Friday, April 20, 2018

Back in Shape (for Office Worker) with Delicious Menu

Hi gorgeous, how are you doing? Hope your days was well, just like mine! Well, a bit busy at office since my office getting audit this year, sorry for the delay of articles. But hey don't worry, a lot of great articles are on their way to you! Stay tunned on my blog (and social media) since I'm gonna be sharing the update with you, babe!

Staying up late at office and home, made my body drop and of course, not so healthy eating habits. Everything-fried-menu have been accompanying me for almost two weeks (and fat belly haha). Well, office workers does face this kind of situation at peak season, right? It doesn't feel right for me, so I'm trying to find something good and healthy to accompany me of getting back in shape and health condition. Well, here's my experience of having healthy menus!

1.Digestive aid
The probiotics inside yogurt balance the microflora, which can helps you balance digestion system inside your body. This is very important to me, as I'm having gastritis and need to take a good care of my sensitive stomach. Having fried rice for example, actually not too good for someone with this kind of problem. I finally substitute the dinner with plain greek yogurt by Heavenly Blush to be healthy!

2. Don't add to much extras
Adding some extras like honey, cereals, or even fruits to have a fun snack. But it is good if you add only the right amount, not too much. When you put too much extras, the snack turns into a meal with lots of calories. If you don't like plain stuff, then you might want to add some fruits like strawberry, just a little to give you something colorful.

3. Dress up is for you, not yogurt
I know how girls love dress up, or dressing something or someone up. It is surely fun and exciting to do, but please don't do it for your yogurt! Creating dish like parfait is good to those who wants to gain weight, it surely makes you feel like you eat less than the actual.

4. Meal Planning is Important
Having the meal well planned is really important, so you won't eat too much. Here's some ideas to have a healthy yet delicious meal!
Baked potatoes with plain yogurt, Boiled chicken with plain yogurt, Beef with plain yogurt, Fish with plain yogurt, fruits with plain yogurt. Why plain? In my opinion, plain yogurt contains less sugar so it's better for getting back in shape. Also, I suggest something grilled or boiled will be the best for eating clean.

Here's my favorite plain greek yogurt by Heavenly Blush. It tastes super refreshing (the sweetness and sour level are perfect combination), this always on my refrigerator and of course at my office too!  This helps me reduce eating oily foods like fried rice, kway tiau, and other. I simply eat this yogurt with some fruits at night, and I'm all sober to finish up the deadlines! Of course, no digestion problem on me. This surely helps you gain health and good shape!

So, are you ready to get back in shape while enjoying those staying-up-till-late at office? Ganbate on working your deadline, and of course, hello well-shaped body of mine! Cheers!

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