Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kuy Berbagi | Volunteer Story

Hi gorgeous! After being busy with all the work, finally it's holiday! (or half holiday already haha) are you ready to face the eid al fitri celebration? Since I'm not the one who celebrate it, we're not gonna talk about that. I'm just gonna talk about sharing and volunteering, as that's the thing on my mind right now. Yep, that spontaneous post that I always love.

If you're my instagram family, then you must've already noticed that I went to a hospital around two weeks ago, to give out some "ta'jil" as the patient's family breakfasting menu. Not that big nor expensive, all I thought was just I want to share happiness with people who are in need. I know how terrible it feels to wait for our family who are sick at the hospital, especially when the hospital is not well facilitated. All I can think of was RSUD, which was held by regional government. Finally asked some of my friends (through group broadcast,  shared it to every single group I have) and ask them wether they want to join the movement. Got nine people in total, saying they all want to do good deeds together.

Not an easy journey doing this stuff, since it takes time and energy and of course, a lil bit of money. I'm not asking them to give everything mentioned, but if only they come and join it'll be great for us. More hands means more happiness. Well, maybe not everyone can do this kind of commitment, one by one left the group until the final day where only four of us really did the movement. I'm kinda sad, since I already expected that the nine people there will work together.. Well let's just forget the sadness and simply move on.

These four people, made me shed my tears. Seriously, this one's not a well-organized nor bring any organization name.. But we made it! Just some individual people working together to reach the same goal : share to others. Although one of us can't make it to come at the day because of work schedule, still she helped us with donation of ta'jil, which turned out everyone loves it! (Thankyou kak frist <3 you're the best)

Hafiz, Laili, and me, we all came to the hospital together, around five (near the breakfasting time). After we got the permission from security (we came one week before and got the permission for this day), we gave out the ta'jil rightaway. All we gave was kurma drink, mineral water, and some fries. Just a simple meal for breafasting. But somehow.... People there really appreciate what we did. Seeing those big smile, really, all the hard work really paid off. Their smile made us feel happy, and I even want to do this again and again.

Yes, making other people happy and grateful is the thing that made me addicted of doing social activities. This is fun, yet enjoyable. This brings us more friends, and creates a better world.

If you ask me, I'm not a moslem yet I participate in giving out breakfasting dish, why is that? I'd say, our God is one, it's just human who divided into boxes of religion. Every religion teach us to do good deeds, help each other, be happy. As simple as that.

Hopefully this post can move your heart, while reading this, to help others in need.

Have a good day, everyone! Spead some love.



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