Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Full Swatch & Review Colour Crush Lipstick by The Body Shop

11:30 PM
Hello gorgeous! How're you doing? Well, first I wanna ask: how many lipsticks do you have at home? I'm sure it'll be more than one, five, or even you have more than ten lip products at home. Lipstick is an important product for us, right? It's a must-have product in my pouch; the key to look fresh and pretty everyday!

The Body Shop launched 20-shades of lipstick in this Colour Crush series; consist of 4 best selling colours from previous collection and 16 new shades. This first animal cruelty free and 100% vegetarian lipstick in Indonesia has been released since October 2018 in Indonesia. The event took place in Monopoly Hotel, Kemang, South Jakarta. It was super fun; having Cinta Laura as the brand ambassador and lots of influencers there.

Back to the topic, there are some option for lipstick finish. Matte finish, glossy finish, velvet finish, and satin finish. Matte finish usually stays longer but drying. Glossy finish usually moisturizing and healthy lips, but wiped easily. As for satin and finish, they're in the middle of these two extreme finish. This Colour Crush Lipstick has satin finish, which is in more onto glossy side but with high intensity of coverage.
Product claim:
- intense coverage
- moisturizing
- sweet cherry seed oil, community trade beeswax from Cameroon, and Community Trade Marula Oil from Namibia

Size: 3.3 gr
Price: IDR 199.000

This lipstick packed in a black glossy tube, with transparent palette on the bottom. This is kinda innovative, since the palette on the bottom can be used as lip palette. The colour revealed in the transparent part is actually the same colour that the lipstick has. To use the lipstick, we need to open the tube and rotate it.
The good point of the packaging is the unique concept of small lip palette on the bottom, and also it has complete information on the tube. It has shade label, product name, price, expired date, manufacturing information, size, and BPOM number. I always love products with complete information like this.

The texture of Colour Crush Lipstick by The Body Shop is buttery and comfortable on my lips. It glides smoothly. As for the scent, this lipstick has soft rose scent which makes me even fall deeper for this one. As you know, I always love products with good scent #girlsproblem hihi.

Colours and Pigmentation

They have 20 beautiful colors, as you can see from swatches. Here's the full swatch of 20 colors. I also swatch on my hand and my friend's (Grace) with dark skin tone. This shows that the colors suits both light and dark skin tone. I'm partly agree with the claim of intense coverage. As I tried and swatch all the colors, the color intensity between shades are different. For bold colors has much higher intensity than the nude ones. Also, there's something about the black shade. I expected this one's gonna be super pigmented and has high coverage. But when I swatch it onto my lips and hands, this one's look not too pigmented. It even moves as I touched my lips. If they rebuilt the formula, I guess they can reach a good intensity for this baby.

Overall, I think the lipsticks has good values as cruelty free and vegan, which makes good impact on the environment. Anyway, I also love how innovative the packaging is, creating a lip palette on the bottom of the lipstick. We can use this palette as lip palette, blush on, contour, etc without changing the original shape of the lipstick. Zhen bang!
I also love how the product fades (on red colors especially), just like how lip tints leaving natural stain on lips. If you love moisturized lips then you might wanna get this product. If you're more onto matte shade, then you might find another products that suits you better. Well, it's your choice, babe.

Here's my two favorite shades to create ombre lips! Steal the look by trying these shades.

Thanks for reading, see you on my next post!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

[JTALKS]: Others Opinion, Who Will Stand For You?

7:08 PM
When you have a broken home family, they'll talk about you.
They'll apologize for asking about your family but then they talk about your family, behind you.
It's okay darling, nobody's perfect.

I've been there too, where my friends and their parents ask about my family, then I told them about me living only with my mom. They thought it was a bad thing, so people won't play with me anymore. It's okay, you should know that everything's gonna be fine.

You might feel lonely and quiet, but through that we can see who our real friends are. The ones who stay with us even in the darkest moment. Even when you feel like nobody will stand for you, but they still stand with you.

Darling, life's not only about finding lots of friends. I prefer quality over quantity. As long as people I love still breathe in this world, caring for me, share the moments together with me, then I'm fine.

No matter how cruel the world is, how hard to face the day, I'll always be fine.

There are some days where people won't even look at me. There are some days where people won't be my friends because of my family condition. There are some days they only want friends from the richest and smartest family. There are some days where you'll get used to rejection.

But what makes me happy is, the ones I have, will stay with me no matter how bad my condition is. How cruel my world or even how beautiful our lives, we'll always stick together.

