Monday, July 1, 2019

REVIEW - Biore Cleansing Water on Combination Skin

5:36 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya blog! Well, I just came home and feel so tired and have no energy left to spend on double or even triple cleansing. But still, we have to take a good care of our own skin by cleansing all the dirt and makeup, right? Skin is always an investmet – either time, or money, or even both. 

One product to the rescue when I’m low of energy : micellar water! Softest goodbye to all the makeup and dirt with one product. It’s super simple and easy to use – which is why I love them. What do you find in a cleanser? Price, practicality? Light ingredient, alcohol free, paraben free, and natural ingredients? Effective in reducing blackhead, brightening, and minimizing pores? Normal skin feeling? Or even high cleansing ability even able to remove waterproof ones? Well, me too, looking for all those above. 

Some eye makeup (especially eyeliner and mascara) are tough to clean up. If we don’t clean it well, we’ll have some sort of allergy and damage to skin (which we have to avoid – since eyes are very sensitive). But rubbing our eyes too hard’s gonna share a negative effect too. So we should just choose the right cleanser. 

Biore comes with two variants of micellar water; soften up to gives you moist and brighten skin (for normal to dry skin), and also oil clear to cleanse your skin of excess oil (for normal to oily skin). Both variants are using japan smooth bright technology, that makes this product able to cleanse all makeup, dirt, and excess oil from our skin. Making sure that my skin is cleaned thoroughly is very important to me, since mine’s really sensitive and got acne easily. This one-step cleanser is really life-safer. 

Product claim 7 extra benefits:
-      Allergy tested
-      Ophthalmologist tested
-      Non comedogenic tested
-      No added alcohol
-      No added colorant (you can see the product is just like mineral water- all transparent
-      No added fragrance
-      Natural skin pH
All those above claimed to gives you moist and plump skin as well as minimizing the risk of having allergic reaction. 

This comes in a handy bottle – with a plastic box to cover the bottle. Well in my opinion, it’ll be great if they just use the bottle without the plastic box (as the environmental concern). This product use a flip-top which makes it easier to pour the product without spoiling it. This one’s really travel friendly from the size and packaging type, which is why I always have this baby in my makeup pouch. 

How to use
Prepare the Biore Perfect Cleansing Water and cotton pads. Pour some product onto the pads (until it feels humid). You just need to pat / rub the cotton pads onto your skin. All areas must be cleansed thoroughly – including both eye and lip makeup. And voila, you’re good to go! You can sleep rightaway or rinse your face with water and facial foam. 

My opinion
This micellar water removes both makeup and dullness, and makes my skin looks a bit brighten up. Makes my skin feels smooth and moist. The most important thing is they cleanse my skin in no time – only one step needed. Which is the most suitable product for someone with tight schedule and low-energy after work. 
The good thing is, they have two sizes for both variants: 
300 ml / IDR 68.000
90ml / IDR 27.800

You can get the products at drugstores and online. 

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post, luvvvs!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Full Swatch and Review: Elshe Skin Lipstick

12:00 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to my beauty blog! How're you today? Get prepared because I'm about to share something exciting with you! Yep, I want to share the full swatch and review of one of our fave skincare range, yet today we're gonna be talking about lipstick. Whoa wait wait, a skincare brand launched a makeup?! Yep, and it's been in hype lately, especially after they launched the special collection featuring Tasya Farasya.

But today I'm not gonna share the collaboration series, I'll just share about the all-time collection. If you want me to review the Tasya Farasya x Elshe Skin collection kindly tell me through comment section, babes!

Okay, first, let's see the packaging. They comes in black carton box, with brand name and product information written all over the box. Pretty elegant I'd say, since the design is pretty simple and classy. Move on to the inside of the box, where we can find the bullet lipstick itself.
The lipstick made of sturdy cylinder packaging, with the same design of the box. It's all black with only brand name written on the cylinder. To open it, simply take off the cap and you'll get what you want. What I love about this product is they're thin, so it's gonna be really easy to slip it onto your bag even the small clutch.

As for the texture, this matte lipstick has creamy texture. I easily apply the lipstick, rub it all over my lips (no wild imagination please! lol). And yet, it doesn't feel rough or sticky at all. But the sad part is, it's kind of too creamy for such a matte finish lipstick. When it hits the floor (accidentally fall) turns out it got melted and the product's all over my floor. Thank God it only took of a small part of my lipstick (while most part are still inside the cylinder) so it's no big deal anyway. Just need to be careful on not to let the lipstick fall.

