Monday, October 7, 2019

LAUNCHING: Curaskin, a Local Skin and Body Care

11:33 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya blog! If you follow my instagram (@jennitanuwijaya) you must've been already know that I attended the launching of Curaskin at Lippo Mall Puri last week. So now, we're gonna talk about the event itself.
There are lots of skincare and bodycare products that I've tried throughout these years, and still I keep exploring on it. It feels so exciting to find something that has "result in 15days" as their tagline. In this launching event, Curaskin gave us free products that suits our skin, and we can pay when the product works well on our skin after 15 days. What if it's not? Then we don't have to pay even a single penny. Zhen bang! #kalococokbarubayar
Having a background of trying so hard to find a good skin and body care after stopped using prescription products from doctor, Dr Elia Gunawan finally decided to create her own brand. She even guarantee 90% chance that the product will work on you. How could she be so sure? That's because Curaskin's using a technology called smart skin analysis that consists of:
- RGB pore
- RGB spot
- RGB wrinkle
- RGB roughness
- UV porphyrin
- UV pigmentation
- UV moisture
- UV damage
Curaskin kindheartedly let 100 first attendance of their launching event to get FREE skin analysis and choose up to three products that suits their skin to be tried onto fifteen days. As I've mentioned before, they'll only asked to pay if the product works well on their skin.

After having a good talkshow with Dr Elia as the founder of Curaskin, we also get to see Han Yoo Ra, the famous Korean Influencer that has been living in Indonesia. She told us about the secret of glowing Korean skin that looks more like healthy skin. The more she's sweating, the healthier it'll look. Meanwhile in Indonesia, the more we sweat.... The more we look dull hahaha. JK.
So Yoo Ra eonnie said that the key is skincare. Try not to cover too much of your skin, instead, repair the skin. Take a good care of it, use skincare to get the best version of our skin. Serum layering if possible (remember to use a light layer of serum and choose the right type) so you'll get glowing skin on the next morning. She herself said that she often do that "hack" when it comes to glowing skin. Curaskin's serum can be the right choice to serum layering, she said. Makes me wonder and want to try the trick, tho! Who knows, on the next morning my skin might look like hers ;p
Also, I get to visit Curaskin's store after the launching event. It's located in Parkson (near front entrance) so you might spot something green easily. They have all variants on the display. Even though it looks professional and promising, the price range is still reasonable. You can try to combine between range to create the perfect skincare routine.

Anyways, thanks to Curaskin for having me,
Also thanks to you, my online fam, for coming by and reading this post. See you on another blogpost, babe! :)

Find out more on:
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Sunday, October 6, 2019

REVIEW ARRA Beauty Lip Matte and Lip Moist

4:56 PM
Hello everyone, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya blog! Today we’re gonna talk about ARRA beauty, a local brand lip cream from Indonesia.

Since I’ve got two shades and one lip moist from Clozette Indonesia and ARRA Beauty, I’m gonna share the swatches both on paper and lips, as well as the product review. First thing first, let’s talk from the outside part: packaging. 

When the package comes to my house, here’s the packaging: black envelope with bubble wrap inside - so thoughtful! Of course it has the brand name written on the front part, elegantly. Made me even more excited to open the package! 

The excitement doesn’t end here, when I opened the package it comes with 3 beautiful boxes as well as a gretting card. I always love it when people put in greeting card, makes me feel loved HAHA. The white box has elegant design I can say, with brand name (ARRA Beauty) embossed with hologram on it. It also have other informations like manufacturing info, ingredients, shade, BPOM, batch number, and social media information. 
Still about the packaging, when I opened the elegant box, as you can see on the picture I find the product stucked into another box. This is legit! Simply for opening the box makes me feel soooo gewd. 

Enough with those packaging, let’s move on to the product, shall we?

You can see how handy the product is. only the size of a finger which is significantly smaller than other liquid lipstick and lipgloss products. The bottle itself is quite unique, black-colored prism shape but transparent on the tip to show each color of their lipcream. 
As for the texture, it’s creamy soft but still lightweight. Great coverage I can say, but buildable. If you want to be extra and go bolder, you might add another layer so the color stays longer on your lips as well. With that small flat applicator it’s easy to apply the product onto your lips, but needs to be a little bit detail to create perfect edges to me. And I really love how soka and bungo smells like a chocolate, similar to Hershey’s dark chocolate HAHA. Feels like I’m having chocolate all over my lips #satisfying. Worry not, the scent is bearable for those of you who even don’t really like sweet scent. 
Who’s the ingredient freak? Here’s a good news for you: they have vitamin e, emollient, shea butter, lanolin, almond oil inside the formula. That’s why you won’t get chapped and dry lips even though you’re wearing this ARRA Beauty Lip Matte. Another unique point is they use no alcohol, no paraben, no perfume, no sulfate, no wax, and non allergen. Good for those with sensitive skin! It’s suitable for those women aged 20s and above since the formula’s really good for anti aging. Not only skin, lips are also aging. That’s why we need to protect it since we’re young. Let’s leave the hustle bustle!

