Sunday, November 19, 2017

[EVENT + REVIEW] : Dear Me, Personalized Local Lip Cream

hello Gorgeous, How's your weekend? Must be fun, right? 
Mine too, super fun weekend because I played with a new local lipstick! Are you girls curious? Let's jump right in!

Local product is being one of the most favorite stuff here in Indonesia. Of course, we're proud of the locals even though the quality and formulas are different each other. Today, I wanna introduce you a brand new local lip cream that's very fresh from the oven, because I'm attending the first launching ever of Dear Me. I'm so happy since I'm one of the first person who tried this product. The event was held by Beautyjournal by Sociolla and of course, Dear Me. It took place at Pand'or, South Jakarta. 

As always, the event started with the opening from our beautiful MC. Then Mbak Mira, chief editor of Beauty Journal greet us. She talked a little bit about lipstick and her journey with lipstick and lip cream, as well as her wish to the next trends. 

Then we continue with Ms Nikita as the brand director of Dear Me. She talked a bit about Dear Me and the collections. FYI, Dear Me for their first collection has eight colors which represents each personal. The reason behind those colors, she said, when she's strolling around mall and shopping she overheard some girls talking about the products "OMG this color is so me, I love this!" "That's very you, beautiful." So they chose the concept of personalization because the color is very special, which they sure it can fit to every woman in Indonesia. 

People here, always afraid to go out of their safe color. As for nude, when the color is too pale, can make them look sick. As for red, when they choose the wrong color it can be too bright or too dark. So, Ms Nikita and her team thought meaning of a lip cream to every woman is very personal and close to our heart, as wherever we go we'll always take them. 

Continue with the next special guest, we have Rissa (@lippielust) and what's even more exciting is, she's sitting right beside me! OMG She's so beautiful and super humble and kind. Here's what her opinion of next year's trend : Still working with liquid lipstick, but different style. People will seek more to comfort matte lips, yet moving on from natural bitten lips ombre to bold colored ombre lips. Can't wait for it!

After some talks with those three beautiful girls, we move on to the next activity, creating a homemade lip balm. As we all know, using lipstick or lipcream everyday might affect our lips, so we better use lip balm as well to keep our lips moisturized. The ingredients are : Beeswax, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and VCO (virgin coconut oil). They're all then combined (while we're cooking them), the pharmacy practice from UI said we can add vanilla extract to have a relaxing aromatic and color from Dear Me lip cream as well. Then we poured them into lipbalm jar, of course had a lot of fun decorating the jar!

Here's what I got from the event :

[goodie bag with customized pin! so detail, of course with three colors of my choice and other stuff]

[the packaging]
Dear Me has a very simple yet unique packaging. The box is full of lip marks (which is their signature logo) and polkadots everywhere. They complete the box with each shades name and their colors. Of course they don't forget to put the ingredients so the users can know what's inside it. 

[Dear Anna]
I chose this because it reminds me of my best friend, Hanna (I often call her Anna) and I feel like this suits her the best! Definitely gonna buy one for her hihi. This is from nude collection, and it doesn't look pale at all, it even looks super fresh!

[Dear Ella] It reminds me of my sister, which she's very cheerful and brave. Well, the team picked the right color! This red-based lip cream is very suitable for those women who are brave.

[Dear Jenny] Well, you girls already know why I chose this , right? YEP. I feel like this one was made for me HAHA. (FYI, When they're discussing the shade they love at the event I feel like everybody's calling my name lol). This one has purple based color, so it kinda look bold and dark at the same time. It can be used for the combination with simple eye make up, and perfect for night events, I guess. I love this soooo much and definitely gonna wear this often. 

Price : IDR 89.000 
Rate : 5/5

Sorry for the spamming pics (I can't chose one because I love them all)
Here's my honest review : Since they made this from natural ingredients, it feels super moisturizing. Even they're matte lip cream it doesn't feel like other brand's. It protects our lips from being dry and dead (just like dead fish lol). It feels super comfortable and made me confident to show my true self. The texture itself very creamy so we can wear this even faster (you know the morning rush, right? Wake up late every morning and super quick makeup time). The best part is the scent - they have a very interesting chocolate scent that can even last for 4 hours or more. WOW. I can wear this without brushing my teeth! EUWH, just kidding ;P

That's all the fun from this weekend I wanna share, special thanks to Beauty Journal, Sociolla, and Dear Me for having me at this event. See you on next post!


  1. Dear Jenny lah emang terbaek! ahaha

  2. Saw this lip cream all over social media these days and I am quite attracted by its cute packaging! Is it okay for super dry lips anyway ? :)


    1. it's moisturizing and fine for normal lips, as for dry lips you might wanna use some lipbalm or stuff before using this one. anyway, compared to similar products, this one is better in moisturizing lips :)

  3. Produknya bikin ngiler semuaaa ciciiiii