To my high school friends who helped me went through hard times, Rachael, Vickram, Harwin, Dito.
I'm so grateful for every single one of you for staying with me. Through hard times. When I'm down because of my parents, even when they gave you guys some trouble.
You guys never hate me, you always support me even until now. You guys are the best! Can't even ask for more.
Also thanks to Jacinta and Ryan for making my senior year taste super gewd, those learning together and test preparation together was fun! Missing the good old days.

To my college friends, can't say the name one by one but foventhrix family, you guys are the best!
Especially my room-mate Ifa, my best best best partner in almost everything Hanna, my best advisor Putri, the girls who are included in GURLS group, and everyone who stays with me till this days. Won't overcome those days without you. Every single one of you colored my black-and-white days.

Thank you for sticking around me for not only few days or months, but years! Can never imagine how my days would be without you.

If you're someone with broken home, don't ever give up. Let me get this straight for you.
There won't be such an easy journey and I won't lie about that.
But hand in hand with your loved ones, you can get through it. You can get through the hard times where people talked behind your back and won't get along with you. But thanks to them you'll have good quality friends.
No need to feel guilty about having such family, it's no one's fault. It's just destiny to make you even stronger than others.
Get up, stand up, go ahead!
Face the reality, face the not-always-beautiful life, and you'll see how strong you are.
No need to listen about others who talk bad about you and your condition.

You are loved.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Workout for Millenials Generation: Tiga Studio

10:12 PM
Hello gorgeous! Welcome back to my blog, well this topic is gonna be a new segment in this blog. I've never talked about health and workout before, so hopefully you're gonna love this. I know, these days people pay more attention to their health than ever. And yes, we're young, we're millenials, but we need to take care of our health as well. 

So, what're you doing in daily basis? Working at office from 9am-6pm? Studying at college? Or even starting your own business? Whatever you do, how many times a week (and how many hours) you spend for workout? Please let me know through the comment section below. As for me, before starting my work-life-balance concept, I don't do exercise, not even once a week. I always have lots of excuses, like tired, come home late after having so much workloads, hectic schedule, etc. Lately, I realized I've gained weight like literally a lot, and not healthy anymore. So, what can I do to make myself better? WORKOUT is the only way. 

Why should us workout? Our everyday routine activities like working, studying, etc requires us to sit in the same position for hours per day, without moving or even stretching. This can cause lots of health problems like obesity, cholesterol, heart attack, etc. Let us be honest with ourselves, do we take a good care of our diet? No. (at least I'm trying to be honest lol) My co-workers often offers me unhealthy foods everyday, like bakwan, sweets, cakes, and other unhealthy snacks. That's why, we need to try harder to get these benefits from workout:

1. Exercise benefits every part of the body, including the mind. It'll make us feel good, sleep better, and even help people who have mild depression and low self-esteem. It will also give people a real sense of accomplishment and pride at having achieved a certain goal.

2. Exercise helps people lose weight & lower the risk of some disease. Including obesity, type two diabetes, and high blood pressures. These might be simple, but they can lead to worse disease that you can ever imagine. 

3. Exercise can help a person age well. This might look not so important to you right now, but believe in the phrase "do something your future self will thank you later". For example, osteoporosis can be a problem as people gets older. Weight-bearing exercise (jumping, running, or brisk walking) can help keep bones strong. 

So, what kind of exercise will suits us the most? It depends on your capacity and your own body. You can find out what's best for your body. Here's five exercise recommendation I tried at Tiga Studio:

a. Cardio Boxing

It's a combination of the traditional training movements of a boxer - including sparring, shadow boxing, and blows delivered to a boxing bag - structured so as to be performed in sequences, similar to those of aerobic classes, that have a primarily aerobic training effect. The equipment needed are super simple, only flexible - unencumbered movement. It'll be great if you use shoes that can give maximum stability, since there'll be a lot physical movement. Just like the shoes, you'll need to wear outfit that can give you easy movement. Some people will tape their hands, using a flexible wrap that will stabilize the wrist on contact when punches are delivered, 
Cardio boxing classes can help you get plenty of aerobic activity by encouraging high-intensity repetitive motions. This will help you train your muscles, particularly if you do resistance-based routines as a way to improve your boxing speed and accuracy. According to Harvard Health Publications, a 125-pound person will burn about 270 calories in 30 mins, while a 185-pound person will burn 400 calories. Your caloric burn can increase greatly if you combine several different movements or improve your intensity. 
Time per session: 60 minutes
Level: Moderate-High
If you're a newbie in workout then you might need to try harder before joining this class. Or if you're someone weak just like me, you'll need a tracker on your wrist. FYI, I have weak heart (I'll get tired easily especially when I'm running), and I consult with the trainer at Tiga Studio. He said, it's fine as long as I can control myself. It'll be great if I use a tracker on my wrist to control my heart beat, so when it reach the treshold number I need to rest or slow down so it won't cause something bad. 
How to count maximum heart rate? ( 210 - your age )*80% --> this is gonna be your very maximum limit. Anyway it was super fun and addict, IDK that's my very first time trying cardio boxing but I enjoyed it so much! Well, surely after the class I got super tired and need to rest a bit more. My body ache for a week, but after that I'm good. 

