Sunday, February 18, 2018

[UNBOXING] : Chinese New Year Package + celebration

Hello gorgeous! Still in the holiday vibes, let me say Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who celebrate it. As for me, it was super fun and exciting to celebrate the day! Family gathering is one of y favorite part, where I can even meet those who live abroad (and of course we only meet once a year, or more if there's someone getting married lol). Yeah, this is how my family live. We live in different province and countries, but still do our best to maintain the connection.

Sometimes I feel like missing them and want to meet up, thanks to the genius who built internet and all sort of technological stuff, we can now at least do a virtual meet up. Not only my real family related by blood, all my best friends and kind people around me, are also considered as my family. One of them, papi @Joonbond is my family too, together with @bloggermafia. They kindly sent me a surprise CNY box (seriously, they didn't even say anything and voila the box popped out in my house! Well, it came through delivery man ok.) But yeah, let's see what's inside the box!

Super cute with the snoopy hong bao, let's open the box!

As 2018 is the year of dog, here I got the golden dog! In love with this one, now I put this on my table so whenever I open package or charge my phone I can see this one, barking and loyally waiting for me!

Well, these two are one of my favorite snacks! Made from fruit, I guess they're healthy and delicious as well. Have you tried any of this snacks? Write on the comment section to let me know your answers!

Who doesn't know this snack? Sun-maid raisins is one of the best taste I've ever tried, I can say. This one is not only my favorite, but also the whole family love this. We always have some boxes of this at home, knowing everyone love to eat this sunmaid raisins and of course super excited getting this as present!

CNY will never be complete without hong bao, right? So here it comes, two red hong bao (you can never imagine what's inside this envelope, don't even ask me about this haha it's my very first time seeing something like that inside a hong bao, super creative! pssst, secret.) 

Still in red vibes, here you can see the red pouch. OK this catch my eyes and heart at the same time. I'm in love with this pouch, and it's exclusively made for blogger mafia members. How did I know? When I opened the pouch, I can find a blogger mafia tag inside. WHOAAAA this is awesome. I'm super addicted to limited edition stuff, you know. And super happy at the same time, seeing the fact I'm one of the "chosen one"!

Last but not least, another snack made from plum. Hmm, delicious! Perfect to eat with my cousins tho;p

That's all from the surprise package sent by BloggerMafia. Now, let me introduce you to my family.

Not complete, but this is half of the family from Mommy's side. For you who don't know, I live with my mom and brother, my grandma from mom and also mommy's little sister. So yeah, I'm close with everyone in this picture. Looking forward to another Chinese New Year Celebration with them!

Here's my mom and brother dressed in red. She looks pretty with her new hairstyle tho, we all got hair cut before Chinese New Year (it's some kind of tradition) and of course smile happily! 

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong xi Ni men!


  1. kulit mangga dan kulit jeruk kesukaan saya! Happy Chinese New year kaka, semoga tahun ini lebih produktif lagi~

    1. hihi emang enak banget yaa! cheers to a great year ahead <3

  2. Happy Chinese New Year Jenni. May this year of Dog brings only good things for you & your fam.

    1. A mind to follow me back? thank you.

    2. AMEN. Lots of blessing goes to you and your fam too babeee! anyway already followed your blog :)