Sunday, October 14, 2018

Indonesian Local Mineral Cushion - Emina Bare With Me

7:35 PM
Hello gorgeous, how’s your day? Hope everything goes smoothly for you, as for me. I believe you’ve heard the hype about this local product - Emina which has been out for a while. Well, actually there’s lots of local brand cushion launched few months back, but this one’s catch my eye (and heart lol). Can you guess why? If you know me,… Yes! It’s because of the cute packaging, what else could catch my heart? ;p 


The cushion packed in simple cute pink packaging, with the same design of the box and the cushion itself. With “Bare With Me” written on both packaging, and information about the product and shade written there. They also complete the design with squares, which makes the packaging attractive but not too much. A little bit information, I always love Emina’s packaging since forever! They always create cute and feminine packaging, with affordable price tag, and also good quality product.

The puff looks super neat, with bright color ; white and cream, also with Emina printed on ribbon. Of course, with pinky vibes just like they usually do. They also cover the mirror with some kind of paper or plastic, which makes sure that the mirror is clean.

Here's how it looks on the inside. The mineral base absorbed perfectly onto the cushion sponge, which is good. Usually when we get new cushion, the sponge looks plain and we need to tap a few times until it can transfers the product onto the puff. This helps in shorten the time on the first usage. 

Emina Mineral Cushion has three shades only - which we can guess already, since it’s very common that Indonesian local base either foundation or cushion or alphabet cream, usually available in limited shades. The shades here are: 01 (Light), 02 (Natural), and 03 (Caramel). My first thought was they make the shades in order from lightest to darkest. Then I saw lots of swatches on social media, that shows differently than my thoughts. Looks like shade Natural is the darkest one, even darker from Caramel. How could it even possible? Well, my guess is Emina create the shades not in order of number, but based on undertone. The light one is for pink undertone, the natural is for neutral undertone, and caramel is for yellow undertone. Unfortunately I ordered shade 02 on the launch date, so yeah what can I do? Hopefully the shade still match my skin tone. 

After doing some swatch, turns out my guess is right. Shade 02 (Natural) is a bit dark, and even doesn’t match my skin tone. It makes my skin look like tanned. Worry no more, actually we can still do something about that. We can use face powder or concealer that has lighter color than our original skin. But this actually wipe out the essential thoughts on using cushion: simplicity. 

I actually love using cushion because it’s practical and simple to use, travel friendly for sure. I’m very mobile, and very often do makeup on the road or at office, when I’m traveling or even sometimes need to retouch my makeup in the middle of the day. That’s why I always love something compact and easy to use. This cushion - well, maybe if I have the right shade I’ll love it so much. 

The brand claimed about the product that has “dewy matte finish”, which makes us really curious right? Since dewy and matte are two different things; that can’t be matched (in my opinion). After trying the product, I understand what they mean. The cushion has dewy finish, but when you touch your face it feels like matte. It doesn’t look too wet like Mizzu Rock or other Korean cushion like Laneige, it looks just like a good healthy glowing skin. I love it so much, since people will look at you just like you have healthy skin but it’s matte. It makes your makeup looks natural. This kind of stuff suits young people like us, for going to school or even work and still looking natural just like Korean. 

Final thoughts
After trying this cushion for a whole day, I can finally conclude my opinion. I love how easy the cushion to be blended. I love how natural the result (the coverage is light to medium, but not buildable) so you can still see your pores and actual skin. The only thing I don’t like is it shows my fine lines, like on my under eye and smile line. I didn’t use any other products like primer or powder to set the makeup, so it’s the real result of using only cushion. Maybe if we use primer and powder to set the face, the result might be different. 

Throughout the day, it doesn’t hold oil produced by my face. Especially on t-zone, after around five hours of usage it becomes shinier and a bit oily. But I can always retouch it or wipe it out. The result is almost similar with matte cushion. Just a bit shinier since at the beginning it already looks dewy. 

I really recommend the product for young people and teenager, and also k-makeup lover. This one’s super affordable I can say, since it only cost IDR 126.000 per 15g. I hope there’ll be the refill available, so we can spend less money and create less plastic waste.

Rate: 4/5 
Recommend: Yes
Repurchase: the refill, yes. I always prefer to buy another refill than a new cushion case. 
Get it at: Sociolla (use code: SBNLAFLF to  enjoy IDR 50.000 off, min purchase of IDR 250.000 and also to support this blog)

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Multi-Masking with The Body Shop Superfood Mask | Works Amazingly on Combination Skin

10:32 PM
Hello gorgeous! It's been a while since my latest post about beauty, well... It's not easy to write about my personal life on previous post so yeah need some time to calm me down and get me back on track. Anyway here I am today, ready to share something exciting with you!

