Saturday, December 8, 2018

PAC, Indonesian Version of MAC

Hello gorgeous! How's you been? Welcome back to this blog, for those of you who are new here then nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting this page. Today, I'm gonna be sharing about Indonesian professional makeup brand. It's called PAC, stands for Professional Artist Cosmetic. Simply saying, this is kind of MAC, but local version made by Indonesian. You can consider this brand has luxurious, premium, or high end product. She has a sister brand but PAC's the highest amongst others. Even though it's a local made, this one's claimed to be international cosmetic which is usually used for stage makeup. If you love runway, most of them used PAC for the model's makeup. Worry no more, this local brand has halal cosmetic certification. 

First, I'm gonna share about the makeup base:

For the make up base, I've got two ultra HD makeup products here. They're the PAC liquid foundation and PAC loose powder. Both in shade no.03. About the foundation, this product works really well on covering imperfection like spots on my skin. Lightweight texture for a foundation, but not as light as alphabet cream. Contains anti oxidant, moisturizer, sunscreen agent, and chamomile oil which is well-known as a good idea on skin. They have all four shades, 01, 02, 03, and 04. I love how good the foundation works on my skin, a bit oxidized but that's fine. The only thing I don't like is the shade, I guess picked the wrong shade on 03. It has a pink hint while I have warm undertone. 

As for the loose powder. it works on smoothens the skin and makes me look flawless, absorbed excess of oil on my skin. The particles are really smooth, and blends well too. Just like the liquid foundation, this baby also has four shades: 01, 02, 03, 04. Since this is a loose powder, it didn't have too much different on coloring my skin. The puff is smooth, I love applying this product using the puff for more color intensity, or use powder brush when I want natural finish. 

Move on to eye makeup, we've got bunch of stuff here!

Well, where should I start for the eyemakeup review? We've got single eyeshadow, pencil eyeshadow, mascara. Let's just start with eyeliner white. Shaping and enlarged narrow eyes like mine. This is a good choice for someone with hooded eyes. Good thing about this product is very soft, so our eyes won't hurt while using it even on waterline. 
Move on to its single eyeshadow, this District X series contains antioxidant and sunscreen agent, easy to apply even for beginner. Intense makeup color on the finish look, yet soft and blendable. They have 10 shades available to accompany you, of course with bright and intense color! We can even use this as both eyeliner and under eye shadow. 
PAC eyeshadow pencil Glamour Black (gold and black), helps us in creating dramatic and expresive makeup look. We can use this as both eyeshadow base and eyeliner. What's best about this product is they're waterproof, smudgeproof, and long lasting. I just don't like the fact that it's too soft so it can get torn apart easily. Anyway, they have 8 colors available. For you who have sensitive eyes, you might love this. 
PAC mascara, this one's did a pretty good job on lengthening my eyelashes. Actually I'm more onto false eyelash than mascara. Yet, I tried the product because I'm curious about it. I tried to use the mascara for a few layers, but it has the same finish. It has more concern on lengthening than volumizing, in which way I needed both. People with short and soft eyelashes like me, well you'd better use false lashes than mascara. 

Move on to the last part, lip color! 

Well, this lip cream is a good catch, I can say. PAC has this satin matte lip cream with satin finish, which is gonna be loved by everyone. It gives weightless sensation on my lips, doesn't even feel like I'm wearing anything. It surely has extra coverage from the pigmented formula (medium to full on bold color), although seems like the nude one has far less coverage. Long lasting formula for sure, waterproof, smooth formula and no cracking. Contains UV protection, moisturizer complex, anti-iritant which makes it safe for sensitive skin, vitamin E as antioxidant, film former which makes it long lasting. No cracky effect on my lips. If you have sensitive or dry lips, you might want to use some lip balm before applying this product, just an act of prevention. They have seven choice of color that you can choose your own. 
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That's all for today's review, I wanna thank Beautiesquad and PAC for sending me these products and making this happen. See you on my next post!

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