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Makeup Inspiration: Simple Tribal Lines

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Hello gorgeous, welcome back to Jennitanuwijaya Blog! Today we're gonna enjoy another makeup inspo. In creating a beauty content, I believe at some point you'll need to go find some inspiration rather than staying at home and thinking all by yourself, right? So here we go, a makeup look that I hope will bring you a good inspiration throughout the day.

As always, the makeup's gonna be very simple and easy, yet artsy.

OK lots of you people asked me about this makeup when I posted it onto my instagram, so actually I got inspired to create a festival makeup or tribal makeup, but I want to keep it simple so everyone can recreate it, even the beginners. That's why I came out with this look, a very simple one yet still looks authentic and unique. Simply add some lines and dots, and voila, you've got amazing look!

Can you see here? Even the right amount of cropping your picture can bring a huge different to the output and final look. Never imagined before that half-faced cropped picture will look much better than the whole being exposed to the screen tho. Thanks to the exploration!

 Eye makeup details:
ChicaYChico Eyeshadow Palette - brown color (One shot- got it at special price)
Catrice Bronze Eyeshadow Palette - shimmer
iDivine Sleek Eyeshadow Palette (black color)

Explore as many poses as you can babe! Chin up, chin down, moving to the left and right, close your eyes, deep stare, etc. So you won't regret it that you already got all the angles HAHAHA. Because one picture is never enough, right?

What I used for this makeup:
BYS Cosmetics primer spray
PIXY cosmetics cushion
Catrice concealer palette (peach color corrector, highlighter, and contour cream)
A Concept Korea liquid blush shade HUG ME (got it at cheek me )
Catrice banana loose powder
Eye details as mentioned
Maybelline total temptation mascara (waterproof)
Purbasari eyebrow pencil (retractable)
QL cosmetics lip cream (nude)
Mizzu divine lip gloss
Deborah milano baked blush
Amaranthine baked highlighter
Garnier light complete serum cream (as face painting)

Watch the video tutorial here:

Thankyou for reading and coming by, I hope to see you girls on another post!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Brighten up and Moisturized Skin with Clinelle

10:25 PM
Clinelle x Clozette project

Hello gorgeous, how’re you? I’ve got new product review for you. If you’re having a combination skin with acne and hyperpigmentation skin concern, then you might want to continue reading this. We’re gonna talk about sleeping mask and ee cream, both from Clinelle. Before we talk further about the products, let me thank ClozetteID for sending me these two babies. Then, let's move on to the next part, shall we?

As you might ever read my blog before, I've tried the Whiten UP skincare series before. Not too good result with their thick texture onto my sensitive skin, now I'm about to review another product range hoping that they will work well on my sensitive skin. 

Clinelle Miracle Aqua Capsule Whiten UP EE Cream
I believe most of you have heard about alphabet cream which actually became famous because of Korean trend. Basically, alphabet cream is a unique concept where the brand combines both skincare and makeup in one product. I've tried BB, CC, and DD cream (or cushion), but never tried nor heard about EE cream. I think, this might be a level up of those creams I've tried. Have same thoughts? Let's learn more about alphabet cream!

BB - Beauty Balm (Cosmetics)
CC - Color Corrector (BB + Basic skincare benefits)
DD - Daily Defense (BB + CC + Anti aging)
EE - Even Effect (BB + CC + DD + Whitening effect)

That's why this EE cream is added into their Whiten UP series, because it has whitening effect. Clinelle claims to have 15 effect from this product:
1. Hydrates like moisturizer
2. Refine pores like toner
3. Whiten and prevent skin darkening
4. Anti aging repair to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
5. Skin renewal for supple skin
6. Protects with SPF 50PA+++ like sunscren
7. Soothes and calm skin sensitivity
8. Fight bacteria to prevent blemishes
9. Skin defense with antioxidants
10. Controls oil for matte finish
11. Color correct to event out skintone
12. Blurs dark spots like concealer
13. Smoothes like primer
14. Covers like foundation
15. Water resistant for longer lasting makeup

It has purple vibes in the packaging just like the other Whiten UP series. Comes in tube with a box, with all product details written on it. This tube makes squeezing the product much easier, with 30ml size of liquid. What I feel here is, the tube is pretty big so maybe it should stay on your powder room and not too travel friendly. I wish they have some kind of mini size like the 5ml, that way the product will be easier to bring along. 