b. Basic Yoga

Yoga is an old discipline from India. It is both spiritual and physical. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation. It helps to improve health and happiness. Yoga is the sanskirt for union. 
The equipment needed for yoga is only yoga mat, and you'll need to wear comfy stretch clothes that allows you to flexible movement. You'll do yoga bare feet, on the mat. But if you need some help and not that flexible, you can simply use blocks to help support your body. 
Time per session: 60 minutes
Level: Beginner
Calories burned: 350-800 calories/60 minutes
If you're someone new to yoga, then it's fine. Even if you're new to workout, it's fine to try this. You'll love this and see how far you can stretch your body, and how relieved you'll feel after doing it. Even people like me can enjoy doing this. Trust me, this is gonna be one of your favorite workout. It lets you rest while workout, practice breathing, and after this you'll feel at ease. When I'm stressed, this activity helps me feel relieved and relaxed. I can even sleep very well at night. But if you're someone who loves moving actively, you might need to reconsider trying yoga. Since this'll requires less movement but yet will make you sweat. 

c. Piloxing

The piloxing workouts are a fusion of boxing and standing pilates principles. The combination of these disciplines as primary exercise components creates a sense of both physical and mental balance.  The equipment needed: only yourself. Why we should do piloxing? 
- It can improve cardiovascular ability
- Strengthen and lengthen muscles
- Improve balance and posture
Time per session: 60 minutes
Level: High
Calories burned: up to 1200 calories/60 minutes
If you're someone new to workout, you'll surely need to train more before trying this activity. You'll be really tired since it drain lots of calories out of your body. If you're familiar with gym then this might be no big deal for you. As for me, this one's really tiring and I need to sleep like a lot (the whole night and woke up late lol) to recover. It makes my body ache for around one week, but I'm good after that. I don't really enjoy this class and feel like this one's a bit too much for me. 

d. Poundfit

Instead of listening to the music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movement. Using ripstix, lightly weighted drumstick engineered specifically for exercising, pound transforms drumming into incredibly effective way of working out. Designed for all fitness level, pound provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rocking out! Equipment needed are mat, ripstix (light stick drum), and also flexible clothes and shoes. 
Time per session: 60 minutes
Level: moderate-high
Calories burned: 670 calories/60 minutes
If you're someone new you still can try this. Even better, if you're active and love moving, this is perfect for you! 

e. Zumba

Zumba is simply dancing and just explore yourself with the music. There are some music base for zumba. We groove to the beats of salsa, flamenco, and merengue music feels more like a dance party than workout. If you love moving and dancing, you'll love this! Me myself, enjoys doing this like a lot. You'll need to only bring yourself and a pair of shoes. 
Time per session: 60 minutes
Level: beginner
Calories burned: 450-600 calories/60 minutes
Everyone's gonna love this! That's all I can say hihi

Why I love workout at Tiga Studio ? They have plenty facilities! As you can see in the pictures, they provide praying room, comfortable workout space, strategic location, and good quality shower room. The price is also affordable, we only need to pay  IDR 100.000/class. We can rent locker for free, and if we need towels just pay additional charge of IDR 20.000/person.

Thankyou to ClozetteID | @clozetteid and Tiga Studio for making this collaboration happen. 
Catch me at @jennitanuwijaya, see you on my next post!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

#NgopiCantik7 - Ingredients in Beauty Products | Myths VS Truth

11:50 AM
Hello gorgeous! Hope you've been doing well, I guess you missed me a lot, huh? ;p Well been a bit inactive to present you high quality content tho, my apology. Today I'm gonna be sharing an insight I got at Ngopi Cantik, an online regular sharing session with Beautiesquad. As you already know, Beautiesquad is an online beauty blogger community - Indonesian based. This time we talked about ingredients, with Insomnia as the speaker. Ready to level up and learn more about ingredients? Read this page till the end!
Image result for skincare ingredients tumblr
There are lots of myths and facts all around internet about ingredients in beauty products. Here's what I want to do: straighten out what's wrong and tell the truth. Here's five important things you need to know.

