Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tried N Tested: Avoskin Miraculous Refining Serum

10:02 PM
Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya! Today we’re gonna talk about skincare - specifically serum. Even though I haven’t been sharing about skincare lately, hopefully you girls still take a good care of your skin, babe!

A month ago, I received a new product from Avoskin, managed by @Beautiesquad. They gave me their new range: Avoskin Miraculous Refining Serum. As you might already know, Avoskin has launched this range in early 2019, started with the toner that has been hype for a while. Now they have this local exfoliating serum, which is claimed to be more effective than the toner itself. 

Product Information: 10% AHA + 3% BHA + 2% Niacinamide + Ceramide
The combination of AHA-BHA-Niacinamide
Natural extracts work as effective exfoliator to make skin cleaner and more radiant. 
Let’s enjoy the miraculous sensation.

Work well for: 
  • skin exfoliating
  • Brightening
  • Blemishes
  • Uneven tone
  • Pore tightening
  • Moisturizing
Sunburn alert: this product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and fow a week afterwards. 

Fragrance free. 

Exfoliating is a necessity for all skin types, even sensitive skin, if you want a healthy and happy skin, which I believe everyone wants. The benefits of exfoliation are plentiful, such as diminish of fine lines and wrinkles and even prevents them from worsening. It can also help unclog pores, reduce hyper pigmentation, minimize dark spot, and lessen excess oil. The key is to find the right exfoliator for your skin type. There are two types; chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation. 

Chemical exfoliation is a form of exfoliating that includes products that chemically dissolve the intercellular glue that holds dead skin cells together. This product usually penetrates the upper layers of the skin for a more complete removal of dead surface cells. 

Physical exfoliation is the brisk removal of a dead surface cells via rubbing and sloughing. basically, the dead surface cells are removed by physically sloughing crystals of micro-fine granules against the upper layer of the skin. Most skin type can cooperate with this type of exfoliation.


This one comes with the same theme as their toner. Dark brown, in a paper box with all product details written all over the box. Everything you need to know are available on the box. Somehow the box is pretty thin so they send the package with a recycled paper - sturdy box with the brand name written on it. To be honest, I really adore how this brand always thought of environment and the effect on it. 
Continue with the bottle packaging itself, still with dark brown theme. They use glass bottle to store the product, with brand name and brief information about the product. As for the top they use pippet top, which makes it easier to take the product as its liquid. The rubber of the pipet is pretty thick, so I believe it’ll hold for a long time until we finish the product. It can take the product effectively and give you the right measure. Simply open the bottle, press the pipet, and voila you’ll get one full pump as the right amount for the whole of your face. 

Texture, scent, and formula
The texture is more onto thick watery liquid, just like usual serum we can find out there. The liquid has white colored, a bit sticky but absorbs well onto your skin. This leaves glowing effect onto your skin right after usage. Yet, we’ll have to wait few minutes for the serum to get dried and not sticky onto another stuff or maybe our hair. The good thing is, when you use this in the morning, your makeup is gonna stick for a bit longer than usual. As for night, just make sure you won’t stick your cheek onto the pillows. 
This product claimed to be having no fragrance at all, but somehow I feel like there’s some specific scent, just like a wound cleanser. It’s just a slight feeling, so no worry. Haven’t found out yet what makes this scent out of the product. But other girls who tried the toner said that there’s this slight scent on it too, so maybe it’s about the main ingredients. 

Final thoughts

After trying this product for a month, here’s my final thought. This product works well on my sensitive-normal-to-oily-combination skin. FYI, I use this product once per two days, or three times a week. No purging period, or other negative side effects. The only thing I noticed was it works with my “about to be born acne”. This makes the acne comes out and dries it out, yet leaving acne scars. It took a while until the acne scar fade, so maybe you’ll wanna combine the skincare range with something to brighten up and fade the acne scar. Other than that, it did smoothen out my skin (and work on the blackheads, just needs to be consistent on using the product and make sure not to skip. Pretty match for their tagline: The Miracle For Skin. For some people that had a hard time for fading acne scar, maybe you’ll need to think twice before trying this product. As for someone who wants to get a smooth skin and willing to do extra miles and patient enough, you’ll definitely want this baby on your skincare routine. 

