Friday, November 3, 2017

[EVENT] : Mastering Korean and Hollywood Eyebrow

Hello again, my gorgeous readers!
This time I'm going to share about an interesting event, held by Beauty Journal by Sociolla and collaborating with Veet. The event was themed "Mastering Korean and Hollywood eyebrows", and of course we have some surprises for you, so read this article till the end :D

The event was held at South Jakarta, after lunch time. We started with registration and stuff, where I found some fun. I met my seniors (well there are two seniors there) one is at the registration and the other's work at BJ. Super fun, met my seniors who got to the same school at the same event with me, wohoooo, feel so excited! Then mingle time! Well, I can say they grab my heart since the beginning. All over the room decorated in PINK. YES. PINK. "OMG Imma go crazy" I said to myself. I'm such a pink freak, like I'll dye my skin to pink if it's possible lol everything in pink looks crazily cute and beautiful to me. OK, enough about this pink lover, let's move on to the fun we got at the event!

First thing first, the MC greets us and have some chit chat at the opening of the event. She asked about how we made our eyebrows everyday, and what type our favorite brow style is. Some says korean style, some say hollywood style. Well, everyone can have their own favs, right? As for me, I love both, we can say I'm the one in the middle. I love the natural eyebrows, but I love on fleek too. Understandable? Whatever, you should understand me. Ohno, just kidding ;p

Then Mbak  Mira Monica as head of Beauty Journal by Sociolla gave her simple speech, and welcomed us to the event. She shared about her insane experience, hmm that's the best word fits the experience. She used underarm shaver to shape her eyebrows. Not only once, but a few times! She said sometimes she's in a rush and need to trim her eyebrow, but there's nothing else but that thing. So she just give it a try. How could you shape the eyebrow using underarm shaver? How bad the shape will be? How much risk she can resist? What shocked me more, was she's not alone. Some of my fellas have tried the method too. I feel that the skin of my sensitive body areas is more fragile and I must treat it with gentleness. So, I cannot use my regular hair removal method everywhere. Let's just move on to next part *wavemyhands*

Veet has the solution for us! Here comes Veet Sensitive Touch, gentleness and precision for your delicate body parts. With new Veet Sensitive TouchTM you can seamlessly achieve the precise look that you always wanted. It quickly and softly cuts and shapes your hair on sensitive body parts like face (eyebrows), underarms and bikini line. Here's the good stuff :

  • QUICK and GENTLE: seamlessly get rid of any unwanted hair in one go without fearing cuts or nicks

  • HIGH PRECISION: devoted accessories to help you get accurate shaping and styling

After then, our MC invited two pretty girls, julie estelle and rachel goddard. These two girls are well-known people in Indonesia, as actress and influencer. We got some chit chat with them, asked them how's their eyebrow routine. They said they trim their eyebrow once in a few days to look clean, where there's a small hair. They've tried the products themselves , for underarm and eyebrows. WOW. This multifunction product is super good, they said. Painless and give a beautiful result. Even Julie tried for her bikini line as well. They gave us some tips, saying that we should trim the unwanted hair on clean skin, to prevent in-grown hair.

The tool itself can be use till 2 years or more, so here's the tips of taking care the veet sensitive touch : clean it with the brush or you can remove the trimmer and rinse with water. But we need to keep it in a dry place.

Up next, they also invited Ryan Ogilvy, one of well-known Indonesian male make up artist. He greet us and then move on to make over of two models, to make their eyebrows either to korean style or hollywood style. Korean eyebrow style is more to natural ones, with almost straight line and light hair strokes. Hollywood eyebrow style is more to on fleek brow, with curved lines and strong hair strokes. He even shared some tips for eyebrow shaping : as for the ones who have round shaped face, we need to be careful (well me too huhu) because when the eyebrow's too high, we'll look arrogant. But when the eyebrow's too short, we'll look sad. How to create the best shape? "Feeling", he said. You'll get better through practice and sharpening your feeling, rather than your eyebrow pencil. (well this one's what I said)

After all the conversation, the MC said we can mingle and enjoy taking photos with our friends while try free eyebrow shaping at the corner, with two choices : korean eyebrow or hollywood eyebrow. I took some photos with my friends, then tried the product. It was super comfortable and painless, just like I'm brushing my eyebrows. Awesome! I have to go through pain when trimming my eyebrows at salon, but here I can do it myself and it's painless!

To close the event, we took photos together and also I took some with the artists (since it's for free, when else will I meet them? ;p)

Here's the product I get from them :

The pouch colored in pink (Which made me fall in love over and over again) and inside the pouch there are some stuff ; note book, veet hair removal cream, pink scarf, and of course the newly launched veet sensitive touch. ALL IN PINK. I'm going crazy again....wkwk it made me have a beautiful eyebrow, wherever I go.
What's in the pack :
Kit includes :
Device + 2 heads (1 face / 1 bikini)
2 combs (1 face / 1 bikini)
1 beauty pouch + 1 cleaning brush + 1 AA Battery

Thanks to Beauty Journal and Veet for having me on this event, and I'll see you girls on my next posts, stay tunned!


  1. wah, ini yg lagi heboh di IG, aku pernah pake veet yg creamnya, penasaran sama alatnya :O

    1. iyaaaa hihi , alatnya enak banget ga sakit bahkan kayak ga dicukur wkwk

  2. seru banget acaranya nuansa pink pink :D

  3. aku penasaran banget sama alatnyaa nanti direview sekaligus tutorial-nya ya

  4. Wah ada alat shaving buat face juga ya sekarang Veet. Nice info, Jen! ^^

    1. iyaa kak, seru banget 1 alat bisa multifungsi buat semuanya hehe