Thursday, February 28, 2019

L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick & Les Chocolates

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya! After being not-so-active on my blog, now I'm trying to come back and be more productive. Yep, lately I've been sick (infected by unspecified virus) and thank God I finally started to get back to myself, even though not 100% healthy but still I feel like I can do things now. Well, to start fresh, let's talk about lipstick!

Yes, it's a well-known liquid lipstick by the famous L'oreal brand, which has been hype since late 2018. They've already launched the Pro Matte series and Pro Matte Gloss series, and now they're adding the Les Chocolates series into the family. So, what's the difference?

This pro matte series is actually claimed to be a long-wearing liquid lipstick formulated by L'oreal, made to stay with your lips longer than anything. You can eat, drink, or even kiss and it's still there! As for the pro matte gloss has a touch of lip gloss side, which made the texture a bit different and surely the finish too. In this post, we're gonna talk about both the pro matte and pro matte les chocolates.

The pro matte consist of 8 shades, with kind of vibrant color I can say. They've a pretty wide range from the light or nude one till the bold ones. Yet, the pigmentation of all eight colors are Zhen bang!! Yep, amazing. No need to question about the bold ones, but the nude colors also has a great coverage onto our lips! This is rarely found on lipstick product.

Moving on to the Les Chocolates series, this has all the same pigmentation and coverage with the other 8 shades. Oh by the way, this one has 8 choice of colors too. Just from the packaging, we can see the difference here. The les chocolates has cute pastel-colored tube instead of a matte doff tube. Also, stamped with "Les Chocolates" written on the tube. This baby is uber cute, I can say. Seeing from the colors on the tube, I feel like I'll wear all of them and they'll all look great on all skin tone. In real? Let's see on my youtube video below.

There's nothing much to say about the packaging since all the product range has the same packaging and applicator, which brings me to conclusion that this product is easy to apply and even to create overdrawn lips (which I don't like to do lol but Tasya Farasya loves it).

The scent of the product - well these two series has different scent. The one with black tube has some kind of sweet scent, mean while the chocolates has scent of chocolate! Yes it was shooooooo delicious it even makes me hungry lol. It reminds me of a good delicious snack when I was a kid. Good time! 100% it smells like it, or walls ice cream as my friend said. Do you love them both? Then I'm sure you're gonna love this product too.

Anyway, here's a creative hand swatch I made using the 16 shades of Pro Matte Liquid lipstick, inspired by Risa (lippielust). Hope it's not that bad though, still improving my drawing skill hehe. Because practice makes perfect, right?
It last a whole day without touch up ! #zhenbang