Sunday, May 27, 2018

Secret Getaway with Best Friend and BeautyJournal

Hello gorgeous! Sorry for super rare of posts update... Well been planning to post this one for a while, but I just got the right time to share this with you. Been busy with all sort of office work and skripsweet that hasn't even finished yet... OK , let's just forget all those stuff and let me share the fun with you girls!

If you're one of my instagram family, you must've known that a while ago, me and one of my friend, Btari Sekar Ayu, and some other girl friends (Ifa Musyrifah, Stevie Wong, Maria Stella, and other girls) went to a Secret Getaway. Actually this one's an annual signature event by Beauty Journal. There's so much girl out there, never thought they'll really take me to this trip! I'm feeling so excited while they contacted me and said we'll going holiday together.

We spent two days one night, at Bandung (since this is a secret, all I know is just to pack some stuff, and come to meeting point. They did surprise us with the location, and it was super fun! haha). I'm enjoying this trip as we get new friends which can also close since we're spending one night together. Another fun part is... Rissa (Lippielust) also joined this trip together! OMG, can't thank enough for this!

Spent around five hours on the road heading to Bandung, finally we arrived at the hotel. This is the first time I visited this hotel, U Janevalla. The name catch my ears, since it's very unique. Yet, the architecture and decoration also feel unique, this looks pretty similar with Yello! Hotel, which already well known in Jakarta. I love this kind of simple hotel, they look simple, have good facility for short vacation, and family-friendly. We had lunch first at the hotel restaurant, and head to our room. Each of us get one room to sleep together with a friend that we're taking. Since I'm taking Btari to this trip, we had the room together. Can you guess how our room look like? Well.... This part also surprising. They really did an extra mile for this - decorating the room with lots of stuff on our bed! Yes, there's so much stuff as you can see in the picture, everything we need. Skincare, totebag to carry stuff, hair care, and also makeup! Super surprised since they gave a lot of product, and some of them are the ones I've been dying to try.

After having lots of excitement with the surprise inside our room, we head to rooftop pool. This has a good view - I always love rooftops since we can see almost everything from above - enjoying the view, the wind, laughter. We had this class with Kak Mira Monika and Lippielust, talking about personal branding which is very important not only for beauty influencer but also every single of us, wherever we are. Also, Lippielust especially taught us how to do free hand lipcream swatch, something that she's been doing for years (and this one's also bring her to who she is today). Never thought it'll be hard and took a lot of time and effort, yet she proved that it was fun to do. We created something themed "heart-shaped", and here's what I get. What do you think, should I learn more and do this kind of swatching more often?

Not only there, we also had fun at dinner. This is a special one that I've been waiting for: Pajamas party! Yes, I always love pajamas party. We had super fun games, delicious dinner, and movie time: watching Train to Busan while using mask by MediHeal. Since I never watched this before (while others have already watched the movie.... feeling outdated lol) this excites me even more. Turns out this movie was worth to watch, this has a great insight, you know. After watching the movie, we all got sleepy (yep it's midnight) so we head back to our hotel. Oh, the place we had PJs party was some kind of private room in a restaurant area, not really sure what's the name but it's beside the famous Rabbit Town.

In the next morning, we had fun activities that I've been waiting for: Yoga time! We learn to love not only our pretty face (we're pretty, right?) through makeup and skincare, but also love our body. Yoga is always a great choice, it doesn't always have to be yoga, but taking time for exercise is always good for your health. So yeah, we had yoga for around an hour. Yoga at a rooftop is also a good activity to do! We get to relax through yoga time, and of course sweat more. After that... fun time ! This last piece of activity marks the end of our Secret Getaway with BeautyJournal. We played some games, where the participants teamed up against BJ team, with challenge how much whip can we make from Senka Facial Foam. I was the first to jump into the pool, to find senka facial foam and get this to my team, against Kak Inri from BJ. Whoa, it turns out super fun to swim using floaties through the pool! 

Well, sorry that I didn't get much photos since we're enjoying this secret getaway to refresh our minds and also bonding to new friends. But if you want to see more detailed shot and story you can visit BeautyJournal

Thanks to Beauty Journal for taking my friends and I to BJ Secret Getaway 2018 at Bandung. Hope we can have another fun trip in the future too! 

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