Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What Is Volunteering?

Hello gorgeous, how have you been? Well, I've been blogging for about two years, almost all about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Now, I want to share another side of me. If you're someone close onto my personal life, you must've already know that I love volunteering, visiting and sharing with those in needs. Maybe you're one of my volunteering partner, or even we're in the same organization. I've been dragged into volunteering world since I was in high school, of course by mommy who introduced the fun of volunteering. Now, I want to share to the world, how fun it is, and how good it is if you can also share to those in need. This is gonna be some kind of series on my blog since it'll be too long if I post it only onto one post. So in this first post, I just wanna share what's on my mind about volunteering. 

First, let's distinguish between three things : Community, Organization, and Movement. Those three might seem related or even similar to you, but not to me. These three are maybe related, but not similar. 

Community comes from communal, which means same. There's no commitment in here, just some kind of place where people with similarity gather. 
Moving to organization, this is one level above community. Here, they have vision and mission, structure, and even action. They started gather members of the community. 
The last level I can say, is movement. This is where the complicated area exist, since they have problem, similarity (the problem happens to many people) and of course action! This what makes volunteering happens. 

Have you got the differences between those three? They are related, oh well, there's something left!

There's value that you always forget. Collaboration and time orientation, sometimes you forget it. You often get and focus on competition, which actually less important than those two first I mentioned. If you are more into competition, this inhibits you from growing and even helping more people. 
The biggest change in volunteer works, is the change on yourself. (this is my self reflection too, actually). 

Let's identify some problems on our life, that happens not only to me, not only to you, but to lots of people! 
Here's what comes to my mind : 
1. Racist, this happens not only in Jakarta, in Indonesia, but in this whole world. Why should we bother about race while our Lord doesn't bother about it?
2. Law, well, at least what I feel here is about law which not that strong, am I wrong? I love countries like Singapore which has strong law and have dutiful society. I'd love to make Indonesia, my beloved country, to be like that in the future. Let's move our ass together!
3. Be on time, lots of people make appointment and invitations, considering the one that invites you, not only on time, but I guess will be better if possible to be before time, do you have the same opinion?

Let's grow this world into better place, just like Michael Jackson said. 
Live in this phrase :
" Love Me, Hug Me "

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  1. I ever do some volunteering on children education in some school. It was a wonderful and mind changing experience. Would love to do it again in the near future.

    1. it was fun, right? well if you want to do volunteering, do contact me through email or social media, we're still looking for volunteers :)
      *and also planning to do personal volunteer project next month, it'll be great if you can join :)

  2. Replies
    1. you're welcome, dear :) hoping through this post more volunteers will appear tho :)

  3. Bermanfaat banget. Thanks for sharing, Kak Jen! ❤️

  4. Seneng banget ya, thank you for sharing 😍😍😍

    1. hihi ur welcome dear, just wanna remind and call the souls to be a good volunteer :D

  5. Best explained about volunteering. You can visit Volunteering in Morocco which is the best platform to start volunteering.

    1. hope there'll be something we can do to collaborate between indonesian and morocco volunteers tho :)