This month, The Body Shop Indonesia kind enough to send me as TBSBEAUTYBAE, ALL variant of their superfood mask! Yes, this is one of my wishlist, since months ago I wanted to collect them all and been saving for them. Whoa, let us call this a beautiful coincidence.

What makes me love TBS is they're 100% vegan and cruelty free - can't even imagine if John (my rabbit) abused for testing ingredients in beauty products :( so let's support the petition online and offline! Also in the ingredients, they're paraben free, silicon free, mineral oil free, and paraffin free. Simply saying they're safe for everyone. Everything here is also made with love using community trade organic from all around the world. Excited enough to read more about the Superfood Mask? Keep scrolling down!

They have five variants of masks, priced IDR 329.000/75ml each. They have nice simple and elegant packaging, with different color on the label to differ each variants. The double-lid make it super safe so we won't need to worry about spoiling the product. Another fave thing, the jar is made from sturdy glass so it's reusable. After it's empty we can use the jar as storage, or simply bring it back to The Body Shop stores to get a point that we can use on the next purchase. Well, let's move on to the variants!

1. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Everyone knows that charcoal's the king of detox, right? This one's really good in fixing impurities (after heavy makeup, or simply too much dirt on our face). I can say this one's the best from the range. When I use it, I feel a bit cool or mint sensation, with tingling effect. Enjoying pampering myself, this clay-textured mask did a really great job in helping me having good clean skin! Not only clean, it makes my skin feels smooth, heal my acne, and also good at oil control. I really recommend this variant if you have combination to oily skin. If you have dry skin don't you dare trying this. ;p

2.  British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

This pinky babe smells literally like rose. Having watery-gel texture with real rose petals in it, this one's make me feel super relax and fresh. It contains rose essence, rosehip oil - which is full of vitamins and antioxidants that's very good for healing spots and dry patches, and also aloe vera. Of course, the result is deep moisturizing and calming from the relaxing scent. Really good for summer vibes! Or simply if you live near beach like Bali, I believe you'd love this one!

3. Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

Enriched with honey - which is good for almost everything, marula oil and olive oil. I even have experience using real honey as face mask when I was a university student [lol] maybe you've done the same thing? Let me know through the comment section! Well, back to the topic. This baby has a honey-thick-texture but smells different. I smell some herbal hint in it, even though I'm not sure what kind of smell is that. Anyway since the effect is more onto moisturizing and even eliminating dry patches, I recommend this to you who have dry skin. But still, any skin condition may use this variant.

4. Amazonian Acai Energizing Radiance Mask

You're stressed because of work and deadlines? This one's suits the best for you! Office workers, come on read this part! ;p This Amazonian Acai is really good for dull and tired skin (which usually show up onto our face due to stressed and too much thinking). The texture is more like strawberry jam, watery but thick. It moisture my skin, smooth everything out, and even increase circulation on my skin - which makes the skin energized! The end result is healthy glow and of course, good-to-go skin! This variant's good for all skin type, from sensitive, normal, combination, or even dry skin.

5. Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask

Well, I can say this one's similar to the himalayan, but less intense. This white chick is also good in draws out impurities because it's enriched with Kaolin Clay, and also have less coarse and lighter tingling effect. The thing that makes this one has lighter effect is it contains sesame seed oil - which make this product won't dry out our skin that much. Can be used for all skin type, this variant has great result in brightening effect. I love to use this on my cheek so I can fade my acne scars and redness.

6. Japanese Matcha Deep Cleansing Mask

This one's the only variant that has "collaboration" of ingredients from different countries. The matcha might come from Japan, but actually they're combining Dandelion from France into this variant. Having small scrubs in the thick texture, this baby's good for deep cleanse. If you're contaminated with pollution (just like me HAHA let's be honest, if we live in the city with lots of vehicle we'll face pollution, right?) it's good for us too! I don't recommend this one for dry skin since it has scrubs in it, I'm afraid it'll be too much for skin with dry patches. The scent-well, with matcha in it what can you expect? It has fresh scent, just like I always love it. The final result is clean and smooth skin-every girls' dream!

