Sunday, December 3, 2017

[EVENT & REVIEW] : MadForLipstick Break The Standard

Hello gorgeous! 
Are you beauty enthusiast? Beauty influencer? To all of you who read this , 
“You have to put your personality out there, I’m sure people will love you”
No matter how imperfect you are, don’t be shame to show the “true you”.  

Today I’m gonna be sharing something that will open up your mind. So few days ago I was invited by BeautyJournal by Sociolla and Mad For Lipstick to attend the launching of new look and new concept for MFL. The event was named “Break the Standard”, the name itself made me curious and excited! The event took place at The Dutch, 18 Parc place, SCBD. 

First thing first, as always before we start the event we’re allowed to take some photos of the products of MFL and also try them. Super excited because the new packaging is super eye catching, while they’re presenting the new concept of MFL. They also had some photo booth (which I love it so much, supercool). Then finally, the host of the event asked us to gather to start the event. Introducing their partner for the event first, skin habit, we started first session of mini talkshow. 

Skin habit is a skin clinic that existed from two years ago. They explains to us, the importance of taking care of our skin and what are the threats. There are some bad effects of our surroundings (which we need to take care of and avoid if we can):
  • UV exposure : pigmentation (sun spots, freckles, age spot, and wrinkle)
  • Pollution : acne, dry skin, aging
  • Stress : aging
  • Air conditioner : dry and sensitive skin 
There are some factors that we can’t even avoid, so we need to take care of our skin to fight these negative effects I mentioned above. One of the way is to use skincare and do facial routine, which needs to be done since we were 13. REALLY? yes. Since we were young we should’ve taken a good care, because skin is our investment for the future. And since 20, we should have a healthy skin habit. Stop smoking, use lip balm that contains SPF, avoid using lip balm that contains menthol & too much fragrance, and of course use lip balm or lip ointment before using any kind of lipstick or lip cream. 

What’s the essentials? They’re facial, acne treatment, exfoliation, tighter & contour. With those treatments, we can keep the ideal face proportion, like eyes, cheeks, lips. As for lips, the ideal size upper to lower lips is 1/3 to 2/3. Have you got your ideal face size? 

To get the ideal face shape not only by doing treatments like surgery and others, we can create a good proportion by using the right make up. As for lips, we can create the “ideal shape” with lip cream by Mad For Lipstick. They has a lot of shade available, in a very affordable price.  

Here are the swatch and review of four shades that I got : (2 are the old look and the other 2 are the new look)

Well I’m just gonna share the mini review (full review gonna be on next post and youtube channel). The pigmentation is super good (no need to ask, you can simple see on my swatches they’re just one swipe and voila, super high pigmentation) and I love the new concept, because it feels like more moisturizing to my lips. As for the packaging, the new concept use something shiny (which made me hard to take the photo of) but that’s supper pretty (and brings more life rather than the old ones, I love bright colors).  Combining / using the best choice of color onto our lips can help us create the perfect shape of our lips.

Also , we had some talkshow session with the influencers that are involved in this project. They shared about how hard it was to live itself, and also what they think about beauty. To them who has reached their success now, actually the road was really hard and rocky, or even bloody. A lot of rejection, not only once or twice but years. Can you imagine this? Can you overcome this? Yes we have to, if we want to reach success. Living alone without guidance from parents is also hard. Jumping from one job to another, trying really hard to survive. Even when they had parents that already set their future, it’s not what they want to pursue. Me myself, experienced this. While my passion is in communication and entertain, my family keep asking me to work in banking sector. Hard enough to survive in this field, but I’m grateful enough that I can do blogging, through this I can enjoy my life and go through hard times each and everyday. Last but not least, remember the phrase “nobody’s perfect”? That was right. But even better, we can inspire and reach more people through those imperfection. Show them that those imperfection can be overcame by believing in ourselves, that we can do better. Those stuff, made those five girls wanted to join this collaboration, because they really want to inspire more people. 

When the host asked what is the definition of beauty to them, here’s what they said :
  • Accept, look after, and develop what we have
  • True beauty is someone’s charm, that reminds people of us even after we die
  • Do good and be good

So, here’s the quote of the day :
“Physically beauty is a sure thing, can be done by make up, good face proportion, but the highlight is how to embrace our personality to become our strength.”


  1. Fotonya kecil-kecil amat Jen XD Gedeeeein dooong biar puas liat swatchnya :D

    Eh aku naksir si Mad fo Lipstick ini soalnya kemasannya cakep, belum kesampaian juga mau beli huhuhu

    1. hihi iyanihh :" swatchnya kecil2 biar pada penasaran, baca deh next upcoming post aku hihih *promo* cus dibeli di sociolla kak, kemasannya yg baru cakep bener

  2. Kemarenan mampir ke watsons dan ternyata produk ini udah ada yaa di sana seneng banget bisa langsung cobain. Tapi gara2 pernah denger ini kering banget jadi ga minat beli. Ehhhh pas baca artikel ini aku jadi kepengen lagi gara-gara ternyata formulanya udah lebih bagus, yaa xD

    1. iyaah skrg udah available dimana2 hiihi yang lama emang formulanya kerasa beda sih, pas ngeswatch aja kerasa. yang baru ini jauh lbh creamy and moisturizing hehe

  3. Jenni, gedein fotonya donk *kaya komen kak Nindy*
    aku makin penasaran sama mad for lipstick krn rebrandingnya menurutku bagus. Jadi kaya ada added value gitu

    1. hihihi siap kak, ditunggu foto gedeannya di upcoming post biar puas sama swatchesnya :D

  4. naksir yang warna merah, membara banget kayaknya, cakep :)

    1. iyaa merahnya cakep, duh tapi semuanya cakep #cewemahgitu haha