Size: 30ml / 1.01 oz
Price: IDR 219.000

Monday, February 18, 2019

JTALKS: When She Found Another Man

6:21 PM
If you're someone from a normal happy family, then you might never know this.
You might never understand us, brokenhome kids.
You might even not realize that there's some families that are broken.
Well, it's not your fault. It's just our unfavorable destiny.

However, life must go on. That's what I've been thinking these past years.

I've been facing this condition for years, since I was a kid. Since my first step at school, knowing I'm gonna be living with one of my parents, and it must be my mom.

There are hard days, there are days I wanna forget this life and start a new one, there are happy days where I get to meet daddy and have fun just like nothing happened.

That's how I felt these years.

Well, there are something left.

I know someday this gonna happen. There are possibilities... That I want to ignore.
Living with my mom is already good (even though sometime's hard)
Something that I've ever imagined... maybe, just maybe..

She'll need someone beside her. To share her life, to hear her stories.

Someone who can understand her.
Someone who can make her smile again, and forget the wounds.

Someday when life gets easier, maybe that day will come.

She'll meet someone that she wants to live with.

Well, I can't be selfish.
I should understand her.


I'll let her try it once again, when she meet the perfect man.

Someone who loves her with her past and her future.

Someone who loves her family also.

Someone who loves her inside out.

As long as you're happy, just follow your heart. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Safi Blogger Gathering + White Expert Series Review

11:48 PM

Hello gorgeous, welcome back! Have you ever heard about halal skincare brand from Malaysia? They’ve been in hype lately, and I’m about to share the fun with you! Few weeks ago, Safi Indonesia held a blogger gathering at Blue Jasmine, The Maja. They’ve been really kind to invite me to the event and had lots of fun and treats. Let’s get started, shall we?
The event was on Saturday afternoon, with blue ornament everywhere just like Safi’s image. I love how the table decorated, and how they choose the venue. The outdoor seat at Blue Jasmine was really pretty and get perfect natural lighting. The stage was simple yet cute. We all had fun taking pictures and boomerang, further more there are lots of pretty girls who are humble enough to support each other. Started with having lunch, who doesn’t love feast? The food at Blue Jasmine was always good, and I always love to had a meal there. Meanwhile, we took pictures and boomerang for Instagram competition and boomerang challenge. Fun and enjoyable moment! 

Then the show started. The host greet bloggers as audience, and had a little talk about Safi and its products. Turns out some of us has already tried the products, and they really love it. It makes me even more curious about how the product would work on my skin. The best selling ones are Safi White Expert series, which is a brightening skincare range. Since we’re so excited to get to know more about the brand and the product, hence we start the talk show. 

What’re we going to do at the talkshow? We show the way we talk. Lol just kidding! Let’s start the real topic. 

Safi is a halal (safe), natural, and tested (effective) brand from Malaysia. They meet Moslem women expectation to have the real beauty and reach their own potential. It was all started at Safi Research Institute, the first Halal Institute in the world. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there are hundreds researchers that had interactions with Indonesian moslem women to find their needs of skincare that are halal, natural, and tested (halal, natural, teruji).  To get better each and every day, to have the true beauty inside every woman. 

They launched the brand in Indonesia less than one year ago, and the market’s response was great. This brings Safi into one of the top skincare brand in Indonesia. One of the best selling range is their White Expert Series. Hence, now they’re ready to release another product line in Indonesia. Actually they already launched more products in Malaysia like hair care product and toothpaste. The one’s being launched soon in Indonesia is their hair care range. They have various shampoo and conditioner, all specialized for those who wears hijab. It happens that those who wears hijab has more problems than the ones don’t. they tend to have dandruff, wet sculp, hair loss, etc. So Safi made the products to overcome those problems. Anyways, if one of you had sensitive skin, the team has confirmed that Safi’s products are safe for you. As it was made from natural ingredients, they’re also safe for those of you moms who are pregnant (carrying baby) or maybe breastfeeding your baby. All the products are water based, that’s why it’s safe.