Well, that's all for the Superfood Mask variants by The Body Shop. This time I'll do the DEMO on how to use multi-masking onto my face. Ready??
First thing first, know what you need. I mean, we might have a combination skin, but do you know that every single part of our skin has different need? That's why we do multi-masking, to fulfill those different needs on different areas. As for me, my T-zone needs detox (too much dirt and oil and bad stuff there), my cheek needs to brightened up, and my chin... well I just want to be energized. So let's try three masks! I'll have Charcoal on my T-zone, Chinese Ginseng on my cheek, and Acai on my chin. Here's how I use it.

Let them rest for around 5-10 minutes, then wash them off. Voila, You'll get clean pretty healthy skin, ready to rock the world!

Thankyou The Body Shop Indonesia for sending me these masks, also special thanks to you for reading this post. See you on my next post!

Monday, October 1, 2018

[JTALKS] : Getting to Know Jenntan

9:24 PM
Hello, welcome back gorgeous! This is kinda awkward but yeah I need to do this. Have you know me? How far have you know about me? My name, or my story? I believe most of you already know my name, but not my story. Why? This life long story, was actually kept inside and only few of my friends know about this. But now, I realized, I need to share it to public so it'll help more people. In this post, I'm just gonna share the beginning, where you can get to know my family and I.

Let me introduce myself formally, my name is Jennifer Tanuwijaya but you can call me JennTan or JT. Most of you call me Jennifer, so yeah call me however you'd like to. Have you subscribed to my social media, like instagram or facebook? If you have, then you might already seen my brother (which people always mistaken him as my boyfriend) and my mom (who always sticks 24 hours wherever I go to). I never post a single picture of my father, because I only live with my mom and brother. Practically I'm living with them, my grandmother, aunty, and housekeeper. It doesn't mean I don't know or never meet my dad. I often meet him though, and keep in touch with him until now. Its just... I'm not living with him anymore.

When I was a child, I'm living with both mom and dad. I can remember clearly that I'm living as a "nomadic" family, on weekdays we live in south jakarta with mommy's parents and on weekends we live in west jakarta at daddy's house. Such a tiring way of living, I know that. But as a child, I have no right to complain. Anyway I'm enjoying having a lot of friends in two different areas. Few years later, things have changed. I live only with mom since she said "daddy's house way way too far and I'm entering elementary school, it'll be too tiring for us to go back and forth." So I just listened to her, stay with her at grandparents' house and of course, daddy's living at his house alone. He come to see me (and my family) each and every day, never miss one single day. As a child, I feel like nothing happened onto our family, so I still live happily.

I never imagined that things would go worse. Year by year moving on, my life has changed. From everyday seeing both my parents into seeing him on weekdays after school only. We began to become closer to mommy's family than daddy's. From considering them as our close family, into some people we just know (or at least that's how my brother and I feel). Life must go on, they say, so I just try to keep on living with what I have left. Mom and brother are the one I'm seeing everyday. Sometimes I see dad, on weekends when I come home on time and he's home, or on weekends or family gatherings. I started to think that I only have mommy that I can see everyday, and maybe don't need to think about daddy whom I can't even see when I wanted to. Is this right or wrong? I never know. Only heaven knows.

Well, myself today can say, it was all process of a child trying to understand what's happening onto her life. It was all wrong, and people do make mistakes, right? There's still a lot to be shared, so please stay tune for another post regarding this issue. Shout out to all of you brokenhome kids out there, never think that you're alone, cause you're not. If you need someone to share your thoughts with, simply approach me and I'll listen to you. Anytime, my dear. Just wanna let you know that you have someone to lean on, and your life is beautiful enough to be thankful for.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Soothe and Refresh, Multi Masking with Jelly Mask by Eileen Grace

7:41 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to my blog! Been away for a bit for recovering, sorry babes. Also thanks for those who sends me prayer and good spirit so I can recover quickly. One of my favorite me time is masking. I keep exploring with different type and brands of masks, so if you want me to update more about this kindly tell me through comment section. This time, I'm trying jelly mask by Eileen Grace. Thanks to Beauty Blogger Tangerang that gave me this opportunity.

Maybe some of you already know this brand, or maybe not. So here's a lil bit about the brand. Eileen Grace is a well known brand from Taiwan, with imported ingredients from all over the world. Their main products are skincare, but they also work on makeup products lately. As you can see from the brand story, this brand is amazing as it is. They know they have good quality but still exploring new products. Thumbs up, dude!

