Sunday, December 9, 2018

Local Lipgloss Mizzu Divine Gloss and Bullet Lipstick

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to my blog! This post gonna be a dedicated post to local lip junkies, in which I'm gonna share about Mizzu. I believe all beauty enthusiast have ever heard Mizzu, a well-known local brand that has been very hype lately. Thanks to both Mizzu and Clozette for sending me these products. However, the review down here gonna be honest review, based on my experience trying the product.

First, we're gonna talk about Mizzu Divine Gloss.
The packaging looks similar to other valipcious products (Mizzu's liquid lipstick). The difference is on the tube color, which is usually black but this time it's in white. We can also see the product information like color, size, and claims ; moisturizing, light texture, last all day on the packaging. The size of the bottle is 11cm x 1.6 cm, just like the normal liquid lipstick. With 4,5 grams of liquid inside the bottle.
Cost IDR 79.000/product

- Lightweight
- Pigmented
- Lip conditioning
- Smooth
- Not sticky
- Plumping

They have five choices of colors we can take, with four base color. They're pink, mauve, brown, and red. Just like the standard color of lipgloss. The swatches are like attached here. The shades are pretty similar, if you see the swatches. I believe they can still improve the color, making the shade range wider. Just like the 02, nude is a staple color in a lipgloss collection. What I really love about it iss they're very pigmented and covers my original lip color, which is perfect for a lip gloss. Unfortunately I'm not agree on long-lasting claim, since it still has lipgloss texture so it get wiped easily. Actually this looks more like satin lip cream to me,but they clearly stated that this product is a lip gloss.

The applicator looks like a normal-massal liquid lip applicator, which makes it easy to apply the product onto lips and reach out the narrow areas. About the texture, it has a liquid gel texture, which I really love. The shades are more onto medium deep, even though they're pigmented they're still wearable. Can be used as top coat on lipstick, just like butter gloss. Or even use them alone as a natural lip gloss.

Discreet - deep pink
authentic - brown
delight - nude pink
gratitude - red
savvy - mauve

Move on to the bullet lipstick, there's nothing much I'll talk about this since the star is the lip gloss.
All I can say is they're also pigmented, not-so easy to apply (not too dragging but not the easiest too). The finish is more onto satin than dead matte, which is better for everyone. The staying power is just like another normal lipstick, not as good as liquid lipstick. If we use it to eat or drink it'll wiped out, and not transferproof. Unfortunately again and again they're on color range shortage.
Cost IDR 59.000/product

That's all for today's liptalk, see you around babes!

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  1. Baru tahu Mizzu ada bullet lipstick-nya. Belum pernah coba produk lipstick Mizzu sih. Tapi eyeliner Mizzu performanya OK.

    1. aku juga baru ini taunya, karna kayak belom pernah denger dan liat ya. pen eyelinernya gak sih? gemes!

  2. Suka yang delight luplup <3