Monday, November 6, 2017

[REVIEW] : Get Light Skin in 5 Minutes & The Use of Body Lotion

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After sooooo much talk about events, now we're back to product review *yippie! You girls all know body lotion or body cream, right? Do you use them well?

Applying body lotion is the one of few inexpensive way to pamper ourselves, each and every day. Body lotion seals moisture into our skin, to prevent it from drying. Body lotion can soften rough areas and dehydrated skin, which will transform it from looking unattractive to being soft and pretty. Here are some benefits of using body lotion :

1. Rehydrate dry skin
People who works and live in bad climate (or harsh maybe) often apply body lotion in daily basis, right after taking bath. Skin that is dried from temperature can be hard to treat with regular cosmetics. Some people who have sensitive skin, no matter which type of climate their areas are, their skin can be dry and irritated, even when nothing happened. What they need to do is, take a good quality body lotion and apply it right after shower or bath, so it will help to seal moisture deep into the skin and keep their skin hydrated well. 

2. Replenish extra dry skin or rough spots
Even if you have normal, or oily skin, you might also have some dry areas on your body, like around knees. You also need to apply body lotion after shower, or before bedtime. In daily basis, you can use body lotion on rough skin to make it smooth and silky just like the other areas on your body. 

3. Feel and smell good 
People love the feel of creamy lotion on their tired skin. We can enjoy the relaxing sensation of lotion while applying them onto our feet, legs, and arms. Especially the ones that has good scent that suites any of our personality and needs.

4. Help yourself relax
Even if your skin is in a good shape and looks like no need of moisturizers, you need to try a body massage with scented lotion on the hands. You can even get lotions that heats up during application to add sensory warmth to the parts of your body to which is applied. 

So, you have now understand why we need to use body lotion, right? Not only to these advantages of using body lotion, here's Felice Secret's solution. This local brand of body lotion from Indonesia, majored in whitening lotion. It can nourish your skin and of course moisturize it, but also make you look bright and beautiful. Well, people said that having a light-tonned skin is not a must, since everybody looks beautiful in their own way. But darling, be honest with yourselves, you want to have it. aren't you? Especially when it can be your daily-looking skin, no need to use any of instagram filters, photo editor, and any other applications. 

I feel you, darling. Having light toned skin  is always what I want. Well, people with dark tone are also beautiful, but as for me, I prefer the light tone one. But it's not that easy to get light skin, especially when I go wherever using go-jek everyday, which made me exposed by sun light and stuff. I've tried a whitening lotion before, but it doesn't look good when I tried to apply it all over my skin, because it's uneven. 

I lower my expectation when trying this one. But then after I tried.... I was wrong! It blends super well and super easy on my skin, and it's even, so it looks like my own natural skin. Anyway, it also has some SPF inside it, so felice secret whitening body lotion can help protect our skin from sun light. Not only those, felice secret also have a very relaxing and good scent, like apple or some fruits. I really love this scent (if you girls know me, I'm such a big fan of any type of good scent) so you can start your day with a smile after using this product!

As for the packaging, I think they made it really well. With bright colors and brand name also accompanied with some information about the products, its really good. We can take it for traveling and daily use at home. But, for me who love to travel to other countries (which we have limited amount of liquid we can take) I'd love it if felice secret make some small sizes like travel size or something. It will be more comfortable to me taking them whenever I go (because I love to look bright on every single photo of me... on social media). But overall, I super love this product. The price is also very affordable.

SPF 30++
100 ml | IDR 120.000
You can buy them here : Instagram felice secret or through whatsapp 0821.1257.3818

That's all for my honest review, thanks for reading and see you on my next posts!


  1. felice secret ini produk asli indo yah??

  2. Baru tau kalo felice itu brand lokal #kudetakuh btw harganya lumayan juga ya Jen hehehehe...

    1. wakaka.. kudu coba kak, harganya memang agak lmyn tp worth to buy kok :D

  3. Harganya mayan juga yaa XD Tapi SPFnya juga tinggi, hmmm worth to try kayaknya :)

    1. tapi jd irit soalnya udah combination of body lotion and sunscreen :D