Safi Indonesia’s team are kind enough to send me more loves, they gave me some products to try at home. They’re the white expert series. What made them so effective are their main ingredient; Habbatus Sauda, and their technology : Oxywhite. Let’s get to know them! 

Habbatus Sauda, also known as the seed of blessing or jintan hitam. Since hundreds years ago, this ingredients has been trusted as medicine to heal any kind of disease, and to maintain a good healthy and bright skin. The antioxidant in this ingredient helps protecting the skin from free radicals. 

Oxywhite Technology, helps to release additional oxygen into the skin, makes our skin feels refreshed, helps nutrition absorbing, and slow down darkening effect of our skin by reducing the melanin production. Hence, it makes our skin looks brighter. 

  1. Safi White Expert Purifying Makeup Remover

Is a water based makeup remover that is very soft with ingredients of Habbatus Sauda, OxyWhite, and Micellar Technology. 
-      Cleanse makeup and dirt from the face easily
-      Keep the skin moisturized and elasticity with Bio Hyaluronic
-      Suits all skin type including sensitive skin
How to use: pour onto cotton pads, wipe gently onto your face to remove makeup and dirt. No need to rinse it off. 
After trying this product, I think:
The packaging was clear and simple. You can find every information needed there, from the brand, product variant, size, ingredients, manufacturing information, except the price. The bottle top is not so safe I guess, that the product can be spoiled accidentally, so you’ll need to keep it safe. Maybe when you’re travelling with this buddy, you need separated pouch to keep this one.
As you can see the texture from outside, it was just like water. It works GREAT on my face while removing all makeup and dirt, just with two cotton pads (two sides). It’s just me having combination normal to oily skin, that needs to make sure every drop of oil excess on my face are wiped out too, that’s why I used another cleanser after this micellar. If you ain’t a sensitive or oily ones, then you might be all good to go with only micellar cleanser like this. 
The scent somehow refreshed me (and my skin for sure), so yeah I love this one. 
Rate: 4/5 
Price: IDR 82.900
Size: 100ml

  1. Safi White Expert Purifying Cleanser 2in1 Cleanser & Toner

Is a two action face cleanser. This gel cleanser is easy to wipe. And:
-      Cleanse makeup and dirt with the soft scrub
-      Having habbatus sauda, sunflower seed, and vitamin e as antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals
-      Without additional soap ingredient so keeps pH balanced
-      Enriched with menthol to refresh the skin
How to use:
Pump and pour the right amount to your palms, massage onto face gently and wash with clean water. 
After trying this product, I think:
The packaging was smart. They’re in clear pump bottle, so you can see the product inside and see how much product left. This pump made sure it’s easy for you to get the product in the right amount onto your hands. And I love to see how equally the scrub are placed inside the bottle. What they need to improve is how to make this product travel friendly (since I’m more onto practical and easy-to-travel product person). The texture was nice and smooth, and yet cleanse my face perfectly. It helps my skin feels refreshed and I like it! Took less time in skin care usage since I can skip toner now ;p 
Just like the micellar, this one smells so good and refreshing. It’s just the fragrance seems like stronger than the ones in the micellar.
Rate: 4/5
Price: IDR 56.500
Size: 150ml

  1. Safi White Expert Ultimate Essence

Is soft textured essence, that are:
-      Brightens up the skin
-      Fade pigmentation on our skin
-      Even out skintone 
-      Soothe skin with redness
-      Soften and hydrates skin
How to use: 
Gently tap onto face and neck, massage gently until it absorbs onto your skin.
After trying the product, I think:
I don’t know the reason they use another box to store this baby, while we can find all the information needed on the bottle itself. I love how thoughtful they’re in choosing this pump bottle, with simple design yet still attractive. The texture itself is super soft and smooth, easy to apply and absorbs onto my skin in no time. No sticky feeling at all. No wonder, it’s waterbased product anyway. Feels super light on my skin feels like I’m wearing nothing, so I love it! Easy and safe to bring in the travel bag. Anyway, this one has the softest scent out of the three products I tried. Definitely a must-try product!
Rate: 5/5
Price: IDR 82.900
Size: 20ml

Thank you so much Safi Indonesia and Beautynesia for having me at this event. I had lots of fun with friends here. Of course, the box decorating class was super fun too! They invited the mentor from Malaysia to teach us how to do that, and that was my first time doing semi-painting on the wooden box. Turns out the box become so pretty and adorable! Best activity I had this month. 

