Monday, October 1, 2018

[JTALKS] : Getting to Know Jenntan

Hello, welcome back gorgeous! This is kinda awkward but yeah I need to do this. Have you know me? How far have you know about me? My name, or my story? I believe most of you already know my name, but not my story. Why? This life long story, was actually kept inside and only few of my friends know about this. But now, I realized, I need to share it to public so it'll help more people. In this post, I'm just gonna share the beginning, where you can get to know my family and I.

Let me introduce myself formally, my name is Jennifer Tanuwijaya but you can call me JennTan or JT. Most of you call me Jennifer, so yeah call me however you'd like to. Have you subscribed to my social media, like instagram or facebook? If you have, then you might already seen my brother (which people always mistaken him as my boyfriend) and my mom (who always sticks 24 hours wherever I go to). I never post a single picture of my father, because I only live with my mom and brother. Practically I'm living with them, my grandmother, aunty, and housekeeper. It doesn't mean I don't know or never meet my dad. I often meet him though, and keep in touch with him until now. Its just... I'm not living with him anymore.

When I was a child, I'm living with both mom and dad. I can remember clearly that I'm living as a "nomadic" family, on weekdays we live in south jakarta with mommy's parents and on weekends we live in west jakarta at daddy's house. Such a tiring way of living, I know that. But as a child, I have no right to complain. Anyway I'm enjoying having a lot of friends in two different areas. Few years later, things have changed. I live only with mom since she said "daddy's house way way too far and I'm entering elementary school, it'll be too tiring for us to go back and forth." So I just listened to her, stay with her at grandparents' house and of course, daddy's living at his house alone. He come to see me (and my family) each and every day, never miss one single day. As a child, I feel like nothing happened onto our family, so I still live happily.

I never imagined that things would go worse. Year by year moving on, my life has changed. From everyday seeing both my parents into seeing him on weekdays after school only. We began to become closer to mommy's family than daddy's. From considering them as our close family, into some people we just know (or at least that's how my brother and I feel). Life must go on, they say, so I just try to keep on living with what I have left. Mom and brother are the one I'm seeing everyday. Sometimes I see dad, on weekends when I come home on time and he's home, or on weekends or family gatherings. I started to think that I only have mommy that I can see everyday, and maybe don't need to think about daddy whom I can't even see when I wanted to. Is this right or wrong? I never know. Only heaven knows.

Well, myself today can say, it was all process of a child trying to understand what's happening onto her life. It was all wrong, and people do make mistakes, right? There's still a lot to be shared, so please stay tune for another post regarding this issue. Shout out to all of you brokenhome kids out there, never think that you're alone, cause you're not. If you need someone to share your thoughts with, simply approach me and I'll listen to you. Anytime, my dear. Just wanna let you know that you have someone to lean on, and your life is beautiful enough to be thankful for.

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  1. Cici paling berani crita tentang kehidupan sendiri supaya semuanya belajar dari pengalaman2 cici, baikbanget. Sukses selaluuu ci :*