Thursday, December 6, 2018

After Office Chillax at FookYew

Hello gorgeous! Well, today I'm gonna be sharing about my personal life. Life's not always full of rainbows, right? So is mine. Sometimes I feel tired, gloomy, and sick. Yesterday I felt like super tired of being around with people. I don't know why but nowadays, as I get older, it feels like we've got no friends. Being alone would be the best - rather than expecting something and be disappointed. Anyways, I've got too much negative people around me lately. Some of them I never thought to be the evil one- but shit happens. So here I am, need to detox myself and my mind to be clear and positive again. 

Deep inside, I always know that not all people are bad. Usually I always think everyone's a good man basically. Back then, when I still have someone look out for me. Not anymore. The person has left my life. I'm all alone to walk in my journey, that's why I have to always be aware of everything and everyone around. 

One of my way to get rid of those negativity is me time. Sitting alone, enjoying the scenery or maybe some good food. A good friend of mine, who always one call away. I always share everything happens in my life, find a solution or simply let the emotion goes away. What I did yesterday was spending the night at Fook Yew, a dimsum night because I've been craving for dimsum for the whole day. 

Here's some menu I ordered at Fook Yew:
Cheong Fun Chicken Cha Siew
This one's a good choice for a cheong fun lover. Me myself, love this dish so much. I'd choose the shrimp over chicken cha siew, which taste more fresh in my mouth. Anyway, since this is a chicken cha siew, it has a great flavor. Mixture of sweet and salty with the cheong fun layer, perfecto!

Always accompany my day with chinese tea. Usually I get myself chrysanthemum but today I'd love to drink guan yin tea. This is a premium chinese oolong tea. It's good for health and lifestyle, a good choice to heal myself!

Beef Guo Tie
This baby is one of my must-have dimsum dish whenever I visit this restaurant. The thick skin of the guo tie, grilled, and moist beef inside, such a perfect match! Not to mention the refreshing sauce that has a taste like Thai-style. 

Fook Yew Special Ha Kau
This one's the best dish of the day. Hakau is always a good choice when we're having dimsum. This one, enriched with shrimp and some herbs, makes it perfect taste! The shrimp is still juicy, with herbs inside that melts in my mouth. The skin is a bit thinner than the usual ha kau, but still I love it. Best with chili oil!

Last but not least, xiao long bao
Actually this one's kind of trial-and-error dish. I always love this dim sum when I ate at paradise dynasty, which is their specialty. That's why I try this here, curious about how will it taste. Not expecting so much, finally get my hands laid on this babies. First, I'm kind of shock with the skin color. I've tried other xiao long baos in colorful skin but this one's too bright - don't know what kind of colorant they used in this food. But after I eat this, the more I get disappointed. The liquid inside doesn't taste that good, and its only a very small amount. What I always expect from xiao long bao is a delicious liquid inside. Hmm, won't get this menu on my next visit, I'd prefer to try other. 
Spent around IDR 150.000 for all of these, which is I think very normal to have it at a mall.

After having all these babies, I felt full. Not to mention being very happy of enjoying these good food in a good ambience too. Why I choose Fook Yew, they have a great decoration inside their restaurant, chinese kind of style. This makes me feel comfortable and feels like home. 
Soon after that, I come home and enjoy my good sleep. Problem might be haven't solved, but at least I've got my energy and positive vibes back, ready to fight this life!

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post.

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  1. Fook yew haha kau enak keliatannya hehe Tapi sayang aku alergi udang