Thursday, November 2, 2017

[REVIEW] : Personal Spa, Anywhere, Anytime

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Today I'm about to share one of local-brand in Indonesia that produced skincare. As a woman, of course we need to take care of our body and skin. Not only to look beautiful,taking care of our skin is needed because it's a health-related issue. It even related to our tangible asset, called mind. Here's the products, which can help us take care of our body and of course our mind too!

Spa essentia (PT Essentia Tritunggal) is a product for our body with a mixture of natural ingredients that are useful for face, hair, and body. The company has a close relationship with Gaya Spa, which already well-known here in Indonesia. Since it's a local company, I expect they produce their products by considering what's best for Indonesian skin. Thanks to Clozette Indonesia, I get to try their products. They sent me the face and body care, and the packaging are dominated in deep blue and silver themed. Let's move on to the review!

[The Products from Spa Essentia Jakarta]

1. Skin Refiner Face Milk Cleanser
IDR 120.900 | 100ml
Ingredients : Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Aprikot Kernel Oil, Chamomile extract
Avocado works really well on acne skin and blackheads, while vitamin e works on blocking free radicals. Also Aprikot Kernel Oil will make our skin smoother and softer.

How to use : Rub it onto your skin at morning and evening, wipe with a warm towel or wet sponge then continue with toner skin refiner.

[texture of face milk cleanser]

Well, I rarely use face cleansing milk. Usually I use oil cleanser for deep cleansing, especially after having a full-face make up. But here's the new stuff, help me cleanse my face early in the morning so I feel relaxed, and even at night after working to make me enjoy my bedtime. The texture is thick and creamy, but it feels good on my skin. It does a great job with bare face or minim make up, but if you're using a full-coverage and stuff, you'll need to cleanse your face a few time with this. I recommend this for daily use with light make up.

2. Skin Refiner Face and Eye Day Lotion
IDR 149.900 | 50 gr
Ingredients : Wheat protein oil, UV protectant, vitamin E oil, chamomile extract, geranium essential oil,
lavender essential oil, rose essential oil, patchouli essential oil, orange essential oil.

Wheat protein is lightweight and absorbs directly to our skin, nourishes as it generates and heal scars, also contains natural SPF to protect you while doing daily activities. Geranium reduces scars, while lavender acts as anti-bacterial that can reduce sebum. Rose and patchouli completes the look for beautiful skin, that brightens by orange ingredients. 

How to use : apply carefully to your face and eyelids, but avoid direct contact with your eye.

[texture of spa essentia face and eye day lotion]

I always use day cream daily, to nourish and protect my face. The one i usually use, has light scent (or no scent at all, no relaxing effect) but this one is surely my current favorite, because of its natural scent made me start my day with a smile. It helps me relax everytime I use this. Actually Spa Essentia Jakarta also has the night lotion too, so I wonder how good the other one is.
Unfortunately, the label printed on some paper sticker that can easily rip off, if you spoil something on it I'm sure it won't be good. Also, they said it has natural SPF but I need them to say how much is it, so we can estimate how many hours it will last on our face. 

3. Skin Refiner Body Moisturizer
IDR 100.000 | 100ml
Ingredients : Vitamin E, Chamomile extract, Aprikot Kernel Oil, Vitamin B5
Moisturizer that contains vitamin E helps moisturizes our skin and maintain the elasticity. Vitamin B5 works as UV protectant for direct sunlight, again with aprikot kernel oil that works as anti oxidant and anti irritant that will helps our skin looks younger and softer. 

How to use : After cleanse your body, use it all over your body.

[texture of spa essentia body moisturizer]

Body moisturizer, body cream, or body lotion is a must for nourishing our skin and maintain the elasticity. This moisturizes my skin really well, and did a good job on (again and again) making me relax with Indonesian herb scent. Made me feel relax at its best, especially at night. It made me feel super comfortable and had a deep quality sleep. The texture is thick and creamy, but it's absorbed well and fast on my skin. Thumbs up for this one!

4. Skin Refiner Body Scrub
IDR100.000 | 100 ml
Ingredients : Vitamin E, Chamomile extract, Aprikot Kernel Oil, Avocado seed.
The natural scrub will make our skin smoother and again with vitamin E that works as antioxidant, for anti aging on our skin. Avocado seeds do a good job on softening and smoothing our skin, as it removes dead skin cells and stimulates skin cell regeneration.

How to use : Rub evenly throughout the body, while a massage slowly, use 2-3 times a week for the best result. (Not too often)

Well, we all need exfoliating our skin right? But some skin and some people can't do it because of the scrub is too harsh and sometimes injure somebody's skin. But here's the good stuff : This body scrub from Spa Essentia Jakarta, do well on exfoliating our skin. Made from avocado seeds, the scrub is gentle on our skin. Of course, it does a good job on removing the dead skin cell, leaving the good soft skin as the result. Not only removing dead skin cells, it also moisturize my skin, it feels like I'm using body cream on my skin. The scent as usual, it's amazing. Indonesian herb scent seems like the signature of this brand, but that's why I even like them more!

5. Skin Refiner Face Scrub
IDR 99.900 | 40 ml
Ingredients : Vitamin E, Chamomile Extract, Aprikot Kernel Oil, Avocado seed
Same as her sister, this face scrub works with same ingredients to moisturize our face, and regenerate our skin cells. 

How to use: Rub gently on the face, then rinse with clean, use 1-2 times a week for the best results (as our face has more sensitive skin than our body, use it less than we use to our body).

We can simply say that this one is kinda twin sister with the body scrub. It has same ingredients, the difference is only this one's for our face. I tried using face scrub from other brand, which has a huge size of scrub and it hurts my face when using it. But this time, my face is super safe since the scrub feels gentle on my face. Again, it did a good job with relaxing scent and moisturizing my face. This one's gonna be my new routine product :D

It feels like having my own spa service at home, and wherever I go! Such a pleasure using these products, it gives me sensation of relax and calm at the same time. 

That's all for my honest review, you girls can get them from their website or their instagram account. Also thank you so much to clozetteID for giving me the opportunity to try these products. See you on my next post, ciao!


  1. Hmm.. Tertarik sama body scrubnya. Terimakasih infonya ya :)

  2. Tertarik sama face scrubnya.. thanks Jen


  3. Wahbrand baru kah? Face scrubnya terlihat menjanjikan 😁

    1. iya ini brand baru, satu perusahaan sama gaya spa :D