Monday, January 15, 2018

[REVIEW] : Wardah Anti Hair Fall Halal Shampoo

Hello gorgeous, sorry for being super busy and rarely update my blog these days. Been busy with office work (yup, I barely get home around 8 or 9 every day) till the point I feel like I can't move my own body. Super tiring and exhausting of course, but we have to keep the positive vibes and good spirit to write here, right?

Back to the title, today I'm going to share about a halal shampoo that has just been released few weeks ago. You girls must have known this famous halal brand, Wardah. At first they're famous for their make up collection, from complexion to decorating stuff. Right after their success on make up, they expanded their wings to skincare line. White series and aloe vera, has been their famous products from skincare line. Then now, they're launching their first shampoo series. Actually they have four variants of shampoo. The one I try, is hair fall series. The others are anti dandruff, nutri shine, and daily fresh.
This must be a relieve to Moslems, since this is the first halal shampoo I've ever known in my whole life. We're gonna talk a bit about the other variants and of course I'll share my review after trying wardah anti hair fall shampoo.
1. Anti Dandruff
Having dandruff on our hair is really irritating (trust me, I've been there) and of course this often happen to us, who lives in Indonesia. Since it's a tropical country, the weather here makes our scalp often sweat and produce a lot of oil. Especially you who wears hijab, it covers your head for a whole day. Wardah shampoo here will deduct your dandruff, completed with tea tree oil , peppermint extract, and double zinc active helps decrease dandruff and give fresh sensation on your sculp.

2. Nutri Shine
Here's the answer to those of you who have problems with damaged and dull hair. Being exposed to sun light every day does not only damage your skin but will also affect your hair. Of course, this drive to damaged and dull hair. Using curling iron or hair straightener often will also damage your hair. Nutri shine shampoo from Wardah will surely bring back shine onto your hair through combining argan oil and grapeseed extract.

3. Daily Fresh
Working for a whole day under the sun, surely tiring and very hot! This variant will make our scalp and hair feels super fresh through aloe vera and seaweed extract.

3. Hairfall treatment
Having hair fall makes me afraid, of course. Especially when I get too much hair fall. It was like, when I was combing my hair I'll get a handful of hair :( I'm afraid that I'll get premature baldness. Really girls, how ugly will that be? *no offense* but I hate even short hair on me, how can I love bald? I've tried a lot of shampoo through my life, and I rarely get good ones. When I get a good shampoo, it must be the expensive ones. I'm the type who have to shampoo every single day, unless I'll feel like my hair is super oily and will feel super uncomfortable. I admit, that's actually a bad habit (too often shampooing will damage your hair) but there's no alternative. Until I found this Wardah Anti Hairfall Shampoo, this can last for 2 days on my hair. It makes me a lot of safer than before. And of course, can reduce my hair fall.
What I love the most from this product is also the good smell. It makes my hair smell super good. (So who's gonna kiss me on the head? lol sweet girl mode on ;p)

Overall, I feel like this shampoo has a good quality. No comment on the packaging, since it looks super simple and calming through their green color. They also have a conditioner to complete your hair care, but I'm the type who skips hair conditioning when taking a bath. Well, if you love hair conditioner then you might wanna try them.

Price IDR 24.900
Get them at minimarket / supermarket / online stores
Rate : 4/5
Repurchase : Maybe


  1. SAku juga yang hairfall treatment, somehow it's works good on my hair. Rontoknya berkurang dan tetep wangi gitu rambut aku ^^

    The Wonderland by Kartikaryani

    1. wohooo good to hear that! suka banget wanginya sih emang enak

  2. Replies
    1. then you should try this too! hihi you can get this at minimarket and supermarket, as well as drugstores all around you :)

  3. Hairfall treatment dr wardah? Penasaran