Tuesday, March 6, 2018

[REVIEW] : Conspiracy in My Eyes

Hello gorgeous, new month, new love, new posts for sure! Moving on from local lippies products, now I wanna talk about local eyeshadow. Can you guess it already? YES. It's Mizzu! Well, the right thing to say is Nivea X Mizzu Palette special Minyo33 Edition, which only available at Watsons Indonesia. The eyeshadow palette titled "conspiracy", and the color inside was specially chosen by Minyo. I believe, you already know who Minyo is. She's an Indonesian vlogger and beauty influencer. Actually in this Nivea x Mizzu kit, they had a lot of collection, like Tasya Farasya, Rachel Goddard, and others. As I'm seeing in front of me this Minyo 33 kit (and they're having a 50% discount on this!) that's the main reason I bought this. Actually the main thing I wanted in this box was the eye makeup remover, but then they're having 50% disc from IDR 125.000 to IDR 62.500 and I can get all three where the eye remover itself costs IDR 63.500 #chinesegirl lol I'm full of calculation in every single thing happened in my life. #justkidding

OK, move on to the special edition kit, here's that I got : Normal to oily skin micellar water (nivea), eye makeup remover (nivea), conspiracy eyeshadow palette - 6 colors (mizzu). When I put the calculation of this kit.. Well this is a must have item! So yeah I went straight to the cashier and pay for the product. Then asked the cashier if I can open the box first to check if it's still good inside. The product still looks good, but I don't know why the box seems "oily" like something spoiled on it. I asked the cashier then she said I can change to another kit but seems like all the kit there having the same problem. My assumption is, it's because the packaging was made of paper and they put some oil paper on top of the eyeshadow is what makes the box looks oily. But then I already wanted to buy so yeah no one can stop me from shopping. I am sooooo happy to bring this back home, yeah!

Here's the eyeshadow. Super cute with those blue-pinkish color accent!

And then I put some hand-swatches (I do this rightaway tonight, after arrived home and before taking bath lol)

Then one idea suddenly popped out onto my mind! I've been loving "hello-eyes" lately, so I'm thinking about creating hello-eyes with all the colors here. Then ended up doable of creating eye makeup using all these colors! Super proud of myself haha ;p Pardon me it's only eyemakeup because my face is uncontrollable and for sure will look better if it's only the eyes ;p I'm going out without makeup anyway only eyebrows and lipsticks. So yeah. Here's my eye-makeup using conspiracy palette!

I can say, all the colors are wearable. It depends on the way you do your makeup. Not only for eye, actually, they're wearable for a full-face makeup. Should I try a one palette makeup for whole face? Let me know through the comment section!

Anyway, I wanna share my review about this palette.
-affordable (because it's on discount)
-many choice of color
-easy to blend
-wearable colors
-comes with a mirror inside the palette

-the box looks oily

Rate : 4.5/5 (I wish the packaging looks perfect without any oil or ripped paper)
Recommend : yes
Repurchase : yes (if there's another 50% discount haha)


  1. di watsons mana kamu mendapatkan disc 50% ini T-T
    aku lagi butuh micellar dan eye remover baru haha
    btw dari semua package, yg ini yg paling worth it menurutku

    1. aku pas kmrn di living world hehe lumayan banget 50% yakaan worth it :3 berasa beli 1 eye remover dapat free micellar + eyeshadow :D

  2. Aku juga liat nih waktu watson disc 50%, tapi ga beli karna udah punya micellar water baru. Kok jadi nyesel ya sekarang, pengen eyeshadow nya :'(


    1. sayang bangeet hihi mnrtku worth it soalnya kepake gitu eyeshadownyaa :3 cus dicari lg kak

  3. What a beautiful color!


    1. indeed! that's why i tempted to buy this haha ;p

  4. Seneng pas bersihin bagian matanyaa, maskara dll lgsg item tuh kapas :v