Wednesday, November 22, 2017

[MAKE UP COLLABORATION] : Party Make Up for Beautiesquad's 1st Anniversary

Hellaw gorgeous, welcome!
Do you miss my make up posts? It's been a while since I'm sharing my latest make up post, and I've been sharing more of product review and events I attended (you girls know I'm working hard, huh?) So today, I'm gonna post about make up look (like finaleh) , since it's a very special occasion. 

Have you girls know Beautiesquad? It's a beauty blogger community, based in Indonesia. We all came from different province but meet through whatsapp and facebook group. Created one year ago, we had a long long journey from the beginning with no-name community until now, where some bloggers and brands already acknowledge this community. Not an easy journey tho, every community has its ups and downs, their own problems, and so on. But we need to overcome all those journey, to grow to be better. So yeah here we are, one year is still very short age, but we're ready to welcome even more exciting journeys ahead! 

I'm saying this one's special because this post was dedicated to Beautiesquad first anniversary. We're celebrating it by doing a make up collaboration (we usually do this collaboration once a month, but this month's special theme is our first anniversary). Apparently there are lots of participants *yeay* with each unique make up look and it's super exciting to see all of them! So I'm just telling you girls mine. Ready for it?

Products I'm using :
- Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum
- Spa essentia day lotion
- The Body Shop Day Cream
- Catrice Liquid Concealer
- Make Over Contour Compact Powder (I'm using the light one to set my whole face)
- Morphe 35u Palette
- Maybelline the loaded bolds shade white (as the eye base)
- Silverswan eyelashes (Blanchard)
- Japanese brand eyelienr (I got it at some cheap store at Japan - the packaging said it was tattoo eyeliner)
- Maybelline the powder mattes for lipstick (shade orange shot and nude illusion)
- Amaranthine highlighter

Well, you girls must be curious what comes to my mind while I created this look? To be honest, I'm kinda last minute person. I didn't realized it was already so near to the deadline and I need to work, I only have very short time to create a look for this collaboration (been busy with all my work at office and skripsweet and take care of my clothing line @mapleyourday as well as my beauty studio @cloudstudio_id) so yeah my brain can't work really well....... But fortunately I still got to manage finished this look (thank God). 

So the story behind this look is, I always love playing with pink and never got bored with it. So I started right after I got home from work and then just grab some of my make up stuff. The first thing that crossed my mind was : USE PINK. OK. To held our own birthday party (well, mine perhaps?) I will always want a touch of pink. Never thought will be this intense of pink tho ;p but yeah I started with pink eyes (wanted to create a hello eyes with pink theme but it ends up everything covered with my lashes since my eyes and lid are super narrow lol) so yeah I didn't gave up, and tried to find another place to put some "pink touch". So I decided to put some pink color on my eyebrows and some contouring using darker color of pink. 

I really love using pink for those two parts, idk what you girls think of this (please write down your opinion on comments below) but nothing's gonna change my love for this #GeorgeBensonFans. Feels like need some touch of sparkle and shine, so I decided to put some "accessories" like that sparkle, the one that glued onto my left part of face, under my eyes. Idk what to call it but that looks super pretty, right? 

Again and again, not feeling enough with those look so I thought of creating something different on my lips (here I was inspired by my beautiful friend, Stevie Wong) so I recreated her lipstick style using Maybelline the powder mattes for my lips with those two different colors. Well, it looks good on me too! (thanks Stev hihi ), started with nude pink and shocking pink color but doesn't seem right (I couldn't really tell the difference of those colors since my face are already all in pink) so I decided to change the color into red, and again doesn't seem right because the color doesn't fit me. Lastly, I tried with orange which made me looks super fresh yet unique. 

So here's my friend's look, go check her blog to know story behind it! 
Filia Devi

The main idea of this look is, 
"Be what you are, this is the first step becoming better than you are."
-Julius Charles Hare-

So, happy first anniversary my beloved community, Beautiesquad! Long journey awaits <3


  1. Sayangg.. itu bukan fotoku yg km pasang buat backlink. 😢

    1. OMG sorry aku salah pasang :( udah dibenerin yaa

    2. Ahahahahh 😂😂 okey, thx dear 😘

  2. Cute banget look nyaa <3

  3. Hi Jenni, look nya kayak doll banget

    1. hihi boneka keracunan pewarna pink ceritanya wkwkkwkw

  4. Blush on nya on point banget sist, gorjeeeeus ❤❤❤

    1. hihi actually the dark pink there is more to contouring rather than blush ;P well maybe it can be both hehe

  5. cute banget cih kamuuu jenn.. <3