Just like any alphabet cream, this product has creamy texture. While squeezing it and swatch it onto my palms, it looks kinda deep brown and a bit darker than my skintone. After applying it evenly onto my skin (the texture is pretty thick but blends really well on my skin), it looks just fine and just like my skin color. 
As for the claims that can blur spots and cover up imperfections, it didn't work on me. This product works more like a tone up cream but with a base color. But anyway, the good side is this can keep our skin breathing normally just like wearing a sunscreen. 

How to use: 
1. Squeeze the product out from the tube
2. Apply the cream on your face in five dots: forehead, nose, two cheeks, and chin
3. Blend the cream evenly throughout the whole face in a gentle patting motion
4. Leave the cream in for 2-3 minutes until it disappear
5. Cream will dry into powdery matte finish and skin will appear dewy with a radiant glow

Final Thoughts
After trying this product, I feel like it has almost the same consistency with other WhitenUP series: thick. Yep, maybe this suits those of you who wants to have brighten up skin on daily basis, this really suits daily makeup. But if you can't work with thick texture of creams, then you'd better pass on this. Doesn't mean the product isn't good enough, just skincare is all about finding your match. Sometimes you get a good match that you won't even let go, sometimes not. 

Anyway, good thing about this brand is their 7secret to happy skin: they don't use ingredients that can irritate our skin, wether it's short term or long term. They don't contain: artificial fragrance, artificial colors, comedogenic ingredients, mineral oils, SD alcohol, lanolin, and paraben. They're RX3 and also 100% well-tolerated and imported. One way or another, it helps the economy to grow (perks of having an accounting background lol).

Let's move on to the next product.

Clinelle Pure Swiss HydraCalm Sleeping Mask
Who doesn't love sleeping mask? It's been years since I'm using it, and I always love sleeping mask! Clinelle has this baby from the hydrating series, so let's get to know about the product. 
Clinelle claimed this product as a cooling and refreshing light cream gel sleeping mask provides optimum hydration & brightening effects through the night, leaving the skin rejuvenated & refreshed the next day. The unique formula transforms into water droplets when applied on skin. Texture is non sticky and it can be easily absorbed by the skin & leaves it delicately hydrated and supple. 

It comes in blue vibes, just like other hydracalm series. Packed in jar, this light cream gel also accompanied by a spatula to help us take the product and apply it onto our skin. The thing is, they don't have space to keep the spatula. So we have to do extra work making sure that the spatula is always clean and neat. But I love how refreshing the jar looks. 

As the brand claimed, this product has a light cream texture. Beautiful in white just like westlife says, this product comes right onto my favorite corner! It feels really light on my combination skin, even when I'm in sensitive condition. It absorbed really well, not to mention the good scent that makes me relax while applying the product onto my face. It's not even sticky at all, perfect night treatment before going to bed! The closest texture that looks like this is a yogurt.

How to use
1. Apply adequate amount onto face & neck as moisturizer before bedtime
2. Leave it overnight then rinse thoroughly with water on the next morning

Final Thoughts
After trying this product, I came to looooove it so mochi! Yes, it suits my skin really well and even works well on this sensitive combination skin! It hydrates really well, and because of it the oil produced is just in normal amount. It feels comfortable and relaxing to use this baby at night. I highly recommend this product. 

That's all for today's sharing, thanks for reading and see you on next post!

Find out more about the products:

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Makeup Inspiration: Orange on My Cheek!

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Hello gorgeous, thanks for being so loyal and coming back to this blog regularly! If you're new, then welcome and I wish we can be best friend for a long time! Today I want to share a short article, just to motivate you girls to do makeup and things you love however your condition is. I believe, there's always a way, right?

Today I'm gonna be sharing about creating an orange inspired makeup look, as you can see the slice of oranges on my cheek. It's super cute yet unique, right? Got inspired by some pinterest post tho (best place to find inspiration btw).

