Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Purbasari Hydra Series Update | Djoempa Juwita

9:00 PM
Hello gorgeous, hope you’re doing well since I have good news to share with you. Indonesian local brand has been exploring and expanding their wings lately. This one brand, has been around for years and tagged as the affordable one – will be launching new products soon. You must’ve often heard about Purbasari. Has been known for body care and also makeup. Few days ago they invited me to the Djoempa Juwita event, where we had so much fun! 

The event took place at Cerita Café, Jakarta. It’s a great place, I’d say. Semi-outdoor café with some decoration. Of course, the dresscode to this event was vintage. So here’s what I’m wearing. Top from Stradivarious, self-made skirt, VNC wedges (super comfy), with red lipstick and winged eyeliner. Perfect for such a vintage theme, huh?

We had lots of fun activities, such as talkshow, makeup demo, and also pouch painting activity. At the talkshow session, we talked about the new products that’ll be launched on 2019 which I’m gonna share about on the next paragraph. Alpina Ilham as the executive of hydra series also told us about how good the product is. They also use the newest product at makeup demo, to show how the product works. Last but not least, we had lots of fun creating our very own pouch painting that can be brought home. 

Move on to the products, here’s the review:
Volumizing Eyelashes

Made from a high quality synthetic hair with natural shape and easy to use. This product will enhance your eye makeup to look natural and pretty. 
What makes people love this is because it’s lightweight (feels like not wearing any falsies when I use this), and also volumizing (their claim). Not to mention they’re soft and comfortable. After trying this on no 01 (they have two variants) I can say the hair is not really volumizing on no.01. But it surely feels soft and natural, and super comfortable to wear. Cost IDR 20.000/pair of eyelashes. Has no glue in the packaging, and they don’t sell the glue as well. Might be another soon-to-be-launched product, so let’s wait patiently. 

Hi-matte lip cream with shimmer finish

Purbasari has their hi-matte series on trending a while ago, with good pigmentation and wearable colors. Now they launch the new ones, with shimmer finish. They have five shades but what I get here is shade 14 and 15. When swatching the colors at the event , I fell in love with all of them. Trust me, they’re all pretty and made me want to have all of them. 
What makes people love this product, is the highly pigmented formula which you don’t need to doubt about anymore, the UV filter, shimmer finish, Vitamin E, and moisturizing creamy texture. 

The pigmentation is really good, it surely covered all my natural lip color. Anyway from my experience, this lip cream start fading after we eat and drink, so you might need to bring a backup for touch up when you go out wearing this one. Surely had no problem on having dry lips using this product, since it moisturized my lips and feel creamy too. Cost IDR 52.800/product. 

Ultra Smooth Browliner

Who can go out without wearing any eyebrow? Well, surely not me. And probably, not you. I believe girls nowadays needs to draw eyebrows wherever we go, right? For daily use, I love to use eyebrow pencil to create something natural and feathery. This Purbasariultra smooth browliner is a retractable eyebrow pencil so you won’t need to sharpen it, and of course easy to use. Having tear-drop shape helps us in creating feathery lines or even define the eyebrow shape. Included a spoolie brush on the packaging, makes it easier to have a perfect brow! What I really love from this product is the texture of the pencil. It feels creamy and smooth texture, glides perfectly on my brows. This makes easier blending. Cost IDR 42.000/pencil. 

Intense Color Liquid Liner

What makes a vintage looks vintage is a winged eyeliner! Yet the problem to oily-lid girls like me is eyeliner gets wiped easily. Not an easy task finding some eyeliner that works on oily eyelid like mine. This eyeliner, is not only waterproof but also hold on oil well! I even tried to apply this onto my face yet after one whole day it still stay in place. This pen eyeliner is easy to apply, even when we want to create wing eyeliner. 
Purbasariuse internal ball bearing technology which makes the formula stay and prevent discoloration. Quick drying formula prevents you from having unperfect eyeliner, easy to apply too. They still can improve the product by making the brush a lil bit softer, so someone with sensitive eyes can use it comfortably. Cost IDR 69.000/eyeliner. 

That’s all my sharing for the fun at event and product review. If you can’t wait to get those product, get them at the official shopee or wait till the official launching on 2019. Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post babe!


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Chillax at On Three; a Doorstep Away From Your Bedroom

9:14 PM
Hello gorgeous, back to lifestyle post! Well I'm considering to post more about lifestyle, since now I'm into cafe hoping and visiting great places. So maybe, I can recommend some great spots for you to take pictures, chill out with friends, or simply enjoy the me time just like how I love to. Today we're gonna talk about On Three, a cafe located in South Jakarta which has already well-known for a while. 

I say it's a doorstep away, because it's really a doorstep away. Located in Senopati Suites, south jakarta. If you live in the apartment building you literally only need to take a walk to this place. Or even if you live in south jakarta, it's really easy to reach this place! Find a tower building with brown-white color, then voila, you've arrived.

