Saturday, February 2, 2019

CLIQ: A Spot to Enjoy Yourself, Alone, in South Jakarta

Hello gorgeous! Been a while since my latest post, because my real life has been so packed. Working overtime at office, doing my freelance content writing for some Thailand company, and preparing Volunteer Development Program. Other than that, maintaining a perfect health also in my to-do-list while having so much schedule on me. But hey, here I am ready to share something great with you!

After so much beauty posts, and had lots of request to share where did I took my pics and review the place, let's get started on review-ing this instagrammable spot. Do tell me your opinion about this post, and if you love this kind of post I'll share another one.

The Location : Cliq Coffee
Jl. Cipaku I No.9A, RT.2/RW.4, Petogogan, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12170

Operational Hour: 8am-10pm (mon-sat), 7.30am-10pm (sun)

The location is inside a cluster area, so it might takes you extra miles on finding the location. Yet not so far from side road. You'll need to take a personal transportation (something that can help you reach further area other than highways). Outside, you'll see a white building with "CLIQ" plate in front of the cafe.

There are two floors in this cafe. The first floor is for non-smoking area, and the second one is for smoking area. These two areas have different interior design. The non-smoking area painted in peachy pink, when the smoking area painted in green. Both has unique interior as you can see on my pictures. As in my opinion, if you want to enjoy the moment or take good pics, the first floor is way more suitable for you. The second floor is full of smoke (which makes me out of breath lol sorry not a friend of smoke) so I took a seat on the pinky floor, anyway I'm a pink freak so yeah.

Move on to the foods!

What I got here  are two foods and one fave drink that I reordered for 3 glasses HAHAHA.
Calamari (IDR 39.000)

This is a snack that appears to be main menu to me. The size was quite large for one person to eat, more onto sharing size. You can share this menu with another 2-3 people. What I love about this menu : it's fresh! They put salad to compliment this fried calamari, and the calamari itself is smooth and delicious. I ordered two plates of calamari because it's soooo delicious!

Pao Chicken Wings (IDR 39.000)

I don't really like this menu. The chicken wasn't too crispy and not really suits my taste. Too spicy as well. This can be shared to 2-3 people, just like the calamari. But my choice still falls to calamari!

Banana Chocolate Drink (Bacok - IDR 35.000)

This one's the best menu in this cafe! I really love this drink. The drink was not too sweet and not too much - just perfect. It's just they put too much ice in it. I recommend this menu to my friends Ghina and Btari, and they love it so much! OMG, who doesn't love Chocolate and Banana? If we can have both, why not?

Tax 10%
Payment Cash & Card

Kinda Pricey, need effort to reach the place, but comfy as it worth the effort.
You're lucky if you find the place a bit quiet and less visitors (they usually packed out), especially on the smoking area.
Taste good (especially my fave drink!)
Good wifi connection
The waitress took so long to work on it

Why I even love this cafe:

They suddenly surprised me with a box full of coffee. They gave me one box full of 5 variants they have (I guess it's the best selling ones). It was kinda sweet! This is my very first time being treated like this.

So I guess that's all for today's review about Cliq Coffee. Hope you like this article. Please do tell me if you love this kind of post or not, if you love it they I'll proceed with more posts like this.
Have a great day, pals!

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