So here's the final look:

I don't know what you girls thinking about these two pic, but to me I do look uber cute! OMO I really in love with this makeup look. Not to mention those two E.T antenna makes the perfect combination to the makeup. Sometimes, it's not only about the makeup that have to be in our concern. Simple details matters, dude! Hair do, clothes, accessories, all if you put them together in the right place you'll look perfect! 

What I used: 
Maybelline fit me foundation Matte , mixed with Dewy
Maybelline fit me concealer
Maybelline fit me smooth compact powder
Maybelline eyebrow pencil define & blend
Maybelline fit me blush on 
Maybelline super stay matte ink lip cream
Morphebrushes eyeshadow 35u because i don’t have maybelline eyeshadow😂 (cheating lol)
Artisanpro false lashes 
Maybelline hypertight eye liner

Yep, baby! It's that simple. The key is simply to explore everything!
I only use concealer and eyeshadow to create the not-so-artsy orange (pray for me so that I can create something more artsy in the future, practice makes perfect but I still need your support tho! hihi).
I can't use any face painting because my skin is very sensitive (after applying face paint I'll get acne that's why I never use it anymore).
So girl, if you're hitting the wall, hit it back! Until you'll make a hole, another way to do something you love, better.

Watch the tutorial video here:

Hope this post can inspire you, do tag me at @jennitanuwijaya when you recreate this makeup, and see you on my next post!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Kissable On Fleek Lips using Maybelline Drugstore 24H SSMI

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Hello gorgeous, welcome back to this blog! Been excited to share this one post with you from a while ago – since the product is very happening and it’s from a well-known drugstore beauty brand. Best one to suit IT girl kinda type, now they’re expanding the product line onto a matte lipstick. Yup, that’s Maybelline! Being ordinary is not enough, so they create the superstay series. This one claimed to stay on our skin for a long time – 24 hours for the foundation and 16 hours for the lip cream – or matte ink, they’d rather say. 

Product Claim
-      Long weartime until 16 hours without touch up
-      Intense color
-      Transfer proof
-      Comfort
-      20 unique shades 
Formulated with Elastic Ink Technology and unique arrow applicator, only need one dip and you’ll get full coverage on your lips that will last up to 16 hours, even after eat and drink. 

Packaging & Applicator

This one’s has a unique packaging – different from other matte lipstick that I usually see. Having bigger size than the others, with its color on the bottle. Not a transparent one, more onto printed color which is exactly the same with the shades of the product. This is amazing – since usually when brands print the shade colors they’ll be no match (or more of a similar,not the exact same color). This long lasting matte lipstick has a square bottle without outer box, so you’ll need to take a good care of the packaging or else it’d get dirt easily.
As they claimed, the applicator is pretty unique. As you can see in the picture, it has arrow shaped applicator, which makes it even easier to apply the product onto our lips. Even it can reach the edges. 

Texture & Scent
The texture is pretty unique. As it claimed to be a matte ink – I’d expect it would be different than other lip cream on the market. And that’s true, it has thicker texture. More of sticky, I’d rather say. Stickier than the normal lip cream, but still wearable. You’ll need more than one minute to wait until your lips are dry, and you’ll be free from the stickiness. Worth the pigmentation tho! 
It has something good in the scent. I can smell something sweet, more like chocolate or vanilla- I can’t pick which one’s true. The point is it makes me happy whenever I use it, since it has a good scent inside. Or should we try, asking someone to kiss and tell what kind of smell it is? Lol, just kidding! ;p Chillax.

Color and Pigmentation
It claimed to be having an intense color. I’d say it has the best pigmentation of all lip cream I’ve ever tried. Even the nude ones, amazingly they can cover my not-so-fresh lip color! About the bold ones, well no hesitation needed. They clearly covered all lips with full coverage. I don’t know how the formulation process when they create the product, thumbs up anyway! 
They now have 20 colors available in Indonesia – the nudes and non-nudes. All I’ve got here are 10 mixed shades, so here’s the swatches of all colors. 
I love almost all the colors, well if you ask me to choose one of my favorite Maybelline matte lipstick then it’s gonna be really hard. Not a good picker, so I’d rather choose to have them all! Hahaha. 