I got two products here; Perfectly Moisturize Rose Jelly Mask (Travel Size) and Deep Metabolism Black Jelly Mask (Travel Size). I tried these two at a multi masking opportunity at my house, simply enjoying my resting day. Been feeling so bored after hospitalized for almost a week, so I need something fun and refreshing! So here we go for the experience sharing:

1. Perfectly Moisturize Rose Jelly Mask (Travel Size)

This one seems to be their best seller. Girls talking about this product worldwide. They're sharing the experience about 7 days miracle made by this rose jelly mask. They said, this mask can make a brightening effect only in seven days!! Zhen bang, if you wanna know more simply read this till the end!
Size: 35ml
Price: IDR 141.000
Rate: 4/5

This product claims itself as a great brightening mask if we use it for seven days straight, and other claims such as :
- brightens and moisturize skin in one usage
- fading acne scar and dark spot, as well as reducing break out
- enriched with aloe vera extract and real rose petals to smooth and soften our skin

This variant is good for dry & sensitive skin, combination skin (well simply saying it's good for all skin types). Even better, if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, this product is safe for you too, babe. Well, being pregnant or breastfeeding mom is tiring, I know after seeing my siblings having kids. This kind of masking time, will help you relax and enjoy your life more while taking care of your kid.

Talking about the packaging, this travel size seems super practical to use. For someone who loves doing stuff outside (at work, travelling, or simply in the garden) like me, this might be something useful. It has sachet packaging that contains 35ml of product, which can be used up to 7 times. Perfect for one-week traveller! The rose jelly mask feels like real jelly to me. It's pinky - transparent, with gel texture and not-so-thick consistency. It also smells really good-which made me relaxed while masking!

After using this product, I feel hydrated and refreshed! Yes, this is really refreshing in summer these days, where we usually need more hydration, right? I haven't feel like my breakout has taken care by this mask, but at least it calmed down a little bit. Maybe if we use this as a routine for seven days, something great might happen.

2. Deep Metabolism Black Jelly Mask (Travel Size)
Size: 35ml
Price: IDR 141.000
Rate: 4/5

This variant claimed itself as a good blackhead cleanser, as well as:
- cleansing blackheads and whiteheads
- deep cleansing
- minimizing pores
- enriched with activated bamboo charcoal that can prevent acne and alpha hydroxy that can heal acne from inside
- enriched with aloe vera gel for oil control

Same as her sister, this product's also good for all skin types, and safe for pregnant mom or breastfeeding mom.

As for the packaging, it has the same packaging with rose variant. But in black color. I usually dislike something too dark, so I don't have any comments about the packaging. Anyway, this one's a travel sachet so we're gonna toss it off when it's empty. The texture has almost the same consistency and thickness, except for the black colored gel for this variant. It smells not as good as the rose mask, but so I prefer the rose mask. But for the effect, this one suits my skin better since it needs to cleanse my pores.

A little tips for you who wants to use this jelly mask, or simply whatever jelly mask you have:
Store the mask into the refrigerator. Keep it for 30mins to 1 hour, then rub it onto our face. This one really works well on soothing and refreshing effect! #jenntantips , especially in hot weather like we're having in Indonesia. Remember to keep it in a good clean place after using it, and keep it sterile!

Thanks for reading, if you want to get the mask simply go to: Eileen Grace Website | Eileen Grace Facebook | Eileen Grace Instagram

Friday, September 21, 2018

Bye-Bye Dull Skin, Hello Bright Skin using Korean Home Peeling

3:39 PM
Hello gorgeous, how’s your skin doing? My skin’s been working not-so-good since I’m exposed to sun light and lots of dust on the road lately (going back and forth to campus to finish my thesis). So what I wanna share today is my experience trying The Plant Base product. 

Lil bit information about the brand, this brand originally comes from Korea. According to them, 80% component of skincare is water. Plants have their own “life energy” to protect themselves. The Plant Base take that precious energy and vitality, become a water plant based product. The brand claimed that they only use natural ingredients, natural patented ingredients, high performance ingredients, and free from harmful ingredients. From these information, we can say that this product is safe for our skin. Even better, the brand have their own principles which made me like them. They use natural ingredient content, certified natural patent ingredients, they treasure R&D and invest in it, and the best part is they’re against animal testing! Yes, I love those who’re willing to protect our world, become a better world to live. 

Today I’m trying their white truffle series, which has main ingredient of Korean Ginseng. This line is suitable for you who need tone up, remove blemishes, moisturizing and whitening effect. As we all know that Korea is a well-known skincare country, so I have high expectation from this product. Let’s get to know about their main ingredient!

