Tuesday, March 20, 2018

[LIFESTYLE] : Dinner at Secret Garden Yogyakarta

Hello gorgeous! Get ready with a lot of posts upcoming these weeks, since I'm gonna share a lot from my BSkeJogja trip! This is one of it, where the community got to held the gala dinner at Secret Garden. Let's see the fun!

Have you read my previous post about BS 1st Anniversary Gathering at Yogyakarta? If you already read the post then you should've known how fun it was and that we had dinner at secret garden. It was only a little part of the gala dinner I shared there, now I wanna share more details about the restaurant. Well, of course with a lil bit story of the event. 

As I arrived first than the others (because I stayed with mommy) when I was arrived the resto was not that crowded, and I love it! The waitress was really friendly and kind, showed me where I should go to my table. And what made me skip a beat was the place and decoration, yes! It was comfy yet gorgeous at the same time. I always love nature and outdoor dinner places, since hotels and indoor sometimes bore me. So here we are, secret garden! 

The gate was decorated in white, when our table where we had event was decorated in black and gold. What I get from this point : they're good in table settings and decorations. Seriously, they have a skill. One of my friend said that people often held events like birthdays or wedding there. No wonder, they have a good skill and taste in decoration. Oh FYI, the restaurant staff did the decoration themselves, without any vendor. So yeah, this needs to be appreciated! 

After my friends came, we got to take an OOTD shots with our photographers from Ari Putra Production, which also documented everything through the first and second day of gathering. 

Okay, back to the restaurant talk, then the staff gave us a menu paper (with some choices of food and drinks) then we continue with chit chat and mini challenge event. It took some time for them to prepare the food (maybe because there's a lot of us) and another more time to deliver the food (who has this food and so on) since writing our names didn't do much. Anyway it's not a big deal since from my experience, when we come in medium or large group it happens (in Jakarta also) so I'm fine with this. For you who don't like taking time for these stuff, choosing whose food and so on, maybe you'd like to come alone or in small group to prevent such thing to happen.
Oh right, I have something to say about the facility, since I was the host/MC of the gala dinner (with kak Alifah), we felt something kind of confusing. The restaurant have a live music concert (which I enjoyed the most, the singer voice was great while their choice of music was also good). But since we need a microphone, we had to share the microphone with them. So when we were doing our job as MC, they can't play live music and sing. Vice versa, while they're doing their job as live music then we can't use the microphone. Maybe, they just need to add some more microphones for this kind of events (or the MC should bring their own microphones?). 

Back to the menu, I choose chicken gordon bleu and lemon tea. The menu was good, as for me the portion was too much ( it's more like one and a half of my portion ). For you who love to eat on normal portion or maybe more, you might love this restaurant. It also comes with french fries and salad, so yeah it will fulfill your need. The taste, well I can say it taste good, with cheese and beef inside the chicken. But I want mayonnaise and chili sauce and ketchup please :( 
Overall, I enjoyed the time when we had our gala dinner (and being part of the host too!) It was fun, the place was great (OK I need to stop saying the great place but it is great! Greens everywhere, grass and trees, I love the place), and as well delicious food too. Oh and don't worry about the price, it only cost around 60 per person (incl. drinks) which I can say super affordable and worth to try! (compared to places like this in Jakarta).

See you on my next posts!


  1. Duh, romantis banget tempatnya nih... kayaknya harus masuk list tempat yang mesti dikunjungin kalo ke Jogja deh <3


    1. iyaa, palagi kalo berkunjungnya bersama si dia :D hehehe

  2. Bnr bgt cocok kalo dtgnya bareng doi :v