Sunday, November 12, 2017

[EVENT] : Girls, Let's Rock The World

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to Jennitanuwijaya.
Today I'm going to share a super exciting yet fun event, with Mizzu Cosmetics and Beauty Journal. The event was super fun and had a lot of activity, so stay tunned and read this till the end!

The event was held in Como Park, Kemang, South Jakarta. It was super easy finding the place, yet the place itself was very cozy and fun. Less light for afternoon activity, we all dressed in black and white and ready to rock the world with Mizzu! We started with registration as always, and mingle for freetime photo session. 

Then right after that, we continue to upstairs for the short film preview named Complete. It was super unique and cozy, because they didn't prepare any chair but they prepared the bean bag. This is my very first time attending event this fun! Mbak Mira, as usual, say her greetings to all sociolla bloggers who attended the event, together with our beloved host. For you girls who haven't know, mbak Mira is the head of Beauty Journal. Another information here, Mizzu is going to be sharing their first web series. The main story is about office life that also related with beauty influencer. They had love story as well as some meanings inside this. Don't worry, everyone can watch this since this isn't a commercial, they concentrate in the film and storyline, so Mizzu product will only shown at the end of each episodes. 

They also invited Billy Simpson as the singer and song writer for the OST of short film, and some main artist that played the role inside it. Well.... The man actor (Rangga Azof) was super handsome tho , also we had ex- Abnon Jakarta winner (Erinda Azzqy) as the female lead character. They shared some experience in shooting process with the crew, it only took few days, wow super fast, right? But the thing is, they work from morning till morning, so can you imagine how hard they worked on this short film? So we can have expectation for the result. Not only having fun with the storyline and shooting process, they also had some experience with Mizzu products. 

They said during shooting of course they use make up, to look perfect on screen. They even mentioned some favorite products, from make up base untill decorative make up for natural look on the screen. 

After finished the q n a session and watched the preview of their short film, then we were invited to another activity. We were challenged to create our own lipstick, per group (they grouped us in the beginning of the event for the whole day activities). This one's conducted by Kak Barbie, representative from Mizzu lab. They challenged us to create our own liquid lipstick, but the shade must be as close as possible with the one he made. He showed us the example how to create it and some tips, but still we need to make our own of creation to meet the one that he wants. 

Each groups send their own nominee , to represent their group. As for mine, the representation was Mary, the one who stands on the right. The winner of this challenge was Gisel, since her group's shade was the closest one. 

Next, we had our freetime and enjoyed some refreshments from Nomz Kitchen, the one owned by Chef Arnold (I'm a big fan of him, since he's super handsome lol) they prepared some canapes and they're all delicious! Also with infused water, coffee, and tea to complete the snacks. 

After we're done with the fuel a.k.a canapes, we continue with another challenge. This one's the last challenge, it was make up challenge. Each group was given Mizzu make up, and we need to decorate our friend's eyes within one minute only! OMG this was hilarious yet fun. We were given their eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyelashes. We need to make as good as possible our friend's looks, in order to win. As for my group, we just stick to the same theme : purple tone shadow. We can decorate as we wanted to, but the main thing that we should have is purple eyeshadow. With this concept, our group was chosen as the winner of the challenge ! We were super happy and proud hihi. 

So that was all of the event recap I think, will upload the goodies and product review on another post. Thanks to Beauty Journal by Sociolla and Mizzu Cosmetics for having me in this event, of course I'll see you all on another fun event! 

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