To be honest, this place located near my house. But I never tempted to visit, because simply I thought the place would be crowded on weekend where I got free time. Anyway, because of a business (yes I own @cloudstudio_id and there was client photo session there, I thought come by to control the session and enjoy a new place not really a bad idea.) so I went there on saturday morning. I came around 10 am, after the photo session ended (my bad, woke up late yet still want to check them so yeah). The cafe opened at 8am, so I thought there'll be many people come and have breakfast or brunch there. 

Well, my guess is totally wrong! The place is very very quiet, there's no other customers than my client and my photographer on duty. Can't lie that I was very happy #loner hahaha. After had some talk with my client, decided to enjoy the cafe with my friend a.k.a photographer on duty, had a good talk, eat good food and drink, and of course take some pictures! We both wants to take fashion shots so we already wore something good, or at least proper. FYI, I'm not too fashionable ; prefer comfy clothes over the pretty ones. Worked so hard on deciding what outfit to wear to this cafe lol. You can see my photo here, is that good enough? I know this isn't the best one, but I'm trying at least. Hope can do better next time! 

Anyway, I wanna talk about the ambience of this cafe. Believe it or not, I really love this place! Being so colorful and pinky vibes everywhere makes me feel comfortable in this place. Anyway, it's also because it has great decoration too. My opinion might change if I came at another time when this place's crowded, I guess. Here are some spots that might be a good place to take pictures! 

My fave's outdoor to enjoy the good view (yes you can see buildings and pool), the transparent chair and the entrance in front of lift. Those are perfect! 

As for the food - it's average. They have not-so-much range for food, as they're tagged at around 50-100k per dish. Not the most expensive, but not the cheapest too. Drinks are tagged around 35-60k per glass. What I love is they have pretty much choices for the drinks, just like other cafe. They even have smoothies and other breakfast menu, which I love! 

Overall, I think this is more to a place to enjoy the vibes and good spots, not for good food. The internet connection was also slow and unstable, but still managed to upload a video on youtube. 
My rate is 3.5/5 for overall review. 
Have you ever visited this place? Let me know through the comment section! Do tell me if there's a place you want me to visit.

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post, babe! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Travel-Friendly Micellar Water: Ovale

10:30 PM
Hello gorgeous! Have you planned on year-end holiday? I’ve got some tips for your travel plan. Every time we go for traveling, we would want everything to be as simple as they can, right? It applies for me too. I’d love everything to be simple and quick, so preparation time can be reduced and we’ll have more time on exploring.

Who doesn’t want to look good on vacay and the photos? Every girls would love to look all bright and pretty on their photos. So am I, that’s why I always bring cleanser every time I’m traveling, so I’ll have bright cleanse skin and look good on photos. Usually, it’s kinda hard for me to decide things to be packed. I always bring so much stuff, especially when it comes to skin care. From cleanser to spf, even night cream. I usually do double or triple cleansing, just to make sure every inch of dirt are removed from my skin. This exhaust me, since much stuff like this weight too much. So I need a useful product that can cleanse my face well, but not too much steps. Then, we all know the solution: micellar cleansing water!

Thanks to Ovale Indonesia, they’re kind enough to send me their micellar cleansing water. Two variants arrived here, of course with their friends such as mask and vitamins. We all need to take a good care not only by cleansing our face but also give the right nutrition. I always cleanse my face at least two times a day; in the morning when I wake up and in the evening before going to bed. I’d choose to start and end the day with Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water because clean skin is the main condition to have healthy skin. Why do I choose this, you must be wondering. This product can cleanse all dirts on my face, including eyes, lips, face, and neck area. So simply saying, it does everything I need.

Product Claims:
-       Contains extract Magnolia to brighten up your skin
-       Hypoalergenic and dermatology tested, which makes this product safe even for sensitive skin
-       Main ingredients: water and micelle tech, which makes this product safe for daily use
-       Alcohol free and fragrance free

As you can see, the packaging looks simple and contains lots of information. From the brand name, product variant (brightening or brightening for acne skin), size, ingredients and also manufacturing information. They have two size; 200ml which is suitable for home usage and 100ml which is suitable for traveling. They’re in perfect size, I can say. 100ml is the maximum limit for a bottle to be brought onto a flight, so this micellar cleansing water can accompany me whenever I travel.
Also, Ovale use flip flop bottle for this micellar cleansing water. It makes sure that the product won’t spilled even when we put it into a bag or luggage, or simply at home where everyone can just nudge bottles on our toiletries table.

I smell a lil bit of soft flowery scent, so maybe it comes from the ingredients (they use extract magnolia as one of the main ingredient). In my opinion, this is natural scent, not fragrance. As for the texture, it feels like water (runs like water) and not too slippery. What I love about this, when I’m too sleepy after strolling around on holiday, I’ll only need to wipe my face with cotton and this micellar cleansing water without washing my face with facial soap anymore. This is perfect for my daily usage. But when I use makeup, I always make sure to do double cleansing or triple cleansing just to make sure all the dirt removed.