White truffle is a plant rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as high nutrition that can help moisturizing, enriching, and recover damaged skin. Korean ginseng is a traditional medicine that has been used for thousands years (just like Christina Perri lol). These two makes a great duo.

Their patented ingredients:
  • Inflax (Patent: 10-08200009)
Works for rejuvenate, calming, and beautify our skin. Contains persimmon leaf, licorice, opuntia coccinellifera and morus alba bark extract for antioxidant. 
  • Resmelin (Patent: 10-10241168)
Thuja orientalis leaf mixed with zanthoxylum piperitum extract works great in brightening process since it slowdown the making of melanosom. 

Main active ingredients: Niaciamide
Vitamin B3 is the easiest one to be dissolve in water, that can help reduce dark spot, redness, and xeroxis. This one’s the key to brightening effect, since this product use higher percentage of niaciamide than other whitening product. 

White Truffle Turn Over Peeling
Size: 50ml
Function: Remove impurities, Whitening
Suitable for: all skin type
Price: IDR 179.000
Love the flip tube top, make it easier to squeeze the product and yet safe from too much pouring.

  • double effect with natural cellulose and specially processed apricot seed, to remove fine dead skin cells and skin impurities without irritation
  • Contain 83.02% of ginseng extract water instead of refined water
  • Natural patented ingredients mentioned above
  • Free from 9 harmful ingredients: paraben, synthetic fragrance, pigment, benzophenone, DEA, silicon, animal raw materials, mineral oils, PEG. 
(and of course free from animal testing).

How to use: 
  1. Cleanse my face (and dry it)
  2. Spread the product cream evenly and avoid eyes areas
  3. Massage gently in circular motion to exfoliate dead skin cells
  4. Rinse with warm water (or normal water when I don’t have the warm one)

So far, after using this product all I feel is brightening effect. Not a significant one after only one time usage, but the after effect is visible. If we use this as a routine, it’ll make our skin looks brighter (back to our normal skin tone). If you ask about scent, I feel like this product has no scent at all. I love something that has great relaxing scent, but I don’t find it in this product. But it makes this product suitable for even sensitive skin, so it’s another great feature from the product. 

Another thing, the scrub is very soft, feels like very small size of avocado seeds with more cream than scrub. I guess this is why this scrub can be used, again, for all skin type. For someone like me, I’d love bigger size of scrub so it cleanse my face better. This kind of scrub has a lighter effect on cleaning the dead skin cells. If you have sensitive skin, this one’s gonna be perfect for you. On my normal to oily skin, this one has a good brightening effect on my skin and no negative effect. 
As for the packaging, I love it with tube size since it’s easy to keep on my room, and even easy for traveling. It’ll be great if they have different sizes such as another bigger and smaller so it’ll be more efficient (bigger size for home usage and small size for traveling purpose).

Rate: 3.5/5
Repurchase/Recommend: Maybe (for sensitive skin and brightening effect)

Thanks to @indobeautysquad and Salubritas for sending me this product, FYI this brand is sold exclusively at | @salubritas.indonesia , see you on my next post!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Body Shop #TBSBEAUTYBAE Content Creator Day : Videography & Personal Branding with Alifah Ratu

9:47 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to my blog! Have you seen my instagram post about TBSBEAUTYBAE Content Creator day at FDHQ? Well, this videography session by Alifah Ratu is the most requested, so here I am about to share the knowledge with you! Anyway, let me do my self claim: I'm not a pro vlogger yet, but I'm open to learn about new things. I learned a lot from Ratu about beauty vlogging, and improved a lot since then. I wanted to be a better vlogger, and of course wants you to improve videography and personal branding skill together with me!

Important points :
- Never use auto mode, use manual mode, so you can set it just like your own style.
- Use natural lighting for maximum result.
- Use mirroring application to have a live view of your cam monitor to your pc or laptop.
Filming order :
1. Main Part
We need to film this first since when we start filming, the brain is still fresh. This needs fresh mind to produce something great and creative. Oh and anyway, don't forget to write down everything we'd wanna say before we start filming. This helps a lot to prevent blanks. Also at the end of the process, we might as well take some zoomed product clips, to show detailed info about the products we used.
2. Closing
This part usually involves review of the products we tried, that's based on experience. But still, we also need to think what to say to our viewers. This part involves saying good and bad sides of the products, as well as our own opinion about the product.
3. Opening
This part use less brain, I can say. This usually only a scene where we'd say "opening lines" that's been repeated over and over again every single video we take. So it's gonna be fine if we film this the latest.
This to do when you upload video on:
- Title; as long as you can, containing about the products or the video
- Description box; as complete as possible about shade, size, price, and even where to get it
- Tag; in words, not sentences
- Thumbnail; create something that will makes the viewer wants to watch your video
- Mention the brands you use the products so they can notice you
- List the products you use (detailed! Shade,size, etc)
- Hashtag; must be something related to the content

