Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Body Shop #TBSBEAUTYBAE Content Creator Day : Videography & Personal Branding with Alifah Ratu

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to my blog! Have you seen my instagram post about TBSBEAUTYBAE Content Creator day at FDHQ? Well, this videography session by Alifah Ratu is the most requested, so here I am about to share the knowledge with you! Anyway, let me do my self claim: I'm not a pro vlogger yet, but I'm open to learn about new things. I learned a lot from Ratu about beauty vlogging, and improved a lot since then. I wanted to be a better vlogger, and of course wants you to improve videography and personal branding skill together with me!

Important points :
- Never use auto mode, use manual mode, so you can set it just like your own style.
- Use natural lighting for maximum result.
- Use mirroring application to have a live view of your cam monitor to your pc or laptop.
Filming order :
1. Main Part
We need to film this first since when we start filming, the brain is still fresh. This needs fresh mind to produce something great and creative. Oh and anyway, don't forget to write down everything we'd wanna say before we start filming. This helps a lot to prevent blanks. Also at the end of the process, we might as well take some zoomed product clips, to show detailed info about the products we used.
2. Closing
This part usually involves review of the products we tried, that's based on experience. But still, we also need to think what to say to our viewers. This part involves saying good and bad sides of the products, as well as our own opinion about the product.
3. Opening
This part use less brain, I can say. This usually only a scene where we'd say "opening lines" that's been repeated over and over again every single video we take. So it's gonna be fine if we film this the latest.
This to do when you upload video on:
- Title; as long as you can, containing about the products or the video
- Description box; as complete as possible about shade, size, price, and even where to get it
- Tag; in words, not sentences
- Thumbnail; create something that will makes the viewer wants to watch your video
- Mention the brands you use the products so they can notice you
- List the products you use (detailed! Shade,size, etc)
- Hashtag; must be something related to the content

Personal Branding
As an influencer, personal branding is really important. This is where you choose what you want to known as , a beauty/parody/musician influencer.
"Don't be afraid to be different, since that's the biggest chance"

Attitude is also important, especially when you want to be a professional. Not only as an office worker that you need a good attitude, whatever your job is, you still need to have a good attitude. Here's some tips when you're invited to an event:
- Come/arrive on time, or even before time. This one's really important especially when you're the speaker or someone important for the event. They can't start without you, so respect the one inviting you. 
- Follow the rules. Usually in the event, they'll give you some rules like dress codes, theme, and do your responsibility due to timeline given, or even better ahead of your deadline. 
- Be professional, like use the proper equipment and edit it as good as you can. 
- Create a good viral video; something your people don't know won't be watched by anyone! 

Last but not least, thanks to The Body Shop Indonesia and Female Daily for making this happen, and thanks to Alifah Ratu for sharing such a great insight with TBSBEAUTYBAE 2018! 

"Be Creative, Be Viral!"


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