Monday, February 11, 2019

Perfume: Signorina in Fiore by Salvatore Ferragamo | Fashion Edition

Hello gorgeous! Welcome back to my blog. This is gonna be my first post about something I always love, and yes it's about perfume! I literally can't live without it, so why won't we talk about it, huh? 
Salvatore Ferragamo has released this new baby at the end of 2018, November to be exact. A precious interpretation of the iconic Signorina in fiore as a tribute to the gracious petals of the blooming season. They said.

When the beaming spring shows up on the stage of life, this Signorina in fiore welcome the blooming season revealing cheerfulness, with aura of silky petals all around her. As spring arrives, she starts breathing high vitality and joy, showing her femininity. Having the concept of being all sparkling with floral aura, Signorina in fiore fashioned like a dress, embroidered with thousands of flower patterns as the new cheerful masterpiece to embrace Salvatore Ferragamo's new flowery Spring/Summer Collection. 

Who doesn't love floral fragrance? I believe, almost every woman in this world love it. Not only because its soft scent, but this floral also describe feminism. This shown in the packaging that are full of flower pattern. 
At a glance we can smell the heart of the fragrance which is crescendo of enchanted flowers, with Cherry Blossom and transparent Jasmine petals that illuminates the scent. As when we spray the perfume, we'll feel the vibrant Nashi Pear Sorbet that blends gracefully with the juicy Pomegranate. This leaves a tender trail of soft White Musk and creamy Sandalwood. As we all known, White Musk has been everyone's favorite since the beginning of perfumery era. 
Olfactive Family: Floral Fruity
Perfumers: Emilie Coppermann (Symrise)
Signorina in Fiore, Parfum Terbaru dari Salvatore Ferragamo yang Terinspirasi dari Koleksi Fashion Musim Semi
Usually, one of the reason why I get a perfume is the packaging. It's just too adorable, too cute to be missed out. It'll look pretty even if we just put this baby on our dresser, right? Signorina in fiore has chic and iconic shape, with innovative and colorful version. Previously they have already launched the same variant, but in soft and simple baby pink packaging. Now they add new floral interpretation of the bottle as a tribute to the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer collection. Graceful, vivid, and joyous floral pattern that's lightened up by the pink gold cap. Never forget that iconic ribbon at the top to complete this perfume. 
With this amazing blooming bottle inspired by the colorful petals of the new floral fashion theme, this baby pays homage to the cheerful femininity of young women blossoming like beautiful flowers. 

Size: 50ml
Eau de Toilette (spray)
Price: IDR 1.130.000

If you're a young woman, or even not a young woman but loves feminine stuff then you absolutely have to try this product. Trust me, you'll love this. I even keep the bottle at my dresser to enjoy the view of this floral perfume.

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