I thought some colors are not-so-wearable for a daily look, but anyway we have to enjoy life and wearing colorful lipstick is part of it. Why not? As for me, I’ll wear different color on different mood and occasions. 
Wear Test
Of course, the highly-asked content about lip cream review is the wear test. Usually you asked me about the color intensity after eating or drinking. But one of my buddy that I met through student exchange, Petty, asked a unique question. She said, she always lose the color after ablution, whatever the product is. I’ve never heard of that, so this question is kinda new. She said, to prove it maybe I’ll need to gargle around 7 times (because I don’t do ablution or shalat and it’s kinda similar she said). Well, challenge accepted! 
I wore the lip cream, gargle around 7 times, eat everything I have at home and office, and still come back home with almost-perfect lip color. Some part might be gone but still have stain, but the outer part are just fine. I can conclude that this baby has a great color intensity, and truly long-wearing. 
Another thing, I feel really comfortable while wearing this SSMI by Maybelline for a whole day. The thing I felt is just a normal matte feels, but for those of you having dry lips you might re-think before trying this product. You might want to use some lip balm before and after using this product, and you’ll be fine. 
Final thought
After trying this product for a whole day, swatch all colors they have, I choose to recommend the product to all matte lips lovers! Yes, this helps a lot for someone who doesn’t like to do touch up too often, or someone with tight schedule. You’ll look perfect every day, so chillax! 
If you find it hard to wipe the product, I suggest to use some oil-based product like Nivea eye and lip makeup remover or Garnier Oil infused micellar water – it wipes the product away only in one swipe tho. 

Price: IDR 115.000
Get them at: Online channel, offline stores like Guardian watsons lotte mart etc
Repurchase/Recommend: Yes
It’ll take you forever to empty the tube since you’ll only need one dip to cover all the lips – so it’s kind of investment on each color you get. ;p

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post babe!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

L'occitane Rose Series

6:53 PM
Hello gorgeous! Having fun with perfume post, today I’m gonna share another recommendation of body care range and perfume with my favorite scent: Floral, specifically Rose. 

Who doesn’t love floral scent? I believe even though everyone has their own style in fragrance, almost everyone love floral. It’s fresh, reminds us of relaxation and good times, right? It applies on me to, whenever I’m stressed and needs to refresh my mind I seek for floral scent. One of my favorite from floral family is rose. Its surely fresh and feminine. L’occitane has some products under this Rose variant, let’s get to know them! 

L’occitane is a French luxury skincare brand with high-quality manufactures, organic-based skincare products, surely expensive but worth every penny you spend. 

L’occitane Roses Et Reines Body Milk
Claim: This body milk seduces with its delicate softness and perfumes the skin with the fresh and velvety fragrance of the Grasse, Bulgarian, Moroccan, and Turkish roses. Rich in nourishing grapeseed oil, this light body milk absorbs quickly, leaving the skin soft to the touch. 

This body milk comes in a cylindrical sturdy plastic bottle with flip-top cap, and comes in multiple size. I really love how they thought about the packaging sizes. It suits you at home and when you’re traveling. For someone like me, I’ll get both since I want to smell good when I’m wandering around. 
It comes in baby pink color (pale i can say) with runny consistency and watery texture. Not to wonder why it is very easy to apply and spread evenly over my skin. It would provide you perfect hydration while keeping your skin soft and moisturized. The best suggestion is to use this within -10 minutes after bath. 
The fragrance has mesmerizing fresh velvety rosy fragrance, which is neither too sweet nor over scented, one of the nicest rosy fragrance I’ve ever tried. 
Price: IDR 190.000 (75ml) / IDR 500.000 (250ml)

Rose Et Reines Bath & Shower Gel
Claim: this shower gel gently cleanses the skin, leaving it delicately perfumed with the fresh ad velvety fragrance of the grasse, Bulgarian, morrocan, and Turkish roses. As a foaming bath, it transforms into a rich foam infused with a fresh and slightly fruity fragrance. 

