Saturday, July 15, 2017

[TUTORIAL] : Ice Cream Inspired Makeup Look

Hello gorgeous, welcome back here ! 

I wanna share something special today, the thing that we celebrate once a year only in July! Every third Sunday in July, we celebrate International Ice Cream Day (still in international ice cream month). This special day is celebrated by having a bowl, a cup, or a cone of our favorite ice cream flavor. Interesting, right?
Made traditionally by freezing the mixture of cream, milk, sugar, and other additional of any flavor that you love, this often enjoyed as dessert or snack. With a very long history, no one knows who and where the exact origin of ice cream. Some people believe that Chinese people are the one who first bring ice cream, but some people believe that Romans are the ones who mix snow with honey and other flavors, which is the beginning of the ice cream we enjoy nowadays. Wherever and whoever invented the ice cream, ice cream we know nowadays is different, of course. 
Thanks to President Ronald Reagan, the first to declare July as international ice cream month and third Sunday in July as the international ice cream day. 

In order to celebrate International ice cream day, @beautiesquad and me made a makeup challenge inspired by it. We paint our face to look like our favorite ice cream. As for me, well actually I love almost all variants of ice cream (HAHAHA) but my favorite are chocolate, greentea, strawberry, and vanilla. Since I really love pink (literally like crazy) so I decided to create a strawberry ice cream inspired makeup look. If you want to know how to create the look, here we go! 

Base : 
-BYS face primer spray
-Wardah DD Cream
-Face2face BB Cream

Eyebrow : Morphe 35 U (mix all the pink colors ; darkest one on the outer part and lighter colors on the inner part)
Eyeshadow : 
-nyx eyeshadow primer
-Morphe 35 U (dark pink mixed with red and purple
-absolute new york twilight palette shade purple (on the eyelid)

-Fanbo matte sense shade f04 for the pink melted ice cream
-nyx white eye jumbo pencil to create the lines
-Absolute new york twilight palette shade pink for the melted light pink area (looks like white tho)
-Empro eyelash (upper side)
-Silverswan lash (down side)

-Create colorful sprinkles by using all colors on morphe 35u palette ; pick bold colors (because the light colors didn't popped up when i applied them)
-LA Girl contour cream shade espresso for contouring
-set my face using make over duo powder ; the light one as face powder and the brown for bronzing my face
-absolute new york twilight palette shade white for highlighter
-BYS blush on
-BYS lip cream
-Absolute new york metal veil to create metallic lips 

Here's the final look! What do you think? Am I as sweet as the strawberry ice cream??


  1. Jentaaaan cantiiik as alwaaysss gemaaas sama kucir dua nyaaa ..

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