Friday, October 12, 2018

Multi-Masking with The Body Shop Superfood Mask | Works Amazingly on Combination Skin

Hello gorgeous! It's been a while since my latest post about beauty, well... It's not easy to write about my personal life on previous post so yeah need some time to calm me down and get me back on track. Anyway here I am today, ready to share something exciting with you!

This month, The Body Shop Indonesia kind enough to send me as TBSBEAUTYBAE, ALL variant of their superfood mask! Yes, this is one of my wishlist, since months ago I wanted to collect them all and been saving for them. Whoa, let us call this a beautiful coincidence.

What makes me love TBS is they're 100% vegan and cruelty free - can't even imagine if John (my rabbit) abused for testing ingredients in beauty products :( so let's support the petition online and offline! Also in the ingredients, they're paraben free, silicon free, mineral oil free, and paraffin free. Simply saying they're safe for everyone. Everything here is also made with love using community trade organic from all around the world. Excited enough to read more about the Superfood Mask? Keep scrolling down!

They have five variants of masks, priced IDR 329.000/75ml each. They have nice simple and elegant packaging, with different color on the label to differ each variants. The double-lid make it super safe so we won't need to worry about spoiling the product. Another fave thing, the jar is made from sturdy glass so it's reusable. After it's empty we can use the jar as storage, or simply bring it back to The Body Shop stores to get a point that we can use on the next purchase. Well, let's move on to the variants!

1. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Everyone knows that charcoal's the king of detox, right? This one's really good in fixing impurities (after heavy makeup, or simply too much dirt on our face). I can say this one's the best from the range. When I use it, I feel a bit cool or mint sensation, with tingling effect. Enjoying pampering myself, this clay-textured mask did a really great job in helping me having good clean skin! Not only clean, it makes my skin feels smooth, heal my acne, and also good at oil control. I really recommend this variant if you have combination to oily skin. If you have dry skin don't you dare trying this. ;p

2.  British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

This pinky babe smells literally like rose. Having watery-gel texture with real rose petals in it, this one's make me feel super relax and fresh. It contains rose essence, rosehip oil - which is full of vitamins and antioxidants that's very good for healing spots and dry patches, and also aloe vera. Of course, the result is deep moisturizing and calming from the relaxing scent. Really good for summer vibes! Or simply if you live near beach like Bali, I believe you'd love this one!

3. Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

Enriched with honey - which is good for almost everything, marula oil and olive oil. I even have experience using real honey as face mask when I was a university student [lol] maybe you've done the same thing? Let me know through the comment section! Well, back to the topic. This baby has a honey-thick-texture but smells different. I smell some herbal hint in it, even though I'm not sure what kind of smell is that. Anyway since the effect is more onto moisturizing and even eliminating dry patches, I recommend this to you who have dry skin. But still, any skin condition may use this variant.

4. Amazonian Acai Energizing Radiance Mask

You're stressed because of work and deadlines? This one's suits the best for you! Office workers, come on read this part! ;p This Amazonian Acai is really good for dull and tired skin (which usually show up onto our face due to stressed and too much thinking). The texture is more like strawberry jam, watery but thick. It moisture my skin, smooth everything out, and even increase circulation on my skin - which makes the skin energized! The end result is healthy glow and of course, good-to-go skin! This variant's good for all skin type, from sensitive, normal, combination, or even dry skin.

5. Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask

Well, I can say this one's similar to the himalayan, but less intense. This white chick is also good in draws out impurities because it's enriched with Kaolin Clay, and also have less coarse and lighter tingling effect. The thing that makes this one has lighter effect is it contains sesame seed oil - which make this product won't dry out our skin that much. Can be used for all skin type, this variant has great result in brightening effect. I love to use this on my cheek so I can fade my acne scars and redness.

6. Japanese Matcha Deep Cleansing Mask

This one's the only variant that has "collaboration" of ingredients from different countries. The matcha might come from Japan, but actually they're combining Dandelion from France into this variant. Having small scrubs in the thick texture, this baby's good for deep cleanse. If you're contaminated with pollution (just like me HAHA let's be honest, if we live in the city with lots of vehicle we'll face pollution, right?) it's good for us too! I don't recommend this one for dry skin since it has scrubs in it, I'm afraid it'll be too much for skin with dry patches. The scent-well, with matcha in it what can you expect? It has fresh scent, just like I always love it. The final result is clean and smooth skin-every girls' dream!

Well, that's all for the Superfood Mask variants by The Body Shop. This time I'll do the DEMO on how to use multi-masking onto my face. Ready??
First thing first, know what you need. I mean, we might have a combination skin, but do you know that every single part of our skin has different need? That's why we do multi-masking, to fulfill those different needs on different areas. As for me, my T-zone needs detox (too much dirt and oil and bad stuff there), my cheek needs to brightened up, and my chin... well I just want to be energized. So let's try three masks! I'll have Charcoal on my T-zone, Chinese Ginseng on my cheek, and Acai on my chin. Here's how I use it.

Let them rest for around 5-10 minutes, then wash them off. Voila, You'll get clean pretty healthy skin, ready to rock the world!

Thankyou The Body Shop Indonesia for sending me these masks, also special thanks to you for reading this post. See you on my next post!