1. Natural cosmetics and chemical based cosmetics
Not all natural cosmetics are safe, and not all synthetic products (which is produced using chemical ingredients) is dangerous. Lots of people shared natural based cosmetics are safe, but actually that's wrong. 
Let's say we're talking about water, which usually is the main ingredients in toner, moisturizer, lotion, etc. Water (H2O) is natural and safe, as long as there isn't any weird taste, color, or even scent. But as we all know, in chemistry they called water as H2O. So we can't say something natural won't contain chemical elements. So why, is the "natural" stuff can't always be safe? Actually this is related to the second topic we're gonna talk about, but for now I'm gonna show you another example. We must've heard about Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Dioxide. If you use sunscreen a lot, you must've know about these two. 
These two babies have the same purpose; as sunscreen agent to fight UVA and UVB. In fact, those sunscreen agent produced in factory is synthetic form. So even these two are available out there naturally, it's not safe for us to use them because they're toxic. That's why, again, we need to remember that not all natural stuff are always safe. Of course, vice versa. Not all synthetic ingredients are dangerous. 
Another example, talking about silicone. Silicone is synthetic, lots of people out there consider as a dangerous ingredients. Maybe you're thinking about the same idea. That's because we often read about silicone injection in articles. Well, half of that is fact, there are some types of dangerous silicone. But if we use it in terms of skin care, is it even possible for he producer use dangerous ingredients to be used to our face? Dimethicone is very safe, and it actually is the newest type of silicone that won't clog pores. 

2. Paraben
Paraben is synthetic, and of course produced using chemical ingredients, not from nature. One of the main reason that makes people avoid paraben is because it can cause breast cancer. But if you're one of @labmuffinbeautyscience, you might ever read their article about paraben. From what I read, there's misperception about this ingredient. 
Here's the history. Media has tweeting about paraben being the estrogen receptor that can affect women's hormone. This estrogen is being associated with breast cancer research and women's inability in reproduction (having kids). They misunderstood about the research in 2004 about breast cancer, where there's this conclusion : they found paraben in the breast tissue. The truth is, the amount of paraben found in the tissue was very small. So, if there's any brand in Indonesia saying "no paraben, no lanolin, no SLS", you might wanna find out more about the product. Find out about their ingredients. Because in Indonesia, most products use Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, and DMDM Hyantoin as cosmetics or skincare preservatives. 
So far, paraben can be considered as the safest. It's been hundred years since it's first discovery, yet the case is still in a very small amount.  While Phenoxyethanol is banned in some countries, because it can cause highest possibility of allergy. DMDM Hyantoin is preservative with formaldehyde type, which means when there's bacteria in the skincare, it'll do its job as antimicrobial that kills the bactery #sorrynotsorry. 
If you need further research, you might visit CIR (Cosmetics Ingredients Review), one of trusted institution in America who does review about ingredients in cosmetics products. 

3. Petroleum jelly and mineral oil are dangerous? Myths! 
These two babies are natural, since they're made of Hydrocarbon. Is it safe? Yes of course! People are afraid that these two comes from petroleum. Petroleum itself is a liquid found in sedimentary rock, usually used as fuel. But petrolatum or mineral oil that's used in skincare is the result of distillation, which is the result of the best purification process and won't clog pores. 
For example, we buy products that contains mineral oil and it leads to blackheads or whiteheads, then there's lots of possibility of other causes as well. It might because since the beginning you already had clogged pores but you don't realize it. Or maybe, the mineral oil itself isn't from the best purification process. Don't blame the skincare right away if it don't work its best for us. Again, the result in each person can be different.

4. Gold and Collagen as anti aging agent? Myths!
This thing starts when the trend about mixing metal into skincare became hype. It's more about marketing gimmick, actually. I'm sure there are lots of people who followed this trend and tried the products. I'm one of you, I also tried the gold-infused skincare. Well, it results in great moisturizing effect, but nothing more. So far, if we're talking about metal, the most reliable element is copper-peptide. There's a lot research on it, and peptide itself is a promising anti aging element. 
As for collagen, there's something called hydrolyzed collagen. Simply saying, the collagen will be broken down into smallest molecules. A bit information about Dalton Rule, it's a way we can use to determine if the thing is skincare or drug that can be used as skincare. If the result is under 500 then it's a drug, but if the result is more than 500 it's skincare. How to get the number? You'll only need to find the molecule weight. For example, Salicylc Acid has around 100D, so it means it's drug. Drug can shrink into the pores, even to the deepest. It's possible to exfoliate from inside the skin. That's why pregnant mom aren't allowed to use this. As for collagen, it has around 80-12kD, thousands above the treshold number. That's why, usually collagen only work on the surface and therefore safer to everyone. 

