Thursday, September 21, 2017

[TIPS] : Be A SEO Pro in 5 Minutes

Hello gorgeous, welcome back :)
Today I'm gonna share about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. So a few weeks ago, @Beautiesquad make "Ngopi Cantik #2" session to talk about SEO. It was a whatsapp-based discussion group, each session have different topic. This time, SEO topic was brought by Mbak Shintaries from Blogger Perempuan.

SEO is a process to increase visibility of a website on search engine. Of course everyone wants their web to be visible and visited by everyone who's looking for the topic they write in their blog. The session was divided into two parts : Theory and practical. First, we're gonna talk about the theory.

What makes our blog indexed by google :
1. Blog authority
Blog authority means ownership of your blog. Google will put the priority on blog with non anonymous account and clear identity. You can fill the form here : where your profile and social media informations available there. Will be better if you register the domain with the same email. Blog authority sometimes interpreted as domain authority (DA). The more the DA score, the better your blog will be indexed in google.
2. Content
Of course, you blog's content must have good quality (not a copy-paste one), organic, natural, and self-made. What google love : update on routines. The more, the better. Make a blogpost everyday, if you can. Content in this case, including video and images. Because with some keywords, video and image content will pop up too. So make sure to optimize the video and images too. A blog with certain theme (ex : beauty blog, travel blog, etc) have a special place in google's heart.
3. Fast loading template
Still confused why people sell template with expensive price, even they're serious in this field of business? Yup, because templates have a very important role in SEO. The average is 60-80%. Because google needs template that can be loaded just in seconds to get the homepage. For that level of speed, you need to make less script, ornament, music, and large-sized image. So if you don't have a SEO friendly template, at least make the template as minimalist as possible. Resize the picture before you upload it, to 600px and 300kb.
4. Mobile site
For this aspect is kinda mandatory, I can say. 90% access to website, blog, and application almost everyone use mobile. So if you blog isn't mobile-friendly, just forget it. 
5. Backlink
Last but not least, the thing that people seek the most to decide your position is backlink. Lot of people believe that position in search engine affected by how much backlinks you have. That's why, blog with good position in search engine have a high domain authority, which is affected by backlink. 
So the point is, SEO is BACKLINK. 

Okay, let's move to the second part, practical.
1. Put keywords in title
For example, the keyword is "a mascara brand name" so make an interesting title but still has "a mascara brand name" words. You can make it like this "Full day using a brand mascara name, comes out great".
2. Change permalink by default
If you use the title above, the permalink should be like this : but if you want to make SEO you have to change the permalink into
3. Number of words
Google really likes a content with lots of words. Based on research, number of words should be around 800-1000 to be indexed by google. Well, Mbak Shinta herself recommend to write with minimal words of 1000. But for beauty topic, 800 words are enough. 
4. Image
Before you upload the image, remember to resize and rename it first. For example rename it into "a mascara brand name" and if there's more than one photo you can add numbers at the end of the name.
5. Internal and External link
Always add links of other writings into our blog and link to other blog as the reference. Related post and read more on our homepage are also needed because they're counted as internal link. But don't use blogroll on sidebar, because it's not good by external side. Google don't like too much external link.

So that's pretty much I can say about SEO based on our Ngopcan#2 session with Beautiesquad and Mbak Shintaries. Hopefully they're all helpfull for you, gorgeous girls. See you on my next posts!


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