Personal Branding
As an influencer, personal branding is really important. This is where you choose what you want to known as , a beauty/parody/musician influencer.
"Don't be afraid to be different, since that's the biggest chance"

Attitude is also important, especially when you want to be a professional. Not only as an office worker that you need a good attitude, whatever your job is, you still need to have a good attitude. Here's some tips when you're invited to an event:
- Come/arrive on time, or even before time. This one's really important especially when you're the speaker or someone important for the event. They can't start without you, so respect the one inviting you. 
- Follow the rules. Usually in the event, they'll give you some rules like dress codes, theme, and do your responsibility due to timeline given, or even better ahead of your deadline. 
- Be professional, like use the proper equipment and edit it as good as you can. 
- Create a good viral video; something your people don't know won't be watched by anyone! 

Last but not least, thanks to The Body Shop Indonesia and Female Daily for making this happen, and thanks to Alifah Ratu for sharing such a great insight with TBSBEAUTYBAE 2018! 

"Be Creative, Be Viral!"


Thursday, September 6, 2018

Comfy Traveling with Perfect Bra

11:18 PM

Hello gorgeous, back with JennTan right here! How’s your long weekend holiday? Wish you well and enjoyed such a long holiday! I wanna share an exciting information for us, especially for those who loves to travel a lot. Yes, the long-awaited product is finally here!  

Traveling is one of my favorite, but packing is the less favorite thing for me. Why? Well I love to bring almost everything in my bedroom when I’m travelling, I believe you do so HAHA. Lots of outfit to get a perfect instagrammable photo, including makeup pouches (yes it’s more than one! haha), skincare, cameras, and even sometimes I also take my lovely dolls and blanket with me. That’s why I always bring suitcase  whenever I go, even though it’s just one night.  Especially when my bra take a half suitcase. Bra always needs spaces, cannot be folded, and stuff. Or else, it’ll ruin and can never be worn again. As we all know, bra is expensive and important, you won’t like it if the bra also affect the shape of your body in a negative way, right? That’s why I always spare a large space for my bra. Looking for some more efficient way to bring it, with bra case, it’ll even need more space. So what should I do? 

Wacoal has answered the question we’ve been asking for such a long time. They now have  Wacoal Travel Bra, which is their newest innovation with roller bra concept. So when we pack our stuff for traveling, it’ll help us save some space, rollable (YES IT’S TRUE), but not ruining the shape of the bra because it’s wireless. No need to worry, even though it’s wireless it still support such a perfect shape. Zhen bang! 

What’s the benefit?
1. Space Saver
This travel bra is a perfect choice to save time and space save as well. No need to worry about bringing lots of stuff (like me wkwk) or having less space in our bags.

2. Rollable
This one’s brand new feature for me (never seen something like this) but it can easily rolled up and back to it’s original shape. No need to worry about ruining its shape since it’s specially designed so it can back to original shape right after being rolled up.
3. Wireless and Laceless

Relax, simple, and modern. When we’re traveling usually we go all day and go back to hotel at night, no time to change or take a bath, right? It’s super comfy to wear this bra all day (without being stuffy). 
4. Super comfy
Using eco-friendly latex material which is super soft, comfortable, and flexible.
5. Amazing push up
Okay let me be honest with you. This one’s always been as a “must have” feature on my bra collection. Everyone wants a great shape, so am I. I always use push up bra to look better and more confident. This Wacoal Travel Bra, even though it’s wireless it has a push up feature. So why not try this, huh?
The fun part is, yesterday at the launching event we had games. The game is to roll the Travel Bra as fast as we can, four of them, in only 30 secs. Guess what? I won the competition HAHA #proudme. It’s super easy to roll and pack, so here’s my tips for you:
  1. Button up the bra 
  2. Roll it from the side (right or left it’s up to you)
  3. Keep it in a special pouch from Wacoal, that has rubber to hold the bra
  4. Voila, ready to go!
Let’s travel around the world together, babes!

Find out more about the product at :