Monday, September 3, 2018

[EVENT & REVIEW] Must Have Dermatology Skincare for Sensitive Skin from Australia

Hello gorgeous, welcome to my beauty blog! Having all drying skin feels so annoying, and yet uncomfortable. Calling every single one with same problem as me, here’s one dedicated post for us!
Well, my body has a combination skin, where some part feels like normal but the other part are very dry. Especially the skin on my legs, it dries so badly till it creates something like fish scales. Have you ever thought what makes our skin being so dry? Here’s some information from the pro- that I got few days ago at the beauty blogger gathering with QV skincare, at Greyhound, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. There are some important people sharing their knowledge at the event, and I’m about to share it to you.
Chris, International Business Development at Ego Pharmaceuticals shared this with me. There are lots of reasons of drying skin. It can be because of the products we use, or environmental factors. Some everyday products like soap, perfume, laundry & dishwashing detergents might affect our skin condition and make it dry. Even the environment around us, can also affect our skin. Cold weather, drying winds, sun, and also weather change might make our skin become dry. So, what’s the solution? 

It’s not easy to keep skin in optimum condition, but here are some tips for you.
-       Avoid Soap; doesn’t mean you don’t have to take a bath. Bathing is always important to throw away all dirt on skin, but be wise on choosing what you use. Choose something with less soap or detergent ingredients. Even mild soap can be highly alkaline and can strip away the skin’s natural layer of protective oils, removes epidermal lipids, and reduce thickness & number of corneocyte layers in stratum corneum.
-       Moisturize frequently ; there are lots of products like body lotion, body cream, or body yogurt that are ready to moisturize our skin. This kind of product helps in restoring epidermal barrier, have indirect anti-inflammatory action, help decrease the severity of atopic eczema, ad have a steroid sparing effect.
An effective cleanser should meet these two conditions:
-       -The simple function of a cleanser is to clean the skin
-       -An effective cleanser leaves the skin biologically intact.

Here’s a good recommendation: QV skincare. This brand has been developing products for sensitive skin since 1975 at Queen Victoria Hospital, Australia. Why QV? They have different variants of cleansers, but all of them contains glycerin. It’s a humectant moisturizer that draws & retains water to the skin, which will make our skin hydrated well. It also has significant role in cell proliferation, skin hydration, skin elasticity, and barrier recovery. QV wash, is a soap free cleanser (or “minim soap” I’d say so), which has light foam that won’t strip away the natural oils. Also, it has pH balanced which is really good for our skin, and low possibility of irritant effect to sensitive skin.
Price : IDR 198.000
Size : 250ml
As for the moisturizer, QV has two types : lotion and cream. The QV lotion helps prevent and soothe dry skin, easy to apply, acts as protective barrier, pH balanced, and low irritant. This one’s suitable for a home-usage and light-moisturizing effect. If you have combination skin like me, you’ll want to have this. I always use this lotion for day usage (because it’s light texture) or for my normal skin area. This has three main ingredients; glycerin that’s good for moisturizing, soft white paraffin which is an occlusive agent with excellent emolliency, and also dimethicone which will form barrier to protect our skin from irritants.
Price : IDR 242.900
Size : 250ml
For the QV Cream, this has thicker consistency than the lotion. This one has high concentrate, replenishes and relieve dry areas, non greasy, act as protective barrier, pH balanced and low irritant. This one has a greater moisturizing effect than lotion, I can say. For my super-dry skin condition that has fish-scale texture, it’s really effective. I always use this one every single day, and now my skin feels better and hydrated. Even better from the lotion, this cream has four main ingredients : Glycerin, soft white paraffin, dimethicone, and also Squalane which is a naturally occurring component of sebum which helps leave the skin soft and supple.
Price : 242.900
Size : 100gr
From Dr. Sugianto, I learned that it’s not only external factors mentioned above that affect skin sensitivity. There’s also internal factor that can affect skin condition. This internal factors cannot be changed, is genetic and age. If your mom or dad have an allergic history, then it’s almost sure that you’ll have allergic symptoms. As for age, the older you get, the more dry your skin will be.
So, what I suggest is use moisturizing stuff everyday to keep your skin in a good condition.
About the product, I’ll have to say that it has great effect on moisturizing and keep our skin in good condition. I love the minis size, but not so sure if the minis size is available for sale. It’ll be great if they have some kind of packaged items, or travel pack stuff.
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Thanks to QV skincare, Guardian, and Facetofeet for having me on this event & letting me try this awesome product! Also thanks for reading my post, see you on my next post, babe!