anyways, here’s how the products looks on me. Separated each shades and with gloss. I love them all, but I think soka topped off with lip moist looks best on me. What do you think? ;p

If you want to know about the product, feel free to visit :

Monday, September 16, 2019

Brightened Skin Within 7 Days

7:24 PM

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya blog! Today we’re gonna talk about skincare. I believe most of us loves brightening skincare since we don’t like to look having dull skin, right? So here’s my latest brightening skincare routine that I’ve been using for 7 days. Some of you might ask me why I already share the result rightaway after 7 days. But hey, why not when there’s already significant effect? ;p 

So few days ago I’ve challenged to join #showyourglow challenge Garnier Sakura White.

This brightening skincare routine is sakura white by Garnier. Not only brighten up our skin, this range also claimed to give us pinkish radiant and glowing skin

First thing first, we need to cleanse our face. I use sakura white foam. The texture is just as creamy as facial foam, and turns out having smooth foam without drying our skin. After usage I feel like my skin has been cleansed thoroughly, yet still feel comfortable without any dry or stretched skin problem. 

After using facial foam, I use sakura white essence lotion (this supposed to work just like toner, I guess?) but the texture is really unique. They’re more onto jelly-ish texture than watery and light. This helps the next product to be absorbed well by our skin. This toner absorbs really well and fast onto my skin, and prepare my skin for the next step. The only thing that’s out of my range is its strong scent – I feel like it’s too strong for a toner. But if you’re someone who loves perfume so much, it won’t be any problem. 

Next step, we continue with sakura white ultimate serum. The texture is more onto gel, thicker than the essence lotion. This serum, I must say, the best from this range that gives me glowing skin. I really love this baby! This super lightweight serum is infused with sakura extract and 5000 whitening capsules to boost 5 dimensions of our skin quality: more pinkish radiance, more transparent, smoother, even skin tone, bouncier and plumper. 

Ok then what’s next? It’s already three products. 

Next product depends on night or day routine. On day routine, I use sakura white day cream SPF21/PA+++ (this helps a lot to a morning rush person like me since it’s already contained spf). This day cream contains of 5 times more sakura than on the other products. After usage, I feel like my skin has been coated and protected. The texture itself is more onto thick day cream, just like other Garnier’s day cream product. Anyways, I really love how it absorbs onto my skin – fast and flawless. Makes my skin ready for makeup and face the world!

Meanwhile at night I use sakura white night cream. Both products helps moisturizing our skin. What differs both products is the texture. Day cream has thick texture meanwhile the night cream has watery gel texture. Difference from its partner (the day cream) this one’s contains 2 times more sakura than the others. That’s why, this baby can be considered as one of the most effective product. I always love gel-textured products; it suits more onto combination skin like mine than those creamy stuff. Anyways, both absorbs well onto my skin, makes it plump and moisturized. Ready to go to sleep and get some rest!

On me, the night cream works better than day cream. I suggest you girls to try this night cream to be your sleeping mask. You can use the sleeping mask once everyday, use a bit more than you usually do when you use night cream. See the magic works! On the next morning, I have glowing skin with no effort at all. I really love to have glowing and brighten up skin since it makes me looks like having healthy skin. 

Okay, last but not least, the serum mask. I believe almost all of you already known this product , or even tried serum mask by Garnier since they have lots of variants. This serum mask can be used up to 3 times a week for maximum result (I only use once a week tho, just to maintain my skin, but again it’s your choice hehe). Just like their other serum mask, this one mask consist of 1 week serum nutrition (that’s why they have loads of serum liquid. That’s why, I usually use the rest of the serum onto my other parts of body. Both knee and elbow, to heal dry skin and uneven skin tone.

After all, I really recommend this product range since it makes a big difference only in 7 days. sI love how good it works on my combination normal to oily skin.

