Sunday, December 10, 2017

[REVIEW] : Zap Photo Facial

Hello gorgeous! How's weekend ? Well it's getting more hectic and tiring for me, since I'm taking care of a lot of things. But of course, pampering myself and had fun with beauty stuff or makeup is always fun, I always spare time for it!

So today, I wanna share about my experience of trying the famous treatment, Photo Facial, which was provided by Zap. For those of you who haven't know this company, Zap Clinic Indonesia was built in 2009, as the pioneer of permanent hair removal with painless treatment, using modern technology with radiation technology. I can barely remember, it was years ago, when I was in junior high, my very first time trying their permanent hair removal service for my underarm. Now, they has developed into a beauty clinic with various services. They provide permanent hair removal, body rejuvenation, photo facial, lifting treatment, PRP treatment, and also skin care product. Even now, they also provide lip cream product in beautiful shades.

The service I tried yesterday was Photo Facial. This is my very first time trying this so it's very exciting! Photo facial is a facial care series which combining three modern technology to get a healthy facial skin. This treatment is always done by professional beauty doctor at Zap Clinic. Through this treatment, Zap wanted to prove that beauty is not pain anymore, because this treatment is effective, safe, and painless. *I love their tagline and those painless stuff, I'm such a coward lol.* This photo facial treatment is also analogous as physical exercise for our skin, so it can be done everyday. Yup, everyday. We can even do this up to four times a day *claps*. They suggest to take the treatment for 20 times in the near time. As for maintenance, the recommended amount of treatment is once a week.


There are three steps in photo facial treatment. Before we start the treatment, they cleanse my face with some kind of milk cleanser and wipe it up with toner on cotton. Let's get started!

1. Face Toning
This phase is involving laser technology, to brighten our skin color, reduce dark spots, tighten pores, taking care of acne scar, stimulate regeneration of collagen, and reduce sebum production which can trigger acne.

What I feel when doing this phase (was done by the specialist doctor), a bit of warm on my skin, and some kind of fireworks sparks voices. It kinda scared me a bit (I told you, I'm such a coward of pain and stuff) but that's all, no pain, no scar. Zhēn bàng!

2. Face Rejuvenation
This step is involving radiation technology to reduce dark spots, healing acne and inflammation, rejuvenate facial skin with stimulating production of collagen, and make our skin smooth and bright. 
What I love about this process is the cold gel. After being warmed up by the face toning phase, it feels super comfort and refreshing on my face. The texture feels a bit thick (almost as thick as modeling mask) but still comfort on my skin. Then they put some kind of radiation stuff on my face (they call this IPL) it feels a bit warm on my face (it still comfortable and of course painless). After then, they cleanse my face with tissue and the doctor ask if I feel uncomfortable or any pain. This is the last step with doctor, let's continue with the last step!

3. Oxy infusion
Giving oxygen optimally to our face, this step make our skin looks fresh and moist. This treatment is more like soft peeling process, so it will cleanse our skin from dirt which make our skin looks dull. This treatment is suitable for those who wants clean, fresh, and moist facial skin in no time. 

Those three steps can be use partially, so if you only want to try one of them it's possible. The whole process costs IDR 750.000 while one process cost only IDR 250.000, I think this is super affordable, right? 

Here's how I look right after photo facial treatment. As you can see, I'm looking brighter than before (Well, I'm not using sunlight, lol just kidding). Of course, my skin feels more moisturized than before. I think this is the effect of oxy infusion.

What I love from Zap and this treatment :
-they have a lot of clinic and one of them is super near to my house
-super affordable
-mbak zap is super friendly, happy zappy life, they said!
-their treatment are painless and effective (at least for me, you should try them too)
-fast (the treatment is only 30 mins long)
-they provide free drinks (up to 2 drinks/person)
-they provide bundle package, go check it on their profile

[the doctor]

[a lot of certificates, we can look how credible and experienced they are]

Anyway, I'm having this treatment at Zap ITC Permata Hijau, but if it's too far from you of course they have clinics all over Indonesia! Thanks to Zap and of course Clozette Indonesia (@clozetteid) for having me on this treatment, I'll see you on next post!


  1. Hasilnya bagus yaa kayaknya, cerahan. Tapi sayang fotonya gelap banget, aku kurang jelas liat isi kliniknya :(

  2. Eh aku baru tau ZAP ada produk Lip creamnya, aku kira cuma klinik treatment aja hahaha *kemana aja lu Ra!*
    By the way, aku follow blog kak Jenni kalo berkenan follow back yaa. Kita sama-sama member Clozette dan Beautisquad. :3

    1. yaampun raaa ahaha, si lipcreamnya katanya enak bgt dibibir (penasaran juga tp belom tergerak) ahaha
      yes sure! done follback :D