The most asked question: pigmentation and longevity. Well, the pigmentation is all good, just like other matte lipstick. As they have bright colors, the pigments are real.
Since they're matte bullet lipstick, let's just not expect too much (if you know what I mean, right). Usually the ones that stays longer are matte lip cream, not lipstick. This one's stay for a good moment, but still falls apart in front of oily foods such as nasi padang. But anyway, it's always easier to do touch up and add some more lipstick than removing some stains that can't even be removed. So I still love this one.

If you need my suggestion, the best shade to me are: autumn and adora. Those two makes great look if you just use it alone, and simply combine these two to create a perfect ombre color. Good to go!

(+) affordable, local brand
slim packaging
(-) need touch up

Price: IDR 49.000
Available at: shopee & website

Get additional 10% off with my code: SQUADJENNI for min purchase of 250.000 at all channel.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on my next post, babes! 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Tried and Tested: Biore UV Aqua Rich on Combination Skin

2:25 PM
Holla gorgeous, have you ever known some facts about sunscreen? Have you choose the right
type of sunscreen for your skin? Well today, we’re gonna talk a lot about it. So let’s get into it!
Sunscreen is very important to protect our skin from UV, that’s why we need to use it every
single day, both inside or outside our house. There are lots of sunscreen type and texture; from
physical to chemical, from balm to spray, and so on. It’s gonna depend on your skin type and
need, as well as the right budget.

But choosing the wrong product will affect both the skin condition and your makeup! Yup,
some type of sunscreen can cause white cast, especially on normal to oily like mine and oily
skin. I’ve ever got the wrong sunscreen, had a super long day followed with evening flight to
Singapore. When I arrived at Changi, stroll around and do some shopping, there was one
person approached me and ask about my skin whether I have something wrong or not. She said
that my skin looks had lots of white cast, and I need to wash it off before it ruins my look and
skin. OMG it was soooo embarrassing!
SPF or sun protection factor is a measure of how well a sunscreen product will protect your skin
from UVB rays, the kind of radiation that causes sunburn, damages, and even contributes to
skin cancer. Here’s the SPF scale:
SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays
SPF 30 blocks 95% of UVB rays
SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays

Since everyone’s been talking about this particular sunscreen which is Biore UV Aqua Rich and
how good it is, I choose to try it and see for myself. This watery essence sun protection has SPF
50+ PA ++++, and chosen as no1 sunscreen brand in Japan. Why I choose this? Because it feels
light just like water.

The good stuff of this product:
- Strong UV protection
High SPF (SPF 50+ PA ++++), protecting from UV, prevent freckles, dark spot, and sun burn. This
baby also protects our skin from UVA that can reduce skin elasticity.
- Better resistance
Waterproof, not easily wash away from sweat/water  which is really important, as I always
have a long day and tight schedule, both indoor (office) or outdoor (on the road). Also this
product have UV protection layer that cover skin evenly.

- Water hydrate essence
It has water capsule formulation, comfortable on skin when applied and apply evenly (easy to
blend!), and also have beauty essence that keeps skin moisturized.
Since I love to use online transportations like Go-Jek, I really need to use sunscreen. The more
SPF the better, since I can reapply in a longer time range. That’s why I added this product onto
my skincare routine, to protect my skin.
I also love how light the texture is, it absorbs really well and fast onto my skin, and not oily at all
on the surface.

If you’re having normal to oily skin like me, I suggest you to try this product. It’s really useful
and easy to use, also travel friendly with its small tube packaging.

texture before blended

texture after blended

Get them at:
Drugstores (guardian, watsons)
E commerce (sociolla, Kao official store, tokopedia,, Blibli, etc)
IDR 115.800/ 50gr
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Monday, June 3, 2019

Eid Al Fitri Makeup Inspiration

4:00 AM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya! Today I'm about to share something fun and simple, it's a makeup look inspo for you who are about to celebrate Eid Al Fitri. Me myself not celebrating the day, but to respect you I'm about to make this dedicated post. Anyway, it's always fun and exciting to celebrate something precious like this with family and friends. So here we go, some look for the big day!

