Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Two Product I Always Have in My Pouch

Hello gorgeous, how're you doing? Today, we're gonna have a good talk about "must-have item in my pouch". There must be some items, that you always bring in your makeup pouch, right? Same goes for me, there are some stuff I always bring. Well, can you guess what are the products? Hint : Only two is enough for me. Yep, it's eyebrow and lip cream! Why? I think these two are enough to make a full face look, simply read this post to know the reason! You might change your mind and bring only two stuff like me tho ;p

1. Eyebrow
Eyebrow product is one of the most important makeup stuff, since Bubah Alfian once said "Eyebrow is the new crown for women." we can say he's pretty much right, since nowadays, who goes out without eyebrows?! (except for me going to office LOL) but yeah, at least me when I'm going to malls I always use eyebrows, I'm sure you also do that, girl. Here's one of my favorite, from Dissy by Ussy Pratama and Andhika Pratama. 

I always love this kind of product, dual ended, two in one, sort of this. This product is designed look like Korean brands, where it has dual ended. The one contains eyebrow pencil with a tear drop shape to help you create a define yet natural eyebrow, and the other side has spoolie brush that will help you blend in the color. Pretty simple yet useful, right? have two choices of colors for you; dark grey and dark brown. What I get here is in dark grey, as you can see, it looks like pretty "dark". At first, I thought it'll be super blocking and make me look like Sinchan HAHA but worry no more, after I swatch this it made me realized this has a good pigmentation (and texture). This "dark grey" turns out not too dark, more like the color is pretty natural but can also be built up to the intensity you want. Even it can create both bold and natural eyes, zhen bang euy! 
Their packaging seems sturdy, which makes me even love it more! 
About the texture, I also love it since it's just the right one. Not too mild but also not too hard (you know what I mean). Just like Korean eyebrow product, this one has almost every single side of it. 
Unfortunately, this product can easily smudge off. I tried smudging it with water and hands, and it can easily smudged. You can protect your eyebrows by setting the eyebrow with powder and setting spray, and you'll be good to go! 

Size : 0.35 gr
Recommend / Repurchase : YES
Rate : 4.5/5 (make it waterproof and it'll be the best eyebrow pencil in the town!)

2. Velvet Lip
This one, is the key to fresh face look! Yes, especially on holidays where we'd love a simple and easy look. Lip cream usually are easier to blend, yet have a great pigmentation. So all you need is only tap tap all over your face and blend them in. I love to use lip cream as eyeshadow, blush on, and of course lip color. The one that usually suitable for all those function are fuschia or red, since it'll leave nice color after we blend them. Other colors are also pretty, but it'll leave more natural color on your face. One of local product I can say a good one for this multi-function job is Velvet Lip by, the one that newly Reborn. The one I have with me is this color, poppy. 

At first I thought this one will be just like a normal local lip cream-cheap, normal pigmentation, cracking on my lips. Well, this one did surprise me. It has a GREAT pigmentation, not cracking, and even better because it's affordable! What can I ask more? 

This is one of all nine shades that's been published by, have a pink hint, but great pigmentation, I can say. Since they have moisturizer and antioxidant UV filter inside this Velvet Lip using argan oil, this one did a great job on polishing my lip. Full coverage, and yet not cracking at all! This stays on my lips all day long as I can remember, fading little by little because I ate so much (pardon my big belly lol tummy needs munching), but still it has great pigmentation at the end of the day (more like natural healthy lips). All day long, my lips look like it's well nourished since it's not as dry as other lip matte product. Just like it claims, this one's more to velvet-ish finish where it's not a dead matte, but more to semi matte. 
Another feature I love about this product, is this feels lightweight not only on my lips but also on my eyes and cheek (I use this as a full face makeup). 
With such a great pigmentation, you have lots of choice. You can create a full lips look just like me, or some kind of ombre lips like Korean Eonnie. 

Size : 6.5 ml
Recommend / repurchase : YES
Rate : 4.5/5 

I love both these products, and as you can see above, these two products can give me a fresh daily look, super simple and easy to do! So what's your must-have items in the pouch? 

Anyway, find out more about Dissy through their instagram.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you on my next post!


  1. Kalo aku disuruh pilih 2 produk, aku bakal pilih lip balm sama lip tint hehe. Anyway, itu warna lip creamnya bagus banget yaa ^^

    1. wah bener, biar keliatan seger pake lip tint yaa hihi, ini warnanya bagus dan gampang di blend :D

  2. Velvet Lipnya cakep banget Jen.
    Kalau di pouch aku sih cuma lipstik yg dipakai hr itu doang hahaha, selebihnya cermin & sisir LOL

    1. iya kakk bgus gitu warnanya :3 lipstiknya kakak tiap hari ganti2 ya? hihi ;p