Thursday, November 22, 2018

Runway Makeup Inspiration | Makeup Tutorial

Hello gorgeous, welcome back again! Thanks for returning to this blog. Anyway, it's been a while since I posted a makeup tutorial here. So here's another makeup tutorial collaboration. This time, I collaborate with Beauty Blogger Tangerang Members. The theme is Runway Makeup, so here's for an unusual-yet-pretty look. Pardon my not-so-perfect tutorial, but believe me, I'm trying to do my best for you, girls. Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: use base makeup
Runway makeup usually keeps the look as simple and as flawless as they can. The star of the runway is designer's outfit, not the model's face. It's just a complimentary to make the runway perfect. That's why I choose not to use foundation, but only use OU W Me Nyeo tone up cream (you can get this at my Charis shop, or click the side banner) and Catrice Concealer to wipe out my eye bags. Don't forget to set all your makeup, I'm using Purbasari compact powder. 

Step 2: eyebrows
Eyebrows are very important to all girls. Well actually, in runway even browless makeup is possible. This time I'm using my all-time favorite eyebrow sculpt 3in1 by The Body Shop. 

Move on to the next step,
Step 3: Eye makeup
Here I'm using The Boss Babe - Party Ally palette by Make Over. This palette is multi-function since it contains lots of things, but one thing I dislike is it's very powdery. I mean, in its level of pigmentation the fall out is just too much. But I'm using it anyway lol. 
I'm using the matte brown eyeshadow on my crease, combined with purple shimmer shadow on my eyelids. Blend it well, and voila, smokey eye look for runway is done! No need to add lashes or eyeliner since the look is already bold, that's what I think.

Step 4: Face contouring
I use this to define the bones on my face. On runway, People usually love to look thin and sharp. That's why I use this Face Palette by The Body Shop to define my jawline and cheek bone. Of course, a bit harder than my usual kinda makeup. 

Step 5: Blush on! 
Yes, the key of this look is to look bold yet fresh. Easy peasy task, right? Simply add a considerable amount of blush on; I'm using Deborah Milano baked blush shade 46 for this look. Add it a lot on the outer side of your face, and you'll look amazing!

Step 6: Lipcream
This is gonna be our last step from the super-easy runway makeup look! I choose nude color; this Caramel Apple lip cream by Mustika Puteri. This helps my lips look natural, so it'll look perfect in combination with bold eyes and blush. You might wanna pick something pinky or even the same shade as me. 

And voila, you'll get the runway makeup look! Yup, as easy as that. Only in 6 steps you'll get pretty makeup just like professional model on runway. 
What do you think of my makeup? Anything I can improve or you love from this post? Kindly tell me through comment section. Have a great day! :) 

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