Sunday, December 3, 2017

[REVIEW] : Zoya Lip Scrub

Hello gorgeous! Time surely flies so fast, it's weekend already. What are you doing on weekend? Watching movies, have a date, working, or pampering yourself? Me, surely working on my thesis *please help me by praying, only miracle can help me lol* and of course pamper myself. Here's the newest product of Zoya Cosmetics (local product; brand kosmetik halal), lip scrub.

What are lip scrub made of ?
Lip scrub usually contain two components : an emollient and exfoliant. The emollient provides hydrating base for the exfoliant, make the product easier to apply onto the lips. Emollient in lip scrubs are typically light plant seed butters or oils like jojoba oil or virgin coconut oil. In Zoya lip scrub, here’s the cream as emollient.   
The exfoliant is something gentle on delicate lip skin but still effective on exfoliating the flakes. Together those two things work to moisturize and smooth our lips. Of course we need to be sure reading the instructions before using the lip scrub, some might be edible and some needs to be removed. Some that has tasty scent might be tempting to take a lick, but that’s not for you to eat ;p hihi.

Here's the product. Actually for the lip scrub, Zoya has three variants. There are ZOYA lip scrub sugar, lip scrub summer, and lip scrub matcha. What I've got here is the ZOYA lip scrub summer variant, which involve lemon scent in it (super refreshing, I'm imagining drinking some lemonade at seaside with a handsome guy, what a romantic view!). Whereas sugar is the original one, and matcha of course have some kind of matcha ingredients in it. Kinda curious about those other two, but let's just continue with this one. In Indonesia they said this is "lip scrub alami" or "lip scrub merek lokal". It's rarely to get this kind of product, so let's jump right to the review!

The packaging is pretty simple, with transparent box that allow you to see what's inside, of course there are informations about the product, variant, expiration date, and stuff. What catch my eye is the macaroon shaped container, it's surely super cute and make me hungry whenever I see it #bigeater haha but yeah I love this one! Also, the size of the product is super compact and small, so I can easily bring them into my travel bag (then I imagine myself going for holiday to Bali, enjoying the sun and salt water while using this lip scrub, then I can make some kind of commercial video for the product #Iwish) haha. 

  • Give fresh fruit scent
  • Smooth, chewy, and moisturized skin
  • Won't dry your lips
  • Contains no parabens and derivatives of sulphates
  • Can be used everyday or before wearing lipstick

[How To Use]
Apply onto our lips (all part of lips) and then use a circular motion to scrub your lips. 

[Scent & Texture]
From the moment I opened the macaroon, I can smell something refreshing inside. Yup, it's lemon scent which made me feels super fresh and want to try the product asap. For the texture, as you can see on photos above, they had a lot of creamy texture with tiny soft apricot seeds as the scrub. From the size of the scrub itself, you girls can see that its surely safe for our lips. It also contains shea butter, antioxidant, and vitamin E which all of them are useful to create a good lips skin. 

After trying this lip scrub, I can say this one did a good job on my lips. I've tried some products from other brands, but they're all actually rough. The scrub was literally sugar and I can even see the size of those sugar. This natural halal lip scrub by Zoya Cosmetics, feels super soft and creamy (I just feel some small scrub which comes from fruit seeds) yet it cleansed by lips thoroughly. The result is, super smooth lips *ready to be kissed* after removing those dead skin cells on my lips and of course it did a good job on moisturizing my lips. As for using everyday or before using lipstick, I don't recommend it. Remember, this is a scrub, and there's limit to our skin while using scrub. 
Overall thinking, this might be a good stuff if your lips are sensitive enough, and need some soft scrub instead of the rough one. But if you're a hardcore lover #sokide then you might need another product since you'll feel like this is just some kind of cream instead of rough scrub. The good stuff is, after using this for a while I have no allergies or other negative effects. 

Size : 8gr
BPOM : NA18171303852
Price : IDR 45.000 
Score : 4/5 (you might reconsider about the scrub size)

They're all halal products and of course super affordable. Let's support local product :)

Another thanks goes to @Beautiesquad for this project review, and all those things I've said above are honest review.
Thanks for reading, of course I wish to see you again on my next posts!


  1. Such a good review Jen, but I dont understand your statement about Tidak membuat bibir menjadi kering wkwkwkwk
    *sok bule

  2. Semangat jentan buat thesisnya, semoga berjalan lancar ya 😘

  3. ehemmm.. *siap dikiss sama siapa tuh? :P


  4. Ready to be kissed yaaaaa 😅😅😅😅. Tapi emang jadi lembut banget sih,keangkat semua sel kulit matinya.

  5. siapa yang kiss? *jomblo iri*

    1. doi dong ;p wakaka jomblo mau disediain stuntman?

  6. aku dapetnya yang sugaar penasaran sama varian summer juga matchanyaa XD
    duh pake yang summer aja sampe kebanyang lagi sama cowo cakep yaaak, gimana kalo pake yang lainn wkwkwk

    1. wkwkwk kudunya nyobain tigatiganya, aku jg pengen nyari varian lain krn super penasaran ;P

  7. bentuk sama warnanya gemesin !

  8. unik ya, kudu di coba :D

  9. Wanginya nyengat banget gak ya? suka sama kemasannya yg lucu hihi

    1. wanginya nyegerin sih, ga sampe nyengat. but if you're preventing fragranced-stuff you might wanna stay away from this. if you're fine with some soft scent then you should try this product :)

  10. Berasa ngeliat macaron dari atas jd pgn makan :v