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[SWATCH + REVIEW + TIPS] : Maybelline Powder Mattes All Shades

Hello gorgeous, how’s your day ?

How good your day is, this post is gonna make it even better! Today we’re gonna play with a lot of lipsticks in beautiful colors. Excited enough? Let’s start! 

Maybelline New York is one of well-known brand worldwide. Not only in make up base, also in some decorative part for daily use , especially for young girls like us, or perhaps woman with young spirits! Lately, the lipstick trend was like heavy-matte lipsticks which actually doesn’t feel comfortable at all, right? But due to following the trend we usually just wear it to look pretty and “kekinian”. 
Now, Maybelline has resolved this for us! Time to say good bye to heavy matte, with Maybelline The Powder Mattes series! The powder mattes is the first ultra weight matte lipstick from Maybelline New York for the perfect matte with ultra light feel on our lips (can you imagine how comfortable is this, to have matte lipstick but no dry lips?). They have 20 shades in this collection which can be divided into 4 parts based on their base colors. They’re Nude colors, orange-based, pink-based, and lastly red-based. They’re all ready to make our moments perfect! 
Here are the swatches of the 20 shades (yes i have them all!) 
[Nude colors collection] the colors all are very beautiful and well, I can say they’re kinda neutral. These colors won’t make you look pale even though they’re nude, so yeah I’m in love with these. We can use it for daily colors when going to campus or office, or just simple going out for shopping ;P 

[Orange based colors]

These ones comes out with bright colors, which reminds me of summer. It can make us look 

young and cheer full, so it’s very suitable for you who love Korean make up look. We can even try creating ombre lips with combining these colors! Super fun and cute. 
[pink based colors]

As a pink lover, well this one’s my fav above all. They’re all pink yet they’re all beautiful! Super excited on this collection, different level of pink and all of them still wearable for daily use or even going to events. The light one maybe better for daily use, and the darker ones can be used for special occasions like attending wedding events, gathering, etc. The good point is, this won’t make our lips dry. Love! 

[Red based colors]

This one , we can say is the bold collection amongst others. As for Indonesian people, usually they’re afraid of using bold colors as they think it will make them look “old”. But actually, that’s totally fine. Wearing bold lipstick is a choice we can make. We can even use this for daily wear to office and to occasions. Especially for bankers, they’ll super love this one. The front liners at bank use this kind of colors everyday, but they usually use the heavy matte lip cream to prevent too often of touch up. With this one, we can have matte lipstick, high pigmentation level, and of course lightweight feel and healthy lips at the same time! 

So how’s your opinion on these colors? After seeing these photos, have you feel in love with Maybelline The Powder Mattes? Stop right there! I still have a little surprise for you, we’re going to have a torture test on my lips! We’re going to try these lipsticks on my lips, how many layers can there be on my lips (compared to lip cream as well). 

Here’s I’m applying 3,7,15,20 layers of Maybelline The Powder Mattes, on these layers I can still feel very light even just like I’m wearing no lipsticks. Awesome! 

OK. Here’s the last layer I created, 25 layers of lipsticks! This is awesome, well, I feel a bit of lipstick on my lips. But hey, here’s 25 colors. Feels so different rather than using lip cream, which already feels heavy at first layer and even getting heavier on the next layers. This one, can be 25 layers. Lip cream? No-no. 5 Layers even already hard for my lips #safeourlips #ByeHeavyMatte. Prevent darkening lip color by using the light ones like this, since it won’t make our lips dry too. 
Well, my impression on these products are super good! They’re super affordable in price, so all of you girls can have this at home. Yet the coverage is still very good (it can cover my lips very well) and even if you want some intensity you can re-apply it). And for the ultra lightweight feel.... Well this is the first one having this sensation, light matte. Thumbs up for them! So what are you waiting for? Go get yours now at the stores! They’re available at Lazada, Maybelline counter in Matahari dept stores, drugstores, and other cosmetic stores.

Here’s the great news : now they have 26 colors available and of course with new affordable price. Get ready to be shocked through this post , Babellines.

As I’ve said before, this Powder Mattes Series was launched by Maybelline, a brand new innovation in lipstick industries where we can wear an ultra lightweight matte lipstick, and even more we can use hundreds of layers! #ZhenBang there are different color base for those 20 colors that already launched months ago. Now, Maybelline launch another color collection to complete the 26 colors collection of their matte lipstick and of course fulfill our wishes.

Maybe some of you feels like “I already have pink, red, or orange lipsticks”. But these 6 colors, I can say, have something different. They are :

Almond Pink (Hero product - I still don’t get it, is it only available at hero or what?) this one suits a chic and fresh look, such as going to school or university everyday. Casual outfit will be a great match. 
Honey Cherry - As for this one, I believe will be good for both everyday look and also ombre lips if we combine this one with the nude colors. 
Raw Choco - OMG It’s chocolate and everybody loves chocolate! This light chocolate suits bold eye makeup, to make it look elegant. Also available for hangout look, but you need to be careful not to look pale.
Rosewood Red - This one, I can say suits mature look at its best. High intensity of bold color, makes the woman use this lipstick look mature and elegant at the same time. Candle light dinner will be great timing to use this.
Toasted Brown - Another brown color, this one comes in lighter color. Honestly, this is the first time I see a lipstick color like this. Awesome and innovative! Well, maybe we can use this to special occasion or combine this color with others. 
Walnut - One of a unique color as well, this dark choco color suits special occasion too like party at night. Ready to try this on?

Can you see how good their colors? My fav one.. Well I can’t choose any of them because I love them all. Feels like I want to have all of these colors, to complete my maybelline lipstick matte collection (and of course complete my day too). Thanks to Maybelline, one of drugstore’s most affordable product, now they’re doing repricing on the product Maybelline The Powder Mattes. Now it’s available for only IDR 55.000, so we can take them all to home! Really, it’s only around 50k IDR and I can say, this is super affordable. Considering there are lots of more expensive lipsticks out there. 

[TIPS] Cara Memakai Lipstik | How to use lipstick
Other than sharing the euphoria of having all the matte lipstick collection from Maybelline, I proudly present tips on how to create Korean ombre lips using Maybelline Powder Mattes lipstick! Here’s what you need : two different color (as contrast as possible). Usually the first one is the most nude color you have, then the second one will be something bright or bold to create the inner color. As for me, my favorite color is “barely there” to create an ombre lips combination. It’s a pink-based color but it has super soft touch. The next one I love to use is Pink shot, or Honey Cherry. These are bright and bold colors that can be used to create inner bitten lips color. These choices are for those of you (including me) who loves pink. 

If you don’t wanna use pink-based color like me, well sometimes we get bored and need some creative ideas, right? You can also use chocolate-based color but still looking chic as well! For example you can combine both from the newest collection, raw cocoa for the soft color all over your lips and then combine it with Rosewood Red for the inner part. Voila, you’ll get Korean Ombre Lips that feels super light, and less touch up also! Such a perfect idea to start the day, right? If you have any idea on color option or ombre lips style, please kindly let me know through the comment section so I can also try them too!

Don’t worry about the ultra lightweight feels on our lips and intensity of their color, it’s still the main feature of this product. As for the packaging and other aspects still remain the same. So yeah, if you ask me if I recommend this lipstick, my answer also remain the same. I still highly recommend this product. Affordable, wearable, and also comfortable. What are you waiting for? Grab them fast now!
See you girls on my next post!


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    1. iyaah teksturnya enak bgt, i'm wearing this every single day skrg saking nyamannya haha thanks cind <3

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