Thank you for reading this post as well, see you on my next post! 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Perfume: UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo Signature

10:45 PM
Hi gorgeous! Valentine is around the corner, have you found the perfect gift for your loved ones? For your boyfie perhaps? Here's a gift inspiration that might be one of your choice this valentine, because who doesn't love good scent?

Time Travel in the Future

The third chapter of the UOMO franchise tells a future florence where an audacious and ambitious man reaffirms his strong personality and the unmistakable, timeless style of Salvatore Ferragamo. This story take place in Florence in 2127, a symbolic date where exactly 200 years after the trip that bought Salvatore Ferrgamo back from California to Tuscany, the place where he started the success of SF brand.
In this futuristic vision, three different men are competing in a Ferragamo race. The UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo bottles become racing vehicles on the challenging urban circuit. Futuristic lights and chiaroscuro alternations emphasize the speed effect in the continuous combination of reality and fantasy. The circuit has the shape of Salvatore Ferragamo's Creations logo designed by Futuristic Lucio Venna.

The Fragrance
Perfumer: Alberto Morillas
Olfactive Family: Oriental Leathery
Alberto Morillas interprets this trip creating a darker fragrance that leaves rich and bold lingering sensation, among leathery notes reminiscent of Florentine tradition, while trying not to leave the sexiness made of Coffee's darkness and Tonka Bean.
This buddy opens with shaking freshness of Italian Citrus, reminding the wild Calabrian lands; meanwhile the grapefruit and mandarine essences are galvanized by the dynamism of Pink Pepper. Crafted woody elegance follows in the heart of the fragrance, shaped by the sophisticated Cypress signature and fiereceness of Cardamom and Cinnamon. Deep and dark, all of them blend in together really well in the dry down to put the finishing touches of Italian manliness.

The Packaging / Design
 This iconic UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo flacon is dressed in a sophisticated total matte black outfit that reminds us of timeless elegance of Salvatore Ferragamo tuxedo. On the two sides of the flacon, engraved in the flass the historic logo of our beloved Ferragamo, designed by futurist painter Lucio Venna in 1930, a reminder of the link the brand has always had with art.

This dude has three sizes available since it's launched in October 2018;
30 ml Eau de Parfume (spray)
50 ml Eau de Parfume (spray)
100 ml Eau de Parfume (spray)

If you're looking for a gift for boyfriend, husband, brother or father wtih manly image, then this might be the right choice for you. Other than that, the price itself is still affordable for a high quality perfume like this. My brother really loves how good the scent is, and I assume other man would love it too.

Happy Valentine and goodluck on your date, babe! xoxo

Perfume: Signorina in Fiore by Salvatore Ferragamo | Fashion Edition

10:14 PM
Hello gorgeous! Welcome back to my blog. This is gonna be my first post about something I always love, and yes it's about perfume! I literally can't live without it, so why won't we talk about it, huh? 
Salvatore Ferragamo has released this new baby at the end of 2018, November to be exact. A precious interpretation of the iconic Signorina in fiore as a tribute to the gracious petals of the blooming season. They said.

When the beaming spring shows up on the stage of life, this Signorina in fiore welcome the blooming season revealing cheerfulness, with aura of silky petals all around her. As spring arrives, she starts breathing high vitality and joy, showing her femininity. Having the concept of being all sparkling with floral aura, Signorina in fiore fashioned like a dress, embroidered with thousands of flower patterns as the new cheerful masterpiece to embrace Salvatore Ferragamo's new flowery Spring/Summer Collection. 