So here’s the result after 7 days of usage. You can see how amazing the products till it makes my skin brightened up with pinkish radiance and even glows! Dare to take the challenge ? Let’s #ShowYourGlow using Garnier Sakura White, show your pinkish radiant and glowing skin using these products by purchasing them at Lazada. You can use my referral code to get special promotion: GARGLOW7hhhug on this link.

Thankyou for coming by, see you on my next post!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Vaseline Limited Edition Skin Serum All Variants Review

6:00 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to! Who loves bodycare? Me myself, love everything about body care. From taking bath for hours, spa, and even I love lotions to keep my skin moisturized. Not only at home after bath, I always bring lotions everywhere. Whenever I feel like dry and need something refreshing - I go find body lotion. Of course, I prefer those with good scents that I and other people around me can enjoy. That’s why, today we’re gonna talk about the new superfood skin serum. Curious enough? Let’s get started, shall we?

Two weeks ago - on 5th August, Vaseline has just launched their newest limited edition skin serum products. Enriched by micro droplets of Vaseline Jelly to repair and helped you to achieve glowing skin you’ve desired, this baby comes in three variants derived from superfood ingredients. They’re :
  • cranberry : for your bright glow skin
  • Citrus : for your fresh glow skin
  • Green tea : for your healthy glow skin
So basically, all three variants are meant to give you glowing skin. So it’s not only our face that glows but also our body. 

First thing first, let’s discuss about the packaging. Well I have to say that this limited edition is really “extra”. Rather than those simple monochrome packaging like the other Vaseline products, this range has summery-vibes on the packaging. As we can see, those printed plants and each ingredients on the packaging makes the packaging looks bright and fun! As for the size and tip-top bottle type is just the same as other Vaseline lotion products, with 200ml of liquid inside. It’s perfect to put at the powder room, bathroom, or simply beside bed as it’s handy. The tip-top sealed the bottle perfectly, makes sure there’s lo liquid being spilled out of the bottle accidentally.  

Next thing is about the texture. It took me a really short time to figure out that this product has a really comfy texture, which works well on my skin. Having a not-so-watery-gel-like texture, this skin serum absorbs in no time onto my skin! This is definitely lighter than body lotion and body butter, yet locks the moisture we need onto our skin. It even leave no sticky feels at all after dry. The best part is it makes my skin feels really smooth, zhen bang! Rather than oily-looking skin, the glow shows more onto natural healthy skin. This shows that our skin is well-hydrated. 

Last, about the scents of these three variants. 
Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum Cranberry: enriched with cranberry extract that’s well known for carrying collagen to repair skin, gives you bright and glowing skin! This one has the strongest as well as the sweetest scent above all three. If you’re more onto a sweet person, who loves berries scents, you’ll definitely love this one. 
Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum Citrus: enriched with citrus extract that’s well known for carrying the best vitamin C for skin nutrition, gives you fresh and glowing skin! This one has the freshest scent, for sure! Feels like I’m in Bali already HAHA but that’s true! Definitely suits those summer days the best.
Last but not least, my favorite one, Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum Green Tea: enriched with green tea extract that’s well known for carrying high antioxidant for skin hydration to give you healthy glowing skin! And this one, well my fave for being not-so-strong but relaxing scent. It makes me feels like being protected already and good to go to face the day! And other thing that I love from antioxidant - it’s good to protect ourselves from free radicals that can damage cells. 

Overall, my final opinion is I love these products, especially the green tea one. From the texture to the scent - it feels like perfect to accompany me on both busy days and dayoffs to keep my skin hydrated and smells good! Even more, they’re really affordable that you can find them everywhere. This is the key to those who wants fast-absorbing-hydrating product for skin yet feels so light. Dare to try? 

Get the products here:

More info : @VaselineID 
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Hollywood Laser Peel at Skin and Co Clinic

12:00 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back! In this tried and tested page, I’m gonna be sharing about my treatment experience at Skin and Co clinic, hang lekir, south jakarta. I’m having combination skin with concern of acne and blackheads, as well as sensitive skin. The team is really kind to give me a free consultation and treatment. I agreed since it’s really close to my house, just minutes away. 

So first when I came to the clinic, all the staff greet me politely. They asked me to fill the form (a normal clinic procedure for a new patient) and asked me to wait on the couch. They even prepared some light snack and drinks for free - for all customers! Not only those mineral water freebies, but also milk and juice. Healthy good start! 