5. Retinol
Retinol is around 200D, so yes it can work as antiaging agent. That's true.

Additional information!
a. Some people might use skincare in another dose than the brand's recommendation. Well, actually the brand recommend on average effect to people. Just like taking medication, there's some specific purpose. If your skin's overdose, there must be some sign. But there's some excuses, again and again, back to the skin condition and what it needs. As long as it has the right and good effect onto your skin, then that's still in the right dose. 

b. About chemical peeling; as recommended by the brand is to use it 2-3 times a week. But sometimes if the product is mild and your skin needs more often peeling, then it's fine to use it a bit more. Or if your skin is extremely sensitive then you might even use the peeling only once a week. 

c. Keeping the skincare in refrigerator? It's a yes. Usually the reason we want to keep skincare inside refrigerator is to keep the same texture, color, and scent or prevent bacteria and fungus. There are some products that you have to keep in the refrigerator, and some products that will be fine even you just simply put it in your room, for example vaseline and clay mask. 

Well, I think that's all I can share about ingredients in skincare and its myths. Please tell me if you like this kind of content, or whatever kind of contents you want me to write here. 
Also thanks to Insomnia for sharing, Beautiesquad for coordinating this online sharing session.

Catch me at @jennitanuwijaya, see you on my next post, babes!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Event Report: Eva Beauty at Cosmobeauty 2018

10:27 PM
Hello gorgeous! Siapa nih yang minggu kemarin hadir di cosmobeauty 2018? Yup, kegiatannya dilaksanakan selama tiga hari di Jakarta Convention Centre, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan. Nah, salah satu brand yang juga ikut hadir langsung ke Indonesia adalah Eva Beauty. Apasih Eva Beauty, pasti pada kepo kan? Yuk baca sampai selesai!

Eva Beauty merupakan brand asal Taiwan, yang kini berekspansi ke Indonesia. Wah, kalau bisa ekspansi ke negara lain pasti produknya bagus, makin penasaran nggak? Hihi. Eva beauty ini merupakan pionir produk percantik payudara, dan menurut penjelasan brandnya, tidak ada efek negatif sama sekali. Alatnya ini dibuat oleh Eva, dan kemarin saat pameran beliau ikut hadir ke Indonesia. Apa fungsi dan kelebihan dari alat ini ya, sampai bisa go international?

Well, mesin percantik payudara Eva adalah peralatan terkemuka yang menerapkan teknologi baru di dunia kecantikan, dimana melalui penerapan cahaya khusus dapat menyesuaikan bentuk payudara dan membuat payudara jadi lebih besar. Cahaya yang dihasilkan ini berbeda dengan laser ya girls, jadi cahaya ini terlihat dan memiliki rentang panjang gelombang yang luas dari inframerah dekat hingga inframerah jauh. 

Sejauh ini, hal yang umum dilakukan perempuan untuk memperoleh bentuk payudara yang indah biasanya dengan melakukan operasi dan memasukan benda asing. Tentunya, ini cukup berisiko karena memasukan benda ke dalam tubuh ada kemungkinan efek samping seperti ketidakcocokan, yang tentunya pada setiap orang akan berbeda hasilnya. Kini kita bisa memperbesar dan mempercantik payudara secara alami atau tanpa perlu melalui operasi. Pada mesin percantik payudara Eva ini, dapat meningkatkan sirkulasi darah, dan memperbesar penyerapan nutrisi lemak pada payudara. Ketika sel lemak pada payudara mengembang, otomatis akan ada efek memperbesar ukuran payudara yang ditimbulkan. Pada saat yang sama, mesin tersebut akan memperkuat ligamen sensori payudara sehingga payudara menjadi lebih elastis dan tinggi. Tentunya payudara akan terlihat mengembang penuh dan cantik alami. 

Mesin yang digunakan untuk perawatan payudara ini lampunya menghasilkan gas yang dinamakan dengan Xenon, atau disebut lampu kilat xenon. Umumnya lampu kilat ini digunakan pada kamera atau diatas cerobong bangunan, dan bahkan digunakan sebagai sinyal penerbangan udara dan papan iklan, dan tentu saja digunakan juga pada peralatan medis. Salah satu alasan mengapa menggunakan mesin ini, yakni karna mesin ini tidak memancarkan sinar UV sama sekali. Sedangkan penyebaran panjang gelombangnya hampir sama dengan sinar matahari, 

Efek yang dihasilkan permanen, dan dapat langsung terlihat hanya dalam sekali pemakaian. Banyak yang seringkali heran dengan produk yang memberi efek terlihat hanya dalam satu kali pemakaian. Namun nyatanya, banyak produk jaman sekarang yang bisa melakukannya, dengan memaksimalkan teknologi yang ada. Salah satunya Eva Beauty ini. Mesin yang mampu mengencangkan payudara dan memperbesar payudara ini memiliki cara kerja seperti berikut :

Whoa, Zhen bang!

