Thursday, May 31, 2018

All Purpose Ointment to The Rescue

Hello, gorgeous ! Feeling a bit dry today, huh? I'm feeling like dehydrated, need to drink more or use some kind of moisturizer all over my body to get back to normal condition. Yep, my skin's been very dry (especially on my lips and foot) which I really hate my current condition. I never love being dry, since it makes me feel itchy on the part that dries, want to scratch, and at the end I'm bleeding. Are you experiencing it too?

Well, having dry lips is actually a normal thing. It happened because of all sort of things you meet in your daily life. From licking your lips to harsh weather condition (more like extreme condition that's different from the weather you usually have, like when Indonesian goes to Europe in winter). You might also have not sufficient amount of water, so the skin is showing the sign. The good news is, you need not to worry, since the solution is only one click away! 

Pure Paw Paw ointment is an all purpose healing ointment. I always love ointment (more than lotion or cream) since it's very rich, consisted of 80% oil and 20% water, which hydrate our skin well. This one's the big reason behind the good job on handling chapped lips and dry skin. 

This brand comes from Australia, made by fermented Australian papaya, that contains high vitamin C to heal our dry skin. Actually they have lots of features in one product, they're for :
- moisturize dry skin
- moisturize dry lips
- soothe rough elbow/knee
- soothe minor burns
- cuticle cream
- foot cream
- improve minor wounds
- improve heat rash
- improve skin rash
- baby diaper rash

They surely an all-in-one product, right? Well, as for me with sensitive skin, I can say this one's the best ointment I've tried till the moment I write this post. 
Pure Paw Paw ointment surely catch my eyes (and heart!) through their packaging. Having five variants, complete with cute faces to represent the flavor, yet it fits perfectly for kiddos (or someone who loves kids stuff and cute stuff like me ;p). Simply bring this in your bag (or the kiddo's bag, for mommies) and we can be free from dryness! We can always have time to squeeze lil bit of this ointment and rub it onto the dry area. This surely did a great job on my lips, as you can see it makes my lips looks fresh and moisturized (or kissable? lol). With the size of 25g flipping plastic tube, this surely makes it easier to squeeze the product out, and suits on your bag or simple pouch. Me myself, always have one tube on my bag everyday. 

They have five variants : original, watermelon, grape, passion fruit, and strawberry. If you're someone who know me (or love to read my post, follow my social media) you must've already known which variant catch my heart the most. Of course the strawberry one, with pink colored tube! To be honest, I love all of their variants since they smell good, but since the one that have pink is strawberry, so yeah... haha ;p 

Makeup Hacks
Not only for skin health issue, this one can also used on makeup. Oh really? YES. This Pure Paw Paw can be used as face primer before you use makeup (this surely makes the foundation blend in really well, and also long lasting, especially for dry skin. If you have an oily skin, you need to rethink about this, perhaps. 
Other than face primer, Pure Paw Paw can also be used for eyebrow styling. I highly recommend this for you with thick and hairy eyebrows, since it'll help you a lot in styling and creating an on fleek eyebrows. Definitely a YES for easy on fleek brows, girls?! This works amazingly just like brow wax, so you just need to style the brow hair with Pure Paw Paw, and put some color (using eyeshadow or eyebrow powder), and voila, perfect eyebrows on! Hihi 

Overall, I love this product. Can't see anything negative on this item. If you ask me who needs to have this product, then I'll say : Everyone! The thing you need to remember, this might have a good scent, but don't try to eat the ointment. This one's not for consumption, you know. ;p
Price : IDR 65.000
Size : 25g
Rate : 5/5

This freshly come to Indonesia from Aussie (yes finally you can get them here!) , distributed by sociolla. Hope you enjoy a moisturized - well skin, babes!

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