Thursday, September 6, 2018

Comfy Traveling with Perfect Bra

Hello gorgeous, back with JennTan right here! How’s your long weekend holiday? Wish you well and enjoyed such a long holiday! I wanna share an exciting information for us, especially for those who loves to travel a lot. Yes, the long-awaited product is finally here!  

Traveling is one of my favorite, but packing is the less favorite thing for me. Why? Well I love to bring almost everything in my bedroom when I’m travelling, I believe you do so HAHA. Lots of outfit to get a perfect instagrammable photo, including makeup pouches (yes it’s more than one! haha), skincare, cameras, and even sometimes I also take my lovely dolls and blanket with me. That’s why I always bring suitcase  whenever I go, even though it’s just one night.  Especially when my bra take a half suitcase. Bra always needs spaces, cannot be folded, and stuff. Or else, it’ll ruin and can never be worn again. As we all know, bra is expensive and important, you won’t like it if the bra also affect the shape of your body in a negative way, right? That’s why I always spare a large space for my bra. Looking for some more efficient way to bring it, with bra case, it’ll even need more space. So what should I do? 

Wacoal has answered the question we’ve been asking for such a long time. They now have  Wacoal Travel Bra, which is their newest innovation with roller bra concept. So when we pack our stuff for traveling, it’ll help us save some space, rollable (YES IT’S TRUE), but not ruining the shape of the bra because it’s wireless. No need to worry, even though it’s wireless it still support such a perfect shape. Zhen bang! 

What’s the benefit?
1. Space Saver
This travel bra is a perfect choice to save time and space save as well. No need to worry about bringing lots of stuff (like me wkwk) or having less space in our bags.

2. Rollable
This one’s brand new feature for me (never seen something like this) but it can easily rolled up and back to it’s original shape. No need to worry about ruining its shape since it’s specially designed so it can back to original shape right after being rolled up.
3. Wireless and Laceless

Relax, simple, and modern. When we’re traveling usually we go all day and go back to hotel at night, no time to change or take a bath, right? It’s super comfy to wear this bra all day (without being stuffy). 
4. Super comfy
Using eco-friendly latex material which is super soft, comfortable, and flexible.
5. Amazing push up
Okay let me be honest with you. This one’s always been as a “must have” feature on my bra collection. Everyone wants a great shape, so am I. I always use push up bra to look better and more confident. This Wacoal Travel Bra, even though it’s wireless it has a push up feature. So why not try this, huh?
The fun part is, yesterday at the launching event we had games. The game is to roll the Travel Bra as fast as we can, four of them, in only 30 secs. Guess what? I won the competition HAHA #proudme. It’s super easy to roll and pack, so here’s my tips for you:
  1. Button up the bra 
  2. Roll it from the side (right or left it’s up to you)
  3. Keep it in a special pouch from Wacoal, that has rubber to hold the bra
  4. Voila, ready to go!
Let’s travel around the world together, babes!

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  1. Wacoal punya travel bra yang bisa dilipat? Ini solusi banget buat traveling tanpa khawatir bra penyok, hehehe.

    1. iyaa enak bgt dia push up dan bisa dilipat, kemarin aku bawa pas traveling ke thailand & singapore rasanya enak bgt koper jadi lega bisa diisi belanjaan hihi