Thursday, February 22, 2018

[REVIEW] : Candy Color Local Indonesian Lipcream

Hello gorgeous, how was your day? Hope the day as pink as your lipstick! Well now, I'm gonna share another product review #series , the most favorite part on my blog. As you girls already know, there's a lot of Indonesian brand producing lip cream. As for this one, Candy Color is a local brand lipcream from Bandung, Indonesia, which was launched on October 2017. 

Candy Color has four pink-based neutral colors, which is safe for all skintones. The colors are: Gummy Bear (soft pink), Peanut (beige pink), Marshmallow (bright warm pink), Hello (brown pink). 

Packaging. The packaging is simple (and pretty!) with those white and pink color from the lipcream. I fell in love right away when I see the packaging (pardon me) wkwk.. As seeing the rainfall, it reminds me of Kylie lip cream. But I find Candy Color more attractive and cute as well. This makes me see the lip color clearly. 
As for the box, it also has a unique design (I'm wondering who's the genius behind these awesome designs), combining white-pink-green into one, and some additional accents like kiss mark on the side. I find it super cute!

Anyway, this lip cream is a bit oxidizing. So if you wanna choose the color, keep in mind that the color that shows on your lips will be a bit darker (through the time) than in the container bottle. 

As for the formula, this lip cream is produced by PT. Cedefindo which already famous for producing a lot of famous lip cream like mad for lipstick, ESQA, Val, etc. The texture itself is a bit slushy compared to others, but feels so smooth on my lips. This makes easier to apply the liquid on lips, and of course light feels afterwards (when it's already set). No need to hesitate and ask about their pigmentation, the one that I tried, well I can say that it is super pigmented. There''s no sign of being patchy and clot. 

The applicator is thin and super flexible (and long) thus makes easier application onto my lips. This helps me a lot reaching the lips corner, and also create frame (no more need of lip liner!) I love this kind of applicator tho. :D Another great feature I love from Candy Color is once it's already dry and set on lips, it becomes transfer proof. You'll want to take 2-3 minutes of waiting till it's 100% transfer proof. Of course, the halal certification's already in their pocket!

Other claims : UV Filter, Antioxidant, Vitamin E, Vegan, Cruelty Free. (we can also see and crosscheck this through the ingredients details).

The color I'm using is peanut, the beige-pink. This one's my favorite amongst them all. This suits medium skin, and also suitable for daily occasion. You can wear this color not only to office, but also to school, attend classes, hangout with your friends, and also family gathering. Every single shade from this Candy Color actually suits a lot of occasion. (I'm now thinking of buying the full collection, what do you think I should do?)

This local lip cream lasts for at least a day for me (morning when I start work till evening when I get home). Hours of usage and of course I drank a lot of water (and also use lip balm before using lip cream - I always do this). If you wear this for a whole day (longer than I wear this) then you might wanna wipe it off in the middle of the day and reapply it onto your lips. Then you'll be all good :) I love using this lip cream to wedding, work, and everytime I don't wanna do touch up on my lips. (anaknya mageran).
Price : IDR 89.000 / pc
IDR 299.000 / 4 pc (full collection)
You can buy them and get the info here :


  1. The shades look lovely on you.

  2. Warnanya bagus banget deh, Jen. Jadi pengeeen....

  3. Aku suka Gummy Bear dan Peanut Jenn, wearable banget.
    Sayangnya riskan banget buat patchy kalo di aku huhuu


    1. hihi iya dia warnanya cakep yak, etapi coba pas mau dipake dikocok dl trs bibirnya di kasihin balm :( biar ga patchy2 amat