How to use
The steps are super simple and easy, anyone can use this product! Even teenagers, office workers, and simply everyone.
1.     Pour the Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water onto cotton
2.     Wipe it all over face and neck
3.     You’ll get soft clean and bright skin!
When we use it to cleanse eyes and skin areas, it’s better to let it stay there for a few secs to let it absorb all the makeup, then wipe it all out. You may want to wipe few times to get clean skin.

After trying both products, it turns out that I really like these two babies. I even put this at my office desk to cleanse my face, and another one on my makeup pouch, so I can take it anywhere even when I’m traveling.
(+) Moisturizing
Paraben free
Cleanse well only after few swipes
Perfect size, travel friendly

(-) Contains Ethanol, which is actually still part of alcohol

Size: 100ml, 200ml
Price: IDR 21.000, IDR 35.000
Rate: 4.5/5
Recommend/repurchase: Yes

Get more information about this micellar water on: @ovalebeautyid | FB Ovale
#LetsGoMicellar #GetReadyWithOvale #MicellarWater

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Lip On Lip Velvet Mateness – Moisturizing Matte Local Lipstick by Rohto

1:00 PM
Hello gorgeous! If you’re one of my Instagram family, you must’ve already known that I attended Lip on Lip Playdate event with Female daily a month ago. If you didn’t know, then you should be one of my Instagram family and turn on notification to see my latest activity. It was super fun, since I got to meet new blogger and vlogger friends whom I’ve never met before. We also learned about the product itself, all matte lipstick by LipOnLip.
Wait, have you ever heard about Lip on Lip? Maybe you’ve seen the product at drugstores in Indonesia. Yes, it’s a local cosmetic brand by Rohto Company. You’ll feel familiar with the sister brands like Lip Ice, Skin Aqua (I use this one every single day and even repurchased for lots of time hihi), Hada Labo (who doesn’t even know this brand?), and Acnes (those with acne problem like me will know this really well). The concept is actually matte lipstick but moisturizing and nourishing. As Rohto is a medicine company, they wanted to innovate on matte lipstick, something that can be worn by everyone. Even those with dry lips. Of course it’s not an easy job to create the formula of the product. They even said, it’s easier to create new drug than creating a moisturizing matte lipstick. But the good news is, this product is safe for pregnant mom and breast feeding mom.
Anyway, I was quite shook when I found lots of influencer like Angelica, Paula, and others. It turned out that we can play together, seriously lipstick brings every girl together! ;p Anyway at the event, there’s guests on talkshow session: Ms. Arlien from Rohto and Ochel from Female Daily. We talked about matte lipstick and the market trend. Anyway, here’s a special tips by Ochel as a make up artist on choosing the right lipstick shade:
Look at their skin tone, nude color with pinkish undertone suits light skin. While nude color with brown undertone suits yellow undertone skin, so they won’t look pale. This product suits on Indonesian skin, even those who has tanned skin. They will even look sexy! , Ochel said.
Move on to the product review, Let’s see what the product claims:
-       Glides smoothly
-       Pigmented in one swipe
-       Can be mixed and matched all colors
-       Affordable
-       Lightweight feeling
-       Moisturizing

The packaging is sturdy, with outer box to show the product details. They show the brand name, shade, ingredients, size, how to use, storage information, barcode. As for the real product packaging it looks pretty simple, white glossy tube with brand name on the packaging. Ms. Arlien from Rohto said, they wanted to keep it simple and travel friendly. Even it suits clutch to accompany you to concert.  Just like other lipsticks, if you want to use it simply turn the tube around and you’ll get the product.

Shades and Texture
LiponLip has five shades:
-       Pinkish (pink)
-       Peony (pink fuschia)
-       Reddish (red)
-       Rosie (mauve)
-       Nude (brown nude)
As for the texture, this has velvet finish rather than dead matte. Since they have moisturizing effect, it’s normal to have velvet finish. Me myself prefer something like this rather than dead matte, since my lips got dry easily.


In my opinion, these colors are pretty and wearable for both daily look and special occasions. The pigmentation is pretty good, as this product can cover my not-so-light lips. This buddy has light texture, and creamy too so it’s surely moisturized my lips well. The color can hold on pretty good, but when we eat or drink the color will fade and leave natural stain. What you need to remember, not all lip products can be worn as you wanted too. I’m a person of easiness so sometimes I try to use lipsticks as full face makeup. We need to learn the ingredients to know if its suitable or not for full face makeup, especially when you have sensitive skin like me who gets irritate easily. Lip On Lip light and contains moisturizer, so this one can be our option on being creative for full face makeup using lipstick. But if you have sensitive skin like me, use less products so our skin can breathe.

Simple & travel friendly

Only available 5 shades

This can be my option for daily use and office look, since this has the right shades for those needs. Also, this is affordable and easy to find. We can find the product at Watsons, Dan+Dan, Lotte Mart, Superindo, Yogya, and online stores.

Price: IDR 43.000/lipstick
Rate: 4.5/5
Recommend: Yes
Find out more on: Instagram | Facebook

Thanks for reading this post, see you on my next post!