Who doesn't love floral fragrance? I believe, almost every woman in this world love it. Not only because its soft scent, but this floral also describe feminism. This shown in the packaging that are full of flower pattern. 
At a glance we can smell the heart of the fragrance which is crescendo of enchanted flowers, with Cherry Blossom and transparent Jasmine petals that illuminates the scent. As when we spray the perfume, we'll feel the vibrant Nashi Pear Sorbet that blends gracefully with the juicy Pomegranate. This leaves a tender trail of soft White Musk and creamy Sandalwood. As we all known, White Musk has been everyone's favorite since the beginning of perfumery era. 
Olfactive Family: Floral Fruity
Perfumers: Emilie Coppermann (Symrise)
Signorina in Fiore, Parfum Terbaru dari Salvatore Ferragamo yang Terinspirasi dari Koleksi Fashion Musim Semi
Usually, one of the reason why I get a perfume is the packaging. It's just too adorable, too cute to be missed out. It'll look pretty even if we just put this baby on our dresser, right? Signorina in fiore has chic and iconic shape, with innovative and colorful version. Previously they have already launched the same variant, but in soft and simple baby pink packaging. Now they add new floral interpretation of the bottle as a tribute to the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer collection. Graceful, vivid, and joyous floral pattern that's lightened up by the pink gold cap. Never forget that iconic ribbon at the top to complete this perfume. 
With this amazing blooming bottle inspired by the colorful petals of the new floral fashion theme, this baby pays homage to the cheerful femininity of young women blossoming like beautiful flowers. 

Size: 50ml
Eau de Toilette (spray)
Price: IDR 1.130.000

If you're a young woman, or even not a young woman but loves feminine stuff then you absolutely have to try this product. Trust me, you'll love this. I even keep the bottle at my dresser to enjoy the view of this floral perfume.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

CLIQ: A Spot to Enjoy Yourself, Alone, in South Jakarta

2:52 PM
Hello gorgeous! Been a while since my latest post, because my real life has been so packed. Working overtime at office, doing my freelance content writing for some Thailand company, and preparing Volunteer Development Program. Other than that, maintaining a perfect health also in my to-do-list while having so much schedule on me. But hey, here I am ready to share something great with you!

After so much beauty posts, and had lots of request to share where did I took my pics and review the place, let's get started on review-ing this instagrammable spot. Do tell me your opinion about this post, and if you love this kind of post I'll share another one.

The Location : Cliq Coffee
Jl. Cipaku I No.9A, RT.2/RW.4, Petogogan, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12170

Operational Hour: 8am-10pm (mon-sat), 7.30am-10pm (sun)

The location is inside a cluster area, so it might takes you extra miles on finding the location. Yet not so far from side road. You'll need to take a personal transportation (something that can help you reach further area other than highways). Outside, you'll see a white building with "CLIQ" plate in front of the cafe.

There are two floors in this cafe. The first floor is for non-smoking area, and the second one is for smoking area. These two areas have different interior design. The non-smoking area painted in peachy pink, when the smoking area painted in green. Both has unique interior as you can see on my pictures. As in my opinion, if you want to enjoy the moment or take good pics, the first floor is way more suitable for you. The second floor is full of smoke (which makes me out of breath lol sorry not a friend of smoke) so I took a seat on the pinky floor, anyway I'm a pink freak so yeah.

Move on to the foods!

What I got here  are two foods and one fave drink that I reordered for 3 glasses HAHAHA.
Calamari (IDR 39.000)

This is a snack that appears to be main menu to me. The size was quite large for one person to eat, more onto sharing size. You can share this menu with another 2-3 people. What I love about this menu : it's fresh! They put salad to compliment this fried calamari, and the calamari itself is smooth and delicious. I ordered two plates of calamari because it's soooo delicious!

Pao Chicken Wings (IDR 39.000)

I don't really like this menu. The chicken wasn't too crispy and not really suits my taste. Too spicy as well. This can be shared to 2-3 people, just like the calamari. But my choice still falls to calamari!

Banana Chocolate Drink (Bacok - IDR 35.000)

This one's the best menu in this cafe! I really love this drink. The drink was not too sweet and not too much - just perfect. It's just they put too much ice in it. I recommend this menu to my friends Ghina and Btari, and they love it so much! OMG, who doesn't love Chocolate and Banana? If we can have both, why not?

