Friday, September 28, 2018

Soothe and Refresh, Multi Masking with Jelly Mask by Eileen Grace

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to my blog! Been away for a bit for recovering, sorry babes. Also thanks for those who sends me prayer and good spirit so I can recover quickly. One of my favorite me time is masking. I keep exploring with different type and brands of masks, so if you want me to update more about this kindly tell me through comment section. This time, I'm trying jelly mask by Eileen Grace. Thanks to Beauty Blogger Tangerang that gave me this opportunity.

Maybe some of you already know this brand, or maybe not. So here's a lil bit about the brand. Eileen Grace is a well known brand from Taiwan, with imported ingredients from all over the world. Their main products are skincare, but they also work on makeup products lately. As you can see from the brand story, this brand is amazing as it is. They know they have good quality but still exploring new products. Thumbs up, dude!

I got two products here; Perfectly Moisturize Rose Jelly Mask (Travel Size) and Deep Metabolism Black Jelly Mask (Travel Size). I tried these two at a multi masking opportunity at my house, simply enjoying my resting day. Been feeling so bored after hospitalized for almost a week, so I need something fun and refreshing! So here we go for the experience sharing:

1. Perfectly Moisturize Rose Jelly Mask (Travel Size)

This one seems to be their best seller. Girls talking about this product worldwide. They're sharing the experience about 7 days miracle made by this rose jelly mask. They said, this mask can make a brightening effect only in seven days!! Zhen bang, if you wanna know more simply read this till the end!
Size: 35ml
Price: IDR 141.000
Rate: 4/5

This product claims itself as a great brightening mask if we use it for seven days straight, and other claims such as :
- brightens and moisturize skin in one usage
- fading acne scar and dark spot, as well as reducing break out
- enriched with aloe vera extract and real rose petals to smooth and soften our skin

This variant is good for dry & sensitive skin, combination skin (well simply saying it's good for all skin types). Even better, if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, this product is safe for you too, babe. Well, being pregnant or breastfeeding mom is tiring, I know after seeing my siblings having kids. This kind of masking time, will help you relax and enjoy your life more while taking care of your kid.

Talking about the packaging, this travel size seems super practical to use. For someone who loves doing stuff outside (at work, travelling, or simply in the garden) like me, this might be something useful. It has sachet packaging that contains 35ml of product, which can be used up to 7 times. Perfect for one-week traveller! The rose jelly mask feels like real jelly to me. It's pinky - transparent, with gel texture and not-so-thick consistency. It also smells really good-which made me relaxed while masking!

After using this product, I feel hydrated and refreshed! Yes, this is really refreshing in summer these days, where we usually need more hydration, right? I haven't feel like my breakout has taken care by this mask, but at least it calmed down a little bit. Maybe if we use this as a routine for seven days, something great might happen.

2. Deep Metabolism Black Jelly Mask (Travel Size)
Size: 35ml
Price: IDR 141.000
Rate: 4/5

This variant claimed itself as a good blackhead cleanser, as well as:
- cleansing blackheads and whiteheads
- deep cleansing
- minimizing pores
- enriched with activated bamboo charcoal that can prevent acne and alpha hydroxy that can heal acne from inside
- enriched with aloe vera gel for oil control

Same as her sister, this product's also good for all skin types, and safe for pregnant mom or breastfeeding mom.

As for the packaging, it has the same packaging with rose variant. But in black color. I usually dislike something too dark, so I don't have any comments about the packaging. Anyway, this one's a travel sachet so we're gonna toss it off when it's empty. The texture has almost the same consistency and thickness, except for the black colored gel for this variant. It smells not as good as the rose mask, but so I prefer the rose mask. But for the effect, this one suits my skin better since it needs to cleanse my pores.

A little tips for you who wants to use this jelly mask, or simply whatever jelly mask you have:
Store the mask into the refrigerator. Keep it for 30mins to 1 hour, then rub it onto our face. This one really works well on soothing and refreshing effect! #jenntantips , especially in hot weather like we're having in Indonesia. Remember to keep it in a good clean place after using it, and keep it sterile!

Thanks for reading, if you want to get the mask simply go to: Eileen Grace Website | Eileen Grace Facebook | Eileen Grace Instagram

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  1. Masker yg di review cici semuanya unik selain unik pastinya itu khasiatnya nendang banget. Makon tergiur sama semua produk disini dr yang gatau sampe tauu