Just like the body milk, it comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with flip top cap in golden color. No risk of leaking and causing a mess for sure, that’s why I love this kind of packaging. Even tho, some might thought this bottle is too simple and conventional. 
As for the color and texture, it has light tea color (and transparent of course) and very silky in texture. While using this shower gel, you’ll somehow feel like your skin is covered with silk. 
The fragrance is still in a perfect amount – not too soft but not too strong. This is super relaxing, both for women who use this product and the other who smells the scent. This baby doesn’t a pro in moisturizing, that’s why you’ll need to use another moisturizer right after bathing.
Price: IDR 350.000 (250ml) 

L’occitane Roses et Reines Eau de Toilette
This perfume comes in a very simple, round, and clear glass bottle with grooves running lengthwise. It isn’t awfully fancy but surely simple and cute enough to put on your vanity. The perfume liquid is tinted in a soft pink shade. 
This baby has an elegant and silky rose scent with fresh fruity accent, just like her sisters above. 

Top notes: bergamot, cassia
Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, grasse rose, Turkish rose, Moroccan rose, blackberry
Base notes: white cedar extract, heliotrope, musk

On first impression I can detect a tiny amount of citrus but quickly the rosy middle notes engulf the senses. Roses et Reines isn’t a complex scent, its more onto highlighting the rose scent. With the blackberry and bergamot inside, it does have a fruity twist while the musk and cedar warms up the rose by a tiny bit amount. This rose fragrance can stay around me for quite a few hours. 

Overall, this is simple and lovely rose perfume to grab around, for those rose and floral scent lovers, or simply you with feminine and elegant preference. 
Price: IDR 895.000 (75ml)

That’s all for the rose range by L’occitane, you can get the products at : Rose Seriesor get another fragrances at L’occitane Fragrance

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post, babes!

L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick & Les Chocolates

6:47 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya! After being not-so-active on my blog, now I'm trying to come back and be more productive. Yep, lately I've been sick (infected by unspecified virus) and thank God I finally started to get back to myself, even though not 100% healthy but still I feel like I can do things now. Well, to start fresh, let's talk about lipstick!

Yes, it's a well-known liquid lipstick by the famous L'oreal brand, which has been hype since late 2018. They've already launched the Pro Matte series and Pro Matte Gloss series, and now they're adding the Les Chocolates series into the family. So, what's the difference?

This pro matte series is actually claimed to be a long-wearing liquid lipstick formulated by L'oreal, made to stay with your lips longer than anything. You can eat, drink, or even kiss and it's still there! As for the pro matte gloss has a touch of lip gloss side, which made the texture a bit different and surely the finish too. In this post, we're gonna talk about both the pro matte and pro matte les chocolates.

The pro matte consist of 8 shades, with kind of vibrant color I can say. They've a pretty wide range from the light or nude one till the bold ones. Yet, the pigmentation of all eight colors are Zhen bang!! Yep, amazing. No need to question about the bold ones, but the nude colors also has a great coverage onto our lips! This is rarely found on lipstick product.

Moving on to the Les Chocolates series, this has all the same pigmentation and coverage with the other 8 shades. Oh by the way, this one has 8 choice of colors too. Just from the packaging, we can see the difference here. The les chocolates has cute pastel-colored tube instead of a matte doff tube. Also, stamped with "Les Chocolates" written on the tube. This baby is uber cute, I can say. Seeing from the colors on the tube, I feel like I'll wear all of them and they'll all look great on all skin tone. In real? Let's see on my youtube video below.

There's nothing much to say about the packaging since all the product range has the same packaging and applicator, which brings me to conclusion that this product is easy to apply and even to create overdrawn lips (which I don't like to do lol but Tasya Farasya loves it).

The scent of the product - well these two series has different scent. The one with black tube has some kind of sweet scent, mean while the chocolates has scent of chocolate! Yes it was shooooooo delicious it even makes me hungry lol. It reminds me of a good delicious snack when I was a kid. Good time! 100% it smells like it, or walls ice cream as my friend said. Do you love them both? Then I'm sure you're gonna love this product too.

Anyway, here's a creative hand swatch I made using the 16 shades of Pro Matte Liquid lipstick, inspired by Risa (lippielust). Hope it's not that bad though, still improving my drawing skill hehe. Because practice makes perfect, right?
It last a whole day without touch up ! #zhenbang

I guess that's all for this post, if you wanna get the product you can get it at Sociolla & use my code: SBNLAFLF to get IDR 50k off per IDR 250k purchase. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tried N Tested: Avoskin Miraculous Refining Serum

10:02 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya! Today we’re gonna talk about skincare - specifically serum. Even though I haven’t been sharing about skincare lately, hopefully you girls still take a good care of your skin, babe!

