Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bye-bye Acne Scar : Rubiena Beauty Brightening Series

Hello gorgeous! How’s your skin doing? After fighting with acnes, my skin has been suffering with “acne scar”, it isn’t a big deal, but hey, everyone notice it every time they see my face. This makes me want to fix the problem, looking for something that can brighten up my skin, fight the dullness that I get from sunbath every single morning on my way to office. Here’s one stereotype we need to fix before you continue reading my post. Beauty is not always about skin tone, it’s all about healthy, bright and glowing skin. 

At the end, I decided to try Rubiena Beauty products, as they’ve been known as a good skincare brand for skin brightening. It’s another local brand, well I’ve been loving lots of local product lately. I tried the full range for maximum result, from cleanser (cleansing lotion, face wash), softener (toner), moisturizer (day cream and night cream), till the serum. Have you been curious if it do any good onto my skin? You’ll get the answer below! 

“Trusted Daily Skincare”, is what they said on the tagline. 
It surely match my experience. Having a philosophy of bright and healthy skin is the basic of woman’s beauty that must be treated early on, and can’t be done in such an instant process. It takes time, patient, and effort. 

We all know, our current skin condition (or at least mine) isn’t that good, since we’re exposed to lots of things in our environment. Sun, pollution, air conditioner, and lifestyle. As a motorbike rider (well, the driver is the one who drive, I’m just sitting at the back lol) but yeah, I’m getting exposed to sun light and pollution. Having air conditioner (and using it) all day long, at office and at home, also not a good stuff for my skin. No need to ask about lifestyle, I stay up all night due to finishing my work (well actually I’m kinda enjoying this one but turns out it’s a bad habit to do, somehow my brain works well at night). plus, just like what I mentioned before, I need to fight these acne scars.

Product Claim :
  • Alcohol Free
  • BPOM Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • No Artificial Colors
  • GMP Consistent Quality

What they use for whitening agent ? 
  • Bearberry leaves that contains Arbutin, which reduce production of melanine and dark spot. 
  • Green tea, it disguise spots, keep the skin hydrated and contains antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals. 
  • Licorice, it disguise spots and contains antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals.
  • Aloe Vera, to prevent inflammation, hydrate, protect skin from free radicals and regenerate cells. 
  • Vitamin C, to solve dark spot problem. 

From those ingredients mentioned above, I came to conclusion that all of them leads to take care of dark spots, hydrating, and antioxidant. These main features are what we need to have a healthy bright skin. 

Skin care steps:
  1. Cleansing 
In this first step, I always use both cleansing lotion and facial wash. Even in the morning and evening. Sleeping doesn’t makes your skin all clean, you know. Make sure all the makeup and dirt on your face has flew away, and leaves you only a clean skin. 
2. Softener
This step makes our skin soft and moist, and also prepare the skin to accept the next skin care step. This is a must, since it’ll make a maximum absorption of the next product. 
3. Moisturizer 
This range have both day moisturizer gel which also have spf 15 to protect your skin, and also night moisturizing gel to help our skin cells regenerate. 
4. Serum
This last step is actually a bit confusing to me, as they refer to use the serum at the end (i usually use serum or essence right after toner) but since that’s what they suggest, let’s just do it. 
All these products works on epidermis part of our skin, so it’s gonna be just fine for everyone. Even for pregnant mom, since they’re alcohol free and harsh chemical free.  
[before using Rubiena Beauty]
[my face before using Rubiena, lots of acne scars]

What I feel about these product?
Well I’ve been using the brightening skin care range from rubiena for around three weeks, and I can see the difference. We can say it’s pretty significant for only three weeks. You can see the comparison between the first time I use the product and the moment after three weeks of usage. The acne scars started to fade (which is I didn’t expected. Usually it takes more time to clean the acne scars and imperfection on my face.
I love how good the cleanser is, cleanse my face from all makeup and dust, also the toner calms my skin. As for the moisturizer, they did a good job on hydrating and moisturizing the skin. What I need to pay attention is the day moisturizing gel, since it only have 15 spf, I need to use another sunblock product to protect my skin from direct sun light. The serum , I can say this is the most perfect product. After using all the range, I can feel my skin being way way softer and subtle, I love the after effect. 
[happy face after using rubiena, acne scars starts to fade]

well, since till the moment I write this article I still use the skincare, I can say nothing about addiction of this product. I get it, when lots of you ask if Rubiena Beauty is a doctor product just like others. What I can say is, they’re just a normal skincare and not doctors. Investing onto your skin is a must, but finding the right product is more important. This one, is #JenntanApproved as daily skincare !  
[after using Rubiena Beauty]

Thanks for reading, hopefully this post can help you who have the same problem with me, or just wanna have a healthy bright glowing skin. You can buy the product at : | | Seller List

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