Tax 10%
Payment Cash & Card

Kinda Pricey, need effort to reach the place, but comfy as it worth the effort.
You're lucky if you find the place a bit quiet and less visitors (they usually packed out), especially on the smoking area.
Taste good (especially my fave drink!)
Good wifi connection
The waitress took so long to work on it

Why I even love this cafe:

They suddenly surprised me with a box full of coffee. They gave me one box full of 5 variants they have (I guess it's the best selling ones). It was kinda sweet! This is my very first time being treated like this.

So I guess that's all for today's review about Cliq Coffee. Hope you like this article. Please do tell me if you love this kind of post or not, if you love it they I'll proceed with more posts like this.
Have a great day, pals!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

[JTALKS]: When I Graduate

6:02 PM
So people, welcome back to my personal life sharing. This isn't easy at all for me, yet I still want to share everything. This is kinda my own diary, that I believe lots of you are going through the same thing as me. I just want us to be strong, and keep it going. Know that we're not alone and we can get through this. I always remember this saying: All is well.

Okay, so today I'm gonna be sharing about my graduation. Well, I graduated one and half year ago, March 2017 from my scholarship program held by a private bank in Indonesia. The journey hasn't over, still have to do my thesis to get the degree officially. That's why I create the thesis, went through thesis defense and here I am, graduating for bachelor degree. I'm so happy, yet sad at the same time. You'll know the reason soon after this passage.

First, you already knew that I'm living only with my mom and my brother. That's just normal, there's a lot of us living with only one parent and it's mom. I scholarship for bachelor degree, so mom didn't even spent a single penny on my studies. When going through thesis, I paid everything by myself simply because I already work at the bank giving me the scholarship, and she always said that she's tired of paying for two kids. I can accept that since I knew how hard she works. But actually I'm kinda envy my brother, where his tuition was fully paid by mom and yet he got motorbikes (yes he got more than one) and gadgets, while I'm fighting by myself. Now you know, my life isn't that perfect. Lessons learned: she's sure that I can fight by myself, so I'll take that as a compliment. Maybe she think my brother need her on that time, so I just let them be.

Going through those hard times were really painful, yet I can do it. So if you're in the same position as I was, it means you can do it too.

Those hard times has passed by, and now supposed to be the good times. I did great on thesis defense and got an A, got the graduation invitation and even got cum laude. Mom should be proud, I guess. But I can't tell my father since he won't even know what I'm doing and my journey. Of course, she told me not to take my dad to the graduation day. She'll take my brother instead. Well that's fine and I can totally understand that, since we've been together for years, only the three of us.

On graduation day (Oct 24), I was busy with the preparation because I do my own makeup and yet she asked me to do hers. Not a wise act, huh? I'm already hectic with myself yet she asked me to do hers. But that's fine, I have to hold on and not ruin the day. Anyway, she's my mom. I'll do anything for her I guess. Despite of all the scars I have. I called some go-glam person to take care of both our hair do, so everything's taken care. So the day has passed smoothly, without any doubt. She told me we're having family dinner to celebrate my graduation, yet didn't happen because we're going home right after the graduation. While my brother's graduation had a celebration. Whatsoever, I'll celebrate by myself. Time passed by, I even don't remember it anymore.

Today. I met my father. Been days since he's been looking for me and came to my house but we just met today. He suddenly come to me, and touched my head (i don't know why but this one's my favorite gesture. Whoever do this to me, I always love that. Spoiled kid lol).

He asked me if I had graduate, and when was that. He congratulate me, and asked why I didn't tell him about that. This moment ripped my heart apart. I regret the act, why I didn't do that?! Stupid me! Simply because I was afraid he'd do something to ruin the day, just like he did in the good old days. However , whatever big event happen to my life, I should've shared it with him. He's always been the one caring for me, no matter how far we're apart.

I'm sorry for not telling you, dad. I know you would never read this, but I can only say the word through this post.

Wherever you are living, whom ever you're living with, don't let the same thing happen to you. No matter how angry you are to your parents, you'll regret doing something you shouldn't have. Do whatever you want when you still have them around, or else you won't be able to do that anymore.