After that, the doctor called me to come in and meet her. Thanks to the pretty Dr. Maureen Situmeang, SpKK who took a good care of me. She analyzed me thoroughly and see how’s my skin condition both with and without light, to see if there’s any serious problem. After a check, she said that my skin condition is more onto acne skin that can be caused by hormone (since I’m still young, around 20s). She told me that the best treatment she can do is Hollywood laser peel to fix this problem. It will help me get glowing skin as well as repairing all the acne problems all over my cheek and forehead. Seeing that explanation, I agreed to do the treatment. 

In the same room, then the staff cleansed my face with some sort of cleansing milk, and rub my face with sponge to take off the milk. After that, the doctor gave some charcoal liquid onto all over my face. She said it’s to take care of my acne, as I know charcoal is good to cure acne problems then I agreed to her. That’s quite unique, since I’ve been through facials like 1-2 years but none of those doctors and clinics I met gave me this kind of medicine. She said we can leave the charcoal for 5-10 minutes before continue to the next treatment. 

During the off time, the doctor talked to me and tried to get along. It’s good to hear those sincere convo during the treatment. She asked about how I started my journey as a content creator - and even didn’t believe that I’m a banker LOL but after talked about some banking stuff then she believed me #fingerscrossed haha. But anyways, it’s good to have a doctor that have concern about your life, how it might affect your lifestyle, and even affect your health and your skin. 

As this treatment combining between spectra laser and carbon lotion to rejuvenate the skin, it becomes everyone’s favorite including those Hollywood artists. That’s why they called the treatment as Hollywood laser peel. 

After around 5-10 minutes, they moved me into a different room ( I feel like they’re gonna operate on me as they moved, too much watching crime movies changes the way you think) but turns out we arrived at the laser treatment room on level 2. Even the nurse asked me to wait calmly on the couch as she prepares warm chocolate milk for me (extra sweetness detected! Love you so badly ms. Nurse huhu). After some moment, the doctor arrived onto the room and do the treatment on me (in this clinic, treatments with special equipments has to be done by doctors ONLY). 

*FYI: the spectra mode laser will warm the carbon layer that has been smeared onto the skin. Then the laser energy (Q-switched Nd Yag) shot onto the carbon layer to disengage dead skin cells, uneven skin tone, pigmentation/melamine, and to stimulate collagen production. 

If you ask me how do I feel - well, it feels kinda warm at the beginning with loads of crazy sound HAHA I am a coward who even got scared just from hearing the sound. But it turns out didn’t hurt me at all, it’s just the sound being so loud. It feels warmer on some places with more problems like pigmentations and acne, but still bearable. 
After those sounds, it’s time to calm down and relax by using the mask. This one’s my favorite part of all steps on every clinic treatment HAHA. It helps me to fall asleep for around 10 minutes, good timing! Then after that, they gave me some cream to calm the skin and sunscreen for protection. 

overall, I enjoyed this treatment as it gave me a glowing skin finish right after the treatment. As for long term effect on my acne skin, it didn’t do much difference. The doctor herself told me that it took few treatments to cure the acne and also the acne scars. Everything is a process, there’s no such instant treatment. But for a one time experience, it was a good one. 

The thing is it would be perfect if we can consult and conduct the treatment on the same room. It’s kinda a bit extrawork to move from one room to another - even tho the staff are really nice and the room is also clean. 

Additional info, this treatment is good for:
  • dull skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Large pores
  • Wrinkles

If you wanna try, it’d be better to book the appointment first than a go-show. 

Thanks for reading this experience, and also thanks for the team for this opportunity. Hope it helps you to know better about the treatment, see you on my next post!

Monday, July 1, 2019

REVIEW - Biore Cleansing Water on Combination Skin

5:36 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya blog! Well, I just came home and feel so tired and have no energy left to spend on double or even triple cleansing. But still, we have to take a good care of our own skin by cleansing all the dirt and makeup, right? Skin is always an investmet – either time, or money, or even both. 

One product to the rescue when I’m low of energy : micellar water! Softest goodbye to all the makeup and dirt with one product. It’s super simple and easy to use – which is why I love them. What do you find in a cleanser? Price, practicality? Light ingredient, alcohol free, paraben free, and natural ingredients? Effective in reducing blackhead, brightening, and minimizing pores? Normal skin feeling? Or even high cleansing ability even able to remove waterproof ones? Well, me too, looking for all those above. 