For a non-hijaber , or simply someone who doesn't celebrate but still come to open houses for halal bi halal. I'd rather choose something that popped out, to make you stand out from the others.

Here's what I suggest; choose one of your eyes or lips to make some statement. Here, I tried use something bold as my eyemakeup. Using blue colored shadow to give the statement on my undereye. as for the complexion, still something matte and comfy to me, compliment with ombre lips for sure. Or you can try nude lips, perhaps.

As for those of you who wears hijab, I suggest wearing something natural and pretty just to embrace the beauty inside you. I'm pretty sure wearing hijab itself already makes you stands out in the crowd. While wearing white outfit, natural matte makeup should be the best. You needn't any touch up throughout the day. As for the eye makeup, you may choose something natural or in the same line color with your blush and lip color. Just to make them so sure that you're pretty just the way you are.

Anyway, in this photo I use matte ombre lips just to make sure that we don't need to be busy with touch up right after every single meal we had. You know, eid means feast!

Last, for those bold makeup lover. You might try this look, the one that plays around with smokey eyes and red lips. I'm using Urban Decay Naked Heat to create this smokey look, that I come to love it. As for the lips, you may choose something bright to balance the eye makeup itself. Anyway, don't forget to add some highlighter so they'll find you rightaway even though it's dark HAHAHA. 

Anyways, good luck on your makeup experiment! Happy eid al fitri 2019, hope you can enjoy and cherish every moment you have with family and friends. Happy holiday!

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Local Lipcream and Lipgloss from Yogyakarta - Looke Cosmetic

4:00 AM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya Blog! Today we're gonna talk about a local brand lipcream in Indonesia. If you've ever heard of Avoskin Beauty, this one's their sisterbrand. Looke Cosmetic is a halal, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetic that focus on lip products. 

Holy Lip Series
This line's the prime product line from Looke Cosmetics that consist of Holy Lip Cremé and Holy Lip Polish. The collection itself inspired from the goddess of Greece Myths that has effortless charm and chic. Each shade named after the beautiful goddess, so whoever the girl that's wearing the lip product will feel all comfy and confident of their unique self. 

As for the packaging - well I really love their effort! Looking at the elegant design of the box - each box has each shade name and elegantly uncover the beautiful lip product inside. As for the main product packaging - just like another local lip cream, it has standard silver topped bottle with lip brush to apply the product. 

The size and shape of lip products are also similar to others, which makes it easier to apply the product onto our lips or for other function as well. 

Holy Lip Cremé
This one's actually a lip cream, with matte finish. They have good coverage on natural lip color, can even cover dark areas around lips. Surely feels so comfy to wear around all day long, last up to 10 hours long wearing. If you're having something oily like nasi padang or fries, you might want to touch up the lip cremé. For those who loves a multi-functioning product, here's the right one for us! Yep, this product works well on being eyeshadow and lip blush. As good as being the lip color. Anyways, I really love the product since they've registered on about being vegan and cruelty free. It might seems simple but for a local brand working with this concern for a better environment, hey, it's awesome!

Holy Lip Polish
If you're loving something that's more onto moisturizing and all-shiny sides, then you might prefer this one. Not possess a great coverage, but works great both on natural pinkish colored lip or even lipcream covered lips. Has great scent, this baby will make your lips look pretty and shiny. This adds up to the lip volume, which results in sexy looking lips. Since it has semi-transparent color, it suits every color of lips. As for the stickiness, it's just as sticky as normal lipgloss - but still very comfy! After eating or drinking, or maybe just stick your lips onto something or someone (LOL! ;p) you'll need to touch up for a perfect look. 

What I've got here:
Holy Lip Cremé GAIA - inspired from the goddess of Earth, this shade comes in peachy brown color that matches all skin tones. This is the darkest shade out of all from the lines. 

Holy Lip Cremé HEBE - comes in nude coral color that gives natural vibes on our lips. Inspired from the goddess of the Youth, this HEBE shade of lip cremé will make your natural beauty popped out naturally!

Holy Lip Polish LUNA - comes in transparent pinkish color with micro-glitter inside. Luna has glossy finish that can be used both as lip gloss or lip topper to make glossy effect even though we're wearing matte lipstick. The name itself inspired from the goddess of Moonlight and so the products comes with gorgeous shine.

