the texture, this has velvet finish rather than dead matte. Since they have moisturizing effect, it’s normal to have velvet finish. Me myself prefer something like this rather than dead matte, since my lips got dry easily.


In my opinion, these colors are pretty and wearable for both daily look and special occasions. The pigmentation is pretty good, as this product can cover my not-so-light lips. This buddy has light texture, and creamy too so it’s surely moisturized my lips well. The color can hold on pretty good, but when we eat or drink the color will fade and leave natural stain. What you need to remember, not all lip products can be worn as you wanted too. I’m a person of easiness so sometimes I try to use lipsticks as full face makeup. We need to learn the ingredients to know if its suitable or not for full face makeup, especially when you have sensitive skin like me who gets irritate easily. Lip On Lip light and contains moisturizer, so this one can be our option on being creative for full face makeup using lipstick. But if you have sensitive skin like me, use less products so our skin can breathe.

Simple & travel friendly

Only available 5 shades

This can be my option for daily use and office look, since this has the right shades for those needs. Also, this is affordable and easy to find. We can find the product at Watsons, Dan+Dan, Lotte Mart, Superindo, Yogya, and online stores.

Price: IDR 43.000/lipstick
Rate: 4.5/5
Recommend: Yes
Find out more on: Instagram | Facebook

Thanks for reading this post, see you on my next post!