Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Secret of All Day ( More Than 9 Hours) No Touch Up Makeup

Hello gorgeous, wishing you an exciting start of a new month there! Today I wanna share a review and longwear test of a drugstore product that you already often hear about : Maybelline FIT ME foundation! Yash, finally I lay my hand on this well-known drugstore product, which already been in hype for a while.

So here, Maybelline have two types of their FIT ME foundation, FIT Me Matte + Poreless which is suitable for oily skin and FIT ME Dewy & Smooth which is suitable for normal to dry skin. The one I’m gonna try this time is FIT ME Matte + Poreless. To fulfill everyone’s needs, they provide 26 shades available in both variant. You can pick your right shade on their profile through seeing the color wheel and fill in your skin condition. Super easy peasy to do, right? Well, I did the same thing, visit Maybelline and see which shade fits me the most. Turns out the 125 and 120 are the closest color, so they sent me these two to my door.

“Fit me like no other”
That’s what they said as the tagline of FIT ME series, so let’s see if this tagline meets my opinion (final review). 

Here’s the two shades, it looks pretty similar but the one (125) seems a bit darker while the 120 seems a bit lighter. These two shades actually also available in FIT ME Smooth and Dewy. 
This foundation have a glass bottle packaging, without any kind of pump or filter. I often avoid this kind of packaging since it’s hard when you want to pour the right amount of you need, and to be honest for a traveling person like me, it has risk of messing with my makeup pouch, or maybe break when it’s handled harshly just like the airport baggage. But this one, I think won’t be messing around with other makeup stuff since when I close the bottle right, it’s locked really well. I suggest for traveling you might want to use bubble wrap around or fragile sticker on your luggage to make sure it’s safe. Only if they have maybe filter or pump, will be perfect! 

Formula & Texture
This Maybelline FIT ME Matte + Poreless foundation surely has a light formula, which is I love the most! I love lightweight makeup, yet since the texture is light they do a great job for blending into my skin. This gives me a natural flawless no makeup look, just like everyone’s favorite! 

As for the coverage, no need to hesitate nor discuss further, I guess. Everyone, every beauty enthusiast, already know that this drugstore foundation has such a good coverage (or I can say great for daily wear). This has a medium coverage, and still can be built up to medium to full coverage. I didn’t say this one have a full coverage since on my case it covers almost everything but not 100%, more like 90% at most. As for the pores, I can say, this has done a great job again. It covers my pores and gave me such a poreless skin. 

Long wear test
This one part is one of the most-awaited part from foundation review. A lot of you, ask about this whenever I share about foundation stuff. Well, this did a good job on my face, as for my experience, I did no touch up at all nor oil paper or tissue onto my face. I literally did nothing, and yet everything stays in place for more than 9 hours straight. Except for the t zone it looks a bit oily but I’m sure you can just simply tap tap an oil paper or some powder onto your face and everything’s gonna be back to perfect. This works really well with Maybelline FIT ME Compact powder, just like I did. I love the matte finish on my skin, and the compact powder just complete all the looks, makes my skin even more smooth and poreless, yet lock the oil away. 

Where to get
You can get this product through offline stores like drugstores (guardian, lotte, watson, etc), dept stores (metro, sogo) and also online stores like Lazada. Find further information on their website. 

Overall, this foundation has win my heart which is getting me excited, because I’m more to a skincare and less makeup person (you can ask everybody around me, they rather say I’m more a wakeup face than a full makeup person for daily, except for special occasion which sometimes I do full makeup). This product practically gives me an easier day when traveling or going to work or some other parties, since I don’t need to do touch up or bring extra weight onto my makeup pouch. awesome! Such a great quality on a drugstore makeup. 
Final thoughts : ZHEN BANG!
  • Affordable
  • Good coverage
  • Matte finish (and minimize pores)
  • No need to touch up
  • Wide range of shades
  • Pump bottle will be better
[left using maybelline FIT ME Matte + Poreless]
[Right no makeup]

price: 149.000
Rate : 4.5/5 (please consider giving it a pump or filter to make it easier pouring the product, and you’ll be perfect)
recommend: absolutely yes!

Thanks for visiting and reading this blog post of mine, also thanks to Maybelline for making this happen so I can get a chance to share a complete review to you. Hope to see you again on my next post, babe! 

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  1. Maybelline FIT Me kayanya kesukaan semua orang ya Jenn. Sayangnya dia oxy banget.
    Btw thanks for the review <3


    1. iyaa kesukaan, ehtapi di aku ga oxy banget, malah jd bagus nge blend in ke kulit gitu :o hihi

  2. Aku blm pernah coba ni, looks interesting, thanks for sharing!


    1. you should try, tadinya sempet ragu bakal cocok apa ngga, but it works really well on my skin hehe thanks for reading :)