Saturday, September 16, 2017

[REVIEW] : Eyelash Extension First Attempt - WELL DONE

Hello gorgeous! Welcome back girls :D

Today I'm gonna share about my very first experience trying eyelashes extension. As you all know, these days girls love having long, volume, and curl eyelashes. We used to use false eyelash for special occasions, but nowadays lots of young women do makeups nearly everyday and they want something "easy" and practical, so that they can reduce their makeup time and get ready in a really short time. Of course, so they look like princess while posting a "I woke up like this" picture.

At my office, almost all young women there use eyelash extension. Especially the frontliners (I work in a private bank) they use eyelash extension so every morning they can reduce their makeup time a lot, doesn't need eye makeup (since their eyes are beautiful already) and of course they'll reduce the makeup cost (no need to buy eye makeup lol).

There are lots of reasons why we (well, it's probably not only me, right?) wanna try eyelash extension:

1. Saving time
Since our eyelash look beautiful already, we don't need to curl our lash, use mascara or even putting false eyelashes. No need to feel stressed when we wake up late in the morning. Just simply put on lipstick and eyebrows, then we're ready! We can save time up to 20 minutes in the morning, and as well no need to do the tiring routine such as cleaning the eye makeup at night when we want to sleep right away.

2. Without eye makeup, our eyes already seen "alive"
Especially for asian girls like me (who has little eyelid and small eyes) we should put a lot of effort to make our eyes seen "alive" like wearing eyeshadows, eyeliner, and false lashes. But if we use eyelash extension, there's no need to do any of those stuff.

3. Always stands out wherever and whenever
Since we don't use any eye makeup like eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara we don't need to be afraid of our makeup will be wear off. Even when we just wake up we look stunning already. It will increase our confidence.

After acknowledged those positive effects of eyelash extension, then I decided to give it a try. Thanks to Beautiesquad and WonderfullyMade Sulam Alis, one of eyelash extension in Jakarta, they gave me an opportunity to try the eyelash services. Actually here in Wonderfully Made Jakarta, they offer pretty much services like eyebrow embroidery, eyelash extension, lash lifting, eyeliner embroidery, and lip embroidery as well as some skincare services. At first i hesitated which service I want to try between lash lifting and eyelash extension. But I guess eyelash extension is more interesting to me, so I decided to try eyelash extension.

Wonderfully Made Sulam Alis Jakarta has a great service, I can say. They welcome us with a beautiful place and very friendly, and they prepare various kinds of drinks. Herbal tea, green tea, milo, water, and coffee. You can choose what ever you want. Well this is simple, but it's important to me. They're one of Jakarta's cheap eyelash services but they treat their customers really well.

Then we go to the treatment. I remove the eye makeup, and take "before" shots. Right after that we start the eyelash extension process. Ci Vera is the one who do my eyelash extension. She's very kind and friendly. The process begins with putting some tapes on my eyes so that the glue won't stick to my skin. I choose the natural one, and Ci Vera use the 12mm length. After around two hours of treatment, then we finished! I was amazed by the result. My eyes look a lot bigger and of course beautiful! At the same time it looks super natural and lightweight, it didn't hurt my eyes and it feels like I'm wearing nothing. 

Ta-raa! Here's the result.

Price : IDR 500.000 (Use my name when you book and get 10%off!)
Rate : 4.5/5
Recommend : Maybe


  1. Natural banget hasilnya. Ini cakep! AKu tergoda eyelash extension, but sadly aku tim yang yakin ga boleh extension (krn alasan agama) hehe. Aku suka hasilnya di kamu jen!

    1. hehe iyaa kak suka banget euy, btw kalo gabisa extension mgkn bisa coba lash lifting :D

  2. Galau deh antara ini atau flash lifting ;(

  3. Galau deh antara ini atau flash lifting ;(

  4. Hasilnya jadi lebih bagus ya jadi nggak perlu lagi yang namanya pakai mascara

  5. natural sekali~ tapi ngga rasa gatel gitu ya matanya kalau pakai eyelash extension? aku masih belum berani euy

    1. enggakoook, that's why kalo mau eyelash extension (or any treatment) kita harus liat kualitasnya juga, siapa yang ngerjain, produk apa yang dipake. biar yakin kalo ini memang aman dan ga akan bikin efek negatif :)