Thursday, December 28, 2017

[REVIEW + SWATCHES] : Old and New Formula of Mad For Lipstick

Hello gorgeous girls, welcome back with me again! 
As I've promised in the previous previous previous post, OK what I'm saying as : as I've said in the past post about Mad For Lipstick, here's to fulfill it. I'm about to create the review about the old and new formula differences. (well, since we're near to new year then it'll be great to talk about old and new, right?) Without further do, let's go straight to the product review!

So here's what I've got, two bold shades of the old ones and two nude shades of the new-formula. Curious enough about those four? Well, hold on. These two are super good in color choices I can say. I love all of them, the bold ones are also good. Usually I don't like the extreme colors because it makes me look older (I already look too old with all those fatties all over my body, please save me from being old too fast haha). So yeah, let's talk about the packaging first.

[box of the outside packaging]
As we can see, they make a huge difference in box. The old one are matte looking boxes with dark side. I mean, look at them, black all over the box (except for the sides they're putting the same color of the lip cream inside, with writings of the brand name) while the new one comes in a brighter color. It use a metallic silver box, with super unique way to put the shades on top (they make a tape of the color and kind of ripped a little bit of the tape). This is the first time I see this kind of packaging (ripping something). Also on the new packaging, instead of using the color and brand name to put on, they put the shade name only (since we can already see the color on top of the box).

Move on to the inner part, well actually we can say they look pretty same for the inside packaging. The lip cream tubes are exactly look the same and of course, in the same size as well. It's already their characteristic I guess, using this type of lip cream tube, to bring the image of Mad For Lipstick. 

Secondly, we'll talk about the shades and swatches. Here's the swatches of all four of them, on my hands and also on my (not so sexy) lips.

[swatches on hand - two up there are the old formulas and the rest are new formulas]

[swatch Mad For Lipstick Femme Fatale]

[swatch Mad For Lipstick Introvert]

[swatch Mad For Lipstick Allure]

[swatch Mad For Lipstick Charm]

As you can see above, all of them have a good pigmentation (but the bold ones are more pigmented than the nudes, I don't know why, can be because of the new formula or because the color itself). For the bold ones, I only need one swipe to get full coverage on my lips. But for the nudes, I took two swipes just to make sure all my lips are covered with the lip cream. If you ask me which color is my favorite.. Can I just pick all of them? Well, if I really have to choose only one then my fav is Charm. The pink based color, is super wearable for every day look. To the office, school, or even special occasions. 

As for the texture, well... In my opinion, the new ones are super moist rather than the old ones. I can feel the old ones (bold) are way way thicker and heavy on my lips. The new formulated lip cream, is lighter and moist on my lips. This is such an inspiring local product, you know. They always fix themselves into a better one, and this comes out on their products. But every people can have different opinion. My friend, Jude, told me that she feels like the old ones are better since the new ones are more cracking. It doesn't happen on my lips tho (I use this onto a corps party and it stay still until the end! But then again, maybe different lips have different reaction). It stay still if you drink (not transfer) and eat lightly. Even when we eat something heavy, it will only transfer a little. It stays for a whole day (on me). Zhen bang! 

Well, that's all I can say about the mad for lipstick lip cream formulas. Here's the recap:
+ good variant of colors
+ can be used in any skin color
+ kissproof & waterproof
+ light
+ not sticky
+ unique lip container

- coverage differences
- details only available in the boxes

Rate : 4.5/5 (I want more shades available, and of course same pigmentation over shades)
Price : IDR 135.000
Lip protection : Yes
Repurchase : Maybe


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jenni. Udah lama penasaran sama lip cream brand lokal ini.

    1. urwel babe :) you might wanna try this one asap, get them online / offline ;)

    2. urwel babe :) you can get them online and offline to try the product soon :) get them at sociolla using SBNLAFLF at checkout to get IDR 50.000 off :)

  2. Setuju banget yg warna bold sekali swap udh pigmented bgttt, hmm jadi penasaran sm formula baru mau nyobaaa. Thanks kak jenni

    1. indeed, the bold ones are awesome yet the nudes also looking gorgeous, go try them ! urwel babe :)

  3. OMG! I love the color especially the Allure color. Thanks for sharing!

    1. urwel, and thanks for visiting! allure is super pretty for nude color:)

  4. Wah warnanya bagus ya dan kayaknya beberapa brand juga gitu deh pigmentasi warna yang lebih bold pasti lebih bagus sekali swipe langsung ke cover seluruh bibir

    The Wonderland by Kartika

    1. iyakaan i guess it's about the color deh, because it happen too with ql cosmetic and another lippies products. maybe the bold ones lebih pekat (base warnanya lebih gelap dengan sedikit warna putih) so they turn out more pigmented:)

  5. Bagus banget Mad for Lipstick improved formulanya, plus ada warna baru yang lebih wearable for daily look.