A month ago, I received a new product from Avoskin, managed by @Beautiesquad. They gave me their new range: Avoskin Miraculous Refining Serum. As you might already know, Avoskin has launched this range in early 2019, started with the toner that has been hype for a while. Now they have this local exfoliating serum, which is claimed to be more effective than the toner itself. 

Product Information: 10% AHA + 3% BHA + 2% Niacinamide + Ceramide
The combination of AHA-BHA-Niacinamide
Natural extracts work as effective exfoliator to make skin cleaner and more radiant. 
Let’s enjoy the miraculous sensation.

Work well for: 
  • skin exfoliating
  • Brightening
  • Blemishes
  • Uneven tone
  • Pore tightening
  • Moisturizing
Sunburn alert: this product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and fow a week afterwards. 

Fragrance free. 

Exfoliating is a necessity for all skin types, even sensitive skin, if you want a healthy and happy skin, which I believe everyone wants. The benefits of exfoliation are plentiful, such as diminish of fine lines and wrinkles and even prevents them from worsening. It can also help unclog pores, reduce hyper pigmentation, minimize dark spot, and lessen excess oil. The key is to find the right exfoliator for your skin type. There are two types; chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation. 

Chemical exfoliation is a form of exfoliating that includes products that chemically dissolve the intercellular glue that holds dead skin cells together. This product usually penetrates the upper layers of the skin for a more complete removal of dead surface cells. 

Physical exfoliation is the brisk removal of a dead surface cells via rubbing and sloughing. basically, the dead surface cells are removed by physically sloughing crystals of micro-fine granules against the upper layer of the skin. Most skin type can cooperate with this type of exfoliation.


This one comes with the same theme as their toner. Dark brown, in a paper box with all product details written all over the box. Everything you need to know are available on the box. Somehow the box is pretty thin so they send the package with a recycled paper - sturdy box with the brand name written on it. To be honest, I really adore how this brand always thought of environment and the effect on it. 
Continue with the bottle packaging itself, still with dark brown theme. They use glass bottle to store the product, with brand name and brief information about the product. As for the top they use pippet top, which makes it easier to take the product as its liquid. The rubber of the pipet is pretty thick, so I believe it’ll hold for a long time until we finish the product. It can take the product effectively and give you the right measure. Simply open the bottle, press the pipet, and voila you’ll get one full pump as the right amount for the whole of your face. 

Texture, scent, and formula
The texture is more onto thick watery liquid, just like usual serum we can find out there. The liquid has white colored, a bit sticky but absorbs well onto your skin. This leaves glowing effect onto your skin right after usage. Yet, we’ll have to wait few minutes for the serum to get dried and not sticky onto another stuff or maybe our hair. The good thing is, when you use this in the morning, your makeup is gonna stick for a bit longer than usual. As for night, just make sure you won’t stick your cheek onto the pillows. 
This product claimed to be having no fragrance at all, but somehow I feel like there’s some specific scent, just like a wound cleanser. It’s just a slight feeling, so no worry. Haven’t found out yet what makes this scent out of the product. But other girls who tried the toner said that there’s this slight scent on it too, so maybe it’s about the main ingredients. 

Final thoughts

After trying this product for a month, here’s my final thought. This product works well on my sensitive-normal-to-oily-combination skin. FYI, I use this product once per two days, or three times a week. No purging period, or other negative side effects. The only thing I noticed was it works with my “about to be born acne”. This makes the acne comes out and dries it out, yet leaving acne scars. It took a while until the acne scar fade, so maybe you’ll wanna combine the skincare range with something to brighten up and fade the acne scar. Other than that, it did smoothen out my skin (and work on the blackheads, just needs to be consistent on using the product and make sure not to skip. Pretty match for their tagline: The Miracle For Skin. For some people that had a hard time for fading acne scar, maybe you’ll need to think twice before trying this product. As for someone who wants to get a smooth skin and willing to do extra miles and patient enough, you’ll definitely want this baby on your skincare routine. 

Size: 30ml / 1.01 oz
Price: IDR 219.000