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[EVENT] : Being a Selebgram Is Cheap with MatahariStore

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These days, "selebgram" are very famous, to all segments and age. Even kids nowadays, when we ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they'll just simply say "selebgram", "youtuber", etc. It's not being a doctor anymore that appeal them in the future. One social media that really affect teenagers are instagram, where they can see their idols and other selebgram showing off their fashion style, lifestyle, the ones who live in the luxury. This makes teen want to follow their luxurious lifestyle while willing to sacrifice anything they have, to buy similar stuff with those selebgram (which is usually expensive and high end brand). is now here to break those believes. According to Devi Maulina, Deputy Head of Marketing Communications at, they create this workshop to accommodate teenagers who often use social media. They want to prove that being a selebgram is easy peasy and don't take a lot of assets. They also want to Indonesian women dressed stylish and confident wherever they are even with simple stuff or little assets.

Also in this #BerasaJadiSelebgram workshop, they invited Alika Islamadina as singer and fashion influencer, Laurent Kurniawan as co-founder OOTDINDO to share a lot about fashion and being a "selebgram". Here are some tips :
1. Budget fashion setting
It's not always have to be expensive to look cool, even Laurent has no budget to new clothes. She'd rather being economical and think carefully about the use of those clothes if she needs to buy something. Alika has the same opinion, as she usually try to explore while doing mix and match style, as long as she feels confident. What you need to do is, think carefully before you buy clothes. How many times you can wear them, to what occasion, etc. Fortunately, everything you need from head to toe are available at of course, with affordable price.

2. To Go Style Ala Selebgram
[Alika] : She usually wears pants since she has a lot of different activities and it'll facilitate her movement so she'll be more comfortable. Something not too tight, combined with white shirt which is neutral and simple, so she can take it to any occasion, just simply add some details on shoes and accessories with some pattern or bright colors.
[Laurent] : Tips for tiny girl, wear something that will give you silhouette. 3/4 or 7/8 pants will make you look a bit taller, combined with kitten heels.
[Devi] : She usually wears minidress daily, with heels or platform heels. Never use oversized outfit because it will make her look even tinier :".

3. Taking OOTD Photo Tips
There's saying "Practice makes perfect", well we can say that's right. You need to practice more to know your perfect angle. It's not effortless at all, all we need is take photos as much as we can, then we need only some good shots (1-3 for instagram feed). Another hack is, we can take photos from frog angle (lower camera position) to make us look taller. Angle and lighting are very important in creating the best photo. Think of which part you want to highlight (ex : jacket, bag, etc). It will be even better if there's no commercials in your photos, like paper bag for example. The main thing is, make your picture look effortless even though it's not. 

4. Mindset
Mostly people want to be a famous one, like selebgram to earn a lot of money. But we need to change that mindset. The mindset is, we want to inspire people, by sharing on social media. Just be yourself, that way you will be your own kind of unique, then you can inspire more people.

After that, we had a game session. We're divided into groups, and we have to style one of our team (as the model) and present the concept of the look. Mine has three people. Each groups had a lot of creation, super pretty and great concept of OOTD.

Here's the finalist of each group, they're all pretty and wear great outfit, aren't they? All of them are super affordable, of course if you want them you may get it at :)

Well, I never expected this but it turned out those simple look made me one of the winner of this styling competition :D #thankGod and I'm super proud of my team. Can you guess how much my outfit cost? It only cost IDR 199.000 for the top and pants. Super affordable, right?

[news by Berita Satu]

Now you know the "low budget" asset to be a selebgram. Are you ready to be a selebgram?

"As long as you're confident, then you're good"

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