Friday, September 21, 2018

Bye-Bye Dull Skin, Hello Bright Skin using Korean Home Peeling

Hello gorgeous, how’s your skin doing? My skin’s been working not-so-good since I’m exposed to sun light and lots of dust on the road lately (going back and forth to campus to finish my thesis). So what I wanna share today is my experience trying The Plant Base product. 

Lil bit information about the brand, this brand originally comes from Korea. According to them, 80% component of skincare is water. Plants have their own “life energy” to protect themselves. The Plant Base take that precious energy and vitality, become a water plant based product. The brand claimed that they only use natural ingredients, natural patented ingredients, high performance ingredients, and free from harmful ingredients. From these information, we can say that this product is safe for our skin. Even better, the brand have their own principles which made me like them. They use natural ingredient content, certified natural patent ingredients, they treasure R&D and invest in it, and the best part is they’re against animal testing! Yes, I love those who’re willing to protect our world, become a better world to live. 

Today I’m trying their white truffle series, which has main ingredient of Korean Ginseng. This line is suitable for you who need tone up, remove blemishes, moisturizing and whitening effect. As we all know that Korea is a well-known skincare country, so I have high expectation from this product. Let’s get to know about their main ingredient!

White truffle is a plant rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as high nutrition that can help moisturizing, enriching, and recover damaged skin. Korean ginseng is a traditional medicine that has been used for thousands years (just like Christina Perri lol). These two makes a great duo.

Their patented ingredients:
  • Inflax (Patent: 10-08200009)
Works for rejuvenate, calming, and beautify our skin. Contains persimmon leaf, licorice, opuntia coccinellifera and morus alba bark extract for antioxidant. 
  • Resmelin (Patent: 10-10241168)
Thuja orientalis leaf mixed with zanthoxylum piperitum extract works great in brightening process since it slowdown the making of melanosom. 

Main active ingredients: Niaciamide
Vitamin B3 is the easiest one to be dissolve in water, that can help reduce dark spot, redness, and xeroxis. This one’s the key to brightening effect, since this product use higher percentage of niaciamide than other whitening product. 

White Truffle Turn Over Peeling
Size: 50ml
Function: Remove impurities, Whitening
Suitable for: all skin type
Price: IDR 179.000
Love the flip tube top, make it easier to squeeze the product and yet safe from too much pouring.

  • double effect with natural cellulose and specially processed apricot seed, to remove fine dead skin cells and skin impurities without irritation
  • Contain 83.02% of ginseng extract water instead of refined water
  • Natural patented ingredients mentioned above
  • Free from 9 harmful ingredients: paraben, synthetic fragrance, pigment, benzophenone, DEA, silicon, animal raw materials, mineral oils, PEG. 
(and of course free from animal testing).

How to use: 
  1. Cleanse my face (and dry it)
  2. Spread the product cream evenly and avoid eyes areas
  3. Massage gently in circular motion to exfoliate dead skin cells
  4. Rinse with warm water (or normal water when I don’t have the warm one)

So far, after using this product all I feel is brightening effect. Not a significant one after only one time usage, but the after effect is visible. If we use this as a routine, it’ll make our skin looks brighter (back to our normal skin tone). If you ask about scent, I feel like this product has no scent at all. I love something that has great relaxing scent, but I don’t find it in this product. But it makes this product suitable for even sensitive skin, so it’s another great feature from the product. 

Another thing, the scrub is very soft, feels like very small size of avocado seeds with more cream than scrub. I guess this is why this scrub can be used, again, for all skin type. For someone like me, I’d love bigger size of scrub so it cleanse my face better. This kind of scrub has a lighter effect on cleaning the dead skin cells. If you have sensitive skin, this one’s gonna be perfect for you. On my normal to oily skin, this one has a good brightening effect on my skin and no negative effect. 
As for the packaging, I love it with tube size since it’s easy to keep on my room, and even easy for traveling. It’ll be great if they have different sizes such as another bigger and smaller so it’ll be more efficient (bigger size for home usage and small size for traveling purpose).

Rate: 3.5/5
Repurchase/Recommend: Maybe (for sensitive skin and brightening effect)

Thanks to @indobeautysquad and Salubritas for sending me this product, FYI this brand is sold exclusively at | @salubritas.indonesia , see you on my next post!


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