Monday, February 12, 2018

[JTALKS] : KBBV First Anniversary and New Year Resolution!

Hello gorgeous, welcome back here! Welcoming new year, I'm gonna share another new year post #Chinesemodeon haha what I get from student exchange is, "never forget your root". Not going to talk about Chinese new year post, but I'm gonna talk about our first anniversary with KBBV (@kbbvindo) and of course my new year wishes!

Well, if you haven't heard about KBBV or atomcarbonblogger, it is a beauty blogger and vlogger from Indonesia. It's been a year since the very first day of this community, time surely flies so fast. I still remember how our old days (not that old tho) hihi but yeah, come to think of those days, feels like we're growing rapidly. Really, me myself feels the learning process from each members in this community. Regardless of how old and how long we've been in this industry, well, I believe we can still learn from everyone and anytime, agree? 

This community and the committee themselves also very kind, and passionate about beauty. They shared a lot of things using their heart, each and everyday. There's always be a new stuff to learn everyday. They prepared a lot of surprises to us members, not only educate but also treat us! A lot of innovation comes from them , to my life. When I'm confused with all those stuff of instagram algorithm, they prepared IG pod so that all we content creator can support each another. Of course, without forgetting our main duty as bloggers, they create a section to also support each other in our blogposts. It's not that easy to be a good content creator and blogger. But believe me, all these years, the main point I get from every single person who taught me, is , work honestly with all your heart. This works on me, so this should also work on you too!

It was all great job done last year, above average and my expectation as a member and newbie in beauty blogging. You guys let me learn and grow through so much opportunities. So I'm wishing all the best to this community, thanks for letting me learn a lot of new things for the past year and hopefully we can grow together this year and for the next years! (p.s : also thanks for the new camera from latest blog competition ;p)

Welcoming new year, there must be a resolution, right? So here I am to share my 2018 resolution :D
As you already know, I've been joining the special scholarship program held by a public bank which takes 2.5 years to graduate from the program, and have to continue with our thesis. So this year I'm doing my thesis, and hopefully (it's a must) I can graduate at the end of the year! AMEN. A wise man once told me, a best gift you can give to your parents is graduate, and then enjoy your life. Get yourself a spouse, and give your parents grandchild. Live happily ever after. I do believe in what he says, so please pray for me to make it happen!

2. Have my husband-soon-to-be
Well, everyone around me has been asking around to me about this. Where's your boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend? And all sort of other question. Here's the secret I want to share. I believe, a relationship is between two people. It's not something to tell the world about (at least in my opinion), you can just enjoy the relationship. Actually, I have someone close to me. But again, blessings from mom and family plays an important role in my life. As long as they haven't give their blessings.. Well I still have to reconsider about it. So yeah, please pray for my jodoh! Whoever it will be, hopefully we'll face a smooth road.

3. Share more on my blog
This is not easy, I know. While maintaining my office work, balancing with personal life and blogging.. But I'll definitely try my best to write a good article and post it so you can read my work. and please do support me. Leave on comment about how you'd like my posts this year!

4. Give more
It's not always about some specific stuff. What I want here is, to give all I have to others in need. From educating people to give materials, something useful for their lives. I have received a lot of love and blessings last year, and I want others to feel how good it is to get blessings and love! I believe you'd like it too, so don't forget to pass what you have to others in need. People not always ask for help, but if you can help. them, why not?

So that's all about my 2018 resolutions, I guess. Thanks for reading, and please do show some love and support to me. I'll always support you too! I love it when we can support one another. 


  1. Good luck Jen on your goals for this year. Special this year, I have spessific goasl too. Those goals makes us work harder and guided ^^

    The Wonderland by Kartikaryani

    1. whoaa thanks for supporting me kak! goodluck on your goals too, together we can *kayak kampanye hahaha but hard work never betrays!

  2. Jenn wishing you all the best luck for your goals this year! Aku juga target lulus tahun ini hihi kita sama2 berjuang yaa ♥

    Ghina Aulia

    1. wah seneng banget rasanya, kalo ada yang setujuan untuk sama-sama lulus.makasih kak, Semangat juga yaa kak ghin biar cepet wisuda (dan cepet dilamar) hihi

  3. Semoga semua impianmu terkabuul cici <3