Price: IDR 140.000 each
Overall thoughts, I really love all these three. But the best works for the lip cremé combined with the lip polish, makes a great result! Really love the final look, and definitely recommending these babies to you, babes.

Get the products at:

Thankyou luvvvs for reading this post!
Thankyou to Indobeautysquad and Looke Cosmetic for entrusting me to review the product. 
Watch the full swatch here!

See you on my next post!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Rollover Reaction Tinted Moisturizer Cushion on Acne Skin

11:26 PM

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya. Have you been updated to the beauty trend lately? It’s been hype with cushion products since few months back then, and lots of Indonesian local brand lauched their cushion products. Now, Rollover Reaction, an Indonesian local makeup brand which has been well known for their to-go makeup products launched their cushion. The event was RRBEAUTY MEET : Cushion Compact for Naturally Radiant Skin at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. @dariwulan and @diviasari gave lots of insights of their makeup secrets.

I had fun attending the event with my fellas, seeing the pretty installation at the store, got the chance to hear some inspiration from the co-founder of RR, as well as watching the makeup demo while having the product experience. 
When you heard the word “cushion” what would come to your mind? As for me, I’ll think of foundation and alphabet cream. But you know what, RR broke those thoughts! They did launched the cushion, but the liquid inside is actually a tinted moisturizer. So the product will keep our skin hydrated throughout the day. 

The co-founder said that it took such a long time to create the concept and prepare the product before it got out on the market. They spent around one whole year! Look how thoughtfulthey are from the concept till the campaign. I always love their thoughtful work. After one year, they finally launched this Rollover Reaction Cushion Compact SPF 27 Tinted Moisturizer
First, let’s talk about their packaging
From the box, you can see how simple and neat they are. We can see the shade right from the box, since it has the color all over the side, also with shade name and number. All manufacturing information can be found on the sides of the box. It has simple packaging yet informative, good job! 

Move on to the cushion compact, we can see the size is more or less the same with other cushion products. But what I can see here is one word: elegant! Yes, their choice of color and design makes that impression. The black and beige color on the cushion case with logo written on it got my heart race. It’s the perfect companion for you to go. 
Unfortunately, for now they only have the full package cushion productand no separated refill for sale. I hope in the near time they’ll provide the refill, since it can cost less and produce less plastic waste too. 

Move on to the puff, I can see how comfy the puff is when it hits my skin. Not too soft but not too rough, this black puff won’t absorb too much product. It makes the usage will last for longer time period even though we use it everyday. Anyhow, it still blends the product well on my face. Truly a go-to makeup, simple and won’t need any other helps on the tools!

Okay now, you must’ve been very curious on how the texture and coverageonto my skin. 
Even though it’s a tinted moisturizer, it has medium to full coveragewhich can be built up. The brand claims to have light to medium coverage, but breathable skin. It’s kinda surprised me with the coverage. Even though it has medium coverage, strange thing is my skin feels so light and breathablejust like it claimed to be. I really love how it covers my eyebags without any concealer and color corrector. 

As for the finish, it has soft satin finish(in between of matte and dewy). It gives the healthy look to the skin, like “I woke up like this”. AHAHA. You can even told your friend “oh yeah I surely got this perfect even skintone since birth LOL! 
Another good thing is this is fragrance free(you can try smell it too, really!). They do this to avoid skin reaction and irritation, especially on those with sensitive skin. 
Since it’s infused with hyaluronic acid for hydration, some of you with allergic to this ingredient might need to think over the product. But if you have no problem with this, go ahead and grab one! It also contains SPF 27 to help avoid sun damage, surely a good choice to start the day. 

Wondering which one’s your perfect shade?
As the starter, Rollover Reactionlaunched three shade to represent Indonesian skintone.101 Custard Tart with neutral undertone, perfect to accompany those with light skintone. 102 Honey Toastwhich from the name makes me hungry LOL but this suits to accompany average Indonesian medium skin tone, that’s why I choose to try this. 103 Milk Tea, the perfect companion for those with dark skin tone. I know, you might think it’s too limited choice of shades , but somehow it covers most skintone. You just need to work with some bronzer if it’s too light for you, and voila you’ve got the perfect shade! If you’re in the perfect shade, simply do your normal makeup routine and enjoy the rest of the day. 