Some eye makeup (especially eyeliner and mascara) are tough to clean up. If we don’t clean it well, we’ll have some sort of allergy and damage to skin (which we have to avoid – since eyes are very sensitive). But rubbing our eyes too hard’s gonna share a negative effect too. So we should just choose the right cleanser. 

Biore comes with two variants of micellar water; soften up to gives you moist and brighten skin (for normal to dry skin), and also oil clear to cleanse your skin of excess oil (for normal to oily skin). Both variants are using japan smooth bright technology, that makes this product able to cleanse all makeup, dirt, and excess oil from our skin. Making sure that my skin is cleaned thoroughly is very important to me, since mine’s really sensitive and got acne easily. This one-step cleanser is really life-safer. 

Product claim 7 extra benefits:
-      Allergy tested
-      Ophthalmologist tested
-      Non comedogenic tested
-      No added alcohol
-      No added colorant (you can see the product is just like mineral water- all transparent
-      No added fragrance
-      Natural skin pH
All those above claimed to gives you moist and plump skin as well as minimizing the risk of having allergic reaction. 

This comes in a handy bottle – with a plastic box to cover the bottle. Well in my opinion, it’ll be great if they just use the bottle without the plastic box (as the environmental concern). This product use a flip-top which makes it easier to pour the product without spoiling it. This one’s really travel friendly from the size and packaging type, which is why I always have this baby in my makeup pouch. 

How to use
Prepare the Biore Perfect Cleansing Water and cotton pads. Pour some product onto the pads (until it feels humid). You just need to pat / rub the cotton pads onto your skin. All areas must be cleansed thoroughly – including both eye and lip makeup. And voila, you’re good to go! You can sleep rightaway or rinse your face with water and facial foam. 

My opinion
This micellar water removes both makeup and dullness, and makes my skin looks a bit brighten up. Makes my skin feels smooth and moist. The most important thing is they cleanse my skin in no time – only one step needed. Which is the most suitable product for someone with tight schedule and low-energy after work. 
The good thing is, they have two sizes for both variants: 
300 ml / IDR 68.000
90ml / IDR 27.800

You can get the products at drugstores and online. 

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post, luvvvs!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Full Swatch and Review: Elshe Skin Lipstick

12:00 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to my beauty blog! How're you today? Get prepared because I'm about to share something exciting with you! Yep, I want to share the full swatch and review of one of our fave skincare range, yet today we're gonna be talking about lipstick. Whoa wait wait, a skincare brand launched a makeup?! Yep, and it's been in hype lately, especially after they launched the special collection featuring Tasya Farasya.

But today I'm not gonna share the collaboration series, I'll just share about the all-time collection. If you want me to review the Tasya Farasya x Elshe Skin collection kindly tell me through comment section, babes!

Okay, first, let's see the packaging. They comes in black carton box, with brand name and product information written all over the box. Pretty elegant I'd say, since the design is pretty simple and classy. Move on to the inside of the box, where we can find the bullet lipstick itself.
The lipstick made of sturdy cylinder packaging, with the same design of the box. It's all black with only brand name written on the cylinder. To open it, simply take off the cap and you'll get what you want. What I love about this product is they're thin, so it's gonna be really easy to slip it onto your bag even the small clutch.

As for the texture, this matte lipstick has creamy texture. I easily apply the lipstick, rub it all over my lips (no wild imagination please! lol). And yet, it doesn't feel rough or sticky at all. But the sad part is, it's kind of too creamy for such a matte finish lipstick. When it hits the floor (accidentally fall) turns out it got melted and the product's all over my floor. Thank God it only took of a small part of my lipstick (while most part are still inside the cylinder) so it's no big deal anyway. Just need to be careful on not to let the lipstick fall.

The most asked question: pigmentation and longevity. Well, the pigmentation is all good, just like other matte lipstick. As they have bright colors, the pigments are real.
Since they're matte bullet lipstick, let's just not expect too much (if you know what I mean, right). Usually the ones that stays longer are matte lip cream, not lipstick. This one's stay for a good moment, but still falls apart in front of oily foods such as nasi padang. But anyway, it's always easier to do touch up and add some more lipstick than removing some stains that can't even be removed. So I still love this one.

If you need my suggestion, the best shade to me are: autumn and adora. Those two makes great look if you just use it alone, and simply combine these two to create a perfect ombre color. Good to go!

(+) affordable, local brand
slim packaging
(-) need touch up

Price: IDR 49.000
Available at: shopee & website

Get additional 10% off with my code: SQUADJENNI for min purchase of 250.000 at all channel.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on my next post, babes!