Friday, June 15, 2018

Bye-Bye Acne | Supplement for Acne Fighter

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jenntan beauty blog! Wishing you were healthy and happy, babe! Well, lots of you asked about my current skin condition, which is a lot better and healthier than before. As you already know, I’ve been having acne prone skin for few months (or even more than that, I don’t really remember when was my first time facing this. I’ve write lots of skincare products that I used through my treatment, the journey to healthier skin. Well, not only using the right skincare, what goes into your body is also matter. I tried not to eat or drink something that will trigger more acne, as well as taking supplements. 

Manufactured and marketed by PT Kalbe Farma, Tbk (Indonesia), this Health & Happiness has lots of supplement and variant, other than skincare. About two months ago, you can see how bad my skin condition was, acne, blackheads, whiteheads are all over my face. Tried to drink vitamin only, didn’t do anything to fix my acne. Then I think I need something more intense and complete, which can be represented by supplement. The supplement surely consists of lots of good stuff, other than the vitamin itself. 

Ingredients : 
Astaxanthin, OPC (from grape seed) and horsetail, works as antioxidant. 
Vitamin C and Vitamin E to take a good care of your skin.
*FYI, you’ll need to be careful of Vitamin E if you’re having acne problem, but Vitamin E is surely good for your skin. So you may also give this supplement a chance to try, but if there’s a problem then you might want to stop consuming it. 

Claim of this skin health supplement :
Suitable for acne prone skin and helps fight acne. Restore elasticity and collagen structure on broken dermis because of free radicals. 
  • fasten acne scar recovery process
  • Counteracting free radicals
  • Prevent inflammation
  • Keep skin moist
  • Nourish the skin
Just like every other supplement and vitamins, nothing goes in one click. This took some time to adapt onto my face and skin, and to fix the acne problem. You have to know, that I was so happy when finally got my acne-free face after a long journey! It surely needs me to be patient to follow the process. Not easy at all, I can say. The “detox period” where I got more acne coming out, it made me doubted this product, but I gave another chance to this supplement prove its efficacy. If you’re having the same problem with me, I believe you’ll know how you feel if you have acne problem. When taking photos, seeing your friends, going to party, it’ll make you feel even worse since everybody around you ask the same question. It happens to me also, whenever I meet people they asked “ Jen what happened to your skin, you have lots of acne!” It made me sad and even down once, and so, I wanted to have a healthy face where no one can talk to me like that anymore. 

After having “detox period” for around 1-2 weeks, finally my skin surely getting better. The acne started to disappear one by one and it only leave some acne scar where my memory can only remember how bad it was. You have to know, that the journey also completed with the right skin care to take care of acne prone. 

Then after around one month (I took the pill every day, once a day after having a meal), my skin looks better than before. This adds another milestone on how I overcome acne prone. 

 About the product 
Packaging - the packaging looks simple just like other supplement, but the good stuff is they give different color for each variant, so it’ll be easier to distinguish between them. 
The pills are in edible size, which means its easy for you to drink it. You’ll only need a glass of water to drink right after you take the pill - super easy! And I love how they decided to pick pink as the pill color - makes me feel happy and excited to take the supplement every single day since I love pink! 

Product include 30 pills of supplement | Price : IDR 240.000.

To find out more about H2 Health and Happiness, go follow and check their social media:

Thank you for coming by and read this post, I hope you can overcome the same problem as I overcome my acne problem. It took a while and a lot of effort to achieve my current condition, but it is surely worth to do. Have a great day, gorgeous!


  1. aku pun pakai pure skin, lumayan bikin kering jerawat

  2. Nice blog. Btw produk ini juga ngebantu buat ngilangin bekas jerawat gak yah? Heheh

    1. thanks babe! yes bisa tp lebih ke fading sih ga sampe bener-bener hilang, and it will take time to heal acne scar yaa :)