Final thoughts
After trying the product several times for hours, I finally got my mind clear! This is a good-to-go makeupchoice for complexion for dry to combination skin, but not oily skin. It melts with oil, can be saved with setting your oily area but will last up to 6 hours at maximum. You’ll need to retouch the makeup if you’re planning to wear it longer. As for the side effect of showing acne just like some of the girls might experience, I still think it’s because they’re allergic to the ingredients. I’m all good, just if I use complexion products I always need to do deep cleansing because my skin’s very sensitive with complexion and makeup. I recommend this to those of you who loves quick and easy makeup with flawless satin finish & radiant skin

Letter from Rollover Reaction:
“We’re always about that wearable cosmetics that goes with any girl’s active days, and now it’s time to pay attention to complexion. Just grab Cushion Compact and #GetEnhanced! It’s made to cover unwanted discoloration or simply even out overall skin tone in a short amount of time. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Get the product at official store Rollover Reaction in Plaza Indonesia EX Level 4 or purchase online through their official website
Price: IDR 195.000 
Rate: 4/5

Saturday, April 27, 2019

How to be an Althea Angel and Unboxing Welcome Gift

6:00 PM
Hello gorgeous, how're your days going? Hope everything's been pretty and fine, if not then you've got to work on that and get back up again! Yep, sometimes life is hard but I'm pretty sure somehow we'll stand on our feet again.

Today, I'm so excited to share this post!! Yes, I've been preparing for the right time to share this content to you. I believe you're a beauty enthusiast if you're reading this, and hopefully this can give you enough information and fun!

So not too long ago, I was recruited by Althea Korea to be one of their ambassador, called Althea Angel. Since my residency is in Indonesia, so I'll be representing Althea for Indonesia.
You must be wondering, what's Althea and what's the angels for?

Okay, first thing first. Althea is a Korean online shopping portal for beauty needs, of course they're providing all the K-beauty brands directly shipped from Korea to our countries. It's available not only in southeast asia but also expanded to other part of the world too! Yes, so wherever you are, they can reach you.

So as they already know that there are lots of beauty enthusiast scaterred all around the world, this is one of their way supporting our excitement. They have this ambassadorship program, supporting the content creator recruited by them, to share about K-beauty products. They also keep us updated with trends through the newsletter and althea boxes! How else can you feel loved? ;p

So here's what you need to become one of heir angels:
1. Be a beauty content creator
2. Those who loves K-beauty, both makeup and skincare
3. Love to share the beauty to the world
4. Commited and active
If you have all those requirements then you might be one of the angels! Simply fill in the form at Althea's website and wait for the good news.

Okay, now time to see what's inside the welcome gift for new angel!
It's kinda surprising because they have everything packed in pink and white, which is my favorite color! #pinkfever haha, and the box has "Althea Angel" written on it, makes me feel even more special.

Inside the box, we'll find lots of bubble wrap to make sure everything inside will be just fine throughout the shipping process. After opening up the wraps, we can see three skincare products with two cute equipments. They gave me one cute pink pouch which I'll use and remember all my life HEHE it's too cute!! and also one cute handheld mirror in white, written "spread your wings". From here, I got the idea that Althea wants to support us so that we can spread our wings freely and enjoy the beauty of this world.

Move on to the products, here's what they provide:
1. Bare Essential Contour Cleanser
A rich and foaming cleanser that removes impurities while improving blood circulation for that V-shaped look. It contains micro capsule to gently exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed too!

2. Bare Essential Priming Water (200gr)
Great makeup starts from great skin. Minimize your base makeup with Althea bare essential with nourishing ingredients and easy execution, this 3-product regime breaks down and simplifies the K-beauty routine for the urban woman. This is step two.

3. Bare Essential Fixer Cream (50gr)
powerful moisturizing properties are packed into this little jar that provides the skin with hydration for up to 24 hours for a fresh, revitalized complexion. Use together with the Contour Cleanser and Primer Water for best results! Don't just cover up - complete your makeup with your skin. 

Thankyou Althea for sending lots of love, I'll be updating on the K-beauty product review regularly both on this blog and other social media platforms, so stay tunned girls! 

@jennitanuwijaya |