Jadi, mesin ini bisa meningkatkan kesehatan dan menstabilkan keseimbangan hormon dengan cara:
- Meregenerasi sel - sel payudara kita, membuat kulit daerah payudara menjadi cerah kembali.
- Memperkuat ligament sensori payudara yang berfungsi untuk menyokong payudara kita.
- Mengembangkan sel-sel lemak sehingga payudara menjadi lebih besar (secara alami, dan tentunya tanpa operasi).
- Memperlancar sirkulasi darah dan limpa.
- Meningkatkan metabolisme sehingga payudara jadi mengembang penuh dan cantik alami.
- Bahkan dapat memulihkan gangguan hormon wanita yang disebabkan oleh stress.

Hal yang perlu diperhatikan, sebenarnya alat ini bisa digunakan oleh semua wanita berusia 21 tahun keatas. Hanya saja, ada beberapa kondisi yang membuat tidak memungkinkan untuk menggunakan alat ini, yakni:
-Wanita hamil, ibu menyusui, atau sedang haid. Ketiga kondisi ini dilarang menggunakan alatnya karena ditakutkan akan mengganggu hormon. Sinar alat ini bekerja dengan memperbaiki hormon, sehingga akan ada kemungkinan terganggu ketika masa - masa sensitif itu dilakukan perawatan.
- Menderita herpes dan luka
- sudah pernah operasi di area payudara, misalnya implan atau operasi lainya. 

Ketika melakukan treatment, ada beberapa hal yang dilakukan. Berikut langkah perawatan dengan alat Eva Beauty:
1. Buka pakaian (secara keseluruhan, pakaian tubuh atas saja)
2. Gunakan nipple cover (ini tipis, merekat dengan baik tapi tidak lengket di kulit. Sangat nyaman!) Nipple cover ini akan menutupi/melindungi bagian puting dari sinar saat dilakukan penyinaran dengan alat. 
3. Rebahan di kursi perawatan
4. Mengulaskan gel khusus pada area payudara yang akan diberikan perawatan. Menurutku, gel ini terasa seperti gel pada umumnya, yang sering digunakan untuk USG atau ECHO di rumah sakit. Rasanya dingin dan nyaman hehe.
5. Kemudian perawatan dimulai. Diawali dengan tingkat panas yang ringan, kemudian ditingkatkan sesuai dengan ketahanan masing-masing orang. Semakin kuat sinar, semakin kuat efek yang dihasilkan. Hanya saja sebaiknya tidak memaksakan pada sinar yang terlalu berlebihan, cukup pada kondisi nyaman saja. 
6. Setelah penyinaran selesai dilakukan, dapat dilihat perbedaan pada kedua payudara (antara yang sudah ditreatment dan yang belum). Saat aku mencoba perawatannya, sangat terlihat perbedaan pada bentuk payudara sesudah dan sebelum perawatan. Setelah diberikan sinar dengan alat percantik payudara Eva Beauty, bentuk payudara jadi lebih bulat dan lebih terangkat. Berhubung usiaku masih 22 tahun, perbedaan yang didapat tidak terlalu banyak.

Alat ini direkomendasikan secara khusus untuk wanita yang telah memiliki anak. Hal ini dikarenakan wanita yang telah memiliki anak cenderung menurun payudaranya. Ibu-ibu pun bisa mencoba alat ini, asalkan belum menopause. 

Segitu aja cerita dari aku mengenai Eva Beauty, also special thanks to Beauty Blogger Tangerang for introducing me (&you, dude) to this product. See you on my next post!

More info on: Website | Instagram

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Indonesian Local Mineral Cushion - Emina Bare With Me

7:35 PM
Hello gorgeous, how’s your day? Hope everything goes smoothly for you, as for me. I believe you’ve heard the hype about this local product - Emina which has been out for a while. Well, actually there’s lots of local brand cushion launched few months back, but this one’s catch my eye (and heart lol). Can you guess why? If you know me,… Yes! It’s because of the cute packaging, what else could catch my heart? ;p 


The cushion packed in simple cute pink packaging, with the same design of the box and the cushion itself. With “Bare With Me” written on both packaging, and information about the product and shade written there. They also complete the design with squares, which makes the packaging attractive but not too much. A little bit information, I always love Emina’s packaging since forever! They always create cute and feminine packaging, with affordable price tag, and also good quality product.

