Friday, November 17, 2017

[FASHION] : IMFW - Being The World's Fashion Trendsetter

Hello Gorgeous, welcome back to my blog! 

It's been a while since my latest fashion post, because I've been doing more to beauty stuff rather than fashion. Few weeks ago, I have some freetime on weekend (which is not usual, my weekends supposed to be filled up with schedules and meetings and events and family gatherings and some more busy things). Since I have some free time, I decided to have a break and enjoy something I really love, but haven't done in a while. Yup, fashion. I've been leaving modelling world for few years, yet still can't move on from it. I love being a model, walking on catwalk and being the star. I also love watching runways and enjoy the sight of beautiful models wearing beautiful outfits. 
So I decided to ask some of my friends to go out with me, spend our Saturday night together at Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC) Senayan to watch a fashion show. 

At the moment, there was Indonesia Modest Fashion Week held at JCC. Well, this is my very first time hearing the name, so let's get to know them. 

The event was actually held from the idea by Indonesia Modest Fashion Designer (IMFD) and also supported by Tourism Ministry and of course, the venue. This event has purpose to create the path for Indonesian designer to promote their designs to the world. Jeny Tjahyawati, Project Director of Indonesia Modest Fashion Week 2017 said on the interview, it takes a unique and universal style to get to the top of the world, in fashion industry. This show's taken 60 designers from all around the world, including Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Australia and Middle east. 
The Travel Ministry said, this was part of them. Fashion is part of creative industry, which includes culinary and souvernirs in it. The rapid growth in fashion industry nowadays, is a unique interest especially in modest fashion. 

Here are some photos from the designers I watch their show : 

[Ittang Yunasz]
 He concentrate in Batik and patterns, colored in black and brown theme. All of the collection seems in one tone and super beautiful. What I love is, the way he combined the pattern and the non-pattern fabric, so they look like a finished puzzle in one look!

Up next, Jenny Tjahyawati. Head of this project (IMFW) and as well one of proud Indonesian designer who had her show worldwide. This collection shown, was just taken abroad for fashion show in Europe. SUPERB!

Last but not least, this collection was my favorite above them all. Malik Moestaram, he has gorgeous gown. I always love with gowns in natural color like this. Plus, he had some additional ornaments and stuff, but they all look pretty and not too much. With some headbands, they all look perfect and even shining in the dark room (special for his collection they darken the room , maybe to get the vibes?) IDK but I love this so much!

Well, to close the day and the post I took some photos with the designers. I feel very proud of them for creating those beautiful outfit and looking forward to another collection! Make us proud more and more, yeah!

That's all for my posts, and I'll see you girls on next posts!

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