The puff looks super neat, with bright color ; white and cream, also with Emina printed on ribbon. Of course, with pinky vibes just like they usually do. They also cover the mirror with some kind of paper or plastic, which makes sure that the mirror is clean.

Here's how it looks on the inside. The mineral base absorbed perfectly onto the cushion sponge, which is good. Usually when we get new cushion, the sponge looks plain and we need to tap a few times until it can transfers the product onto the puff. This helps in shorten the time on the first usage. 

Emina Mineral Cushion has three shades only - which we can guess already, since it’s very common that Indonesian local base either foundation or cushion or alphabet cream, usually available in limited shades. The shades here are: 01 (Light), 02 (Natural), and 03 (Caramel). My first thought was they make the shades in order from lightest to darkest. Then I saw lots of swatches on social media, that shows differently than my thoughts. Looks like shade Natural is the darkest one, even darker from Caramel. How could it even possible? Well, my guess is Emina create the shades not in order of number, but based on undertone. The light one is for pink undertone, the natural is for neutral undertone, and caramel is for yellow undertone. Unfortunately I ordered shade 02 on the launch date, so yeah what can I do? Hopefully the shade still match my skin tone. 
[Credits: Sociolla.com]

After doing some swatch, turns out my guess is right. Shade 02 (Natural) is a bit dark, and even doesn’t match my skin tone. It makes my skin look like tanned. Worry no more, actually we can still do something about that. We can use face powder or concealer that has lighter color than our original skin. But this actually wipe out the essential thoughts on using cushion: simplicity. 

I actually love using cushion because it’s practical and simple to use, travel friendly for sure. I’m very mobile, and very often do makeup on the road or at office, when I’m traveling or even sometimes need to retouch my makeup in the middle of the day. That’s why I always love something compact and easy to use. This cushion - well, maybe if I have the right shade I’ll love it so much. 

The brand claimed about the product that has “dewy matte finish”, which makes us really curious right? Since dewy and matte are two different things; that can’t be matched (in my opinion). After trying the product, I understand what they mean. The cushion has dewy finish, but when you touch your face it feels like matte. It doesn’t look too wet like Mizzu Rock or other Korean cushion like Laneige, it looks just like a good healthy glowing skin. I love it so much, since people will look at you just like you have healthy skin but it’s matte. It makes your makeup looks natural. This kind of stuff suits young people like us, for going to school or even work and still looking natural just like Korean. 

Final thoughts
After trying this cushion for a whole day, I can finally conclude my opinion. I love how easy the cushion to be blended. I love how natural the result (the coverage is light to medium, but not buildable) so you can still see your pores and actual skin. The only thing I don’t like is it shows my fine lines, like on my under eye and smile line. I didn’t use any other products like primer or powder to set the makeup, so it’s the real result of using only cushion. Maybe if we use primer and powder to set the face, the result might be different. 

Throughout the day, it doesn’t hold oil produced by my face. Especially on t-zone, after around five hours of usage it becomes shinier and a bit oily. But I can always retouch it or wipe it out. The result is almost similar with matte cushion. Just a bit shinier since at the beginning it already looks dewy. 

I really recommend the product for young people and teenager, and also k-makeup lover. This one’s super affordable I can say, since it only cost IDR 126.000 per 15g. I hope there’ll be the refill available, so we can spend less money and create less plastic waste.

Rate: 4/5 
Recommend: Yes
Repurchase: the refill, yes. I always prefer to buy another refill than a new cushion case. 
Get it at: Sociolla (use code: SBNLAFLF to  enjoy IDR 50.000 off, min purchase of IDR 250.000 and also to support this blog)

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Multi-Masking with The Body Shop Superfood Mask | Works Amazingly on Combination Skin

10:32 PM
Hello gorgeous! It's been a while since my latest post about beauty, well... It's not easy to write about my personal life on previous post so yeah need some time to calm me down and get me back on track. Anyway here I am today, ready to share something exciting with you!

This month, The Body Shop Indonesia kind enough to send me as TBSBEAUTYBAE, ALL variant of their superfood mask! Yes, this is one of my wishlist, since months ago I wanted to collect them all and been saving for them. Whoa, let us call this a beautiful coincidence.

What makes me love TBS is they're 100% vegan and cruelty free - can't even imagine if John (my rabbit) abused for testing ingredients in beauty products :( so let's support the petition online and offline! Also in the ingredients, they're paraben free, silicon free, mineral oil free, and paraffin free. Simply saying they're safe for everyone. Everything here is also made with love using community trade organic from all around the world. Excited enough to read more about the Superfood Mask? Keep scrolling down!

They have five variants of masks, priced IDR 329.000/75ml each. They have nice simple and elegant packaging, with different color on the label to differ each variants. The double-lid make it super safe so we won't need to worry about spoiling the product. Another fave thing, the jar is made from sturdy glass so it's reusable. After it's empty we can use the jar as storage, or simply bring it back to The Body Shop stores to get a point that we can use on the next purchase. Well, let's move on to the variants!

1. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Everyone knows that charcoal's the king of detox, right? This one's really good in fixing impurities (after heavy makeup, or simply too much dirt on our face). I can say this one's the best from the range. When I use it, I feel a bit cool or mint sensation, with tingling effect. Enjoying pampering myself, this clay-textured mask did a really great job in helping me having good clean skin! Not only clean, it makes my skin feels smooth, heal my acne, and also good at oil control. I really recommend this variant if you have combination to oily skin. If you have dry skin don't you dare trying this. ;p

2.  British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

This pinky babe smells literally like rose. Having watery-gel texture with real rose petals in it, this one's make me feel super relax and fresh. It contains rose essence, rosehip oil - which is full of vitamins and antioxidants that's very good for healing spots and dry patches, and also aloe vera. Of course, the result is deep moisturizing and calming from the relaxing scent. Really good for summer vibes! Or simply if you live near beach like Bali, I believe you'd love this one!

3. Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

Enriched with honey - which is good for almost everything, marula oil and olive oil. I even have experience using real honey as face mask when I was a university student [lol] maybe you've done the same thing? Let me know through the comment section! Well, back to the topic. This baby has a honey-thick-texture but smells different. I smell some herbal hint in it, even though I'm not sure what kind of smell is that. Anyway since the effect is more onto moisturizing and even eliminating dry patches, I recommend this to you who have dry skin. But still, any skin condition may use this variant.

4. Amazonian Acai Energizing Radiance Mask

You're stressed because of work and deadlines? This one's suits the best for you! Office workers, come on read this part! ;p This Amazonian Acai is really good for dull and tired skin (which usually show up onto our face due to stressed and too much thinking). The texture is more like strawberry jam, watery but thick. It moisture my skin, smooth everything out, and even increase circulation on my skin - which makes the skin energized! The end result is healthy glow and of course, good-to-go skin! This variant's good for all skin type, from sensitive, normal, combination, or even dry skin.

5. Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask

Well, I can say this one's similar to the himalayan, but less intense. This white chick is also good in draws out impurities because it's enriched with Kaolin Clay, and also have less coarse and lighter tingling effect. The thing that makes this one has lighter effect is it contains sesame seed oil - which make this product won't dry out our skin that much. Can be used for all skin type, this variant has great result in brightening effect. I love to use this on my cheek so I can fade my acne scars and redness.

6. Japanese Matcha Deep Cleansing Mask

This one's the only variant that has "collaboration" of ingredients from different countries. The matcha might come from Japan, but actually they're combining Dandelion from France into this variant. Having small scrubs in the thick texture, this baby's good for deep cleanse. If you're contaminated with pollution (just like me HAHA let's be honest, if we live in the city with lots of vehicle we'll face pollution, right?) it's good for us too! I don't recommend this one for dry skin since it has scrubs in it, I'm afraid it'll be too much for skin with dry patches. The scent-well, with matcha in it what can you expect? It has fresh scent, just like I always love it. The final result is clean and smooth skin-every girls' dream!

Well, that's all for the Superfood Mask variants by The Body Shop. This time I'll do the DEMO on how to use multi-masking onto my face. Ready??
First thing first, know what you need. I mean, we might have a combination skin, but do you know that every single part of our skin has different need? That's why we do multi-masking, to fulfill those different needs on different areas. As for me, my T-zone needs detox (too much dirt and oil and bad stuff there), my cheek needs to brightened up, and my chin... well I just want to be energized. So let's try three masks! I'll have Charcoal on my T-zone, Chinese Ginseng on my cheek, and Acai on my chin. Here's how I use it.

Let them rest for around 5-10 minutes, then wash them off. Voila, You'll get clean pretty healthy skin, ready to rock the world!

Thankyou The Body Shop Indonesia for sending me these masks, also special thanks to you for reading this post. See you on my next post!